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Comic Book Superheroes
whose religious affiliation is as currently unknown to us

This page accompanies the "Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters" page. Taken on its own, out of context, this page has no real meaning or useful information. This is essentially a page about notable comic book superheroes who we have, as yet, been unable to include on the main list because we have insufficient information about their religious affiliation.

We would like to know the religious affiliation of these characters. Obviously, this will never happen for all of them. Some characters had relatively short-lived publishing histories and there simply was never enough material published about them for anything to be ascertained textually. Some of these characters may not have a well-developed back-story when they were portrayed, meaning that the writers who created them did not think enough about the character to determine religious belief/background/affiliation, as basic as that may seem.

Characters are listed on this page only because we don't know what they are. If you know, we hope you will take a moment to tell us. (Write to: We will not use anything you write without your express permission. We will give you credit for your information or writing, if you prefer, or you can remain anonymous.

Also note that many of the characters below are available for adoption by your church, religious denomination, faith group, philosophical system, etc. What is meant by this is that if a comic book character was introduced whose religious affiliation, beliefs, etc., were never clearly identified or implied, then it may be possible to build a case that this character belongs to a specific group. More details about super-hero adoption are here.

Further discussion about this page is below.

Known as Real Name Major Team
Ultrapato Carlos Bay   [Edgar Delgado]
Black Cherry X Sam Wallis   2000 A.D.
Invisible Scarlet O'Neil Scarlet O'Neil   Chicago Times, etc.
  Brandy Carter Liberty Meadows The Diamondback (University of Maryland, College Park); Image
Barbarella     V-Magazine
Cat Claw Carol Connor   YU Strip (Yugoslavia); Malibu
Tarzan John Clayton [Tarzan & the Super 7] A. C. McClurg; Filmation/CBS; etc.
Colt Valencia Kirk Femforce A.C.
Dragonfly Nancy Azzarello Femforce A.C.
Firebeam   Femforce A.C.
Garganta Carol Heisler Femforce A.C.
Miss Victory / Ms. Victory Joan Wayne Femforce A.C.
Ms. Victory II Jennifer Wayne Burke Femforce A.C.
Nightveil Laura Wright Femforce A.C.
Rayda Dyna Morisi Femforce A.C.
Rio Rita Rita Farrar Femforce A.C.
She Cat Jessica Hunt Femforce A.C.
Stardust Dr. Mara Femforce A.C.
Synn Silva Synn Femforce A.C.
Tara Tara Fremont Femforce A.C.
Yankee Girl Lauren Mason Femforce A.C.
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl     ABC
The Greatest American Hero Ralph Hinkley   ABC
Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin OSI ABC; Charlton
The Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers (Jamie Sommers) OSI ABC; NBC; Charlton
Krystala Tala   ABS-CBN
Superion Thomas (Tom) Ramey   Alpha-Omega
  Allan Quatermain League of Extraordinary Gentlemen America's Best/DC
