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witch world 1995 Bradbury, Ray. "The Witch Door " in Quicker Than the Eye. New York: Avon Books (1996; c. 1995); pg. 153. Pg. 153: "There was a dull thudding against a hidden panel somewhere.

'The Witch Door!' said Martha Webb at last.

'Can't be.'


They stood in the long hall looking at that place under the stairs... Robert Webb stepped to the Witch Door and touched it... "; Pg. 157: "'But if you wanted to run away badly enough, wished for it, prayed, for it, and people ran after you, and someone hid you in a place like this, a witch behind a door, and heard the searchers...' "; Pg. 162: "'A woman of that description, lost in a town called Salem in the year 1680?'

He reached over the shut the Witch Door. " ['Witch' is part of the title. Multiple refs. in story, most not in DB.]

witch world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 293. "'...Who wins either way? It's history. It's all just history. Might as well make a stink about the Black Hole of Calcutta or the Salem Witch Trials.' "
witch world 1996 Skolnick, Evan. "Order from Chaos " in The Ultimate X-Men (Stan Lee, ed.) New York: Berkley (1996); pg. 230. Pg. 230: "Upon rejoining the tribes of her mother's youth near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Ororo learned that she and her mother, N'Dare, were descended from a line of African witch-priestesses that could be traced back to the dawn of humanity. All the women in this line of descent had white hair, blue eyes, and the potential for magical powers. "; Pg. 234: "He stood at the brink of impossibility itself, grasping at science so advanced it seemed like magic, and effectively was magic. Practicing ancient spells that bridged the gap between science and the supernatural. Decrypting the work of mathematicians who used chaos theory over two thousand years before Western science even noticed or named it... Sharpe sighed and began meditating again, trying to achieve affinity with the nine chaos talismans. Their power, though hobbled by the lack of the tenth and final artifact, was still great... " [Other refs., not in DB.]
witch world 1997 Anthony, Patricia. "Two-Bag Goddess " in Eating Memories. Woburn, MA: First Books; Baltimore, MD: Old Earth Books (1997); pg. 328. "There wasn't any trick to calling up old gods. Gary'd done it enough. Conjuring had started off as a parlor game in the frat house, and later he'd used a little spell to help him pass the Bar. He'd kept his hand in, of course, once he knew magic worked, and habitually used it to make double sure he won an important case. " [Other refs., not in DB.]
witch world 1997 Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Gratitude of Kings. New York: Penguin (1997); pg. 1. [The book appears to be a parable and/or fantasy. The actual year is indeterminate.] "Lythande, Adept of the Blue Star, mercenary magician and sometime minstrel, entered the inner courtyard of the royal castle of Tschardain still accompanied by four guards. Twelve more had split off from the traveling party in the outer courtyard. It had been quite an escort for one solitary magician, who needed no guards at all for safety, but Lythande knew that their master liked to make showy gestures... No doubt he was thrilled to be able to send out such a large party of men to escort one magician. He was not motivated by chivalry; the fact that she was a woman was Lythande's deepest secret, the one that guarded her magical powers. Lythande had, on a few occasions, even killed to keep that secret. If she were proclaimed a woman in the hearing of any man, the Power of the Blue Star would be gone from her and she would die. " [Many refs. throughout, not in DB.]
witch world 1998 Disch, Thomas M. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000; c. 1998); pg. 15. "...and Abigail Williams in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the Puritain [sic] maiden whose lies give rise to the Salem witch trails. "
witch world 1999 Rowland, W. G. "The Great Wizard Joey " in Writers of the Future: Volume XV (Algis Budrys, ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1999); pg. 353. "At the end of those two years all my siblings went back, and I stalled at GuildHall. I made initiate quickly and was rapidly advancing in rank and skill, until finally I was put under the tutelage of a Master...

