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Turk USA 1992 Dick, Philip K. Ubik. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1969); pg. 124. "And a ten-inch 78-speed black-label Victor record of Ray Noble's orchestra playing 'Turkish Delight.' "
Turk USA 2014 Knight, Damon. "Each Prisoner Pent " in One Side Laughing. New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; 1985); pg. 79. Turkish bath
Turk USA 2015 Sheffield, Charles. Brother to Dragons. Riverdale, NY: Baen (1992); pg. 232. "There was a hint now of Italian, then a phrase like Turkish... "
Turk Washington, D.C. 1999 Anderson, Jack. Millennium. New York: Tor (1994); pg. 72. "'My friends, what I have learned so angered the Turks that I was imprisoned and beaten on the soles of my feet...' "
Turk world -1400 B.C.E. Anderson, Poul. The Dancer from Atlantis. Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971); pg. 23. "The skin was a weatherbeaten olive, the whole effect more Armenian or Turkish than Mongol. "
Turk world 875 C.E. Harrison, Harry & John Holm. King and Emperor. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 22. "His master, bin-Tulun, was no Arab by blood, but a Turk from the central steppe lands of Asia. " [Some other refs., not in DB, e.g. pg. 310.]
Turk world 1450 C.E. Gentle, Mary. The Wild Machines. New York: HarperCollins (2000); pg. 33. "'They should have attacked the Turk,' Angelotti said quietly. 'We know now, madonna, why the Lord-amirs chose to attack Christendom and leave the Empire of Mehmet whole on their flank.' " [Other refs., not in DB.]
Turk world 1453 C.E. Anderson, Poul. There Will Be Time. Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1972); pg. 98. "It is not true that the Turks of 1453 were responsible. The Crusaders were there before them... In this wise, at the beginning of the thirteenth century which Catholic apologists call the apogee of civilization, did Western Christendom destroy its Eastern flank. A century and a half later, having devoured Asia Minor, the Turks entered Europe. "
Turk world 1722 Keyes, J. Gregory. A Calculus of Angels. New York: Ballantine (1999); pg. 49. Pg. 49, 80, 84, 88, 227, 294-296, 309, etc.
Turk world 1761 Green, Roland J. "The King of Poland's Foot Cavalry " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 247. "'As for the pikes--they have been used less in the present war than against the Turks, and less against the Turks than against the Polish nobles...' "; pg. 249: "Turkish Janissaries " [Minor other refs., not in DB.]
Turk world 1838 Stirling, S.M. "The Charge of Lee's Brigade " in Alternate Generals (Harry Turtledove, ed.) New York: Baen (1998); pg. 67. -
Turk world 1890 Farmer, Philip Jose. To Your Scattered Bodies Go. New York: Berkeley Medallion Books (1971); pg. 54. "She had certainly cooperated as enthusiastically as any experience woman in a Turkish harem. "
Turk world 1908 Bensen, Donald R. And Having Writ.... Indianapolis, IN: Bobbs-Merrill Co. (1978); pg. 174. Pg. 174: "Turkish Sultan " [Also pg. 247.]
Turk world 1942 Anderson, Poul. The Boat of a Million Years. New York: Tor (1989); pg. 275. "A scrambling together of folk from Europe and Asia, down along the great rivers and over the unbounded steppes of the South, armed against Tatar and Turk, presently carrying war to those ancient foes. " [Book contains other references to Turks, not in DB.]
Turk world 1944 Turtledove, Harry. Worldwar: Striking the Balance. New York: Del Rey (1996); pg. 461. Turkish blend of tobacco
Turk world 1945 Wilson, Robert Charles. Darwinia. New York: Tor (1998); pg. 235. "The new District system, the elected Governors, the radio networks. Homesteads on the Russian steppes, this side of the volcanic zone that divided Darwinia from Old Asia. Skirmish battles with Arabs and Turks. The bombing of Jerusalem... "
Turk world 1976 Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration. New York: Viking Press (1976); pg. 97. "'...And, in the last fifty years, Christendom has finally drubbed a power much more awful than the Turk could ever be, one that now lives on as it can in New England among boors and savages: science. God be praised.' "
Turk world 1981 Dann, Jack. "Going Under " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1981); pg. 500. "She had a gymnasium, a Turkish bath... " [on a cruise liner/ship; also mentioned pg. 510. 514.]
Turk world 1984 Heinlein, Robert A. Job: A Comedy of Justice. New York: Ballantine (1984); pg. 327. Turkish harem
Turk world 1985 Hubbard, L. Ron. Mission Earth Vol. 1: The Invaders Plan. Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (1985); pg. 105. "I had learned English, Italian and Turkish in one. " [Also pg. 439.]
Turk world 1993 Harrison, Harry. "Rescue Operation " in Stainless Steel Visions. New York: Tor (1993); pg. 157. "thick Turkish coffee "
Turk world 1995 Foster, Alan Dean. The Dig. New York: Warner Books (1995); pg. 30. "According to his dossier, Brink was also conversant (if not fluent) in French, Italian and, of all things, Turkish. "
Turk world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 61. "...leered with dissipated glee at a pair of crossed Turkish cavalry swords on the opposite wall. "
Turk world 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 39. "The others refused to make it easy for them. Egged on by Winston Stubbs, who remembered the vent, Monsieur Karageorgiu was forced to admit that a member of the Turkish 'Gray Wolves' had once shot a pope.

