Religious Affiliation of the
New Mutants

Known as Real Name Major
Publisher Religious Affiliation
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WolfsbaneRahne SinclairNew Mutants, X-FactorMarvelPresbyterian
CannonballSam GuthrieNew Mutants, X-MenMarvelBaptist
SunspotRoberto DacostaNew Mutants, X-ForceMarvelCatholic
Wind DancerSofia MantegaNew MutantsMarvelCatholic
KarmaXi'an Coy ManhNew MutantsMarvelCatholic (lapsed); GLBT
MirageDanielle MoonstarNew MutantsMarvelCheyenne Native American & Norse/Teutonic religion
MagmaAmara AquillaNew MutantsMarvelGreco-Roman classical religion
CableNathan Christopher Charles SummersNew Mutants, X-Force, X-MenMarvelAskani


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