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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Agent Brown
Canadian C.S.I.S. agent liason with Omega Flight

Below: Agent Brown, the C.S.I.S. agent who is the liason between the Canadian government and Omega Flight, believes that having Michael Pointer, the new "Guardian", available to serve as a super-hero for Canada is Divine Providence.

[Source: Omega Flight #3 (August 2007), published by Marvel Publishing, Inc., pages 5-7; written by Michael Avon Oeming, art by Scott Kolins, color by Brian Reber.]

Beta Ray Bill swears by name of Odin
Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen) confronts Agent Brown

Below: Dialogue from Omega Flight #3, pages 5-10:

[C.S.I.S. Canadian government building that is the headquarters of the fledgling Omega Flight team.]

Talisman: You destroyed Alpha Flight. You killed my father!!

U.S.Agent: Talisman, no!

Talisman: Do not make me hurt you, Walker!

Agent Brown: Elizabeth, please!

[Agent Brown and U.S.Agent try to restrain an angry Talisman by grabbing her shoulders. She zaps them away with a bolt of mystic energy.]

Arachne (Julia Carpenter): Watch it, baby.

Rachel (Julia's daughter): Cool. . .

Talisman: What have you done to my father's legacy, Agent Brown?

Agent Brown: You have to understand. Michael Pointer was used. He was a pawn of the Collective. He's as much a victim as anyone who died at his hands. And he still has to live with what he did.

Talisman: But the Guardian? Why the Guardian?

[Talisman here questions why Michael Pointer has been costumed as the new Guardian, using the superheroic identity and costume of the now-deceased James MacDonald Hudson, the former leader of Alpha Flight.]

Agent Brown: Because this is the only way to right the wrong done by the Collective. The power that's left in his body is out of control. He needs the Guardian suit to contain it. Without it, he could flare out like a sun. Don't you see? He needs the Guardian suit. And Omega Flight needs the Guardian. This is Providence. Your father would recognize that.

Talisman: If he were alive.

Michael Pointer ("Guardian"): I had no choice in any of this, Talisman. Not what I did . . . Not what I am.

[Michael Pointer is restrained in a metal harness that holds him immobile. He is clearly sincere in his remorse about what happened. Talisman holds her hand up to his head, and mystic energy surrounds her hand. Pointer's face is lit up in the glow of the magical energy from Talisman's hand. It looks as if an angry Talisman is about to zap Pointer, perhaps to kill him.]

Michael Pointer ("Guardian"): Do it. Please.

[Talisman stands down.]

Talisman: An American wearing the Guardian suit? Is that more Providence? Because it sounds like Manifest Destiny to me.

Agent Brown: Alhpa Flight was not about being Canadian. It was about serving Canada. The Guardian suit is a Canadian symbol. It's an icon. An icon we'll put to good use.

[Michael Pointer weeps openly.]

U.S.Agent: That's grrrrrrreat, let's call Doctor Phil or something. My mood ing is crying.

Arachne (Julia Carpenter): Your an @$$, Walker.

Rachel Carpenter: Yeah.

Arachne: Shh.

Talisman: As long as this man is on the team, I will not work with you. I'll find Walter [Sasquatch] on my own.

Agent Brown: Hold it! I've got visual on the Wrecking Crew . . . and they have Sasquatch! We've got to move fast.

Arachne: Don't look at the TV, Honey. [Hugging her daughter goodbye.]

U.S.Agent: Hannibal [Michael Pointer] stays here. I'm not bringing an untrained rookie to watch my back.

Agent Brown: He's the Guardian. He comes with us.

U.S.Agent: Maybe when he's through crying.

Talisman: I am not working with my father's killer.

[Everybody in the room has now left, leaving a captive, immobile Michael Pointer there alone.]

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