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Catholic Guatemala 1994 Harper, Leanne C. "Paths of Silence and of Night " in Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Baen (1994); pg. 145. "Saints had become a Maya codeword for the old gods, fit one way or another into the Catholic pantheon. As a lapsed Catholic, she was fascinated by the way it had been done over the centuries, with the gift of Mayan gods' attributes to the various saints. In her part of the country the fundamentalist protestants had made little progress in converting the people to their new Christianity. "
Catholic Guatemala 1994 Harper, Leanne C. "Paths of Silence and of Night " in Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Baen (1994); pg. 147. "Speculation ran the range between an agreement between militant Protestants and the government, the return of General Efrain Rios Montt's regime to power, or perhaps a radical right Catholic movement, as to who had supplied him. "
Catholic Haiti 2016 Goonan, Kathleen Ann. Crescent City Rhapsody. New York: Tor (2001; c. 2000); pg. 90. Pg. 90: "'Here. Here she is at her first Communion. And there-- there--' "; Pg. 106: "...much as she'd been taught to kiss the ring of the Catholic priest. "
Catholic Haiti 2045 Sterling, Bruce. Distraction. New York: Bantam (1998); pg. 339. -
Catholic Haiti 2048 Bear, Greg. Queen of Angels. New York: Warner Books (1994; 1st ed. 1990); pg. 376. "'Archangels. Loa of the New Pantheon,' Soulavier said. 'I went to this church as a boy, when it was new. John D'Arqueville wished to reunite the best elements of African religion and catholic christianity, to reshape Vodoun. His vision did not spread far from Terrier Noir, however. This church is unique.' "
Catholic Hegira 4000 Bear, Greg. Hegira. New York: Tor (1989; 1st printed 1979); pg. 13. "Bar-Woten respected the old man's lengthy silence. At last Sulay lifted his head, and there were tears on his cheeks. 'Never enough time. Never enough. The March is over. They aren't very good at fighting here in Mediweva, but they far outnumber us, and our ruses aren't working any more. My audiences with the Holy Pontiff have been more and more strained. An old soldier's instincts warn me. . . .' "
Catholic Hegira 4000 Bear, Greg. Hegira. New York: Tor (1989; 1st printed 1979); pg. 63. "The purge had crossed the border. the Holy Pontiff was running his quarry to ground even in foreign fields. "
Catholic Helliconia 4000 Aldiss, Brian. Helliconia Spring. New York: Atheneum (1982); pg. 82-83. "The man from Borlien, Father Bondorlonganon, sat nearest Laintal Ay, his eyes closed, praying aloud.

It was the prayer as much as anything which halted Laintal Ay. normally he loved to be in this room, full of his grandmother's mysteries... Father Bondorlonganon produced a little hound and placed it in the boy's palm. It was scarcely longer than the palm. It was carved, as he recognised, out of kaidaw horn, with a wealth of detail which delighted him. Thick coat curled over the hound's back, and the minute paws hd pads...

Father Bondorlonganon squeezed his eyes a little more and enquired Laintal Ay's age...

Next day, Laintal Ay wished to stay close to the priest from Borlien, in case he had more toys hidden in his garments. But the priest was busy visiting the sick, and in any case Loilanun kept firm hold of her son. " [Perhaps not Catholic, but similar terminolgy and description to a Catholic priest. This character mentioned elsewhere.]

Catholic Hyperion 2060 Anderson, Poul. "Scarecrow " in New Legends. Greg Bear (ed.) New York: Tor (1995); pg. 327. [Astronauts on Hyperion, a moon of Saturn. Year estimated.] Pg. 327: "'This day is St. Severin's. The first boy we have, we should name him Severin.' Loren had already agreed that the first girl would be Maria. "; Pg. 333: "She sprang high. 'Air bottles! Full!' For the first time, tears escaped. He recognized the stammered Polish. 'Blessed Maria, thank you.' "
Catholic Hyperion: Keats 2732 Simmons, Dan. Hyperion. New York: Doubleday (1989); pg. 33-34. Pg. 33: "There is a cathedral in Keats. Or, rather, there was one. It has been abandoned for at least two centuries. It lies in ruins with its transept open to the green-blue skies... The bishop on Pacem had not mentioned any history of catholicism on Hyperion, much less the presence of a cathedral. It is almost inconceivable that the scattered seedship colony of four centuries ago could have supported a large enough congregation to warrant the presence of a bishop, much less a cathedral. yet there it was. "; Pg. 34: "It was with some shock that I realized I had a congregation. The old woman was kneeling in the fourth row of pews. The black of her dress and scarf blended so perfectly with the shadows... Startled, I stopped speaking the litany of consecration. "
Catholic Idaho 2020 Dick, Philip K. & Roger Zelazny. Deus Irae. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1976); pg. 107. "Tremens factus sum ego et timeo!

