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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Roberto Barretti

From: "Vesuvius" PDF file/webpage in "Database Files" section of official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/downloads/vesuviusfile1.pdf; viewed 2 May 2006):
John 10:10; Psalms 57:4; Proverbs 29:22

Real Name: Roberto Barretti
Legal Status: Former citizen of Italy with an International criminal record
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
Base of Operations: None
Group Affiliation: The League of Destruction

History: Dr. Alberto Berretti, the father of Roberto, was an Italian scientist who studied an experimental energy called "radiation-fire". One day, an earthquake caused an explosion in his lab and the fumes knocked him unconscious. He was saved but his life's work was destroyed. Several years later, Alberto's wife, Maria died while giving birth to Roberto. He blamed his son for her death. At the age of 17, Roberto joined a gang of jewelry thieves. When an attempted break-in went afoul, the police surrounded Roberto. Suddenly, in a moment of anger, fire unleashed itself from his hands. It held the police back as Roberto got away. For months, Roberto went into hiding in a mountain village and trained himself with his powers determined to take over the world. He reemerged as the villain known as Vesuvius. With confrontations with heroes Desertwind, Mr. Christian and others, including the I.D.A, Vesuvius always finds a way to escape capture only to wreck havoc on the world at large.

Powers/Weapons: It would seem likely the fumes that Vesuvius' father, Alberto inhaled somehow affected the genes of his son, giving him super-powers as Vesuvius. That has been the theory. It is unknown what research Dr. Berretti had done since his notes were destroyed. Vesuvius can cause fire to form around his body without harming himself. He can generate fireballs and cause lava to erupt from the earth's core. He has the ability to fly at moderate speeds. He can melt solid steel as thick as 17 feet.

From: "Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1" order page on official Christian Knight Comics website (http://www.christianknightcomics.com/christiansuperheroCM1.htm; viewed 2 May 2006):
Beginning with a childhood dream that occurs in 1939 and into the Origin of Mr. Christian, Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1 also features Desertwind, a super-speedster who battles the villain, Vesuvius in the city of Los Angeles... Christian Superheroes Comic Magazine #1 is 24 pages w/full color cover and b/w interior art by Torrence King and stories by Dwayne McNutt and Torrence King.

24 Pages - Full Color Cover - B/W Interior Art

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