Religious Groups in Literature

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vampire galaxy 1992 Snodgrass, Melinda M. Wild Cards X: Double Solitaire. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 291. "Mon'aella sek Vanbrian sek Ana caught his thought and gave him her Lady Dracula smile. "
vampire galaxy 2100 Leinster, Murray. "Exploration Team " in The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two. (Isaac Asimov, ed.) Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971; story copyright 1956); pg. 109. Pg. 109: "Those things are carnivores and blood-suckers, Roane,' said Huyghens calmly. 'They drain their victims of blood like vampire bats--they've some trick of not waking them--and when they're dead the whole tribe eats. But bears have thick furs, and they wake when they're touched. And they're omnivorous... You might say that those night-creatures came to lunch. But they stayed. They are it--for the bears, who are living off the country as usual.' "; Pg. 110: "'Robots wouldn't have handled those vampire-things, Huyghens.' " [Creature central to the story have vampire-like characteristics, but are not vampires in the traditional sense.]
vampire galaxy 2350 Knight, Damon. "Eripmav " in The Best of Damon Knight. Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1976; c. 1958); pg. 213. [1] [The title of this one-page short short story is 'vampire' spelled backwards.] [START OF STORY:] "On the planet Veegl, in the Fomalhaut system, we found a curious race of cellulose vampires. The veeglians, like all higher life on their world, are plants; the Veeglian vampire, needless to say, is a sapsucker.

One of the native clerks in our trade mission, a plant-girl named Xixl, had been complaining of lassitude and showing an unhealthy pink color for some weeks. The girls' parent stock suspected vampirism; we were skeptical, but had to admit that the two green-tinged punctures at the base of her axis were evidence of something wrong.

Accordingly, we kept watch over her sleep-box for three nights running. (The Veeglians sleep in boxes of soil, built of heavy slabs of hardmeat tree, or woogl; they look rather like coffins.) "

vampire galaxy 2350 Knight, Damon. "Eripmav " in The Best of Damon Knight. Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1976; c. 1958); pg. 213. [2] "On the third night, sure enough, a translator named Ffengl, a hefty, blue-haired fellow, crept into her room and bent over the sleep-box.

We rushed out at the blackguard, but he turned quick as a wink and fairly flew up the whitemeat stairs. (The flesh of Veegl's only animal life, the 'meat-trees,' or oogl, petrifies rapidly in air and is much used for construction.) We found him in an unsuspected vault at the very top of the old building, trying to hide under the covers of an antique bed. It was an eerie business. We sizzled him with blasts from our proton guns, and yet to the end, with un-Veeglian vitality, he was struggling to reach us with his tendrils.

Afterward he seemed dead enough, but the local wise-heads advised us to take certain precautions.

So we buried him with a steak through his heart. " [END OF STORY]

vampire galaxy 2374 Cox, Greg. Q-Zone (Star Trek: TNG / The Q Continuum: Book 2 of 3). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 256. "...fleeting impressions of a three-headed serpent, coiled and twisting, whose triune bodies merged into that of a salt vampire, wrinkled and hideous, the suckers on his fingers and toes leeching the substance from his captors before they withdrew into the flat, leathery body of a neural parasite... "
vampire galaxy 2981 Anthony, Piers. Blue Adept. New York: Ballantine (1981); pg. 272. "'Someone in Phaze, then. Unable to attack an Adept here, so he interferes with thee there? Perhaps a vampire, able to cross the curtain in human guise--' suddenly Stile wondered whether Neysa, now hovering behind him, would be able to cross the curtain in girl-form. "
vampire galaxy 3131 Simmons, Dan. The Rise of Endymion. New York: Bantam (1998 mass market edition; first ed. 1997); pg. 478. "'I've become a thing of living darkness,' he mumbled. 'Like Dracula. Rising from my... grave every few years to check on the world of the living.' "
vampire galaxy 22995 Benford, Gregory. Foundation's Fear. New York: HarperCollins (1997); pg. 183. "'And myths. Those who rise from the dead. Vampires. Mummies. They're always evil.' "
vampire Greece 2200 Zelazny, Roger. This Immortal. New York: Ace Books (1966); pg. 130. Pg. 130: "'You are called upon to bring forth a champion to do battle with him, this night, when he rises again from the dead.'

