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vegetarian galaxy 2285 McIntyre, Vonda N. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. New York: Pocket Books (1982); pg. 76. "She hesitated over her choice of lunch. She would have preferred steak tartare, but the captain considered eating meat--raw meat in particular--an uncivilized practice at best; consequently Saavik ordinarily chose something else when she was to take a meal in his company. She had tried for a long time to conform to the Vulcan ideal, vegetarianism, but had succeeded only in making herself thoroughly sick. "
vegetarian galaxy 2500 Anthony, Piers & Jo Anne Taeusch. The Secret of Spring. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 53. "As he turned the corner, he saw the symbol of a Vegetarian Temple ahead. On impulse, he went inside where an old Treeple Elder was standing by the altar.

'May I, uh, make admission, Elder?' he asked.

The Treeple nodded him toward the booth. Entering, he sat facing the Elder with a curtain of wallflowers between them. He began the ritual.

'Forgive me, Elder. I have erred.'

'In what manner, my son?' asked the Ancient.

'I was wilted this past week,' he confessed. " [More.]

vegetarian galaxy 2786 Clarke, Arthur C. The Songs of Distant Earth. New York: Ballantine (1986); pg. 123. "'No wonder it has pinchers like that; those stems are really tough.'

'Well, at least it's a vegetarian.'

'I'm not sure I'd like to put that to a test.' "

vegetarian galaxy 3418 Panshin, Alexei. Star Well. New York: Ace Books (1978; c. 1968); pg. 101. "He was a vegetarian, eating no meal whatsoever except for jellied whiteworms, a delicacy with little general appeal, but one he relished. Trogs in general were not vegetarians. Quite the opposite, in fact--they ordinarily relished their meat. Torve was a vegetarian by philosophy, however, for reasons obscure. The worms were a lapse that he apparently could not keep himself from making, but stolidly denied and attempted to hide as best he could. He apparently felt it a matter of shame, as well he might. Whiteworms. "
vegetarian galaxy 33995 Harrison, Harry. The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 150. "'I am afraid not. Individual Mutualism is neither capitalism, communism, socialism, vegetarianism, or even the dreaded monetarism that destroyed many a technological society...' "
vegetarian Haiti 2016 Goonan, Kathleen Ann. Crescent City Rhapsody. New York: Tor (2001; c. 2000); pg. 101. "'How is this [Rastafarianism] different from voudoun?' she asked.

He frowned. 'Voudoun worships the past. It is ancestor worship. We live in the present. We hurt no living thing. We make no sacrifice. We will save all life. I am a vegetarian, you see. We are all conquering lions doing God's work.' "

