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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Jaeger, in Carla Speed McNeil's

From: Rebecca Salek, "Spirituality In Comics", on "Sequential Tart" website (http://www.sequentialtart.com/archive/dec03/tth_1203.shtml; viewed 5 January 2006):
For many people. December is a month which contains celebrations of religious, spiritual or cultural significance. For many people. December is a month which contains celebrations of religious, spiritual or cultural significance. In recognition of that, this month the Tarts pick out what they consider to be the best representations of spirituality in comic books...

Adrienne: No one does spirituality like Carla Speed McNeil does in her Finder (Lightspeed Press) series.

When Speed created her world, she created a series of complex cultures, wrought the entire social structure together and shared it with us. She is the archaeological expert of a world none of us has ever seen.

The main protagonist of the first few arcs, Jaeger, is a Finder and a Sin-Eater. These two titles in society are both spiritual/religious roles. As a Sin-Eater, Jaeger is expected to perform the ritual of taking the blame for another person's crimes -- sometimes on the person's very deathbed. As a Finder, Jaeger is supposed to act for the common good, and is bound by rules of honor older than most people remember. His job includes the study of arcane mysticism, and a call to always question and learn. I'm barely skimming the top of how complex these two jobs are, in this society, nor can I express well how contradictory they are and how they pull Jaeger apart. I feel I can barely do it justice, trying to explain it.

And that's just the example of one character. One of many. Each clan has its own genetics, rules, rituals and spirituality/religion. Then there is the collected story of Talisman, which suggests that reading is a religion -- the love of books and stories. The most recent trade [paperbac], Dream Sequence, brought me to my figurative knees with its ideas of self and group, spiritual and technological. Finder is a well-woven, well thought out world of its own. And the spiritualities involved are true wonders.

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