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Group Where Year Source Quote/
Swedenborgian USA 1981 Crowley, John. Little, Big. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 31. "There were sets of sermons, volumes of George MacDonald, Andrew Jackson Davis, Swedenborg. "
Swedenborgian USA 1981 Crowley, John. Little, Big. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 39. "As a specific against it (he thought) he began to take an interest in theology. He read Swedenborg and Augustine; he was soothed most by Aquinas... "
Swedenborgian world 1973 Sagan, Carl. Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (2000; c. 1973); pg. 82. "Emmanuel Swedenborg and Annie Besant, a founder of theosophy, found--by means described as spirit travel and astral projection--creatures very like humans on Venus. " [Also pg. 86.]
Swedenborgian world 1990 Byatt, A.S. Possession. New York: Random House (1991; c. 1990); pg. 113. "...after the Fox Sisters heard their first 'raps'; she entertained the visionary Andrew Wilson, author of the Univercoelum, or Key to the Universe, who in her house (then in New York) conversed with the spirits of Swedenborg, Descartes and Bacon. "
Swedenborgian world 1998 Disch, Thomas M. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000; c. 1998); pg. 40. "...the French poet's first translation of Poe's work was a rendering of 'Mesmeric Revelations,' a tale on Swedenborgian journal welcomed as a genuine report of a scientific experiment. "
Swedenborgian world 1998 Disch, Thomas M. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000; c. 1998); pg. 189. Pg. 189: "...Alien Nation (film, 1988; series, 1989-1990)... But they have adapted to their new home to the degree that many have become Roman Catholics. It's not hard to figure out who the Newcomers are on the basis of these and other clues: they are Chicanos. "; Pg. 190-191: "The difficulty with Le Guin's Gethenians, as with most of her other aliens, is that they seem to spring with such pure didactic intent from the Swedenborg tradition of populating outer space with noble savages of ideal virtue. Indeed, in Always Coming Home (1985), she creates a postindustrial California that has reverted to an ideal pre-Columbian condition, which is, of course, matriarchal. She no more endeavors to account for how this came about than Swedenborg thinks to ask how the inhabitants of Jupiter and Saturn came to be Christians. It's enough in both cases that things are as they should be. "
Sybarites Riverworld 2008 Farmer, Philip Jose. To Your Scattered Bodies Go. New York: Berkeley Medallion Books (1971); pg. 91. "He had been resurrected somewhere along the River among a people about ninety percent early fourteenth-century English and Scottish and ten percent ancient Sybarites. "
Tai-ping China 1883 Miller, John J. "Hewn in Pieces for the Lord " in Drakas! (S. M. Sterling, ed.) New York: Baen (2000); pg. 47. "Gordon, fresh from saving China from the Tai-pangs, a sect of fanatic Christian fundamentalists, had been sent... "
Tai-ping Japan 1905 Green, Roland J. "Written by the Wind: A Story of the Draka " in Drakas! (S. M. Sterling, ed.) New York: Baen (2000); pg. 95. Pg. 95: "'I doubt that we shall agree on the rights of the United States to be interested in this war [between Japan and Russia],' Goto said. 'From their point of view, the total victory of either side would endanger their position in the Philippines and western Pacific, not to mention their hopes that the Tai'pings may turn China into a valuable trading partner.' "; Pg. 99: " supply armies of the Chinese governors of the coastal provinces. Then either Japan's hard-won foothold on the Chinese coast would be attacked, or... "
Taino Caribbean 1492 C.E. Russell, Mary Doria. The Sparrow. New York: Ballantine (1996); pg. 328. "'I speak only from analogy, gentlemen. There were no Taino or Arawak or Carib historians, but there was certainly conflict in the Caribbean. Both before and after the arrival of Columbus.' "
Tajik world 2000 Knight, Damon. Rule Golden in Three Novels. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (c. 1954); pg. 59. "A conservative Tajik tribesman of Indarab, discovering that his new wife had been unfaithful, attempted to deal with her in the traditional manner, but desisted when a critical observer would have said he had hardly begun; nor did this act of compassion bring him any relief. "
Taliban Afghanistan 2000 Gentle, Mary. Lost Burgundy. New York: HarperCollins (2000); pg. 476. "You get up in Afghanistan, under the Taliban. Their attitude to women is--mediaeval... "
Taliban Saudi Arabia 2100 Lawson, Chris. "Written in Blood " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 210. "That night, three families pulled out of our camp. Many of the others were pleased to see them go. I heard one of the grandmothers utter 'Taliban' under her breath, making a curse of the words. "
Taliban world 2025 Westerfeld, Scott. Fine Prey. New York: Penguin (1998); pg. 238. Pg. 238: "The chatter was a fabric of rumors, strung across the room in a weave of danger and rescue: a people's army was massing outside the palace, bent on taking the king's head; Taliban Kurds had crossed the eastern border; a U.N. force was hours away... the Aya had destroyed Mecca. "; Pg. 240: "'...If the mujahideen turn on the king, or the Taliban Kurds finally get a rocket into the palace, you'll be among the first to know...' ";