'What is he?'

'A vampire.'

'Crap. What is he realy'

'He is a genuine vampire. You'll see.'

'Okay, have it your way. He's a vampire, and one of us will fight him. How?'

'Catch-as-catch-can, bare-handed--and he isn't very difficult to catch. He'll just stand there and wait for you. He'll be very thirsty, and hungry too, poor fellow.' " [Etc.]

Pg. 138: "He dropped the dead-white hand then and walked toward us, leaving the only genuine vampire we knew of grinning in the middle of the field. "

vampire Haiti 2048 Bear, Greg. Queen of Angels. New York: Warner Books (1994; 1st ed. 1990); pg. 346. "The blood dripping fangs and the arrows pointing to several points in the olfactory centers and upper limbic system. He had been musing on vampires and werewolves, signs of deep contents welling up from the Country. "
vampire Illinois 2001 Bradbury, Ray. From the Dust Returned. New York: HarperCollins (2001) "Now the house is being readied in anticipation of the gala homecoming that will gather together the farflung branches of this odd and remarkable family. In the past-midnight stillness can be detected the soft fluttering of Uncle Einar's wings. From her realm of sleep, Cecy, the fairest and most special daughter, can feel the approach of many a welcome being--shapeshifter, telepath, somnambulist, vampire--as she flies high in the consciousness of bird and bat. " [Multiple vampire refs., not in DB.]
vampire India: Calcutta 1977 Simmons, Dan. Song of Kali. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1985); pg. 58. [Kali] "'...Her tongue is long. She has the two . . . what is the word . . . the teeth of the vampire?'


'Ah, yes...' "

vampire Iowa 2010 Disch, Thomas M. On Wings of Song. New York: St. Martin's Press (1978); pg. 13. "At the age of eleven Daniel developed a passion for ghosts also vampires, werewolves, mutated insects, and alien invaders. "
vampire Italy 2096 Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 177. "'You're truly freakish, aren't you? You're like a little vampire! Feeding on me! Feeding on my life and my youth! You're like a little lamia from the storybooks. A little . . . bloodsucking . . . posthuman . . . demon-lover . . . incubus!' "
vampire Kansas 2030 Huggins, G. Scott. "Bearing the Pattern " in Writers of the Future: Volume XV (Algis Budrys, ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1999); pg. 67. "'Their mirrors won't reflect me.'

'What, are you a vampire?' I laughed.

Coldly, 'I may have tasted enough blood to qualify.'

'I was kidding.'

'I know.' Now the smile was sad. 'I didn't drink any of it except my own. I guess I don't qualify.' "

vampire Louisiana 1987 Geary, Patricia. Strange Toys. New York: Bantam (1989; c. 1987); pg. 178. "Exasperation bubbled up. 'Well, what are they? Vampires?'

'You want to see a vampire?' He lunged for my neck.

We played vampire for a while but the truth was my body was pretty sore... "

vampire Louisiana: New Orleans 1990 Rice, Anne. The Witching Hour. New York: Ballantine (1993; c. 1990); pg. 826. "'Are you like the shy vampire of myth who must be invited in? I think not...' "
vampire MadredeDios 3131 Simmons, Dan. The Rise of Endymion. New York: Bantam (1998 mass market edition; first ed. 1997); pg. 17. "The tall figure, still in shadows, stood in the sacristy doorway. Father de Soya waited and watched, resisting the urge to cross himself or to hold the remaining Communion wafer up as if to shield against vampires or the Devil. "
vampire Mars 2005 Bradbury, Ray. The Martian Chronicles. New York: Bantam (2000; c. 1958); pg. 107. "'You know the law. Strict to the letter. No books, no houses, nothing to be produced which in any way suggests ghosts, vampires, fairies, or any creatures of the imagination.' "
vampire Metropolis 1980 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 107. "A man dressed in a black dinner jacket and ruffles hopped out of one truck with a cordless microphone. He had on white vampire makeup and prominent canine teeth. His hair was perfect. A policeman, one of those who had been on duty when the actress unloaded her tuna cans down the block, asked the vampire for a parade permit. The vampire produced one; it was perfectly in order... The spotlights flashed clear blue beams onto the overcast afternoon and the vampire began to speak into his microphone in the middle of a sentence as though he had been doing it all day:

'And the excitement here is mounting as the great event draws closer. The crowd waits with baited breath to see which celebrity of the art world will appear next, to bid for the works of the late great Jeremy McAfee here at the Grangerford-Shepherdson auction... "

vampire Metropolis 1980 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 107-108. "A long narrow chauffeur with ebony skin and shiny black boots... strode around to the passenger side and opened the backseat door. Wainwright McAfee... got out... and offered a hand to the lady he escorted... The pair acknowledged the cheering crowd that had gathered around the lights and loudspeakers, nodded to the vampire [who announced them], and waltzed into the gallery building. Then the vampire, the chauffeur, the limousine, the loudspeakers and searchlights, and the crew who came with them, all packed up and rode off as though they had never been there.

Among the crowd were thirteen heavily bearded men... The men stopped their walking and astute murmurings when they came to the crowd watching the vampire announced the arrival of Wainwright McAfee. They stood there for the entire display... through the vampire's verbosity... through the packing up and leaving... "

vampire New Mexico: Atocha 2010 Williams, Walter Jon. Days of Atonement. New York: Tor (1991); pg. 21. "Two Korean vampires in suits and ties sat at a back booth talking to Sam Torrey, the man who ran the elk ranch south of town. Loren looked for blood spots and saw flecks on one white collar... Sam Torrey's elk ranch was one of the county's few successful new businesses. Torrey had discovered that traditional Chinese and Korean medicine prescribed powdered elk horn to return potency to aging males. Newly grown autumn velvet antlers were particularly useful, suposedly because they were loaded with hormones. Some Chinese and Koreans went so far as to fly to New Mexico to drink the blood that gouted from the elks' spongy skulls after the horns were sawn off--supposedly the hormone-enriched blood was better than the powdered horns themselves. "
vampire New York: New York City 1974 Martin, George R. R. "Interlude Four " in Wild Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1986); pg. 324. "...a complexion like Count Dracula, and a snout on him like the Big Bad Wolf. "
vampire New York: New York City 1985 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 24: "The Hollow Heart ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Feb. 1985); pg. 17. Tyrone/Cloak: "Tandy, the more I used my power, the more I wanted to, like I'm some kinda junkie or vampire. Towards the end, it was getting' harder an' harder to control! "
vampire New York: Westchester County 1984 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 21: "Slumber Party ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Nov. 1984); pg. 21. Illyana's thoughts: "The monster [Warlock]--it grabbed my demon, turned it into a creature like itself, then drained it of all life! It's a kind of vampire! "
vampire North Carolina 2000 McDowell, Ian. "Sunflowers " in Vanishing Acts (Ellen Datlow, ed.) New York: Tor (2000); pg. 101. "'You're the one whose website has that hilarious rant about vampire novels and the trendigoths who buy them.' "; pg. 102: "'Anyway, don't sweat what you said about vampire novels. I only thought I never wanted to read another one until I actually wrote one of the damned things; then I knew I didn't.' "; Pg. 107: "maybe you should have listened more politely when he said that your next book should be A New Orleans Vampire in King Arthur's Court. "
vampire Norway 2075 Anderson, Glenn L. The Millennium File. Bountiful, Utah: Horizon Publishers (1986); pg. 138. "And the entire pad erupted like a solar flare. Hoeksberg screamed again, dropping the axe and shielding his face, like a vampire cringing before the sun. Then he stumbled and fell, his entire body washing out white in the glare. "
vampire Ontario 1992 Huff, Tanya. Blood Trail. New York: DAW Books (1992) Book jacket: "For centuries, they had peacefully coexisted with ordinary humans in Canada. But now death had invaded the peaceful retreat of their London, Ontario farm. For someone had learned their most closely guarded secret. Someone knew they were werewolves and whoever it was determined to destroy them all.

The only one they could turn to for help was Henry Fitzroy, a Toronto-based vampire and writer of bodice rippers. But, forced to hide from the light of day, Henry couldn't hunt down the killer alone. So he called upon Vicki Nelson, ex-policewoman and now a private investigator. Vicki and Henry had successfully worked together before, and once she met the wers, he knew she'd have to take the case. " [One of main characters of novel is a vampire, but the main fictional group in the novel is werewolves.]

vampire Ontario 1992 Huff, Tanya. Blood Trail. New York: DAW Books (1992); pg. 53. "'...the wer are just nice, normal people.'