vegetarian Iowa 2030 Disch, Thomas M. On Wings of Song. New York: St. Martin's Press (1978); pg. 62. "At Spirit Lake [prison] this was on par with praising steak to vegetarians... "
vegetarian Kansas 1989 Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1991); pg. 142. "...when her Mongolian possessed boyfriend had cleaned out their bank account, stolen her Penney's credit card, and left her for a middle-aged vegetarian Democrat. "
vegetarian Mars 2100 Aldiss, Brian. "A Whiter Mars " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001; c. 1995); pg. 226. "Another important thing. No animals. For there was no grazing or fodder to be had, no animals lived on Mars, except for a few cats. Vegetarianism became a positive thing rather than a negative. The habit was emulated by terrestrials. In fact, renewed concern for animals by demonstrating and lobbying, induced many governments to bring in Animal Rights laws. A revulsion to rearing animals for slaughter and human consumption was widespread. The human conscience was getting up off the couch! "
vegetarian New York: New York City 2000 Silverberg, Robert. The Stochastic Man. New York: Harper & Row (1975); pg. 69. "Old friends had warned me long ago: marry a Hindu and you'll be twirling prayer wheels with her from dusk to dawn, you'll turn into a vegetarian, she'll have you singing hymns to Krishna. I laughed at them. Sundara was American, Western, earthy. "
vegetarian North America 2000 Knight, Damon. Rule Golden in Three Novels. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (c. 1954); pg. 58. "The Seventh Day Adventists, who are vegetarians, pooled capital and began an enormous expansion of their meatless-food factories, dairies and other enterprises. "
vegetarian Oklahoma 1943 Bishop, Michael. Brittle Innings. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 149. "Politely I wrote: He's a vejiterran. He snores. He gave me this notebook. (Vegiterran--like he came from Vejiterra, a planet in some flaky Flash Gordon universe.) "
vegetarian Ontario 1992 Huff, Tanya. Blood Trail. New York: DAW Books (1992); pg. 132. -
vegetarian Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 84. "The man to the Reverend's right spoke: 'Janson, Adventist.' And, in turn, the others: 'Bonly, Mason.' 'Appermet, Yoga.' 'Smith, Swedenborgian.' 'Miller, Vegan Vegetarian.' "
vegetarian United Kingdom 2030 Aldiss, Brian. "Three Types of Solitude " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001); pg. 119. "Gradually, he claims, they fell into discussing more personal topics. The dummy had no past life to talk about, although it came out strongly for a belief in abstaining from meat and growing upwards, sprouting foliage and fruit as you went. This was like a religion with it. "
vegetarian United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 273. "So she hates eating. That's her business. They keep dumping food on her desk... greasy hamburgers, or lumpy health food Spinach and Vegetarian Cheese Pasties... "
vegetarian USA 1947 Bear, Greg. Dinosaur Summer. New York: Time Warner (1998); pg. 21. "'Not me. If I had to shoot my own cows to eat meat, I'd become a vegetarian.' "
vegetarian USA 1995 Chalker, Jack L. The Cybernetic Walrus (Book One of The Wonderland Gambit). New York: Ballantine (1995); pg. 201. "As might be expected, it was the drugs that caused the problem, and who knows what might have happened if we'd gone on the strictly vegan organic and health-kick route instead? "
vegetarian Vulcan 2350 Taylor, Jeri. Pathways (Star Trek: Voyager). New York: Pocket Books (1999; c. 1998); pg. 454. "Tuvok had never done anything remotely like this. Vulcans had been vegetarians ever since the time of Surak. He had read of the meat-eating practices of his ancestors... "
vegetarian world 1973 Sagan, Carl. Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (2000; c. 1973); pg. 8. "A reverence for all life is implemented in a few of the religions of the planet Earth--for example among the Jains of India. And something like this idea is responsible for vegetarianism, at least in the minds of many practitioners of this dietary constraint. But why is it better to kill plants than animals? "
vegetarian world 2028 Barnes, John. Mother of Storms. New York: Tor (1994); pg. 59. "'...It's going out on public channels too, but it will probably disappear in the background noise of all the different outfits that are also speculating, plus probably what two astrologers, three Baptist ministers, and the Vegetarian League have to say...' "
vegetarian world 2030 Aldiss, Brian. "Beef " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001); pg. 76. "The virus mutated and infected sheep.... dogs and cats... Amongst the undernourished populations, CSF spread rapidly.

The world economy collapsed, crumbling like an old man without teeth.

Such survivors as there were had to make do in a different world. It was even harsher world than the one preceding it. But one thing was certain: all men were now perforce vegetarians. Their cattle had been wiped out.

Coriander Avorry had been a vegetarian all along.

So who was responsible for his death? The Meat-Eaters, busy trying to re-establish the old order? Or the Undead, busy trying to destroy the remnants of Western civilisation?

The world was too chaotic for the crime to be solved.

One thing was certain, as his weeping daughter declared. Avorry was dead.

So were the cows.


Meat Makes You Ill. It Has Made the Whole Planet Ill. " [Vegetarianism is the central theme of this story.]