Bits and pieces of the old mass, or was it from a medieval poem? A Catholic requiem?

Mors stupebit et natura,
cum resurget creatura, judicanti responsura!

[More, not in DB, pg. 106.]

Catholic Illinois 1960 Simmons, Dan. Summer of Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1991); pg. 82. "Mike loved the ritual of the Mass. On this Sunday--as on all Sundays except special holy days--he helped Father Cavanaugh serve the regular seven-thirty Mass and then stayed to be head altar boy for the ten o'clock High Mass. The earlier service was the crowded one, of course, since most of the Catholics around Elm Haven put themselves through the extra half-hour of High Mass only when they had to... " [More. Extensive references to Catholicism, pg. 82-96, in other parts of the novel as well.]
Catholic Illinois 1960 Simmons, Dan. Summer of Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1991); pg. 83. "Father C. was, in many ways, an exact opposite of Father H., despite the fact that both men were priests. Father Harrison had been old and Irish, gray-haired and rosy-cheeked, ambling in his thinking, speech, and attitudes. The Mass seemed to have been a ritual that Father H. had performed so many times, with so few in attendance, that it appeared to have no more special significance to him than shaving would have. Father Harrison had really lived for the visitations and dinners where he was a guest--even a visitation to the sick or dying became an excuse for the old priest to sit, talk, have coffee, tell stories, and recall local people who were long dead. Mike had accompanied Father H. on some of these visitations--frequently the ill took Communion and Father H. thought that having an altar boy along added some sense of ceremony to the simple ritual. Mike was always bored out of his mind during these visits. " [Other refs., not in DB.]
Catholic Illinois 1960 Simmons, Dan. Summer of Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1991); pg. 178. "They talked about politics during supper, the Old Man describing his work for Adlai Stevenson in the previous elections. 'I don't know about Kennedy,' he said. 'He's sure to get the nomination, but I've never trusted millionaires. It'd be good if a Catholic got elected, though. Break down some of the discrimination in the country.' He told Duane about Alfred E. Smith's unsuccessful 1928 campaign.

...'So the chances of a Catholic getting elected are pretty slim,' the Old Man concluded... "

Catholic Illinois 2001 Bradbury, Ray. From the Dust Returned. New York: HarperCollins (2001); pg. 94. "Eyes bright, lips moist, one hand clutching his crucifix, he stared at the collapsed figure of the ghastly passenger and cried, 'May I--?'

'Last rites?' The ancient passenger opened one eye like the lid on a silver box. 'From you.' His eye shifted to the nurse. 'Her!'

'Sir!' cried the young priest.

He stepped back, seized his crucifix as if it were a parachute ripcord, spun, and scurried off. "

Catholic Illinois: Chicago 1989 Simmons, Dan. Children of the Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1992); pg. 41. "The priest was smiling slightly. 'Well, the order I work for is based in Chicago, and on this trip I take my instructions from the Chicago Archdiocese, but it's been awhile since I was there. In recent years I've spent a lot of time in South and Central America...' "
Catholic Illinois: Chicago 1997 Robinson, Frank M. "Causes " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 87. "'Lee, you remember my sister in Chicago? Patricia? You were sweet on her at one time. It was the French underground, the bloody Papists, who set off the bomb in the Kroger supermarket and killed a dozen employees and customers, including my sister. You haven't forgotten, have you?' "
Catholic India 1993 Shunn, D. William. "Rise Up, Ye Women that Are at Ease " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 109. "All over the city, men must be reading notes like the ones in my hand--hell, all over the country, all over the world. I tried to picture my mother actually abandoning my father, my grandmother abandoning my grandfather... Mother Theresa abandoning all her beggars... Our women have vanished, and it doesn't look as if they're coming back. " [All over the world, all the women have mysteriously left, leaving only brief notes of explanation to their male loved ones.]
Catholic India 2020 Maggin, Elliot S. Kingdom Come. New York: Time Warner (1998); pg. 320. [Bruce Wayne talks with his son Xu'ffasch, whose mother is Talia and whose grandfather is Ra's al Ghul] "'...Calcutta, you say? What's she doing there?'