Over the years he'd bought, borrows, or outright stolen magical rituals from over a dozen other guilds--five magics from the Miners' guild, illusionary arts from the Travelers, arts of transportation and transmutation, ways of summoning power from the Dragon, and others. City law forbade many of the secrets I learned; others were forbidden by mandate of the High King himself. The practice of much of what Jerroth knew was punishable by death. " [Other refs. throughout story. Other refs. not in DB. Also, not the title.]

witch world 2000 Anderson, Poul. Genesis. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 59. "In an age when science was reaching from the innermost atom to the outermost cosmos and scientific technology was transfiguring the human condition, ancient superstitions ran rampant, everything from astrology to witchcraft. What slowly overcame them was neither reason nor the major faiths but those lesser, often despised sects that had never compromised their creeds. Then slowly their own dominance eroded. "
witch world 2000 Cox, Greg. X-Men & the Avengers: Gamma Quest: Book 3: Friend or Foe?. New York: Berkley Boulevard (2000); pg. 2. Pg. 2: "Their names were the Scarlet Witch, Rogue, and Wolverine. The first was a member of the acclaimed superhero team the Avengers... All three were mutants... " [Many other refs. to the character codenamed 'Scarlet Witch.' Other refs. not in DB, unless witchcraft mentioned specifically.] Pg. 139: "...he redirected his intellect to the thorny problem of how to beat the Scarlet Witch's supernaturally-enhanced good fortune. Luck be a lady indeed, he thought, at least where Wanda's concerned. "; Pg. 140: "The key, he realized, was to trick Wanda into lowering her protective hex sphere long enough to get to the mortal sorceress inside the magic bubble. "
witch world 2001 Castro, Adam-Troy. Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six. New York: BP Books (2001); pg. 50. "In a world where major population centers are subject to almost weekly assault by terrorists, extraterrestrials, demons, sorcerers, Atlantean hordes, and giant robots... "
witch world 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 369. "Stand up and play Wicked Witch of the Seventh Row... "
witch world 2020 Maggin, Elliot S. Kingdom Come. New York: Time Warner (1998); pg. 221. "Shazam the wizard was the one, I learned, who had given Captain Marvel his power. The age-old wizard was the synthesis of the particular talents of many of the greatest of Earth's sentient creatures... " [Other refs. not in DB.]
witch world 2030 Hogan, James P. Entoverse. New York: Ballantine (1991); pg. 31. "'The gods that kept coming down and meddling in the Trojan War might actually have existed. Maybe the Biblical miracles really happened, and Velikovsky had a point after all. Is it any wonder that ideas of magic and the supernatural became so deeply rooted here? At one time, it really used to work.' "
witch world 2050 Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. Last Refuge. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 209. Pg. 209: "'...I've always know I was the Terton but I am pleased to find that despite my ignorance I can still perform certain magicks.' "; Pg. 218: "'...Are you women magicians?' " [Many other refs. to magic and magicks in novel, not in DB. Mostly tied to Eastern mysticism/religion.]
witch world 2064 Barnes, John. Kaleidoscope Century. New York: Tor (1995); pg. 38. "The only worthwhile thing I ever learned from Daddy, something he'd done in prison, practiced all this stuff from Everyone's Big Book of Magic, all the ways to make things appear and disappear out of your hand. "
witch world 2100 Stasheff, Christopher. A Wizard in Mind. New York: Tor (1995); pg. 14. [Year estimated.] "...and could make as much money as he needed whenever he needed--make it literally, being a wizard. Well, not a real wizard, of course--he couldn't work real magic--but he was tremendously gifted in telepathy, telekinesis, and other powers of extrasensory perception. " [This character masquerades as a 'wizard' on pre-technological worlds. As the title should indicate, there are many refs. to his being a 'wizard,' but actual supernatural magic is not implied.]
witch world 2114 Dick, Philip K. The Man Who Japed. New York: Ace Books (1956); pg. 54. Pg. 54: "'In my power? Like a wizard? Hardly. I've got your problem; by telling me you've transferred it to me.' "; Pg. 115: "'...Witchhunts and star chambers. Dread and censorship, Mr. Bluenose banning books...' "
witch world 2150 Dick, Philip K. The Divine Invasion. New York: Timescape (1981); pg. 88. "Then he read the notes.