vegetarian world 2036 Besher, Alexander. Mir: A Novel of Virtual Reality. New York: Simon & Schuster (1998); pg. 247. "'...And all those damned mass-produced Mayan calendar clocks everywhere--the big hand on eternity, the little hand on the end of time. It's enough to drive you crazy. No wonder there are so many strict vegetarians who are chain-smokers . . .' "
vegetarian world 3000 Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky. Tale of the Troika in Roadside Picnic and Tale of the Troika. New York: MacMillan Publishing Co. (1977); pg. 222. " his imagination he was consulting with the bedbug, organizing courses in Russian for gifted bedbugs, being named head of the State Committee Propaganda for Vegetarianism Among Bloodsuckers, whose expanding sphere of activity would also include mosquitoes and gnats, midges and leeches. "
Venda South Africa 1997 Resnick, Laura. "Amandla! " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 103. "I turned my back on the past, on tribalism, on the fight between black and white, on the fight between Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, Shangaan, Ndebele, and Venda. "
Vietnamese Alabama 1988 Simmons, Dan. "Vanni Fucci Is Alive and Well and Living in Hell " in Prayers to Broken Stones. New York: Bantam (1992; c. 1988); pg. 74. "The Reverend Bubba Deeters raised his right arm as if he was going to scratch his head, glanced at the steel hook that was the reminder of the Lord's Will during his Viet Nam days... "
Vietnamese Australia 2041 Turner, George. Drowning Towers. New York: William Morrow (1987); pg. 29. "So let the Veets and Chinks and Indons have it. No place for a white man. "
Vietnamese Brazil 2045 Wilson, Robert Charles. Memory Wire. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 48. "They would be taken to Pau Seco by a truck driver, an expatriate Vietnamese named Ng. " [Many refs. to Ng, and to Vietnamese, not in DB.]
Vietnamese Brazil 2045 Wilson, Robert Charles. Memory Wire. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 62. "Ng didn't talk much but Keller was able to confirm his suspicion that the man had been a soldier, one of the Vietnamese commandos who had fought in the Pacific Rim offensive. Keller had always been just a little scared of the Vietnamese. They were culled soldiers, tagged at birth and raised in the big military creches outside Danang. Their bodies produced chronically high levels of serotonin and norepinephrine... " [More, not in DB, e.g., pg. 88-91, 101, 106.]
Vietnamese California 1969 Sawyer, Robert J. Illegal Alien. New York: Ace Books (1997); pg. 34. "...who, as a grad student at Berkeley, had been involved in protests against the Vietnam War. "
Vietnamese California 1985 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 32: "To the Ends of the Earth ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Oct. 1985); pg. 2. "For Xi'an Coy Manh--who as Karma, led the team--it [the explosion] was as if she'd suddenly been cast back into the childhood inferno, the terrible war, that consumed her homeland, Vietnam. Reality crumbled within her mind... as the earth did beneath her feet... and she fell... " [Many other refs. to Xi'an in this issue, not in DB. But all refs. to her ethnicity by name are in DB.]
Vietnamese California 1995 Powers, Tim. Earthquake Weather. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 157. "A Vietnamese woman who lived at the Leucadia estate had been given the job of tracing historical events having to do with the secret history of the Fisher Kings and their rivals... " [More. Also pg. 161-163, 189, etc.]
Vietnamese California 1995 Powers, Tim. Earthquake Weather. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 189. "...which was the Vietnamese Tet festival and the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dog was ending, the Year of the Pig due to start on the first of February... "
Vietnamese California: Los Angeles 1993 Shiner, Lewis. Glimpses. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 77. "A Vietnamese woman in her fifties was angrily washing dishes. 'What?' she said. [More here. Pg. 53, 134: Vietnam War.]
Vietnamese California: Orange County 2027 Robinson, Kim Stanley. The Gold Coast. New York: Tor (1995; c. 1988); pg. 136. "...on to Garden Grove to see those Vietnamese guys in Little Saigon... "
Vietnamese California: San Francisco 1980 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 138. "...a boatload of overcrowded but unanimously healthy Vietnamese refugees floated unannounced into San Francisco Bay with the story of how the miracle-working physician had dropped from a helicopter onto their deck somewhere in the south Pacific, examined ailing passengers and took blood samples. Then he... " [More.]
