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Dramatis Personae

Name Page
Brief description, role
Sanak 3 The book's narrator and protagonist. A 12-year-old Inuit boy. His name is first identified on page 8.
Thule 3 Sanak's nine-year-old little sister, who is starting her first year of school as the story starts.
Mother 3 Sanak's mother.
Father 4 Sanak's father.
Unalakleet 4 Traditional Inuit shaman/medicine man.
Nulato 5 Sanak's cousin, who died the previous year while hunting caribou. These events are recounted later in this story.
Kwiguk 5 One of Sanak's two teachers. An older, very traditional Inuit woman. Name first mentioned on page 8.
Joseph 5 One of Sanak's two teachers. A modernized Inuit man who considers himself Inuit, but is aware of and supportive of modern technology and knowledge. Name first mentioned on page 7.
Anvik 6 Sanak's older brother. Old enough that leads his first whale hunt in the story, and is soon to be married.
Nenana 9 Sanak's classmate. Mentioned frequently.
Talkeetna 9 Sanak's classmate. Mentioned frequently.
Kendi 9 Sanak's male classmate. A particularly close friend of Sanak.
unnamed bull whale 24 A whale (probably a sperm whale) that talks to Sanak's class via translation equipment. Describes the beauty of the sea. Says whales will kill men if men continue to hunt them.
Taimyr 30 A beautiful young woman. Close friend of Anvik, who intends to marry her.
Sedna 35 The mythical Inuit god who controls seals and creates the underwater fires that heat the ocean.
unnamed sperm whale 37 Whale hunted by the Inuit men on Anvik's first hunt. Has been hunted before. Whether or not this is the same whale that was mentioned on page 24 is indeterminate.


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