'She's Mother Talia. She's the mother superior of Saint Teresa's clinic.'

'I didn't even know she was Catholic.'

'Well, she wasn't. We're Muslim, I guess, if we're anything, but you know . . .' "

Catholic India: Calcutta 1977 Simmons, Dan. Song of Kali. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1985); pg. 6. Pg. 6: "'...You read some of Tagore's stuff, and excerpts from Das's epic poems about what'shername, the nun--Mother Teresa.' "; Pg. 8: "'...It's almost impossible to believe that this is from the same man who wrote the Mother Teresa epic. My guess is that Das isn't alive and that this is some sort of scam...' "; Pg. 150: "'The Song of Mother Teresa' "
Catholic India: Calcutta 1977 Simmons, Dan. Song of Kali. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1985); pg. 128. "'Do you drink Scotch, Mr. Luczak?'

Is the Pope Catholic? I thought. 'Yes.' "

Catholic Iowa 1972 Ellison, Harlan, ed. Again, Dangerous Visions. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1972); pg. 224. [Introduction to "Harry the Hare " by James B. Hemesath] "James Bartholomew William Hemesath was born 25 April 1944 in New Hampton, Chickasaw County, Iowa. He is ex-Roman Catholic, ex-married and ex-Marine Corps. "
Catholic Iowa 1996 Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. "Faith " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 213. "'We went from congregation to congregation. He was always looking for someone who believed.'

'What about the ministers? The priests?' "

Catholic Iowa 2030 Disch, Thomas M. On Wings of Song. New York: St. Martin's Press (1978); pg. 36. "More and more Daniel felt as though he'd murdered his friend and concealed the body. He could understand what a convenience it was for Catholics to be able to go to confession. "
Catholic Iowa 2030 Disch, Thomas M. On Wings of Song. New York: St. Martin's Press (1978); pg. 145. "This was a routine he'd often gone through, and it always made him feel like Joan of Arc or Galileo, a modern martyr of the Inquisition. "
Catholic Iowa 2050 Stephenson, Neal. The Diamond Age. New York: Bantam (1995); pg. 16. "...the Finkle-McGraws belonged to a Methodist church, a Roman Catholic church, and a tiny synagogue that met in a rented room in Sioux City. "
Catholic Ireland 2030 Hogan, James P. Entoverse. New York: Ballantine (1991); pg. 81. "'Except, maybe one place,' Gina said, making it sound like an afterthought.

'Uh?' Hunt returned abruptly from his thoughts.

'If my reading of history is right, there was one place where Christianity might have hung on long after it was stamped out across the rest of Europe,' Gina said.



'Hunt's eyebrows lifted in surprise. 'Begorrah!' he exclaimed.

Gina went on. 'Even the Irish aren't told the true story. They're taught that Saint Patrick converted the island in the fifth century, and they've remained staunchly faithful ever since.'

'That's what I always thought, too,' Hunt said. 'Not that it's a subject I've ever had much reason to get involved in, especially.'

'They didn't ally with the Roman Church until the sixteenth century--more than a thousand years later; and that was only as a gesture of defiance against the English after Henry VIII broke away...' "

Catholic Ireland 2030 Hogan, James P. Entoverse. New York: Ballantine (1991); pg. 82. "'...Roman Catholicism became a symbol of Irish nationalism. What Saint Patrick brought was Christianity.'

'You mean the original?'

'Something a lot closer to it, anyhow. And it flourished because it fitted with the ways of the native culture. It spread from there through Scotland and Europe into northern Europe. But then it collided with the institutionalized Jevlenese counterfeit being pushed northward, and it was destroyed. The first papal mission didn't reach England until a hundred sixty-five years after Patrick died.'

'How do you know all this?'

'My mother's side of the family comes from Wexford. I go there for vacations and lived there for a while once.' "

Catholic Ireland 2050 Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. Last Refuge. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 198. "'You must be a very great holy man, but you wear no special clothes.'