Pg. 260: "'A Taliban Kurdish artillery unit out there is making a statement. Rather than shelling the palace, the broadcast tower, or the barracks of the Royal Guard, they have decided to destroy this area.' "

Tamil India 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 322. Pg. 322: "'This is India, and you know the word. It's satyagraha, and it doesn't mean peaceful or passive resistance at all.'

'Not everyone here speaks Hindi,' said a Tamil planner.

'But everyone here should know Gandhi,' said Petra... 'Sometimes... What's right is not peaceful or passive. What matters is that you do not hide from the consequences. You bear what must be borne.'

'That sounds more like courage than anything else,' said the Tamil. ";

Pg. 328: "'Those stupid eemos,' said the Tamil, 'they're going to get us all killed.'

'Such a shame,' said Achilles, pointing his pistol at the Tamil's head. "

Tamil Luna 2075 Heinlein, Robert A. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons (1966); pg. 31. "Great China dumped what she didn't want there [on Hong Kong Luna], first from Old Hong Kong and Singapore, then Aussies, and Enzees and... Malays and Tamil and name it "
Tamil Luna 2076 Heinlein, Robert A. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons (1966); pg. 144. "Wyoh could have gone bundling without frettig abouther disguise; was a perfect 'colored' with ancestry to match--Tamil, a touch of Angola, German... "
Tamil New Hampshire 1977 Simmons, Dan. Song of Kali. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1985); pg. 5. "'She does speak Bengali, doesn't she?' Morrow had asked over the phone. 'Sure,' I'd said. Actually, Amrita spoke Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and a little Punjabi as well as German Russian, and English, but not Bengali. Close enough, I thought. "
Tamil Singapore 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 174. "Laura studied them. The guy in the linen suit was S. P. Jeyaratnam, Singapore's communications czar. A spiky-eyebrowed Tamil with the vaguely unctuous look of a sacred Thuggee stranger. " [Many other refs. to this character, not in DB.]
Tamil Singapore 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 175. "Thousands of smiling, neatly dressed Chinese and Malays and Tamils--all singing in English. "
Tamil Singapore 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 187. "'Chinese and Tamil languages--were these also neglected?' "
Tamil Singapore 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 192. Pg. 192: "A Tamil came limping up the pavement. He wore a dhoti, the ethnic skirt of a south Indian. He had a bandage on his bare, dark shin and an ornate walking cane. "; Pg. 193: "The Tamil looked her over, his eyes bright. He'd moved very rapidly for an injured main... The Tamil seemed to think it was funny. He nudged his chin with the head of his cane. A languid, dandyish gesture.

...' 'An integrationist,' ' the Tamil quoted. He was mimicking her. He looked down deliberately. 'Oh, look--the nasty voodoo spoilt your nice coat.'

...'Here,' the Tamil said, smiling, as if to help. He held something under her nose. She heard a snap. A wave of giddy heat touched her face. Then, without warning, she passed out. " [More, pg. 192-194, 196.]

