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Sleuths by Occupation: Religion

List of detectives/sleuths from mystery novels and stories in which the sleuth is a religious clergyperson.

The name in parentheses is the name of the author.


  • Sister Joan (Black, Veronica)
  • Sister Frevisse (Frazer, Margaret)
  • Christine Bennett (Harris, Lee)
  • Sister Agnes (Joseph, Alison)
  • Bridget O'Toole (McConnell, Frank)
  • Catherine Levendeur (Newman, Sharan)
  • Sister Mary Helen (O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne)
  • Sister Mary Teresa Dempsey (Quill, Monica)
  • Brigid Donovan (Saum, Karen)
  • Sister Fidelma (Tremayne, Peter)


  • Antoinette Charboneau (Boudreaux, Aleta)
  • Father John O'Malley (Coel, Margaret)
  • Father Robert Koesler (Kienzle, William X.)
  • Father Roger Dowling (McInerny, Ralph)
  • Reverend Lucas Holt (Meyer, Charles)


  • Brother Athelstan (Harding, Paul)
  • Brother Bartholomew (Manuel, David)
  • Brother Cadfael (Peters, Ellis)


  • Rabbi David Small (Kemelman, Harry)
  • Rabbi Daniel Winter (Telushkin, Joseph)

Catholic Bishop

  • Blackie Ryan (Greeley, Andrew)


  • Roger the Chapman (Sedley, Kate)

Episcopal Priest

  • Reverend Lucas Holt (Meyer, Charles)

Clerk of Meeting

  • Elizabeth Elliot (Allen, Irene)

Methodist Minister

  • Rev. Dan Thompson (Feldmeyer, Dean)


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