'Yeah,' Toni-Marie said. 'What are you, a priest?'

'Isn't that a good question, now? I've been a little bit of everything, to tell you the truth. In the beginning I may have been one of the Tuatha de Daman, then on of the sidhe, the fairy folk, and later on I was a Druid. Oh yes, quite a few lifetimes at it till along come the Christians. Well, I didn't jump back into the religious side at once but was a harper and a harper's son, and a shanachie, carrying the old tales down, till in one life I switched over to Christianity and became a priest. I was a bit of a rabble rouser in that life, so in the very next one I was a Protestant minister... It's the way whether you wear a collar or...' "

Catholic Ireland 2052 Bear, Greg. Slant [The title consists solely of the slant sign]. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 127. "Jonathan had stared at the Sheila with a silly boyish look of speculating embarrassment. How could such a statue still exist in Catholic Ireland? "
Catholic Ireland 2100 Le Guin, Ursula K. "Nine Lives " in Nebula Award Stories Five (James Blish, ed.) New York: Pocket Books (1972; 1st ed. 1970; story c. 1969); pg. 66. "'Do you come from Ireland, Owen?'

'Nobody comes from Ireland, Zayin.'

'There are lots of Irish-Americans.'

'To be sure, but no more Irish. A couple of thousand in all the island, the last I knew. They didn't go in for birth-control, you know, so the food ran out. By the Third Famine there were no Irish left at all but the priesthood, and they were all celibate, or nearly all.' "

Catholic Israel 2026 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Chronoliths. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 113. "The Defense Minister accepted this with the obvious private skepticism of a Moslem cleric touring the Vatican. "
Catholic Israel: Jerusalem 1997 Watson, Ian. God's World. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers (this ed. 1990; copyright 1979); pg. 28. "The year 1997... It was Easter Day in Jerusalem. In the dingy cluttered Church of the Holy Sepulchre, to a crowded brawling congregation of Roman Catholics, Copts, Greek Orthodox and others... "
Catholic Italy 1137 C.E. Anderson, Poul. The Shield of Time. New York: Tor (1990); pg. 226. "A sound broke through the noises of Palermo... It was the bells of the cathedral. They were tolling... At the edge of vision he saw the apprentices at the workbench cross themselves, the Catholic left to right, the Orthodox right to left. "
Catholic Italy 1137 C.E. Anderson, Poul. The Shield of Time. New York: Tor (1990); pg. 266. [An alternate history] "Palermo drew in sight. The most splendid of its buildings did not yet grace it, but already it shone and soared beyond its walls. More domes, often gorgeous with mosaic or giltwork, lifed skyward than did Catholic spires. "
Catholic Italy 1500 C.E. McAuley, Paul J. Pasquale's Angel. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1994); pg. 12. "Raphael. They didn't need to name him. His name was on everyone's lips in the three days since he had arrived from Rome in advance of his master Pope Leo X. " [Many refs. to Catholicism throughout novel, only a few are in DB.]
Catholic Italy 1500 C.E. McAuley, Paul J. Pasquale's Angel. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1994); pg. 125. "The caravan of carriages which carried His Holiness Pope Leo X, lately Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, his advisers and attendants, his page boys and cooks, his dwarfs and jesters, including his favorite, Father Marioano, his physicians and his Muslim rackmaster and bodyguard, and cardinals Sanseverino Farnese, Ligi de' Rossi, Lorenzo Pucci, Lorenzo Cibo and Giulio de' Medici, and their own lesser entourages of servants, moved in a great cloud of dust visible for many miles as it toiled past the little villages of Pozzalatico and Galluzzo. A squadron of Swiss men-at-arms marched at the rear, their burnished chestplates, helmets, pike-heads and halbertds glittering like a river in the clear fall sunlight; a pipe and durm band of fully fifty men in scarlet and white uniforms marched ahead. " [Book has extensive material about Pope Leo X.]
Catholic Italy 1500 C.E. McAuley, Paul J. Pasquale's Angel. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1994); pg. 128. "Palle! Palle! Papa Leone! Palle! Palle!