Karageorgiu defended the Wolves by insisting that the action was 'business.' He claimed it was a revenge operation... Besides... the Turkish gunman had only wounded Pope John Paul II. No worse than a kneecaping, really. Unlike the Sicilian Mafia--who were so annoyed at the Banco's misdeeds that they had poisoned Pope John Paul I stone dead. "

Turk world 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 342. "'...The Arab Revolt stopped the Turkish cultural advance, literally in its tracks. They did this with guerrilla assaults on the railroads and telegraphs, the Turkish industrial control system. For success, however, the Arabs were forced to use industrial artifacts--namely, guncotten, dynamite, and canned food... The Arabs made the mistake of trusting the British, who were simply the Turks by another name. The First World War was a proto-Net civil war, and the Arabs were thrust aside...' "
Turk world 2030 Jablokov, Alexander. Nimbus. New York: Avon Books (1993); pg. 165. Pg. 165: "'...Like what the Topeka people played in the early Nineties, from all those Arab immigrants in Kansas. You remember, Shara Shirkut, Aziz Mufuela, Bamboose the Turk, those guys.'... "; Pg. 166: "cups of thick Turkish coffee. "
Turk world 2046 Bear, Greg. Eternity. New York: Warner Books (1988); pg. 202. "'I raised horses. I joined an Armenian cooperative for protection against the Turks. Then the Turks made peace, and together we fought against immigrant Iranian farmers raising opium...' "; Pg. 203: "' Armenian, thinking that about a White Russian! Everything has been turned upside down, Pavel, and it is still upside down. I hated the Turks, not I am married to a Turkish woman. She is small and brown and has long gray hair. She is not a city girl, not like my first wife, but she's given me a beautiful daughter. I'm a farmer now...' "
Turk world 2100 Waldrop, Howard. "...the World, as we Know 't " (published 1982) in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (Ursula K. Le Guin & Brian Atterbery, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Co. (1993); pg. 499. [Year estimated.] "'All gone,' he said at last.

'The buffalo. The Indians,' said Margurite.