Vietnamese California: San Francisco 1986 McIntyre, Vonda N. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. New York: Pocket Books (1986); pg. 81. "'...Did you come all the way from Japan? I always wanted to go there, but I never made it. I spent a lot of time in Asia. Nepal, Tibet, and, well, Nam, but I hardly ever tell anybody that anymore, they think you're going to wig out in front of them, you know.' "
Vietnamese California: San Francisco 2015 Russo, Richard Paul. Subterranean Gallery. New York: Tor (1989); pg. 113. "'This is Tay Minh,' Ake said. 'Minh, this is Justinian.' The boy nodded, and Ake turned back to Justinian. 'He's Vietnamese. Both of his parents were killed by the police in the Nam.' " [More, not in DB.]
Vietnamese Colorado 1971 Simmons, Dan. "Entropy's Bed at Midnight " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 2. "...when I met her that summer after I'd returned from Vietnam and hit the Pepsi truck. " [Also pg. 9-10, 14, 21-22, 24, etc.]
Vietnamese Colorado 1988 Simmons, Dan. "Metastasis " in Prayers to Broken Stones. New York: Bantam (1992; c. 1988); pg. 155. "'I mean, today we expect people to die of cancer. One in six. Or maybe it's one in four. I mean, I didn't know anyone who died in Viet Nam, but everybody knows somebody... who's died of cancer... It's the plague of the Twentieth Century.' "
Vietnamese Egypt 1986 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 34: "With a Little Bit of Luck! ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Dec. 1985); pg. 17. Danielle's thoughts: "I scared the bloat silly once before with my own psi-talent. If I can distract him . . . one of the others can cut in and kayo him! It's a lot easier this time, Farouk isn't resisting--! But my spirit-forms--the image of what the villain fears most should be Professor Xavier. These are all Vietnamese, from the war! "
Vietnamese Egypt 1986 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 34: "With a Little Bit of Luck! ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Dec. 1985); pg. 21. Karma: "Mes amis--my fellow Mutants--Never give up... and nor shall I! Were I as weak as you [Farouk] say, I would have died with my parents when we fled Vietnam. I would have let my evil brother, Tranh, consume and destroy me! But I did not! "
Vietnamese Florida 1994 Clarke, Arthur C. & Gentry Lee. Cradle. New York: Warner Books (1988); pg. 15. "...on a fishing boat north of Marathon. The owner was Vietnamese and highly excitable... "
Vietnamese France: Paris 1982 Straub, Peter. Koko. New York: E. P. Dutton (1988); pg. 120. " the kitchen of a Vietnamese restaurant in Paris. "
Vietnamese galaxy 2374 de Lancie, John & Peter David. I, Q (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1999); pg. 191. "'Haaaa haaa haa!' the nagus roared with laughter. 'It was one million and three! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The best known, of course, is never get involved in a land war on Vulcan. but only slightly less well known is this: Never go up against a Ferengi when money is on the line!' " [In this passages, author Peter David recapitulates, with a few changes in wording, a line from the film The Princess Bride, written by William Goldman. A 'land war on Vulcan' here replaces a 'land war in Asia' from the film, which was a humorous anachronistic reference to the Vietnam war.]
Vietnamese Illinois 1989 Simmons, Dan. Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 59. Vietnam War vets
Vietnamese Maine 1979 King, Stephen. Carrie. New York: Pocket Books (2000; c. 1974); pg. 106. "Then George, who had been tagged twice in the ribs, began to gobble and yell: 'Kill them Congs! Get them gooks! Pongee sticks! Tiger cages!' and Tommy collapsed his guard, laughing. "
Vietnamese Massachusetts: Boston 2040 Bova, Ben. Moonrise. New York: Avon Books (1996); pg. 331. "The North End of Boston had once been an Italian preserve, but over the decades it had evolved into Little Asia. Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Indian and a dozen varieties of Chinese now occupied the narrow twisting streets where once... "
Vietnamese Minnesota 1991 Douglas, Carole Nelson. Seed Upon the Wind. New York: Tor (1992); pg. 292. "No, Alison thought. What old earth weapon from World War II would do that? Not nuclear, thank God. No. But . . . she had seen the landscape incinerate like that before. On news footage. From 'Nam.

