Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's
The Mote in God's Eye:
personae dramatis

Roderick HaroldLord Blaine, Commander, Imperial Space Navy
Arkley KelleyGunner, Imperial Marines, and Blaine family retainer
Admiral Sir Vladimir Richard George PlekhanovVice Admiral Commanding Imperial Navy Forces, New Chicago, and Acting Governor General, New Chicago
Captain Bruno CzillerImperial Space Navy, Master of INSS MacArthur
Commander John CargillISN, First Lieutenant of MacArthur
Commander Jock (Sandy) SinclairISN, Chief Engineer of MacArthur
Midshipman Jonathon WhitbreadISN
Kevin RennerSailing Master Lieutenant, Imperial Space Navy Reserve
Lady Sandra Liddell Leonovna Bright FowlerB.A., M.S., doctoral candidate in anthropology, Imperial University of Sparta
His Excellency Horace Hussein BurryTrader and Magnate; Chairman of the Board, Imperial Autonetics Company, Ltd.
Midshipman Gavin PotterISN
Fleet Admiral Howland CranstonCommander-in-Chief, His Majesty's Fleet Beyond the Coal Sack
His Imperial Highness Richard Stefan MerrillViceroy for His Majesty's Dominions Beyond the Coal Sack
Dr. Anthony HorvathMinister of Science for Trans-Coalsack Sector
Dr. Jacob BuckmanAstrophysicist
Father David HardyChaplain-Captain, Imperial Space Navy Reserve
Admiral Lavrenti KutuzovVice Admiral Commanding His Majesty's Expedition Beyond Murcheson's Eye
Senator Benjamin Bright FowlerMajority Leader and Member of Privy Council
Dr. Sigmund HorowitzProfessor of Xenobiology, University of New Scotland
Herbert Colvinonetime Captain of Space Forces of the Republic of Union, and onetime master of Union cruser Defiant

Source: Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Mote in God's Eye. New York: Simon & Schuster (1974)
Copied directly from book's Dramatis Personae printed on pages 7 - 8.

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