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The Allegory of
The Limping Waiter
why the religious affiliations of comic book characters nearly always make sense from a demographic perspective

From: "Religious affiliations of comic characters" message board, started 29 January 2006 (http://p073.ezboard.com/fgothampmfrm37.showMessage?topicID=161.topic; viewed 22 May 2006):
Catwoman Meow
1/30/06 9:55 am

Let's put it this way: there's an acting no-no called the limping waiter. This waiter has one or two lines at most, but he had this limp whenever he moves. The director brings this to his attention, and the waiter spouts off this whole story he's worked out, how his character had been a promising medical student who dropped out and was drafted, got wounded in the war, and now this is the only job he can get, and so on.

"Fine love, but you're pulling focus from THE PLAY," Director responds. "Everyone would go: 'Look at that Marge, something wrong with that guy on the end.'" He was fired, and I think we can all appreciate why.

Religion is fine and can be interesting if it fits: Renee Montoya is first generation Latino, that family is going to be Catholic, probably very Catholic. If [she's] NOT, then there has to be a reason for that. Otherwise it's this limping waiter... If you deviate from this - like the limping waiter - you need to explain why. 1 time in 10,000 that can be interesting. The rest of the time it's a limping waiter.

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