'Who turn into wolves.' This was not the way Vicki had been raised to think of normal. Still, she was sitting in a BMW with a vampire--things couldn't get much stranger than that. 'Do, uh, all you supernatural creatures hang out together or what?'

'What?' Henry repeated, confused.

...'Just tell me your doctor's name isn't Frankenstein.' "

vampire Ontario: Ottawa 1987 de Lint, Charles Jack the Giant Killer. New York: Ace Books (1987); pg. 47. "'Do you believe in . . . faeries?' she asked.

'Faeries as in gay, or faeries as in Tinkerbell?'

'As in Tinkerbell--but not all cutesy like that. More like faerie as in the realm of Faerie, with gnomes and wizards and giants and that sort of thing.'



Kate shook her head. ' 'Fraid not. Are you doing a survey?'

'No. What about ghosts? You know, vampires and the walking dead and spooks that come out at night?'

'Well, I don't know about ze Count and his friends, but ghosts . . . maybe ghosts.' "

vampire Ontario: Toronto 1991 Huff, Tanya. Blood Price. New York: DAW Books (1991); pg. 22. Book jacket: "...even as she teamed up with writer henry Fitzroy in a desperate attempt to track down the source of the seemingly unstoppable attacks. For Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII, had knowledge of realms beyond the mortal acquired over the centuries during which he'd mastered his own insatiable needs--the life-from-death cravings of a vampire. "; Pg. 22: "Wednesday morning, the tabloid headline, four inches high, read; 'VAMPIRE STALKS CITY.' " [More refs. to this headline, pg. 26, 28, 37, 55.
vampire Ontario: Toronto 1991 Huff, Tanya. Blood Price. New York: DAW Books (1991); pg. 28. "Vampires were a solitary breed, not seeking each other out nor keeping track of where their brothers and sisters roamed. Although he suspected he shared his territory with others of his kind, there could be a score moving, living, feeding among the patterns of light and shadow that made up the night and Henry would be no more aware of it than the people they moved among.

And worse, if the killer was a vampire, it was a child, one of the newly changed, for only the newly changed needed blood in such amounts and would kill with such brutal abandon. " [Other refs. throughout novel, not in DB. A main character is a vampire.]

vampire Ontario: Toronto 1993 Huff, Tanya. Blood Lines. New York: DAW Books (1993) [Book jacket] "...And only three people had even a hint that anything was wrong. For Henry Fitzroy, 450-year-old-vampire, it began with... " [Fitzroy, a vampire, is one of the 3 main character sleuths/protagonists in the novel. Other refs., not in DB.]; Pg. 129: "Vampires are supposed to have more taste! "; Pg. 149: "He draped the cloak over his arm and peered at her in the classic Hammer Films Dracula pose. " [More, e.g. pg. 150, 153.]
vampire Ontario: Toronto 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 81. "'Hey, Slayer.'

'Slayer?' said Hollus, looking first at Chen, then at me.

I coughed. 'It's, ah, a nickname.'

Chen turned to Hollus. 'Tom has been leading the fight against the current museum administration. The Toronto Star dubbed him the vampire slayer.'

'The potential vampire slayer,' I corrected. 'Dorati is still getting her way most of the time.' "

vampire Oregon 1989 Simmons, Dan. Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 141. "'I'm not [kidding] you. All over the state vampires are scurrying for their coffins. This is the one state in the Union where they can go about their business in daytime without encountering any sunlight. These few sunny days are a big shock to our nosferatu population.' "
vampire Pennsylvania 1992 Morrow, James. Only Begotten Daughter. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1990); pg. 98. "...accusing her of everything from laziness to vampirism. She'd exploited him, he asserted. Pretended to care while sinking her fangs into his intellect, drinking his mind. "
vampire Phaze 2980 Anthony, Piers. Split Infinity. New York: Ballantine (1980); pg. 152. "'...We unicorns are the dominant animal form, except perhaps in some corners of the pasture where the werewolves and vampires range...' "
vampire Phaze 2981 Anthony, Piers. Blue Adept. New York: Ballantine (1981); pg. 16. "'The Unolympics?'

