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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
The Leper Queen
leader of the Sapien League, an anti-mutant group

The Leper Queen is a villain who opposed the X-Men when she was the leader of the Sapien League, a murderous anti-mutant group. The Leper Queen was a Christian, or at least a person of Christian background. Her precise denominational background is is unknown.

Below: The Leper Queen, the leader of the anti-mutant group the Sapien League, mourns her daughter Lucie Page, who was killed by mutants.

[Source: X-Men #180, published by Marvel Comics (2006), page 20; reprinted in X-Men: The Day After trade paperback (2006); written by Peter Milligan, pencilled by Roger Cruz, inked by Victor Olazaba with Don Hillsman III.

Leper Queen (X-Men villain) at grave site of her daughter Lucie Page

The inscription on the grave marker for the Leper Queen's daughter reads:

Lucie Page


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