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Laser Books was a line of mass paperback science fiction novels published in the 1970s by Harlequin Enterprises. The series was edited by Roger Elwood. The Laser Books line is not a "series" in the traditional sense of books with an interconnected storyline, but the word "series" is used on the cover.

These are not romance novels, of course, but it is true that the name Harlequin is most commonly associated with the romance genre. The Laser Books novels are highly characteristic of popular science fiction of their time. These are imaginative, fast-paced novels. They were conceived from the beginning as inexpensive books which would have popular appeal. It is true that these books did not win Hugo or Nebula awards, but nor do most books. While less profound than the cream of the crop from the era, these novels are still highly readable and fun decades after they first appeared, and many contain a certain degree of profound and unusual content.

The title page of the first book in the series reads:

LASER BOOKS are published by Harlequin Enterprises Limited, 240 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 1Zf, Canada. The Laser books trade mark, consisting of the words "LASER BOOKS" is registered in the Canada trade Marks Office, the United States Patent Office, and in other countries. Printed in U.S.A.

The following list of the first twelve books appeared in the first book, Renegades of Time. Other books were later published, many of which are listed here.

1Raymond F. JonesRenegades of Time
2Stephen GoldinHerds
2Arthur TofteCrash Landing on Iduna
4R. Coulson and G. DeWeese Gates of the Universe
5Arthur TofteWalls Within Walls
6Gordon EklundServing in Time
7K. W. JeterSeeklight
8Stephen GoldinCaravan
9Aaron WolfeInvasion
10Gordon EklundFalling Toward Forever
11Juanita CoulsonUnto the Last Generation
12Raymond F. JonesThe King of Eolim

Half of the authors of the first twelve books in the Laser Books series wrote two novels, while the others wrote only one. The authors who wrote two of the first twelve novels in the series are:

  • Raymond F. Jones
  • Stephen Goldin
  • Arthur Tofte
  • Gordon Eklund


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