'The annual sportive event of our kind, parallel to the Canolympics of the werewolves, the Vampolympics of the batmen, the Gnomolympics of--'

'Ah, I see...' " [See also pg. 164.]

vampire Phaze 2987 Anthony, Piers. Out of Phaze. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1987); pg. 122. Pg. 122: "They came to a mountain. There was a large cave visible at its base. 'The vampires!' Bane exclaimed.

'Vampires! The kind that suck blood?'

'They do, but not indiscriminately. It be part of special rituals they have for coming-of-age and such. We have nothing to fear from them.' He walked toward the cave entrance. Agape followed, not at all at ease.

A man in a gray cape stood guarding the cave, though bats wheeled in the sky nearby. He came alert as the two approached. 'Who be ye?' he challenged. ";

Pg. 123: "'But thou'rt welcome to join us in a meal,' the guard said. 'Any son of Blue be welcome here.'

'Uh, Bane--' Agape whispered uncomfortably.

Bane smiled. 'My friend be nervous about vampire viands. Thank thee, but we shall move on.'

The guard made a negligent wave of his hand.

They returned to the forest and walked on toward the west until they were well clear of the vampire's mountain. " [More, pg. 239.]

vampire Phaze 2990 Anthony, Piers. Phaze Doubt. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1990); pg. 33. "'...The Blue Adept always supported the unicorns, and the werewolves and vampires, so--' "
vampire Phaze 2990 Anthony, Piers. Phaze Doubt. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1990); pg. 240. "Nepe filled it in for him, as flabbergasted as he. The werewolf, the vampire--Werewolf, Vampire--WEVA. They are the same! And Beman must be BEM and Android. They are all the same! "
vampire Portugal 2010 Anthony, Patricia. Cold Allies. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1993); pg. 235. "Everyone in this film was dead. That's why it was sad. The world was full of mummies and vampires and zombies. The dead peered out of movie screens. Somewhere Bela Lugosi laughed, a lazy heroin chuckle. And the tall ghost of Christopher Lee strode. "
vampire Romania 1989 Simmons, Dan. Children of the Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1992) [Book jacket] "Kate Neuman, a brilliant hematologist, is in post-Ceausescu Romania to lend her expertise in the treatment of rare blood diseases. Her most baffling case is that of an abandoned seven-month-old boy who requires biweekly transfusions to survive... Just when the research promises an astounding breakthrough, terror reaches a cold hand from the dark forests of Transylvania to change Kate's life forever. Pursued by mysterious superhuman thugs, she and her friend Father O'Rouke embark on an incredible odyssey that will bring them face to face with the historical Vlad Dracula. " [Vampirism is the central plot element. Other refs. not in DB.]
vampire Solar System 2100 Dick, Philip K. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. New York: Random House (1991; c. 1964); pg. 121. "'Take it easy. I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation and you'd better, too. Both of us acted too hastily, me in firing you, you in giving yourself up to your Dracula-type selective service board...' "
vampire Solar System 3001 Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. New York: Ballantine (1997); pg. 70. "...Poole realized that he must look much more like a bat than a bird. However, his 'Move over, Dracula!' was completely wasted on his instructor, who was apparently unacquainted with vampires. "
vampire South Carolina 1980 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 20. Pg. 20: "The Mind Vampires. That's what the writer was going to call his book. I sometimes wonder if he really would have written anything. What was his name? Something in Russian. "; Pg. 21: "His idea for a book--he told Nine that he had been working on it for some time--was that many of the murders then being committed were actually the result of a small group of psychic killers--he called them mind vampires--who used others to carry out their grisly deeds. He said that a paperback publisher had already shown interest in his outline and would offer him a contract tomorrow if he would change the title to The Zombie Factor and put in more sex. "
vampire South Carolina 1980 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 209. "'Miss Preston's metaphor of them being vampires is not so far from the mark,' said Saul. 'And like vampires, they are driven by their own dark needs. These needs do not go unnoticed when they are satisfied.'

'You mean reports of more murders?' said Gentry.


'but this country has more murders per day than England has in a year,' said Gentry.

'Yes, but the Oberst and the others have a penchant for . . . bizarreness,' Saul said softly. 'I doubt if they can alter their habits so completely that some flavor of their particular sickness does not come through.'

