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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Freddy Freeman
Captain Marvel, Jr.

At this time we have little information about the religious affiliation of Freddy Freeman, who is better known as the superhero "Captain Marvel, Jr."

A comic book reader with a particular interest in Jewish superheroes sent us the following (8 June 2006):

Captain Marvel Jr. is Jewish. His last name is Freeman, an anglicized version of Friedman. His grandfather's name is Jacob. His greatest enemy is Captain Nazi. Clear, no?


From: "Religious Beliefs of DC Heroes" forum discussion, started 4 July 2006 on ComixFan website (http://x-mencomics.com/xfan/forums/showthread.php?p=1357699; viewed 6 July 2007):

Jul 4, 2006
Grayson Drake

I am a Christian (Baptist) in real life and I was wondering if anyone knows any DC characters that have been labled to a certain religion. I think DC has tried to stay away from religion, but... I thought this would cool topic. So please list anything you might know on this subject.

Jul 5, 2006
Andrew Stoneham

Well I don't think DC characters are very relgious because DC comics in general seem to have a very general liberal feel to it. That's not to say only conservatives are religious, but that's my opionion. Ok lets see... well Wonder Woman is polytheist since she believes in the Greek Gods. And I know Green Arrow II (Connor Hawke) is a Buddhist. But that's all that comes to mind. And since Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, Hercules, Fury (Golden Age), Fury II, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and Mary Marvel are all heroes who got there powers from the Greek Gods I say they're polytheists as well.

Jun 19, 2007
Eric Travis

There's a website that speculates on this in great detail (not just DC):

Because I was bored tonight, I went through and broke down most of the Superhero list for the DC guys and gals. I left off most of the Shazam family (most of whom tend towards Protestant + Pantheism, which makes things confusing), as well as 'splinter imprints', like Watchmen or WildStorm...

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