Tamil Sri Lanka 1987 Simons, Walton. "The Teardrop of India " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 223. Pg. 223: "'Welcome to Sri Lanka. I'm G. C. Jayewardene...' Jayewardene spoke English, Sinhalese, Tamil, and Dutch. Hs position in the government required it. "; Pg. 236: "Jayewardene nodded to the pilot and spoke to him in Tamil... The young Tamil was going through a checklist, flipping switches, examining gauges. " [Other refs., not in DB. Also pg. 239.]
Tamil Sri Lanka 1987 Simons, Walton. "The Teardrop of India " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 230. "Later in the day a busload of extras, mostly Sinhalese with a few Tamils and Muslims, was scheduled to arrive. "
Tamil Sri Lanka 1987 Simons, Walton. "The Teardrop of India " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 242. Pg. 242: "'...The Indians support the Tamils, since they have the same cultural heritage. The Sinhalese majority looks at this as support for the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group... It is a conflict with no winners and too many victims.' "; Pg. 244: "Dissanayake was too young to be a general. But he had been both firm and controlled in his dealing with the Tamil Tigers, a militant separatist group. He had managed to avoid a bloodbath without appearing weak. "
Tamil world 1999 Sagan, Carl. Contact. New York: Simon & Schuster (1985); pg. 352. "Their knowledge of Russian, Mandarin, Tamil, and Hausa would be even mor rudimentary. "
Tamil world 2187 Wolverton, Dave. "On My Way to Paradise " in Writers of the Future: Volume III (Algis Budrys, ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1987); pg. 412. "He asked in his perfectly inflectionless voice, 'Is Tamil nearby?' His signal was so full of static, I could barely hear him...

'Tamil? Your wife? She's unconscious, I said.

'This is important,' Jafari said. 'After this, don't aaccept or make any comlinks--Intelligence can home in on an open signal. Tell Tamil the Alliance has taken me out of the loop...' " [A person's name, not a reference to the Tamil ethnic group. Mentioned elsewhere in story.]

Tantrism Croatia 2015 Sullivan, Tricia. Someone to Watch Over Me. New York: Bantam (1997); pg. 4. "he could afford to buy a six-hour Tantric orgasm and the illegal subroutine that would remove the urge to book a flight on the Concorde afterward; but he didn't use wires. "
Tantrism India 1989 Simmons, Dan. Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 14. "'It's the same stuff as always. Lectures from the Master. Solitude sessions. Dances.'


'Well, not really. They play music. The beat picks up. Faster and faster. They move around. Faster and faster. Finally they collapse from exhaustion. It cleanses the soul. That's part of the tantra yoga thing.'

Baedecker could hear her silences. He'd read some about this ex-philosophy professor who had become the most recent guru to young rich kids from so many well-to-do nations. According to Time the Indian locals had been shocked at reports of group sex at his ahrams. Baedecker had been shocked when Joan told him that Scott had dropped out of graduate school in Boston to go halfway around the world. In search of what? " [More.]

Tantrism India: Calcutta 1977 Simmons, Dan. Song of Kali. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1985); pg. 70. "'...Durga was modest in her representations while Kali was naked--not nude, but brazenly naked--wearing only the darkness as her cloak. The darkness and a necklace of human skulls. To worship Kali beyond her holiday was to follow the Vamachara--the perverse left-handed Tantra. I remember once as a child an older cousin was showing around a printed card showing a woman, a goddess, in obscene coitus with two men. My uncle found us looking at it, took the card, and struck my cousin in the face. The next day an old Brahmin was brought in to lecture us on the danger of such Tantric nonsense...' "
Tantrism India: Calcutta 1977 Simmons, Dan. Song of Kali. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1985); pg. 256. "'But we have no hard evidence yet that the thuggees, goondas, or the so-called Kapalikas are involved. It is also complicated by the fact that various criminal elements often call upon a corrupt, Tantric form of mysticism, frequently invoking local deities--in this case, Kali--in order to impress their initiates or to frighten the common people.' "
Tantrism New York: New York City 1966 Shiner, Lewis. "The Long, Dark Night of Fortunato " in Wild Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1986); pg. 245. "'You build up a charge, and then sex burns it off. You see? The power, the shakti. Except with tantric magick you absorb the energy back into you. Not just yours, but whatever energy I give up to you.'

'So when you come, you give up this shakti.' " [Other refs., not in DB.]