'All right,' said Gentry. 'If worst comes to worst, we wait 'til these . . . these vampires begin killing again and track them down that way...' " [More, not in DB. Psychic vampires are central to the novel, although hardly mentioned up to this point, and the word itself is rarely used. Back cover: "Ordinary vampires possess the body. But only those who use the living can violate the soul. "]

vampire South Carolina 1981 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 662. "'But what good will sharing all those other people's pain do if it is no defense against these mind vampires?' asked Natalie.

'Imagine a carousel slide projector,' said Saul. 'The Oberst and the others have the ability to advance that neurological carousel at will and insert their own slides, intrude their own organizing will and superego on that bundle of memories, fears, and predilections that we call a personality. I am merely trying to insert more slides in the tray.'

'But you don't know if it will work.'


...'But if this stuff does work for you, it wouldn't work on any of the mind vampires except your Oberst.' " [More.]

vampire Tennessee 2054 Dick, Philip K. & Ray Nelson. The Ganymede Takeover. New York: Ace Books (1967); pg. 134. "A squadron of vampires dripping blood from their fangs and wearing the insignia of Baron Manfred von Richthofen's Flying Circus flapped by overhead, while Samson, hair and all... "
vampire Thailand: Bangkok 1992 Simmons, Dan. "Dying in Bangkok " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 59. "...a Scientific American article titled 'Food Sharing in Vampire Bats,' dealing with reciprocal-altruism in donor bats regurgitating blood for roostmates. Vampire bats, it seemed, starved to death if they did not get a meal consisting of twenty to thirty milliliters of blood within sixty hours... " [More.]
vampire Transylvania 1860 Carroll, L. E. "The Very Last Party at #13 Mallory Way " in Writers of the Future: Volume III (Algis Budrys, ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1987); pg. 116-117. "One morning she declared, 'I think I'm getting somewhere. The trail leads to Snagov. Name ring a bell?'

'Hmmm,' I thought aloud. 'Snag-off. Is he a P.I.?'

'Oh, Sharon, be real!' she snapped. 'No, Snagov is a town, in Transylvania.'

'Transylv--' The name suddenly clicked. 'Transylvania? Vampires! Vampries!' I spoke warily, pronouncing the word more in breathiness than voice, lest the dreaded objects materialize somehow.

'Well, sort of. That's the town where the church is where Vlad Dracul is buried. He was the model for the Dracula stories.'

'A vampire!' I repeated. 'We're getting a vampire? Oh, no, Betts, we can't. What if he keeps on biting? What if he. . . .'

'No, no, Sharon, please be real! Vlad Tepes, called Dracul or Dragon, wasn't a vampire. He was just a bloodthirsty, excessively cruel warlord. He was said to dabble in demons, not bats. And for power and gain, not for a bizarre appetite.' " [Some other refs. not in DB.]

vampire Transylvania 1897 Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Bantam (1981; c. 1897); pg. 2. "...but I found that Bistritz, the post town named by Count Dracula, is a fairly well-known place. " [Well, obviously this novel deals extensively with Count Dracula, the archetypal vampire. Only a few sample vampire refs. from the novel are in DB.]
vampire Transylvania 1897 Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Bantam (1981; c. 1897); pg. 6. " I quietly got my polyglot dictionary from my bag... one being Slovak and the other Servian for something that is either were-wolf or vampire. (Mem., I must ask the Count about these superstitions.) "
vampire Transylvania 1897 Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Bantam (1981; c. 1897); pg. 17. "'Count Dracula?' He bowed in a courtly way as he replied:--

'I am Dracula; and I bid you welcome, Mr. Harker, to my house. Come in; the night air is chill, and you must need to eat and rest.' "