'Napalm,' she whispered. 'The Crux has napalm!' "

Vietnamese New York: New York City 1966 Shiner, Lewis. "The Long, Dark Night of Fortunato " in Wild Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1986); pg. 246. Pg. 241: "'No, man, it's about jokers. Whoa, did I strike a nerve or something... You know how long the average life expectancy of a joker in 'Nam is? Less than two months. If you take the percentage of jokers in the U.S. population and divide it by the percentage of jokers in 'Nam, you know what you get? You get about a hundred times too many jokers over there. A hundred times, man!' " [More.]; Pg. 246: "They had a line of cocaine and some intense Vietnamese pot. "
Vietnamese New York: New York City 1967 Chayefsky, Paddy. Altered States. New York: Harper & Row (1978); pg. 16. "Rosenberg talked them into marching in a Vietnam peace parade on Fifth Avenue. "
Vietnamese New York: New York City 1986 Harper, Leanne C. "Breakdown " in Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 75. Pg. 75: "The Vietnamese gasped and began to back slowly down the alley... "; Pg. 76: "Holding an Uzi in firing position, another Vietnamese was making his way down the dark street... " [More here, but not a major group in story.]
Vietnamese New York: New York City 1986 Martin, George R. R.; Melinda Snodgrass, et al. Wild Cards III: Jokers Wild. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 7. "...owned by a rich businessman with the unfortunate name of Kien Phuc. He was Vietnamese. He owned a string of restaurants and dry-cleaning establishments. At least that's what they'd said on the segment of New York Style she'd seen on PBS two weeks ago. " [Other refs., not in DB.]
Vietnamese New York: New York City 1987 Snodgrass, Melinda M. "Blood Ties " in Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 483. "A year ago Kien had been using the lovely Vietnamese girl Mai to cure jokers. " [Other refs. not in DB, e.g. pg. 500.]
Vietnamese New York: New York City 1988 Martin, George R. R. & John J. Miller. Wild Cards VII: Dead Man's Hand. New York: Bantam Books (1990); pg. 89. "Ann-Marie... She was a slight, slim woman... Her face favored her Vietnamese ancestry more than her French, and she was beautiful... "
Vietnamese New York: New York City 1994 Mixon, Laura J. & Melinda M. Snodgrass. "A Dose of Reality " in Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Baen (1994); pg. 324. "Two Orientals sat with O.K. Casaday--probably North Vietnamese representatives. "
Vietnamese New York: New York City 2000 Silverberg, Robert. The Stochastic Man. New York: Harper & Row (1975); pg. 84. Vietnam War
Vietnamese New York: Westchester County 1986 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 46: "Bloody Sunday ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Dec. 1986); pg. 11. Pg. 11: "The young Vietnamese [Karma] uses her special psi-talent to take control of Sunder's mind... "; Pg. 12: Warlock: "Query: Status of selfriend Xi'an Coy Manh? "; Karma: "This is so much like my homeland, Vietnam. Oh, Douglas, I thought I would never see--never be part of such horror again! " [More scenes with Karma, not in DB. No other references to her ethnicity by name.]
Vietnamese Ontario: Toronto 1990 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Divide. New York: Doubleday (1990); pg. 94. "She discovered cheap, interesting lunches in the Vietnamese restaurants along Dundas west of University... " [More.]
Vietnamese Oregon 1977 Bryant, Edward. "Particle Theory " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1977); pg. 462. "...Madame Guzmann's 'Advice/Mesmerism/Health' establishment across the border in Oregon. Madame Guzmann... made a point of looking and dressing the part of a stereotype we gajos would think of as Gypsy. The scarf and crystal ball strained the image. I think she was Vietnamese. "
Vietnamese Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 1982 Simmons, Dan. "Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams " in Prayers to Broken Stones. New York: Bantam (1992; c. 1982); pg. 56. "Or that a family of Vietnamese had bought the farmhouse and had already added new rooms. "
Vietnamese Texas 1980 Waldrop, Howard. "Ugly Chickens " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1980); pg. 473. "The city bus was winding its way through the ritzy neighborhoods of Austin, stopping to let off the chicans, black women and Vietnamese who tended the kitchens and gardens of the rich. "
Vietnamese Texas: Galveston 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 30. "A family of Vietnamese shrimpers. " [Other refs., pg. 71.]
Vietnamese Thailand: Bangkok 1992 Simmons, Dan. "Dying in Bangkok " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 36. Pg. 36, 42, 68, 75.
Vietnamese United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 60. "Mr Andre Stanley... served in Vietnam. He is baffled by all the talk of post-traumatic stress disorder. He piloted helicopters and saw the worst the war had to offer--the blasted bodies of young men--but he has no trouble accounting for the deaths, the destruction. God leaves everyone free, everyone responsible, even Nazis. We are free to wage mistaken wars, mistranslate the Bible, or commit rapes.

Andrew wants to write screenplays for Jesus . . . and reclaim the media from barnstorming fundamentalists. He is working on a screen treatment now, about helicopter pilots in Vietnam. "

Vietnamese, continued


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