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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Sgt. Charlotte Jones
police officer ally of the X-Men

Sgt. Charlotte Jones is New York City police department (NYPD) officer who is a long-time ally of the X-Men. In the past she was a serious girlfriend of Warren Worthington III, a member of the X-Men.

Sgt. Charlotte Jones is evidently religious and prayerful, and is apparently a Protestant Christian. She is not, however, believed to be an Episcopalian like her ex-boyfriend Warren.

Below: Sgt. Jones tells Bishop that the X-Men are in her prayers.

[Source: Decimation: House of M - The Day After one-shot, published by Marvel Comics (2005), page 15; reprinted in X-Men: The Day After trade paperback (2006); written by Chris Claremont, pencilled by Randy Green & Aaron Lopresti, inked by Rob Hunter, Norm Rapmund & Don Hillsman III.]

Sgt. Jones tells Bishop she has the X-Men in her prayers

Text from scene above:

Narration: Mutant Town

[Sgt. Charlotte Jones, New York City police officer, ascends a staircase in an apartment building. Bishop, a member of the X-Men who now works a New York City police officer, patrolling "Mutant Town," follows closely behind her.]

Sgt. Charlotte Jones: The call to 9-1-1 reported gunshots.

Bishop: How long have you been on duty, Sergeant Jones?

Sgt. Jones: Pretty much since this mess began. And call me Charlotte, Mr. Bishop. If you speak to Forge or . . . Archangel -- tell them they're in my prayers.

[Bishop and Sgt. Jones stop outside the door to apartment #427. They flank the door, preparing to enter. Two gunshots are heard: BLAM BLAM]

Sgt. Jones: Miss Levy -- This is the police!

[Sgt. Jones kicks in the door. She and Bishop enter the doorway, guns pointed toward the interior of the room. They see a frightening sight: a young woman holds a gun. She is surrounded by insects, on the floor, on her bed, on a shelf next to her.]

Sgt. Jones: Oh-- Oh my God!

[The woman is Hannah Levy. As a mutant she could only metabolize insects, so she was surrounded by them and comfortable with them. Now that she is no longer a mutant, she is afraid of the insects, and was shooting at them. Changing instantly from a mutant to a normal human due to M-Day has caused a severe psychological shock for the woman. Sgt. Jones and Bishop assist her and call in medical personnel.]

Hannah Levy

As a side note, it is worth pointing out that the former mutant woman featured in the scene above has a particularly Jewish name: "Hannah Levy."

former mutant Hannah Levy rescued from insects by Bishop and Sgt. Charlotte Jones

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