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Barriers is a novel by Dean F. H. Macy which will soon be released by Doubleday. Although Macy is a long-time reader, critic, and online commentator of science fiction, Barriers will be his first novel published in the genre. Macy is best known for his work and writing in the music industry, and for non-SF screenplays and plays, such as "One Christmas Eve."

Speaking about his forthcoming work, Macy has said that Barriers will break with Wellsian and all previous science fictional models of time travel to present a conceptually new and scientifically rigorous mode of time travel. Macy will also tackle (and perhaps debunk) the subject of teleportation in a scientifically and philosophically considered manner.

It appears that the novel will be imaginative "hard science fiction" on an epic scale. A review of the novel will be posted here when the novel is available.

The following brief description of Barriers is from Macy's website:

"Barriers" is an epic novel about a little girl in the future who returns to the past to become her own Grandmother, and it works even after being checked with the LDS PAF software. This story, as with most of my writing, is based on scientific fact. It also negates all time travel theories currently in vogue and presents a new theory that is easily acceptable to the reader. It also dispells the "Beam me up" theory with proof that cannot be disputed by religious readers.


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