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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Ronald Reagan
U.S. President

As is the case with U.S. Presidents generally, President Ronald Reagan appeared in numerous mainstream comic books.

Pres. Reagan appeared in issues 2, 3 and 4 of Frank Miller's epochal Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. After Batman returned to public life after 10 years of retirement, the President would have preferred to pass the buck and let local officials handle the situation. But when Batman's actions and the actions of those inspired by him erupted with increasingly destructive and far-reaching consequences, public pressure forced the President to take action. As with the rest of the super-hero community, Superman had largely retired from public view during the past ten years as well. But Superman had been retained by the federal government to continue working as a hero and government agent. President Reagan ordered Superman to talk to Batman and somehow get a lid on the situation in Gotham. President Reagan is also shown in The Dark Knight Returns ordering U.S. troops into the small South American island nation of Corto Maltese, where they came into conflict with Soviet troops.

As illustrated in the following scene from Frank Miller's epochal Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, U.S. President (like most presidents) was comfortably invoking deity or identifying the United States as blessed and favored by the Supreme Being. In Pres. Reagan's dialogue in this scene, "the next best thing" to God is Superman.

Ronald Reagan in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Text Excerpt

From: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #3 (1986), DC Comics: New York City; reprinted in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns hardcover edition, DC Comics: New York City (2002), page 119; written and pencilled by Frank Miller, inked by Klaus Janson, colored by Lynn Varley:
[U.S. President Ronald Reagan addresses the public in a televised appearance.]

PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: ...American tr-- excuse me . . . heroic American troops are now engaged in direct combat with Soviet forces . . Now, there's been a lot of loose talk these days about nuclear war . . .

[Superman is in the middle of a visit with Bruce Wayne, at the President's behest. Superman, with his super-hearing, now hears the President's broadcast.]

SUPERMAN: I have to leave. We'll talk later.


PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: . . . Well, let me tell you nobody's running off half-cocked, no sir . . . But we sure as shootin' aren't running away either. We've got to secure our -- ahem -- stand up for the cause of freedom . . . and those cute little Corto Maltese people, they want us there, just you ask them . . . Meanwhile, don't you fret . . . we've got God on our side . . . or the next best thing, anyway . . . hehe . . .

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