'The Chinese. The bold Russians. The Turks,' said Hampton "

Turk world 2106 May, Julian. The Many Colored Land in The Many-Colored Land & The Golden Torc (omnibus). Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (copyright 1981); pg. 58. "An ethnic assay of the travelers showed significant numbers of Anglo-Saons, Celts, Germans, Slavs, Latins, Native Americans, Arabs, Turks and other Central Asiatics, and Japanese. "
Turk world 2110 May, Julian. The Many Colored Land in The Many-Colored Land & The Golden Torc (omnibus). Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (copyright 1981); pg. 287. Pg. 287: "'Gomnol is not the only traitor to our race. There was a Turkish man of the circus, one of my earliest clients, named Iskender Karabeki. His fondest wish, as he told me, was to train sabertooth tigers to do his bidding. But I discovered that in this Exile world he devoted himself instead to the domestication of chalikos and...' "; Pg. 293: "King Yeochee bestowed the golden torc upon me after our spies nabbed his warriors to ambush and kill Iskender-Kernonn, the Lord of Animals--that same Turk who had earlier used his perverted talents in the service of the Tanu...' "
Turk world 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 24. "The disappearance of Petra Arkanian from her home in Armenia was worldwide news. The headlines were full of accusations hurled by Armenia against Turkey, Azerbaijan, and every other Turkish-speaking nation...

Bean... along with his brother, Nikolai. They both reached the same conclusion right away. 'It wasn't any of the Turkish nations,' Nikolai announced to their parents. 'That's obvious.'

Father, who had been working in government for many years, agreed. 'Real Turks would have made sure to speak only Russian.'

'Or Armenian,' said Nikolai.

'No Turk speaks Armenian,' said Mother. She was right, of course, since real Turks would never deign to learn it, and those in Turkish countries who did speak Armenian were, by definition, not really Turks and would never be trusted with a delicate assignment... "

Turk world 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 35. "It took Petra only about half an hour to realize that these people weren't Turkish. Not that she was some kind of expert on language, but they'd be babbling along and every now and then out would pop a word of Russian. She didn't understand Russian either, except for a few loan words in Armenian, and Azerbaijani had loan words like that, too, but the thing is, when you say a Russian loan word in Armenian, you give it an Armenian pronunciation. These clowns would switch to an easy, native-sounding Russian accent when they hit those words. She would have to have been a gibbon in the slow-learner class not to realize that the Turkish pose was just that, a pose. "
Turk world 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 348. "Indeed, the only force that stood firm against China and Russia while facing them across heavily defended borders were the Muslim nations. Iran generously forgot how threateningly Pakistani troops had loomed along their borders in the month before India's fall, and Arabs joined with Turks in Muslim solidarity against any Russian encroachment across the Caucasus or into the vast steppes of central Asia. "
Turk world 3000 Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky. Tale of the Troika in Roadside Picnic and Tale of the Troika. New York: MacMillan Publishing Co. (1977); pg. 185. "'...Fedya sits at the piano and plays the Turkish March...' "
Turkomans Gaia 2046 Bear, Greg. Eternity. New York: Warner Books (1988); pg. 152. "The Alanoi and Avars had finally held their ground east of the Kaspian, and the Hunnoi north and east of them. For three thousand years, these territories had been in flux, but had kept their basic shapes, until the arrival of the Aigaian Turkmenoi, pirates and ravages of Hellas.

The Turkmenoi had carved their own niche, transferring their piratic tendencies to the Kaspian, and it was over that slender mountainous territory between the Altaic republics that the beecraft now flew. The Turkmenoi recognized no one as their betters or their masters. They isolated themselves and tried to hold back the incursions of the outside world. There would be no mercy for gullcraft should they be forced down; but it was unlikely the Turkmenoi could muster such weapons. "

Turkomans Turkmenistan 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 39. "'No, this is just planning stuff. Strategy for a war between Russia and Turkmenistan. Russia and an alliance between Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey...' "
Turkomans United Kingdom 2020 Aldiss, Brian. "Headless " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001; c. 1994); pg. 66. Pg. 66: "'Why is he giving all the proceeds to Children of Turkmenistan, for heaven's sake?' Alan exclaimed.

'Terrible earthquake . . . Surely you remember?'