Ancient witchcraft was steeped in crime, immorality and imposture; and it debased the populace by hideous practices and superstitions. It is preceded by provisions against sexual license and followed by condemnation of unnatural vice and idolatry. "

witch world 2166 Farmer, Philip Jose. "Riders of the Purple Wage " in The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two. (Isaac Asimov, ed.) Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971; story copyright 1967); pg. 630. "I had other reasons for not asking that Old Black Magician Science for shots to starch me out again. "
witch world 2200 Arnason, Eleanor. A Woman of the Iron People. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1991); pg. 80. "'Give me one day, O sorceress. Go away and come back tomorrow morning. I will be gone with the demon, and no one will be hurt.' "
witch world 2200 Arnason, Eleanor. A Woman of the Iron People. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1991); pg. 160. "'That's where it's at,' one of them told me, a witch wearing a loincloth and a lot of tattoos. 'Mother Earth and Father Sky, the things that live--the plants and animals. All the old mysteries that the prophets spoke about. Black Elk and the Buddha. Jesus and Mother Charity. They all tell us the same thing. No matter how much you struggle and strive, you'll never get out of this world alive. So why struggle? And why strive? Do what you have to. Take what you need. Be thankful and be mellow.' "
witch world 2200 Arnason, Eleanor. A Woman of the Iron People. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1991); pg. 201. "'...though now, of course, she belongs to the Clan of the First Magician. But a woman does not forget what she learned as a child in the tent of her mother. Yes!' She made the gesture of affirmation. 'She has performed some kind of magic rite and made this happen.' She looked at the oracle. 'You were right about the malicious neighbors. I should have thought of this before. There is nothing wrong with the tower. She drove me crazy with magic and made me think the tower is ruined.' " [More.]
witch world 2377 David, Peter. Being Human (ST: New Frontier). New York: Pocket Books (2001); pg. 218. "'You are Thoth,' she said. 'The Egyptian moon god who oversees such disciplines as writing, astronomy, mathematics, law, magic . . .'

'Magic to the ancient Egyptians,' he clarified for her. 'I daresay that what you have here would certainly qualify as magic insofar as the ancients would be concerned. What is magic to some is, to others, science...' "

witch world 2400 Pangborn, Edgar. "The Golden Horn " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1961); pg. 171. "I knew that mues weren't in the same class with demons or ghosts or elves, but solid flesh in spite of being the get of devils. They couldn't vanish or float through walls; they didn't have the evil eye. If you got near one you'd see and smell him he couldn't use spells, or witch signs (though his father might) because God wouldn't allow that to a miserable mue, and he would die for good when you put a knife in him. "
witch world 2977 Stableford, Brian. "Mortimer Gray's History of Death " in Immortals (Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds.) New York: Ace Books (1998; c. 1995); pg. 204. "Gray also dealt with the persecution of heretics and the subsequent elaboration of Christian Demonology, which led to the witch-craze of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. " [More.]
witch world 3000 Charnas, Suzy McKee. Walk to the End of the World. New York: Ballantine (1974); pg. 59. Pg. 59: "At that time, successive failures of the laver harvest had earned a rather free-handed range from the men, resulting in fewer fems (and the deaths of the witches responsible for the blight, since the crops had stabilized again, though at lower levels). "; Pg. 127: "'The trouble was, I had no aptitude for mechanical things. Also, those were full-moon nights that we traveled. Maybe the Moonwitch was watching, remembering the machines of the Ancients that had violated her in the old days... " [Minimal other refs.]
witch world 3000 Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky. Tale of the Troika in Roadside Picnic and Tale of the Troika. New York: MacMillan Publishing Co. (1977); pg. 153. [Book jacket] "In this satirical farce set in the distant future, the world is divided into innumerable floors, connected by elevators that never work. No one knows much about the mysterious happenings above the thirteenth floor. Then two scientists from the Institute of Magic and Wizardry are sent to the 76th floor The Colony of Unexplained Phenomena (a storehouse of anomalies of nature and society); here the Troika, a ruling triumvirate of four men has reportedly seized power. "; Pg. 153: "..the Russian Imperial Preserve of Magical, Spiritual, and Occult Phenomena under Alexander II, and finally, the State Colony of Unexplained Phenomena under the Research Institute for Magic and Wizardry of the Academy of Sciences. " [Many other refs., not in DB.]
witch world 3001 Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. New York: Ballantine (1997); pg. 133. "'I said evil--and I mean it, because fear leads to cruelty. The slightest knowledge of the Inquisition makes one ashamed to belong to the human species . . . One of the most revolting books ever published was the Hammer of Witches, written by a couple of sadistic perverts and describing the tortures the Church authorized--encouraged!--to extract 'confessions' from thousands of harmless old women, before it burned them alive...' "
witch world 3332 Attanasio, A. A. Radix. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1981); pg. 366. [Epigraph.] "The dream was marvelous but the terror great.
We must treasure the dream whatever the terror.