  Captain Nemo League of Extraordinary Gentlemen America's Best/DC
  Mina Murray League of Extraordinary Gentlemen America's Best/DC
Henry Hyde ("Mr. Hyde") Dr. Edward Jekyll League of Extraordinary Gentlemen America's Best/DC
The Invisible Man Hawley Griffin League of Extraordinary Gentlemen America's Best/DC
  Tom Strong America's Best America's Best
Cheetah Britanny Diggers [Gold Digger] Antarctic Press
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sabrina Spellman   Archie
Black Hood   Mighty Crusaders Archie
Black Hood II   Mighty Crusaders Archie
Darkling   Mighty Crusaders Archie
Flygirl Kim Brand Mighty Crusaders Archie
The Comet   Mighty Crusaders Archie
The Fly Thomas "Tommy" Troy Mighty Crusaders Archie
The Shield Joe Higgins Mighty Crusaders Archie
The Shield II Lancelot Strong Mighty Crusaders Archie
The Shield III Bill Higgins Mighty Crusaders Archie
The Web   Mighty Crusaders Archie
Steel Stirling John Sterling Terrific Three Archie
  Aspen Matthews Cannon Hawke and the Blue Aspen MLT; Top Cow
Thunderbird Eric Siegel   Atlantis Studios
Atomic Betty     Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids
Thermoman George Sunday [My Hero] BBC One
Johnny Canuck     Bell
Fallout Boy Rod Runtledge   Bongo
Radio Man     Bongo
Radioactive Girl Gloria Grand   Bongo
Black Partridge Shirley Partridge Superior Squad Bongo
Bleeding Heart Miles Mando Superior Squad Bongo
Bug Boy Bix Bentley Superior Squad Bongo
Captain Squid   Superior Squad Bongo
Lure Lass   Superior Squad Bongo
Plasmo the Mystic   Superior Squad Bongo
Purple Haze   Superior Squad Bongo
Radioactive Claude Kane III Superior Squad Bongo
Weasel Woman   Superior Squad Bongo
Tank Girl Rebecca Buck   Brett Ewins/Tam Astor: Deadline
Shock Gibson Robert Gibson   Brookwood Publications (Harvey)
Captain Kremmen Elvis Brandenburg Kremmen Star Corps Capital Radio; Transworld/Corgi; Cosgrove Hall Films; etc.
Juniper Lee Juniper Kim Lee [The Life and Times of Juniper Lee] Cartoon Network
Mister Terrific Stanley Beamish   CBS
Arrow Ralph Payne   Centaur Publications
Captain Atom Allen Adam   Charlton
Rocket Red Dimitri Pushkin Justice League Charlton; DC
The Clock Brian O'Brien   Comic Magazine Company; Ultem; Quality; Centaur; DC; Malibu
Monolith Tommy Czuchra Elementals Comico
Morningstar Jeanette Crane Elementals Comico
Vortex Jeff Murphy Elementals Comico
Maiden Justice Monica Richter / Monica Cole City of Heroes Cryptic Studios/NCsoft; Image
  Liz Sherman Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense Dark Horse
  Bethany Next Men Dark Horse
  Danny Next Men Dark Horse
  Jack Next Men Dark Horse
  Jasmine Next Men Dark Horse
  Nathan Next Men Dark Horse
Ghost Elisa Cameron X; The Furies Dark Horse
Captain Amazing Lance Hunt [in Mystery Men] Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Mr. Furious Roy Mysterymen; Mystery Men Renegade Press; Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Invisible Boy James Mystery Men Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Sphinx   Mystery Men Dark Horse; Universal Studios
Jackpot   Mysterymen Renegade Press
Screwball   Mysterymen Renegade Press; Men from Unknown Worlds
Captaion Attack   Mysterymen Renegade Press