'I remember, yes, yes. But Flammerion's European, isn't he?' ";

Pg. 69: "...prepared to give up his life for the suffering children of Central Asia--if that indeed was where Turkmenistan was situated. ";

Pg. 70: "Both the Red Cross and the Green Crescent paraded round the stadium... The Green Crescent ambulances were followed by lorries on which lay young Turkmen victims of the earthquake... ";

Pg. 72: "...had once made a mistaken pilgrimage to Ashkhabad, capital of Turkmenistan, believing she was travelling to Allahabad in India. "

Tutsi Africa 2004 Knight, Damon. Why Do Birds. New York: Tor (1992); pg. 130. "'Let's take, for instance, the Watusi in Africa. They're herdpersons, their whole life is cattle. Their wealth is cattle. How are we going to persuade them to get in those boxes and leave their cattle behind? They're very tall, by the way.'

'We may have to do special boxes for them,' Scavo said. 'About leaving the cattle, okay, we tell them there's going to be cattle on the new planet. Bigger and better cattle. And everybody gets twice a cattle as they had before. I mean, we can't put cattle in those boxes, let's not get ridiculous.' "

Tutsi Europe 2030 McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. New York: Avon Books (1997; c 1995); pg. 140. "Morag swipes the man's ID through her reader and learns that the little girl's name is Grace; the little boy, Gabriel, is her twin brother. They are Tutsi refugees from the last but one coup in Burundi. The little girl's mother died last year. " [More.]
Tutsi world 1996 Willis, Connie. Bellwether. New York: Bantam Spectra (1997; 1st ed. 1996); pg. 74. "Bigotry is one of the oldest and ugliest of trends, so persistent it only counts as a fad because the target keeps changing: Huguenots, Koreans, homosexuals, Muslims, Tutsis, Jews, Quakers, wolves, Serbs, Salem housewives. Nearly every group so long as its small and different, has had a turn... "
Tutsi world 2050 Stephenson, Neal. The Diamond Age. New York: Bantam (1995); pg. 447. "...strolled through encamptments of Ashantis, Kurds, Armenians, Navajos, Tibetans, Senderos, Mormons, Jesuits, Lapps, Pathans, Tutsis... "
Twelvers galaxy 13500 Herbert, Frank. Dune. Philadelphia: Chilton Book Co. (1965); pg. 500. "The O.C. Bible... revisions leaned on accepted symbolisms (Cross, Crescent, Feather Rattle, the Twelve Saints, the thin Buddha, and the like)... "
Twi Ghana 2025 Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 192. "'...speaking in tongues?'...'glossolalia'... Pagan Greeks did it... Semang pygmies, the North Borneo cults, the Trhi-speaking priests of Ghana... " [Same as 'Twi'?]
Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists Kansas 2000 Knight, Damon. Rule Golden in Three Novels. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (c. 1954); pg. 58. "Delegates to a World Synod of Christian Churches began arriving at a tent city near Smith Center, Kansas, late Saturday night. Trouble developed almost immediately between the Brethren Church of God (Reformed Dunkers) and the Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists--later spreading to a schism which led to the establishment of two rump synods, one at Lebanon and the other at Athol. "
UFO groups Brazil 2045 Wilson, Robert Charles. Memory Wire. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 50. "It was a peasant's religion, wildly syncretic; they believed in sacred jaguars, the divinity of Christ, the imminent arrival of fleets of flying saucers. "
UFO groups California 1972 Dick, Philip K. The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 24. "I never knew a hippy chick before who was wound up about science fiction; she rapped to me for hours about philosophy and god and flying saucers and the esoteric wisdom of the ancient Egyptians and into all of it she wove the thread of science fiction. "
UFO groups California 1995 Ing, Dean. "Vital Signs " in Firefight 2000. New York: Baen (1987; c. 1980); pg. 205. -
UFO groups California 1997 Sawyer, Robert J. Illegal Alien. New York: Ace Books (1997); pg. 212. "'And you put on your survey that you'd never seen a UFO.'

'That's right. "

'The court has received a letter from a member of the Bay Area chapter of MUFON. That's the . . . the--'

'The Mutual UFO Network,' said Juror 209.