--Gilgamesh "

witch world 3585 Clarke, Arthur C. The Songs of Distant Earth. New York: Ballantine (1986); pg. 203. "'You've never heard, I hope, of the Inquisition, of Witch Hunts, of Jihads...' "
Wolof Senegal 2015 Julian, Astrid. "Bringing Sissy Home " in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of Writers of the Future (Algis Budrys, ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (2000; c. 1992); pg. 231. "Haggling shoppers drown out the official French bartering with the easy music of Wolof and Fula. Crude wooden stalls offer unglazed pottery, twig baskets and exotic vegetables... "
Wolof Senegal 2015 Julian, Astrid. "Bringing Sissy Home " in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of Writers of the Future (Algis Budrys, ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (2000; c. 1992); pg. 232. "The woman in the medicine stall smiles at me and beckons with both hands. Her face is scarred by sinister geometric patterns, but her smile is all fresh air and sunshine. 'Love potion?' she asks in Wolof. 'Cure for a toothache?' "
World Council of Churches world 1986 Anderson, Jack. Control. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp. (1988); pg. 322. "The purpose was to offer 'all Detroit churches access to television,' said the distinguished cleric. The Reverend Billy Bob broke in with a hostile question: Was the Reverend Templeton's church affiliated with the World Council of Churches? It was, confirmed Templeton. The Reverend Billy Bob laughed contemptuously. The World Council was a communist front, he snorted. "
Wyandot France 1693 McIntyre, Vonda N. The Moon and the Sun. New York: Pocket Books (1997); pg. 335. "'Our allies the War Chiefs of the Huron.'

Two wild Americans walked in, an elder and a younger man, side by side, wearing beaded deerskin, massive steel knives, and hats from Paris. They did not remove their hats, and no one corrected them. They never bowed; they never smiled... Lines of pain and age marked the older man's face, for he had lived through the destruction of his village, his family, his people. The remnants of his band were the allies of the French in the same way as James and his court in exile.

Two servants carried a birchbark canoe to the King and placed it at his feet. The younger Huron unrolled a shirt of white deerskin sewn with porcupine quills in striking geometric patterns... The older chief unwrapped a smaller leather parcel and brough out a pipe decorated with long, golden-brown, white-tipped feathers.

