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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Richard Rider
of the Nova Corps and the New Warriors

Below: Richard Rider (Nova) tells Tony Stark (Iron Man) that people of different religious backgrounds and beliefs ("creeds") joined together to win the galactic Annihilation War.

[Source: Nova #3, Marvel Comics Group (August 2007), page 13; written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Scott Hanna.]

Nova to Tony Stark: people of different creeds joined together

Text from scene above:

Tony Stark (Iron Man): Richard, what happened this morning was unfortunate. But you have to understand how things work now. You can't just go around--

Richard Rider (Nova): You've told me this already. I get it. Mr. Stark, I just got hoome from a war where billions of lives were lost. The only reason galactic society is still standing is that people of different backgrounds and creeds joined together to fight a common foe.
That kind of puts the squabbles here in perspective, don't you think?

Tony Stark (Iron Man): I wouldn't characterize them as squabbles. And we are uniting and fighting a common foe here, too: disorder, anarchy, the abuse of power. Of powers. Speaking of which, you just held your own against four of the most powerful Thunderbolts. You're really not the Nova we used to know, are you?

Richard Rider (Nova): Well, war will do that to you.

Below: Richard Rider (Nova) floats above the Earth, contemplating his place in the universe.

[Source: Nova #3, Marvel Comics Group (August 2007), page 22; written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Scott Hanna.]

Nova floats above Earth, contemplating his place

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