'Yes,' said Pringle. 'A member of the Bay Area chapter of the Mutual UFO network, saying that you were a speaker at one of their meetings about eight year ago. Is that true?'

'Yes. I lived in San Rafael back them.'

'What was the subject of your talk?'

'My abduction experience.'

'You were kidnapped?' said Pringle.

'Not that kind of abduction. I was taken aboard an alien spacecraft.' " [More.]

UFO groups California 2002 Bear, Greg. Vitalis. New York: Ballantine (2002); pg. 179. "I read the publisher's address. 'White Truth Press, Ojai, California. UFO abductees and would-be-Aryans. Pitiful.' "
UFO groups California 2015 Leiber, Fritz. The Wanderer. New York: Walker & Co. (1964); pg. 23. "The black lettering on it, not at all crudely drawn, read: THIS WAY TO THE FLYING SAUCER SYMPOSIUM.

'Only in Southern California,' Paul said, shaking his head.

'Margo said, 'Let's drive in and see what's going on.'

'Not on your life!' Paul assured her loudly. 'IF you ca'nt stand Vandenberg, I can't stand saucer maniacs.'

'But they don't sound like maniacs, Paul,' Margo said. 'The whole thing has tone. Take that lettering--it's pure Baskerville.' "

UFO groups California: San Francisco 1991 Blaylock, James P. The Paper Grail. New York: Ace Books (1991); pg. 274. "'...He'll thank you for bringing his clothes back and try to interest you in UFO sightings or disappearing rabbits or something...' " [Also pg. 276, 286-287.]
UFO groups Discworld 1997 Pratchett, Terry. Maskerade. New York: HarperCollins (1998; c. 1997); pg. 54. "Now everyone was giving her that kind of look UFOlogists get when they suddenly say, 'Hey, if you shade your eyes you can see it is just a flock of geese after all.' "
UFO groups Europe 2030 McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. New York: Avon Books (1997; c 1995); pg. 137. Pg. 137: "There are shrines to the unborn Messiah and to the UFO corn cult... "; Pg. 143: "At first, Morag thinks it is the UFO watcher, but not... But then the young, shaven-headed UFO watcher looms out of the mist and says, 'They've got them,' and points out toward the dumps and starts to laugh. "; Pg. 190: "...from flying saucer kidnappings, usually featuring some famous dead media star... "
UFO groups Idaho 1996 McDevitt, Jack. Ancient Shores. New York: HarperCollins (1996); pg. 97. "The anchor on The News at Noon referred to the delusions often associated with UFO buffs, and cited a gathering two weeks earlier on an Idaho mountaintop to await the arrival of otherworldly visitors. " [Many other refs. to talk of 'UFOs', and may be other refs. to UFO groups, but not prominent.]
UFO groups Kansas 1989 Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1991); pg. 26. Pg. 26: "She was wrapped up in her UFO/Atlantis 'research,' and I had serious doubts about her stability. "; Pg. 30: "...Fate is always more comforting than random, straightforward facts. This may be why Mother preferred to believe in Atlantis and UFOs rather than in virtually everything else. "; Pg. 38: "Start looking for UFOs to come down and save me, the way Mother did? "
UFO groups Kansas 1989 Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1991); pg. 50. "The only way to escape this truth is to deny the reality from which it has been created, to exist in some other universe altogether.

So it is time to believe in flying saucers. Dianetics is worth serious consideration. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Mississippi welcomes visiting Jews. "

UFO groups Kansas 1989 Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1991); pg. 126. "Mother... began to buy more and more books and magazines devoted to UFO investigations and speculations concerning the lost continent of Atlantis, apparently figuring that if she couldn't indulge in hippie-type weirdness, she'd settle for any kind of weirdness she could find. "
UFO groups Kansas 1989 Denton, Bradley. Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1991); pg. 127. "...the diary entry Mother wrote October 21:...They sent Mikey to Vietnam last month, but maybe if we can do this thing, they will bring him back and he won't be killed. In the name of ancient Atlantis, in the name of Zeus and Poseidon, in the name of the star creatures who visit in their ships of light, we command you, arise. " [Other refs. not in DB.]
UFO groups Missouri: St. Louis 1998 Wood, Crystal. Cut Him Out in Little Stars. Denton, TX: Tattersall Publishing (revised and reprinted 1998; c. 1994); pg. 38. "'No, I mean for real! I read in the MUFON news what you said about the U.S. government's secrecy regarding extraterrestrials--'

'Whoa, pardner, you've lost me. MUFON?'