It is important to note what this page is not:
- This is not a listing of non-religious superheroes.
- This is not a listing of atheist or agnostic characters.
- This is not a listing of Episcopalian superheroes.
- This is not a listing of characters whose religious affiliation has never been identified or strongly hinted at in the comics.
- This is not a listing of characters whose writers never had a religious affiliation in mind for them when writing about them.
- This is not a listing of all superheroes who do not appear on our main page.

We have made no attempt to include "all superheroes" on this list. It would be impossible to do so. But we have tried to include major characters and members of major teams who are not listed on the main page.

This is simply a listing of some selected superheroes whose religious affiliation is unknown to the authors of this website.

Statistically speaking, a number of the characters listed on this page may be agnostic, a number may be atheists, and a number may be Episcopalians. A number of these characters may identify themselves as essentially "non-religious." (Of course, what is usually meant by this is that they have distanced themselves from formal participation in and observance of the religion they were brought up and have not formally converted to a different religion. Such characters remain "religious" in the sociological sense (i.e., they exhibit behavior and beliefs which are not based on purely biological causes or mathematically replicable phenomena). Otherwise, there would be little point in writing about them.

Statistically speaking, the majority of these characters are likely to be Christians who belong to denominations other than Episcopalianism. A number of them may also belong to other religions, such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

You do not need to know the precise denomination to which a character belongs. Of course we would prefer to have that information, but simply having evidence that a character is a Christian is enough to move the character off of this page and onto the main page. "Evidence" needs to be more than a character uttering a profanity such as "Oh my God" or using a vaguely religious colloquial expression such as "Heaven help us." If you have evidence that a character is an agnostic or atheist, please let us know. Of course, being an "agnostic" or "atheist" does not preclude the possibility that a character also has a formal denominational affiliation or religious background, but knowing this can be informative about the character and it's certainly better than knowing nothing.

Many organized religious denominations have explicitly atheistic or agnostic theological doctrines. Also, even the most actively religious characters sometimes have moments where they express agnostic or atheistic sentiments. Even the most vocally atheistic and agnostic characters may sometimes participate in formal religious observance or have moments when they express faith (or hope) in overtly "religious" beliefs (such as the afterlife, deity, prophecy, etc.) A single instance of a character saying something or doing something that seems to characterize their religious affiliation or belief is not always a solid indicator of where the character stands all the time. But even brief, passing references are likely to be indicators of a character's basic character, as envisioned by the writer. Even short expressions (such as Wonder Woman exclaiming "By Hera!") are written based on a character's backstory, which includes consideration of religious upbringing and religious beliefs.

Character traits such as "having strong values" or "striving to help people" can be identified as "religious values," but such traits do not constitute a "religious affiliation." Traits such as these can be exhibited by people of essentially all religious affiliations, philosophies, belief systems, etc. (including atheists, agnostics, etc.) Futhermore, such traits are essentially universal among super-heroes. Therefore, simply listing characters with such traits would not be informative.

Ideally, we wish for these pages to be informative and accurate, with information about the religious affiliation which can be supported from published comics and supporting information (such as interviews with writers). We could easily make educated guesses about the religious affiliation and background of all of the characters on this page. But we do not want the listings on this site to be based solely on guesses and speculation.

Early comic book writers and editors, as well as comic book historians, have observed that major superheroes from formative periods in the genre were typically based on a pseudo-Episcopalian template. It has been said that where a major superhero character's religious affiliation is unknown or not explicitly identified, the character is probably an Episcopalian. But on this website we have never identified a character as Episcopalian based solely on these historical observations.

This is not a listing of characters whose religious affiliation has never been identified in comics. Based on our experience, we can be certain that a number of the characters listed here have had their religious affiliations strongly hinted at. A number have probably even explicitly identified themselves as adherents of a particular religion and/or denomination. The authors of this site simply have not read those issues of the comics, have not heard about those issues, or have not been informed of those issues by any of this site's readers.

If your favorite comic book superhero is not listed on the main page, and isn't listed on this page either, but you feel the character is notable or significant, feel free to write to suggest we add him or her to this website, even if you don't know their religious affiliation. It is entirely possible we will be in complete agreement that the character is notable and should be listed here, but we simply had not yet had time to include them or the character slipped our mind. If the character is notable and widely known and is listed here, perhaps somebody else will read this page who knows something about their religious affiliation, and will be inspired to send us a note with some information.

Among the sources consulted in compiling this list are: "List of superhero teams and groups" (, "List of superhero debuts" (; Cosmic Teams (

150 State Initiative: Some Marvel supervillains conscripted as superheroes by SHRA:

These characters were Marvel super-villains who were conscripted into service as superheroes by the United States federal government as a result of the Super-Human Registration Act (SHRA).

These characters were added to this table because they were shown on the cover for The Initiative #1 (2007) (source:; viewed 27 April 2007). This cover image features 142 indivduals who volunteered or were conscripted to work for the federal government as part of the Initiative headed up by Tony Stark (Iron Man). The individuals on this cover include characters who have always been superheroes, characters who have been supervillains but reformed prior to passage of the SHRA and were already acting as heroes or government agents (including members of the Thunderbolts), as well as characters who were active super-villains up until the time that the SHRA was passed and they were forced into working for the Initiative.

Technically, because these characters have been forced to work for the federally-sponsored super-hero program, they could be classified as "superheroes." Some of these individuals were truly reformed prior to conscription by the SHRI (including a number of long-time Thunderbolts), but many of these individuals have traditionally acted only as super-villains and are likely to do so again.

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