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Partial Transcript of
Smallville, Season 1, Episode 1: "Pilot"

[Timestamp: 1 minute, 37 seconds. Martha and Jonathan Kent are in a flower shop in downtown Smallville. The shop is owned by Lana Lang's aunt, Nell, who is at the counter ringing up a purchase for the Kents. Martha Kent sees a young girl who looks like she is about three years old. The girl is wearing a play costume that consists of a mostly-white dress, a plastic faux-jeweled tiara, and fairy wings. The girl is holding a plastic "magic wand." The girl is sitting at a small table. Martha Kent recognizes that this girl is Lana Lang. Martha approaches Lana and crouches down to be at eye level with the girl.]

Martha Kent: That is a beautiful dress, Lana. Are you a princess?
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Martha Kent sees 3-year-old Lana Lang, dressed as a fairy princess

Lana Lang (as child): I'm a fairy princess.
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lana Lang - fairy princess

Jonathan Kent: Hey, where are her parents?

Nell (Lana's aunt): Oh, they're at the homecoming game, with everyone else. I'm being the good aunt.

Lana Lang (as child): [Addressing Martha Kent.] Do you want to make a wish?

Martha Kent: [Smiling and playing along.] I would love to make a wish.

Lana Lang (as child): Okay. Abracadabra.

[Lana moves her "magic wand" in a circular motion over Martha Kent's head. A musical cue indicates something "magical" has happened.]

[The scene shifts to outside the shop, to the where the Kents parked their red pickup truck. Jonathan Kent carries his purchases and puts them in the back of the truck. Martha Kent is already sitting in the passenger seat in the cab of the pickup truck. She looks wistful. Jonathan gets in the driver's seat. He sees the look on his wife's face.]

Jonathan Kent: I know what you wished for.

Martha Kent: I see a little face. It's all I ever wanted.

[Jonathan kisses his wife. Seconds later we see the tiny spacecraft that carries the infant Kal-El (Clark Kent) hurtling to Earth. It is almost as if Lana Lang's magic has indeed granted Martha Kent's wish. But at what price? Kal-El's spaceship is accompanied by a meteor storm of Kryptonite rocks - fragments of Kal-El/Clark Kent's homeplanet Krypton. Citizens of Smallville in the town's downtown area see the smoke trail left by the crashing spacecraft. Lana Lang's aunt Nell sees the people looking up at the sky. She walks out to the street, carrying Lana in her arms. She looks up a the sky and sees the smoke trail, along with approaching meteors.]

Nell (Lana Lang's aunt): What on God's earth...?
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lana Lang's aunt: What on God's Earth?

[Timestamp: 4 minutes, 30 seconds. From Nell and Lana looking up at the sky, the camera shifts to show a young couple getting out of a car. The back window is decorated with a balloon, a pom-pom, and a banner that reads, "Let's Go Smallville". These are Lana Lang's parents, returning from the homecoming game to pick up their daughter.]

Lana Lang's mother: [Shouting from across the street.] Hi, Lana.

Lana Lang: Mommy! Daddy!

[A sonic boom is heard. Lana Lang's parents begin walking from their car to where Nell is holding Lana. But they stop and look up at the sky. A meteor, appearing as a fireball, hurtles downward. The meteor hits their car and the impact causes a massive explosion that engulfs them, killing them instantly. Debris flies at Lana Lang and her aunt, who fall to the ground, but they are unhurt. Lana's parents are dead, killed by the very meteor shower that brought Lana's future love interest Clark Kent to Earth. Other meteors continue to pummel Smallville. We see Nell holding a crying, terrified Lana in her arms. It will later be revealed that this very image was captured by a photographer and used as a cover for Time Magazine. Timestamp: 5 minutes, 27 seconds.]
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lana Lang as a child cries about meteors killing her father

* * * * *

[Timestamp: 28 minutes, 22 seconds. In the previous scene, Jonathan Kent told his adopted son Clark Kent about how clark really came to be in their family. Jonathan showed Clark, who is now sixteen years old, a metal object with Krytonian writing on it, and then showed him the spaceship that brought Clark to Earth. The ship had been stored by Jonathan in a storage cellar all these years, and he had never before shown it to Clark. Clark is upset that his adoptive parents had withheld this information for so long. He storms off. It is night time. We now see Smallville cemetary. Lana Lang rides a horses into the cemetary. She dismounts. She is carrying a small bouquet of flowers. Her horse is spooked and makes a sound that indicates its surprise. Lana notices, and realizes somebody else is present.]

Lana Lang (not a teenager): Who's there?

Clark Kent (also a teenager): It's me. Clark.

Clark takes a step closer to where Lana is standing. He thus positions himself in front of a large, life-size statue of an angel, an ornate grave marker. The scene is purposefully framed so that Clark now appears to have wings. Clark is in front of the head and body of the angel statue, but the angel statue's wings appear to Clark's wings. The symbolism is clear: Clark is an angel. Or at least, for this scene, Clark will be as an angel to Lana.]
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Clark Kent as an angel

Lana Lang: Clark Kent? What are you doing creeping around the woods?

Clark Kent: You'd never believe me if I told you. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Lana Lang: Clark, wait. Just wasn't expecting to see anyone out here. Are you okay?

Clark Kent: I'm hanging out in a graveyard. Does that strike you as okay behavior?

Lana Lang: Hey, I'm here too.

Clark Kent: Good point. What's your story?

Lana Lang: Can you keep a secret?

Clark Kent: I'm the Fort Knox of secrets.

Lana Lang: I... came out here to talk with my parents. You must think I'm pretty weird, you know, conversing with dead people.

Clark Kent: No, I-- I don't think you're weird, Lana. Do you remember them.

Lana Lang: They died when I was three.