The Pope rode slowly, with two pages leading his white stallion by its gold-encrusted bridle. Eight Florentine citizens of noble birth held over his head hoops of moire silk cunningly locked together to form a canopy in the shape of a butterfly's wings. Despite this shade, the heat of the day soon turned the Pope's heavy face an alarming tinge of purple. Now and again he would halt to admirethe banners and decorations that hung from every building, or watched the staging of brief tableaux. In one, a child dressed as an angel announced the birth of Christ to a young woman dressed as the Virgin, and burning halos swung above both their heads while a mechanical dove fluttered down and emitted a ray of dazzling light that struck a mirror stiched into the woman's dress above her womb. "

Catholic Italy 1500 C.E. McAuley, Paul J. Pasquale's Angel. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1994); pg. 14-15. " preparation for the Pope's imminent arrival... The priest shook holy water towards the assembled painters even as the Secretary was led off by his attendants at what seemed an undignified speed. The priest muttered a prayer, sketched a cross in the air, and that was that. "
Catholic Italy 1930 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 29. "Saturn failed in the year 1930. A young Milano boy with no weapon or training other than his innate goodness exorcised Saturn from the body of his dying father. Because of this ordeal the boy's life was shortened, but Albino Luciani won the right, as Pope John Paul I, to a great temporal honor during the final days of his life. "
Catholic Italy 1943 Ondaatje, Michael. The English Patient. London, UK: Bloomsbury (1996; c. 1992); pg. 56. Pg. 56: "I think this was the Villa Bruscoli. Poliziano--the great protég?of Lorenzo. I'm talking about 1483. In Florence, in Santa Trinita Church, you can see the painting of the Medicis with Poliziano in the foreground, wearing a red cloak. "; Pg. 59: "Walked past Brunelleschi's church towards the library of the German Institute... "; Pg. 78: Sistine Chapel; Pg. 96: Florentine Madonnas; Pg. 277: Stations of the Cross or the Mysteries of the Rosary; Pg. 278: "The naive Catholic images from the hillside shrines that he has seen are with him in the half-darkness... " [Some other refs. to churches, e.g. pg. 72, 104.]
Catholic Italy 1990 Anderson, Jack. Zero Time. New York: Kensington Publishing (1990); pg. 191. "Later he paid a ritual visit to St. Peter's Square; inside the Basilica of St. Peter's, he gazed rapturously at Michelangelo's Pieta, but ignored the cathedral's ornate and gilded interior. " [Other refs. not in DB.]
Catholic Italy 1995 Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the Moon. New York: HarperPrism (1995); pg. 321. "'...And in Italy it's a little different from here. All those Catholics--' "
Catholic Italy 1996 Knight, Damon. Humpty Dumpty: An Oval. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 34. Pg. 34: "like some alien artifact intricately carved from grey ice. Jim Baldwin had shown me over it when I first came to Milan--a nice Protestant cove, I wondered what had happened to him. The cathedral was all sharp peaks, no visible dome at all; an amazing thing to look at, and I had never seen it from this aspect before. "; Pg. 285: "...golden face of the Madonna with her tight mouth and blind cat's eyes... the Virgin Mary's halo. " [Also pg. 286]
Catholic Italy 2012 Baxter, Stephen. Manifold: Time. New York: Ballantine (2000); pg. 360. "And all over the world, old scores were being settled... Some people were turning to religion. Others were turning against it: there had been several assassination attempts on the pope... "
Catholic Italy 2020 Watson, Ian. The Flies of Memory. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers (1990); pg. 20-21. "Rome was aromatic with the scent of flowers, coffee, olive oil... 'Here in the Caraffa Chapel you see the Annunciation as painted by Fra Lippo Lippi . . .'

...'The nun's Dutch,' whispered lew. 'Outfit called Foyer Unitas, specialising in guiding non-Catholics. Very much in depth. They can gab on half a day about a single church' As indeed the woman seemed intent on doing.

'They hope to convert non-Catholics, aliens included?'

'No, they're simply ace guides. Got the right place for the Flies, who look at everything for ages...

Lo, here is the tomb of Saint Catherine of Siena. There is the very room where she died in 1380, frescos by Romano. Lo, here is the chapel of Saint Dominic housing the tomb of Pope Benedict XIII, sculpted by Marchioni between 1724 and 1730. The Dutch nun fiddled inconspicuously with her necklace as she talked. " [Extense references to Catholicsm, Rome, and Vatican City are in this book, most not in DB.]

