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Jenna Barnum
Christian guest character featured on
Smallville, Season 1, Episode 5: "Cool"

Smallville, Season 1, Episode 5: "Cool"
Airdate: 13 November 2001
Written by: Michael Green

Smallville Season 1 Episode 5: Chloe Sullivan looks at memorial for Jenna Barnum
Smallville Season 1 Episode 5: Memorial for Jenna Barnum, featuring Christian ornaments and cross
Smallville Season 1 Episode 5: Chloe Sullivan looks at memorial for Jenna Barnum

[Timecode: 40 minutes, 25 seconds. Scene: Inside Smallville High School. Chloe is standing in front of a memorial set up in the hallway for Jenna Barnum (played by actress Tania Saulnier), a high school student who was killed by this episode's meteor-powered supervillain, Sean Kelvin (played by Michael Coristine). A table is covered with lit candles and momentos placed in remembrance of Jenna. Cards and pictures are posted on the wall surrounding a nice framed photograph of Jenna. On either side of the photo of Jenna there are two Christian ornaments showing a Christian cross and a small figurine of Mary. (Or perhaps the figure is Jesus.) These two ornaments have place of prominence higher than anything in this display other than the photo of Jenna herself. This indicates the people among Jenna's friends and family members who set up this display considered her Christian faith to be important.

Chloe Sullivan stands in front of the memorial, looking at Jenna's photo. Chloe places a new lit candle on the memorial display table. Clark Kent and Pete Ross walk up.]

Clark Kent: You okay?

Chloe Sullivan: Yeah. The memorial service is tomorrow. I was just thinking. You know, that could've been me. All because some guy expressed some modicum of interest in me. I thought I was stronger than that.

Clark Kent: Everybody's searching for their soulmate, Chloe. It's not a sign of weakness.

Pete Ross: I can't believe both your date went straight to Hell and I ended up with the limo.

Clark Kent: How was that?

Pete Ross: Sweet. I've already hooked up with another date for next weekend.

Chloe Sullivan: I'm swearing off men.

Clark Kent: We're not ALL bad.

Pete Ross: Maybe you should just swear off heat-sucking horndogs.

Clearly Jenna Barnum's religious affiliation was Christian. Jenna's friends and family did not display a Star of David or Quaranic verse or statue of the Buddha by her photo in her memorial. They displayed ornamentation that was very clearly Christian.

It may be impossible to determine precisely what type of Christian Jenna was. She wasn't a Latter-day Saint, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may have displayed a figurine of of the living Jesus Christ, but they would not have included the cross itself on an ornament displayed for a memorial. Jenna was almost certainly a Catholic or a Protestant. The figurine in the ornament in her memorial looks like it could be Mary, but it may well be a figurine of Jesus wearing a robe and long hair.

From what little we know about Jenna from this episode, we can conclude that she wasn't a completely devout Christian. She rather casually invited her boyfriend Sean Kelvin over to her home while nobody else was home and invited him to join her in the shower. Jenna's attitude about all this was so casual that it was clear this wasn't the first time she had engaged in this degree of premarital sexual activity. From the episode it seems that Jenna didn't even know Sean that well.

Jenna's attempt at sexual immorality resulted in a rather dire consequence for her. In the opening scene of this episode Sean Kelvin had fallen into a freezing lake covered by ice . Under the water Kryptonite rocks (or "meteor rocks") on the lake bottom imbued Sean Kelvin with strange freezing powers and also an insatiable desire for heat, especially body heat.

Jenna heard Sean Kelvin enter the bathroom while she was showering. She called out to him to join her in the shower. He opened the shower curtain and Jenna saw that his body was blue, as his temperature had lowered tremendously. His was craving heat. He touched Jenna, absorbing all the heat out of her body. He then let her fall to the floor, causing her to shatter into countless pieces. Romans 6:23 - "For the wages of sin is death..." - is thus demonstated in a rather cool way.

Later in the episode, Smallville major character Chloe Sullivan (longtime friend of Clark Kent) muses that she herself had wanted to date Sean Kelvin, just because he was cute and showed some interest in her. She ponders at Jenna's death, realizing that Jenna's gruesome fate could have been her own.

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