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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
British MI-13 colleague of Pete Wisdom

Below: Pete Wisdom (mutant member of Excalibur and an agent for the British intelligence agency MI-13) interacts with Farisa, a Muslim colleague in the agency.

[Source: Decimation: House of M - The Day After one-shot, published by Marvel Comics (2005), page 23; reprinted in X-Men: The Day After trade paperback (2006); written by Chris Claremont, pencilled by Randy Green & Aaron Lopresti, inked by Rob Hunter, Norm Rapmund & Don Hillsman III.]

Farisa, Muslim colleague to British MI-13 agent Pete Wisdom

Text from scene above:

Narration: London: The secret headquarters of MI-13 (the Department of the British National Intelligence Directorate responsible for enhanced human affairs)...

[Pete Wisdom's uses his mutant super power to hurl his "hot knives" from his hands. The three energy bursts strike their targets: mock-ups of Wolverine, Elektra and Nick Fury. In the wake of "M-Day," in which nearly all of the world's mutants were de-powered by the out-of-control power of the Scarlet Witch, Pete Wisdom tests his powers under controlled circumstances at the agency he works for.]

Constance (MI-13 agent): Love your targets, Peter.

Pete Wisdom: Wish fulfillment, my love. What's your evalutation?

Constance: You'll be pleased to hear, Wisdom, that your "hot knives" remain as formidable a power as ever. That makes you one of the few enhanced agents left.

[Farisa, a woman wearing a Muslim head scarf interrupts their conversation. Farisa is holding a folder with papers in one hand, and a holo-projector in the other hand.]

Farisa: And as a consequence, very much in demand.

Pete Wisdom: What's up, Farisa?

Farisa: Orders. You're to brief the Director, the Prime Minister - and finally Buckingham Palace.

Pete Wisdom: Thank goodness I wore my clean tie.

[Farisa activates the holo projector in her hand and holds it up close to Pete Wisdom. The holo projector displays an image of British national superhero Captain Britain.]

Farisa: And then you're to find and contact Captain Britain. His country needs him, Peter.

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