'We bring the peace pipe,' the younger chief said in perfect French, 'to celebrate our alliance.' "

Wyoming California 1959 Knight, Damon. A For Anything. New York: Tor (1990; 1959); pg. 11. "'I've got mine [a Gismo]. Sent Crawford down for them. Packing now, or you wouldn't have got me. I happen to know a place in Wyoming that's built like a castle--you could hold off an army there. Well, take care of yourself, Gil. Nobody else will.' [As chaos breaks out in California with the arrival of gismos -- the character makes plans to leave the area and hide out in Wyoming.]
Wyoming galaxy 2357 Friedman, Michael Jan & Christie Golden. The First Virtue (Star Trek: TNG / Double Helix: Book 6 of 6). New York: Pocket Books (1999); pg. 32. [A Starfleet starship named the Wyoming]
Wyoming galaxy 2370 Hawke, Simon. Blaze of Glory (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1995); pg. 42. "'Sorry, sir. Captain Winslow Bryant, of the Federation merchant ship Wyoming...' " [On pg. 42-53, many refs. to the Starfleet ship Wyoming.]
Wyoming Wyoming 1872 Verne, Jules. Around the World in Eighty Days. Translated by George M. Towle. New York: Bantam (1988; c. 1873); pg. 120. [Chapter 28] At ten o'clock at night the train stopped at Fort Bridger station, and twenty minutes later entered Wyoming Territory, following the valley of Bitter Creek throughout. The next day, 7th December, they stopped for a quarter of an hour at Green River station. Snow had fallen abundantly during the night, but, being mixed with rain, it had half melted, and did not interrupt their progress. The bad weather, however, annoyed Passepartout; for the accumulation of snow, by blocking the wheels of the cars, would certainly have been fatal to Mr. Fogg's tour. [More.]
Wyoming Wyoming 1905 Gloss, Molly. Wild Life. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000); pg. 55. "...road somewhere west of Laramie, Wyoming. "
Wyoming Wyoming 1941 Turtledove, Harry. Worldwar: Tilting the Balance. New York: Del Rey (1995); pg. 70. Pg. 70: "'...I wonder how it got to the great metropolis of Chugwater, by God, Wyoming.' " (also pg. 123-124, etc.); Pg. 122: Cheyenne; Wyoming [also pg. 149, 172, etc.]
Wyoming Wyoming 1942 Turtledove, Harry. Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance. New York: Del Rey (1996); pg. 18. -
Wyoming Wyoming 1943 Bishop, Michael. Brittle Innings. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 108. Pg. 108: Wyoming; Pg. 380: " ex-cocktail waitress he'd married in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1931. "
Wyoming Wyoming 1953 Knight, Damon. The Man in the Tree. New York: Berkley Books (1984); pg. 28. Pg. 28: "Cooley put the file down and began to turn over the cards at the back of the box. 'Canada,' he said. 'Wyoming. Utah...' "; Pg. 43: Laramie
Wyoming Wyoming 1960 Simmons, Dan. Summer of Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1991); pg. 442. "'Wyoming casts al fifteen votes for the next President of the United States!... Wyoming's put him over the top.' "
Wyoming Wyoming 1964 Knight, Damon. The Man in the Tree. New York: Berkley Books (1984); pg. 97. Pg. 97, 101.
Wyoming Wyoming 1965 Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse-Five. New York: Random House (1999; c. 1969); pg. 85. "He said that after the war he was going to have a regimental reunion in his home town, which was Cody, Wyoming. He was going to barbecue whole steers. " [More, pg. 86, 270.]
Wyoming Wyoming 1974 Disch, Thomas M. Camp Concentration. New York: Random House (1999; c. 1968); pg. 19. "'It's a regional edition. Time comes out in different regional editions. For advertising purposes. And we get the mountain states edition. The mountain states are Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado . . .' "
Wyoming Wyoming 1976 Matheson, Richard. What Dreams May Come. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1978); pg. 235. "'Thank you for the memories of things we did together and with the children... Thank you for all the lovely national parks we saw together. For Sequoia and Yosemite, Lassen and Shasta, Olympic and Mount Ranier, Glacier and Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Bryce...' "