vampire Transylvania 1897 Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Bantam (1981; c. 1897); pg. 18. "His face [Dracula's] was a strong--a very strong--aquiline, with high bridge of the thin nose and peculiarly arched nostrils; with lofty domed forehead, and hair growing scantily round the temples but profusely elsewhere. His eyebrows were very massive, almost meeting over the nose, and with body hair that seemed to curl in its own profusion. The mouth, so far as I could see under the heavy moustache, was fixed and rather cruel-looking, with peculiarly sharp white teeth; these protruded over the lips, whose remarkable ruddiness showed astonishing vitality in a many of his years. For the rest, his ears were pale, and at the tops extremely pointed; the chin was broad and strong, and the cheeks firm though thin. The general effect was one of extraordinary pallor. "
vampire United Kingdom 2030 McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. New York: Avon Books (1997; c 1995); pg. 27. "With black hair combed back from a widow's peak, and a truculent saturnine glare, he looks like a low rent Count Dracula. "
vampire United Kingdom 2150 Ryman, Geoff. "Everywhere " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 521. "When Granddad was sick, he'd take me with him. There'd be all this steam coming off the water like in a vampire movie. "
vampire United Kingdom: England 1100 C.E. White, T. H. The Once and Future King. New York: Ace Books (1996; c. 1939, 1940, 1958); pg. 648. "Now that she was dead, he had become her grave. She existed in him like the vampire. When he moved, when he blew his nose, he did it with her movement. "
vampire United Kingdom: England 1897 Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Bantam (1981; c. 1897); pg. 205. "'there may be some wild specimen from the South of a more malignant species. Some sailor may have brought one home, and it managed to escape; or even from the Zoological Gardens a young one may have got loose, or one he bred there from a vampire. these things do occur, you know. Only ten days ago a wolf got out... "
vampire United Kingdom: England 1918 Newman, Kim. The Bloody Red Baron. New York: Carroll & Graf (1995); pg. 102. "Every schoolboy knew the spread of vampirism throughout the civilised world was almost entirely Dracula's responsibility. Before the 1880s, only a few superstitious souls believed in the undead. Dracula upset the board and set out the pieces in a new configuration. Vampirism spread from him, but his immediate get were fewer than some imagined. During his residence in England, he turned only three: Lucy Westenra, Wilhelmina Harker and Queen Victoria. Mrs Harker, now entirely forgiven and penitent, was his chosen conduit, extending the bloodline. wholesale.

Many claimed to be Dracula's get but were usually merely of his line, many times removed from the source. So many of the breed gathered in one place was significant. "

vampire United Kingdom: London 1989 Campbell, Ramsey. Ancient Images. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1989); pg. 114. Pg. 114: "She checked in and went onto the pier, where the pavilion was advertising Valentine the Vampire: a Show for All the Family. "; Pg. 119: "'Children in the audience began to murmur and stir. 'It's all right, they're friendly vampires,' a mother behind Sandy whispered. 'The little boy saves everyone when there's a flood at the end. He turns into a bat and flies to get help' " [More.]
vampire United Kingdom: London 1989 Campbell, Ramsey. Ancient Images. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1989); pg. 157. "His partner has played both Jesus Christ and the vampire Dracula. "
vampire United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 10. "Like Antonio Banderas in Interview with the Vampire, down to the long black hair. "
vampire United Kingdom: London 2075 Ryman, Geoff. The Child Garden; or A Low Comedy. New York: St. Martin's Press (1989); pg. 8. "The fashion in everything was for history People's minds were choked with it. Young people wore black and pretended to be the risen corpses of famous people. The Vampires of History they called themselves. Their virus-stuffed brains gave them the information they needed to avoid anachronisms. It was a kind of craze.

The Vampires only came out at night, when there was no sun to sweeten their blood. They had to eat too, but they could afford meals of historic proportions. Milena could only afford a seafood pasta, cloned squid tissue on cooling noodles. The great, heaped plates of the Vampires turned her shrivelled stomach. "

vampire United Kingdom: London 2075 Ryman, Geoff. The Child Garden; or A Low Comedy. New York: St. Martin's Press (1989); pg. 9. "Cilla shrugged. 'You could go to the Graveyard.'

A Vampire joke? Milena looked at Cilla, narrow-eyed. Life had taught Milena to be wary of humour.

'The Graveyard,' repeated Cilla, in a voice that indicated that Milena knew very little indeed. 'It's where they dump the old costumes no one wants. They're not even on record.'

'You mean I can just take them out? No director's approval?'

'Yup. It's in an old warehouse under a bridge.' Cilla was telling Milena how to get there, when two Vampires swept up to the table in twentieth century clothes: a black tuxedo, and a black-beaded dress. " [More in novel about his usage of word 'vampire,' which doesn't mean a vampire in any traditional sense. also pg. 10, 17, 36, etc.]

vampire, continued


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