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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
of the Morlocks

Masque is a mutant with the power to shape the faces and bodies of other people. Masque is a member of the Morlocks, a group of mutants that dwelt in abandoned underground tunnels beneath New York City. The Morlocks have traditionally been an antagonist group that clashed with the X-Men many times. Although many of the Morlocks have turned out to be quite noble and have even become members of the X-Men or various related super-hero teams, Masque has always been rather villainous. Masque has hatched many plots against the X-Men.

Although mutant supemacy did originally appear to be a major concern for Masque, in recent years this appears to be the belief system that Masque has gravitated toward. In Summer 2007 a storyline published in Uncanny X-Men portrayed Masque as a fervent believer in a religion centered on doctrines of mutant supremacy (or "Mutant Supremacism"). Masque plotted to find Magneto, the world's leading mutant supremacist, and help him continue his plans of mutant domination. Masque referred to Magneto as a "prophet" and spoke of "prophecies" relating to their beliefs. Masque also referenced a book about mutant supremacism which the character (and fellow Morlock followers) viewed as scripture.

Masque, Bliss, Erg and Litterbug plant explosives to capture Leech and Caliban Left: Masque cites the Prophecy. Masque leads fellow Morlocks Erg, Bliss and Litterbug in planting explosive charges to that they can capture their former friends and fellow Morlocks, Caliban and Leech. Masque is carrying out a plan based on a prophecy and scriptures from his religious beliefs in mutant supremacy (or mutant supremacism).

[Source: Uncanny X-Men #487, published by Marvel Comics (August 2007); written by Ed Brubaker, art by Salvador Larroca; pages 2-3.]

In the scenes below, the Morlock mutant known as Masque speaks of a "prophet," apparently Magneto. Erg wants to show their captive (Leech) a book, which these followers apparently revere as scripture. Elsewhere in this story they speak of a prophecy. Masque and fellow Morlocks Erg, Bliss and Skids are apprently fervent believers in a prophecy, prophet and/or book of scripture that speak of mutant supremacy. It is likely this is all tied to Magneto, who is the world's foremost "prophet" of mutant supremacy. [Source: Uncanny X-Men #487, published by Marvel Comics (August 2007); written by Ed Brubaker, art by Salvador Larroca; pages 22-23.]

Masque, Bliss, Erg and Skids: Followers of Magneto
Masque, Bliss, Erg and Skids: Followers of Magneto

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