Clark Kent: I'm sorry.

Lana Lang: It's not your fault, Clark. Come on, I'll introduce you. [Lana leads Clark by the hand, walking him over to her the headstone that marks the graves of her parents.] Mom, Dad. This is Clark Kent. Say hi.

Clark Kent: Hi.

Lana Lang: [Lana speaks directly to the headstone, pausing occasionally as if listening to her parents reply to her side of the conversation.] Yeah, he is kind of shy. [Pause.] How should I know? Mom wants to know if you're upset about a girl.

Clark Kent: [Clark shakes his head no.]

Lana Lang: Dad wants to know if you're upset about a guy.

Clark Kent: No, no.

Lana Lang: [Laughs at Clark's discomfort at that question.] He has a twisted sense of humor. Seriously, Clark. Why are you out here?

Clark Kent: Lana, you ever feel like your life was supposed to be something different?

Lana Lang: [Nods yes.] Sometimes I dream I'm at school, waiting for Nell to pick me up. But she doesn't come. So, my parents drive up and they're not dead, they're just really late. And I get in their car and we drive to my real life in Metropolis. That's usuallly when I wake up. And for a minute, I'm totally happy. Until I realize I'm still alone.

[Clark looks at Lana. He looks at the headstone. The top line reads "LANG". Beneath that are the names of Lana's parents, "LEWIS: 1957-1989" and "LAURA: 1959-1989". Below that the enscription reads, "Forever loved".]

Clark Kent: [Clark begins speaking to the headstone, as Lana had done.] What's that, Mrs. Lang? [Pause.] Yeah, I'll tell her. [Looks up at Lana.] Your mom wants you to know that you're never alone. That she's always looking over you. No matter what. [Pause.] What's that, Mr. Lang? [Pause.] Your dad thinks you're a shoe-in for homecoming queen.
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Clark Kent tells Lana Lang what her dead mother said
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lana Lang listens to Clark Ken

Lana Lang: They really say all that?

Clark Kent: Oh, yeah. They're quite chatty once you get them started.

[End of scene. Timestamp: 32 minutes, 15 seconds.]

* * * * *

[Timestamp: 33 minutes, 16 seconds. New scene: The establishing shot shows a massive European castle, inexplicably located in Smallville. The castle looks old, yet in it is in good shape. The expansive grounds are carefully cared for. This is clearly the home of somebody very wealthy. The scene shifts to show the inside of the castle. Clark Kent is standing in a hallway, looking around, awed by the castle's interior.]
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Castle that is Luthor ancestral home and now home of Lex Luthor

Clark Kent: Hello? Hello?

[Clark hears the clash of sabers in the next room. Clark stares as he sees two white-clad figures, their faces covered by fencing masks. The two people are fencing. The instructor, a woman with long, blonde hair, completes a move that defeats her student, who then takes off his mask. It is Lex Luthor. He is upset at his defeat. He hurls his sword at the wall, before realizing that Clark is there. The sword sticks into a wall right next to Clark's head.]

Lex Luthor: Clark? I didn't see you.

Clark Kent: I, uh, I buzzed, but no one answered.

Lex Luthor: How'd you get through the gate?

Clark Kent: Kind of squeezed through the bars. If this is a bad time--

Lex Luthor: No, no. I think Heiki has sufficiently kicked my ass for the day.

Clark Kent: This is a great place.

Lex Luthor: Yeah? If you're dead and in the market for something to haunt.

Clark Kent: Wha-- I meant... it's roomy.

Lex Luthor: It's the Luthor ancestral home. Or so my father claims. He had it shipped over from Scotland, stone by stone.
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor in fencing uniform with Clark Kent
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Clark Kent admires Lex Luthor's castle

Clark Kent: Yeah, I remember. The trucks rolled through town for weeks. But no one ever moved in.

Lex Luthor: My father had no intention of living here. He's never even stepped through the front door.

Clark Kent: Then why'd he ship it over?

Lex Luthor: Because he could. [Lex shifts the topic of conversation, and asks Clark about the nice new pickup truck that he gave him as a reward for Clark having saved Lex's life.] How's the new ride?

Clark Kent: That's why I'm here.

Lex Luthor: What's the matter? You don't like it?

Clark Kent: No, it's not that. I... can't keep it.

Lex Luthor: Clark, you saved my life. I think it's the least I can do.

[Clark looks downward, saying nothing.]

Lex Luthor: Your father doesn't like me, does he? It's okay. I've been bald since I was 9. I'm used to people judging me before they get to know me.

Clark Kent: It's nothing personal. He's just not crazy about your dad.

Lex Luthor: Figures the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Understandable. What about you, Clark? Did you fall far from the tree?

Clark Kent: I'd better go. Thanks for the truck. [Clark hands Lex the keys to the truck.]

Lex Luthor: Clark? Do you believe a man can fly?
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor: Do you believe a man can fly?

Clark Kent: Sure, in a plane.

Lex Luthor: No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about soaring through the clouds with nothing but air beneath you.

Clark Kent: People can't fly, Lex.
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Clark Kent says people can't fly but Lex Luthor says he did
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor relates out of body experience
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor relates out of body experience
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor relates out of body experience
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor relates out of body experience

Lex Luthor: I did. After the accident, when my heart stopped. It was the most exhilarating two minutes of my life. I flew over Smallville. And for the first time... I didn't see a dead end. I saw a new beginning. Thanks to you, I have a second chance. We are the future, Clark. And I don't want anything to stand in the way of our friendship.

[End of scene. Timestamp: 36 minutes, 33 seconds.]

Below: Clark Kent on a cross, from the Smallville pilot episode.
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Clark Kent on a cross
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Clark Kent on a cross
Smallville Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Lex Luthor in front of a cross

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