Catholic Italy 2025 Ing, Dean. "Lost in Translation " in Firefight 2000. New York: Baen (1987; c. 1985); pg. 140. Sistine Chapel
Catholic Italy 2096 Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 147. "'Benedetta's a Catholic,' Paul explained.

'I am not a Catholic! Bologna is the least Catholic city in Europe! I am an anarchist and an artificer and a programmer! I plan to hang the last gerontocrat with the guts of the last priest!'

'Benedetta is also a miracle of tact,' Paul said.

'I only wanted to ask about the mural,' Maya said.

'The Garden of Eden, Eva Maskova, 2053,' Paul said... "

Catholic Italy 2096 Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 240. "I'm not sure th time is right for medical mutual funds,' said a second model. 'Besides, I'm Catholic.'

'No one says you have to take a treatment on the banned list, you just invest in them,' said the first model patiently. She was deeply, spiritually, untouchably beautiful; she looked like a bit player in Botticelli's Primavera 'Talk to any Vatican banker sometime, darling. They're very simpatico and very up to speed about this.' "

Catholic Italy: Rome 707 C.E. Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 28. "705 A.D.: The daughter of an English missionary in Germany had such a genius for learning and seeming piety that she was elevated to the papal throne as John VII. Though in the guise of a male, she was--alas--female, and therefore, a vessel of iniquity. Yielding to her base female urges, she admitted a member of her household to her bed, and suffered that demonic fulfillment of her kind. In 707, during the course of a solemn Whitsun procession through the streets of Rome in the company of her clergy, at a point between the Colosseum and St. Clement's church, she who would become known as Pope Joan was delivered of a bastard son. The Popess was thus exposed as a harlot disguised as a priest. The story has, of course, been suppressed by the Church and labeled a myth, but there are those who remember it yet. This is the message of Key Two of the Tarot, entitled 'The Lady Pope.' Is it not, after all, a true reflection of the nature of the sex? " [Also pg. 115.]
Catholic Italy: Rome 1700 Burroughs, William S. "The Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar " in Omni Visions One (Ellen Datlow, ed). Greensboro, NC: Omni Books (1993; story copyright 1987); pg. 23. "They first sailed to Naples, and Mission traveled to Rome, where he met a young priest named Signor Caraccioli. While Mission was making his confession, he was surprised to discover the young priest shared his own disgust for the hypocrisy of earthly power, temporal and spiritual. Caraccioli threw off his frock and signed on to the [pirate ship] Victoire. "
Catholic Italy: Rome 1968 Ellison, Harlan. "The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World " in The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two. (Isaac Asimov, ed.) Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971; story copyright 1968); pg. 806. "In the Vatican's Stanza of Heliodorus, the second of the great rooms he designed for Pope Julius II, Raphael painted (and his pupils completed) a magnificent fresco representation of the historic meeting between Pope Leo I and Attila the Hun, in the year 452.

In this painting is mirrored the belief of Christians everywhere that the spiritual authority of Rome protected her in that desperate hour when the Hun came to sack and burn the Holy City. Raphael has painted in Saint Peter and Saint Paul descending from Heaven to reinforce Pope Leo's intervention. His interpretation was an elaboration on the original legend, in which only the Apostle Peter was mentioned--standing behind Leo with a drawn sword... " [More]

Catholic Italy: Rome 1997 Bear, Greg. The Forge of God. New York: Tor (1987); pg. 310. "What was their scheme? Would they literally pluck up the Sistine Chapel and disks of Bach and the entirety of the Parthenon or Angkor Wat and lift them into space...? "
Catholic Italy: Rome 2050 Aldiss, Brian W. Helliconia Winter. New York: Atheneum (1985); pg. 98. "The concept of 'terrorist nation' dominated the mid-century; it was at this time that the ancient city of Rome was taken out. "
Catholic Italy: Rome 2054 Dick, Philip K. & Ray Nelson. The Ganymede Takeover. New York: Ace Books (1967); pg. 212. [Watching Gus's broadcast.] "In Rome the Pope changed channels, searching for a good Italian western.