Wyoming Wyoming 1981 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 576. [Chapter 42 takes place "near Meriden, Wyoming ": pg. 576-582.]
Wyoming Wyoming 1983 Dick, Philip K. & Roger Zelazny. Deus Irae. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1976); pg. 14. "Carried to the point of supinely reading the 'papers and watching the TV and doing nothing when Carleton Lufteufel had given his speech in 1983 at Cheyenne, the so-called Numerical Fallacy Speech... "
Wyoming Wyoming 1984 Adams, Douglas & John Lloyd. The Meaning of Liff. New York: Harmony Books (1984); pg. 100. "Wyoming (participial vb.) Moving in hurried desperation from one cubicle to another in a public lavatory, trying to find one that has a lock on the door, a seat on the bowl, and no brown streaks on the seat. "
Wyoming Wyoming 1985 Dick, Philip K. In Milton Lumky Territory. Pleasantville, NY: Dragon Press (1985); pg. 141. Cheyenne
Wyoming Wyoming 1986 Harper, Leanne C. "Blood Rights " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 111. "' 'Sides, Senator, you think those boys are aces, like the reporters say?' Mordecai Jones looked across the hotel room at the Wyoming senator. 'Got to say, I've got some sympathy for what they're tryin' to do. Slavery, whatever they call it down here, ain't right.' "
Wyoming Wyoming 1988 Ing, Dean. The Big Lifters. New York: Tor (1988); pg. 10. Wyoming; Cheyenne
Wyoming Wyoming 1991 Ing, Dean. Butcher Bird. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1993); pg. 289. "...charts named for cities prominent on them: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Cheyenne, Omaha, Chicago. "
Wyoming Wyoming 1995 Bonta, Vanna. Flight. San Diego, CA: Meridian House (1995); pg. 212. -
Wyoming Wyoming 1997 Bradbury, Ray. "Nothing Changes " in Driving Blind. New York: Avon Books (1997); pg. 116. Cheyenne
Wyoming Wyoming 1999 Anderson, Jack. Millennium. New York: Tor (1994); pg. 224. "...were rounding up the faithful to send to concentration camps in some godforsaken place like Wyoming or Nevada. "
Wyoming Wyoming 1999 Kessel, John. Good News from Outer Space. New York: Tor (1990; c. 1989); pg. 51. Cheyenne
Wyoming Wyoming 2002 Bear, Greg. Vitalis. New York: Ballantine (2002); pg. 166. "Red pins also marked parts of Southern California, Utah--the Great Sale Lake--and Yellowstone. "
Wyoming Wyoming 2004 Dick, Philip K. The Zap Gun. New York: Bluejay Books (1985; c. 1965); pg. 63. Pg. 63: Cheyenne, Wyoming (also pg. 87)
Wyoming Wyoming 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 154. Devil's Tower
Wyoming Wyoming 2012 Zubrin, Robert. First Landing. New York: Ace Books (2002; c. 2001); pg. 145. "Near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there is a superlative golf course favored by the rich, powerful and famous. On August 21, 2012, the weather was splendid, and had any reporters been allowed in, they would have seen celebrated personalities from Malibu, the Beltway, Central Park West, and Silicon Valley... " [More takes place here.]
Wyoming Wyoming 2015 Julian, Astrid. "Bringing Sissy Home " in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of Writers of the Future (Algis Budrys, ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (2000; c. 1992); pg. 230. "Mom spends spring and summer with Dad in the little A-frame house Dad built just outside of Cody, Wyoming. She's taken a job at the local hospital helping out during tourist season. "
Wyoming Wyoming 2020 Dick, Philip K. & Roger Zelazny. Deus Irae. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1976); pg. 1. "And at the doorway of the sacristy Father Handy glanced against the morning sunlight from Wyoming to the north as if the sun came from that direction... he enjoyed the sun. The smell of hot, large clover from the surrounding pastures of Charlottesville, Utah... "

Wyoming, continued


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