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Catwoman encounter
the Beti-Ma ancient Egyptian religious sect in
Catwoman #s 20-24, etc.

This page presents excerpts from Catwoman #20 and Catwoman #24 (200-2003), reprinted in Catwoman: Wild Ride trade paperback, DC Comics (2005); written by Ed Brubaker, art by Cameron Stewart.

An ongoing storyline in these issues (and futher issues of the series) has Catwoman (Selina Kyle) encountering adherents of an ancient Egyptian religious sect called "Beti-Ma."

In Catwoman #20, Catwoman and her friend Ted Grant (the Justice Society of America superhero known as "Wildcat") are patrolling in New York City when they follow what appears to be a burglar into a secret temple of Egyptian classical religion. After entering the temple, they are attacked by a large number of sword-bearing warriors dressed in some type of ancient Egyptian garb and speaking a foreign language.

Later, on Catwoman's cross-country trip with her friend Holly, Catwoman is attacked again multiple times by warriors from this same group. Each timem she defeats the warriors in combat, they use some kind of suicide drug to cause themselves to disintegrate.

Catwoman meets up with Ted Grant in St. Roch. Together they consult Carter Hall, the museum director and historian who is better known as the superheroic protector of St. Roch: Hawkman.

Carter Hall is able to identify the religious group that has been following and attacking. Hall identifies them as members of the "Beti-Ma" sect of classical Egyptian religionists. Hall explains the religious schism that began in Egypt thousands of years ago and evolved into a war between rival sub-sects, and which, apparently, Catwoman as found herself in the middle of.

Catwoman #20: Catwoman and Wildcat in ancient Egyptian temple
Catwoman #20: Catwoman and Wildcat fight ancient Egyptian religionists
Catwoman #24: Hawkman tells Catoman about ancient Egyptian religious sect
Catwoman #24: Hawkman tells Catoman about ancient Egyptian religious sect
Catwoman #24: Hawkman tells Catoman about ancient Egyptian religious sect

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