In Kyoto, Japan, a Zen master laughed himself into a fit of hiccups. "

Catholic Italy: Venice 1722 Keyes, J. Gregory. A Calculus of Angels. New York: Ballantine (1999); pg. 399. "Did God care whether he was beseeched by way of bell or song? Probably not. And for the moment, to all appearances, neither did Venice, for the balance of her inhabitants--Catholic, Protestant, Mussulman, Jew--were in celebration over the victory against the Muscovites, whatever differences they might have amongst themselves for the moment set aside. "
Catholic Japan 1976 Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration. New York: Viking Press (1976); pg. 159. "Soon they were passing the elegant and extraordinary structure that housed the Japanese Embassy, like Nagasaki Cathedral the product of the mature genius of Yamamoto, and recognized with it as the culmination of Oriental achievement in modern ecclesiastical architecture. "
Catholic Japan 2050 Bova, Ben. "Mount Olympus " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 290-291. "So Mitsu knew that he could not marry Elizabeth openly, honestly, as he wanted to.. Instead, he took her to a monastery in the remote mountains of Kyushu, where he had perfected his climbing skills.

'It's not necessary, Mitsuo,' Elizabeth protested, once she understood what he wanted to do. 'I love you. A ceremony won't change that.'

'Would you prefer a Catholic rite?' he asked.

She threw her arms around his neck. He felt tears on her cheek. "

Catholic Kansas 1984 Heinlein, Robert A. Job: A Comedy of Justice. New York: Ballantine (1984); pg. 267. "That was in a charming community called (by a sign at its outskirts):

A Clean Community
Blackamoors, Kikes, Papists,
Keep Moving! "

Catholic Kansas 1989 Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1991); pg. 94. "In the pantheon of her beliefs, Buddy Holly was God, Chuck Berry was the Holy Spirit, John Lennon was the new Pope (replaced the martyred Pope Sam), and Paul, George, and Ringo was cardinals. Otis Redding, Bob Dylan, and the up-and-coming Stones were priests with terrific parishes. " [Some other refs., not in DB.]
Catholic Kentucky 1954 offutt, andrew j. "For Value Received " in Again, Dangerous Visions (Harlan Ellison, ed.) Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1972); pg. 110. [Introduction] "The first thing we did was move from Louisville to this farm, where i grew up... Kentuckians... committed the unpardonable sincrime of being awfully smart, as well as Catholic in a community devoted to stupidity and where the KK had ridden only 23 years earlier--against Catholics! (The community was too small to afford Jews or Blacks, who keep Catholics safe in big cities.)... Fall of '68 i had [insurance] agencies in three towns. Fortunately i was able to outgrow that, too. Oh, at around age 28 i also outgrew the Roman Church; Vardis Fisher helped a lot. "
Catholic Kentucky 1963 Rucker, Rudy. The Secret of Life. New York: Bluejay International (1985); pg. 18. "Although the Bungers were Episcopalian, Conrad attended a big Roman Catholic boys high school called St. X... He was one of three non-Catholics among the two thousand students at St X. During Conrad's four years there, the other boys often tried to 'baptize' him. This involved dragging him into a bathroom and slugging him and throwing water... on him. By the time Conrad was a senior, he'd formed a real dislike for the Roman Catholic religion... The Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception and Bodily Assumption?... the doctrine that bothered Conrad the most was Transubstantiation. " [Book contains many, references to Catholicism, most not in DB.]
Catholic Kentucky 1982 Bishop, Michael. The Secret Ascension; or, Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas. New York: Tor (1987); pg. 112. "Raised a Catholic in Louisville, Kentucky, Vear also sometimes find himself comparing Von Braunville [on the moon] to Gethsemani, the monastery near Bardstown, Kentucky... "
Catholic Kenya 2002 Bishop, Michael. No Enemy But Time. New York: Timescape (1982); pg. 373. "Imposing in their ceremonial cloaks and ornate beaded headbands, they were soft-spoken fellows who had attended a Catholic mission school at a nearby frontier outpost. "
Catholic Latin America 1996 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 223. "In Latin America, it was the Catholics who stirred up pro-Axis sentiment. Mexico and the northwestern countries of South America, at least, remained pro-Allies. Thanks to their oil and other developed resources, they had bought enough arms to quiet their fears. Venezuela might be OPEC, but she was not Islamic. "

Catholic, continued


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