'The Mutual UFO Network. It's an international organization devoted to the observation and investigation of unidentified flying objects. In the current issue, it says that you recently made some remarks about how the U.S. government is covering up not only involvement, but cooperation with extraterrestrials.'

'Your MUFON has a goof on, I think. I admit that I said that your government is not being forthright about the knowledge it must have about alien life forms, but I never said anything about their cooperating with them...' " [Other refs., not in DB.]

UFO groups Nevada 1987 Rock, Peter. This Is the Place. New York: Doubleday (1997); pg. 78. "I looked up and the jet was almost out of sight, just a hundred feet up. They test all sorts of things out there, things they don't tell us about, and I could care less; they crash all the time, too, but they close down the area and collect all the evidence before some fool stumbles across it. That's the kind of thing that gets the UFO freaks talking ever time. "
UFO groups Nevada 1999 Cerasini, Marc. Godzilla 2000. New York: Random House (1997); pg. 110. "The place was so famous that it had even passed into modern myth and legend. According to UFOlogists, Nellis was one of the possible locations of the infamous 'Hangar 18,' where the Air Force stashed the dead aliens they recovered from the Roswell 'UFO' crash of 1947.

Indeed, when she first arrived, Lori was familiar with the stories. And she was disappointed to learn that there were only sixteen hangars at Dreamland!

When G-Force was established by a joint decree of Congress and the president, the Air Force dumped the program--called Project Valkyrie to hide its true purpose--at Nellis. By the late 1990s, even the UFOlogists had stopped hanging around. "

UFO groups New Mexico 1995 Grant, Charles. Whirlwind (X-Files). New York: HarperCollins (1995); pg. 88. Pg. 88: "'...Knives and guns; nothing like this.'


...'What kind of cults you want, Mulder? We have New Age swamis communing in the desert. We have the Second Coming believers who wander around the mountains and then use their cellulars when they get lost. And we have the flying saucer nuts, who figure Roswell is the key to all intergalactic understanding.' A sideways glance Mulder didn't miss. 'That's kind of your territory, isn't it?' ";

Pg. 128: "...the urban legend-style fables that mark the state as a place where UFOs and weird cults are not only welcome, they're encouraged...' "

UFO groups New Mexico 1998 Ing, Dean. The Skins of Dead Men. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1998); pg. 172. "The following morning, when Ross donned his Jobst mask to visit Ruidoso, T.C. offered to go along. He declined with thanks, though his forbidding appearance to strangers was not the reason he gave. No one, he said, should have to endure a software freak's shopping foray, which might take him down across the flatlands as far as Roswell. 'Believe me, with all the UFO cultists in that town, nobody gives my Jobst a second glance... Roswell in the summer isn't exactly Paris in the spring.' "
UFO groups New Mexico 1998 Ing, Dean. The Skins of Dead Men. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1998); pg. 305. "'Roswell,' he said, 'while Orv was doing Radio Shack. And it's not supposed to fit. They're not actual military flight suits, but a lot of folks don't care, very popular with UFOlogists. I suppose when the mother ship comes down, they want to be dressed for the trip.' "
UFO groups Ohio 1999 Willis, Connie. "Epiphany " in Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. New York: Bantam (1999); pg. 270. "'The prophecies aren't a scam to cheat people, they're--'

'What about Roswell? The alien autopsy and all that. You think that's a scam, too?'

Well, there was some outside confirmation for you. Mel was in a class with scam artists and UFO nuts. "

UFO groups, continued


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