Tantrism New York: New York City 1986 Martin, George R. R.; Melinda Snodgrass, et al. Wild Cards III: Jokers Wild. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 15. "He picked up the mirror. He just about had the mind-set. He watched his reflection: lean face, brown skin a little blotchy from lack of sleep, forehead swollen with rasa, the Tantric power of retained sperm. Slowly his features began to melt and run. "
Tantrism New York: New York City 2000 Silverberg, Robert. The Stochastic Man. New York: Harper & Row (1975); pg. 69. "Transit, of course, wasn't Hindu--more a mixture of Buddhism and fascism, actually, a stew of Zen and Tantra and Platonism and Gestalt therapy... "
Tantrism Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 127. "'...In the Hindu, Vedic, and Tantric texts there is a symbol of a sleeping serpent coiled around the base of the human spine. This is Kundalini, the coiled latent energy of prana, known by many names. Christians call it the 'Holy Spirit,' the Greeks termed it 'ether,' martial artists described it as 'ki.'' "
Tantrism Tibet 2010 Swanwick, Michael. "The Edge of the World " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1989); pg. 650. "'This wasn't sophisticated stuff like the Tantric monks in Tibet or anything, remember...' "
Tantrism world 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 218. -
Tantrism world 2028 Barnes, John. Mother of Storms. New York: Tor (1994); pg. 328. "He is aware of what all the Freudians, Tantrics, hedonists, and sensei would tell him about hating his body. But he doesn't hate physical experience. He hates limited physical experience, he hates being a cripple... "
Tantrism world 2050 Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. Last Refuge. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 205. "'How are you planning on thawing him out?' Inez asked, rubbing her forearms with her mittened hands.

'Tantric magic,' Chime said, and thought silently, if I can remember how it works or if my former self informs me...

'What the hell are you doing?'

'Magic. My former self informs me I must be nude to do this magi so that I may thaw the pilot's body.' " [More.]

Taoism Alabama 1992 Anthony, Patricia. "Blue Woofers " in Eating Memories. Woburn, MA: First Books; Baltimore, MD: Old Earth Books (1997; c. 1992); pg. 187. "Power. It wears a white face and a badge. It's worn them for as long as I can remember. That's the law of God. And my brother, who understands Yin and Yang although he's never heard of it, always figured that since he was my opposite, he should act the opposite, too. "
Taoism California 1970 Freedman, Nancy. Joshua Son of None. New York: Delacorte Press (1973); pg. 124. "'Number rules the universe,' Pythagoras said.

Interesting, but hardly pertinent.

He looked at Eastern mysticism. 'The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao.' "

Taoism California 1971 Dick, Philip K. Valis. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 39. Pg. 40: "The upper, derived from hyperuniverse I or Yang, Form I of Parmenides, is sentient and volitional. The lower realm, or Yin, Form II of Parmenides, is mechanical, driven by blind, efficient cause, deterministic and without intelligence. ";

Pg. 50: "'You have much anger in you,' Dr. Stone said. 'I am lending you a copy of the Tao Te Ching. Have you ever read Lao Tzu?'

'No,' Fat admitted.

'Let me read you this part here,' Dr. Stone said. He read aloud.

'Its upper part is not dazzling;
Its lower part is not obscure.
Dimly visible, it cannot be named
And returns to that which is without substance.
This is called the shape that has no shape,
The image that is without substance.
This is called indistinct and shadowy.
Go up to it and you will not see its head;
Follow behind it and you will not see its rear.'

Hearing this, Fat remembered entries #1 and #1 from his journal. He quoted them... " [More, pg. 50-52, 81-82, 110.]

Taoism California 1971 Dick, Philip K. Valis. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 223. "the Yin and Yang of Taoism, with the One Tao " [Much more about Taoism, throughout pg. 223, 225.]
Taoism California 1975 Dick, Philip K. "Man, Android and Machine " in The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1975); pg. 222. "...form of a round motor with twin rotating wheels, opposed in direction, much as Yin and Yang I Taoism alternate as opposing pairs (and much like Empedocles saw love versus strife... "
Taoism California 1975 Dick, Philip K. The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. New York: Timescape Books (1982); pg. 12. "'Death in live,' Barefoot said, 'and life in death; two modalities, like yin and yang, of one underlying continuum. Two faces--a 'holon,' as Arthur Koestler terms it. You should read Janus. Each passes into the other as a joyous dance. It is Lord Krishna who dances in us... "
Taoism California 1980 Dick, Philip K. "Faith of Our Fathers " in The Best of Philip K. Dick. New York: Ballantine (1977; story c. 1967); pg. 362. "'The Absolute Benefactor of the People,' Tso-pin said, 'has personally met Mr. Pethel and trusts him. This is rare. The school in San Fernandon will appear to teach run-of-the-mill Taoist philosophies but will, of course, in actuality maintain for us a channel of communication to the liberal and intellectual youth segment...' "
Taoism California 1985 Bear, Greg. Blood Music. New York: Arbor House (2002; c. 1985); pg. 187. Fifteen or twenty cars were still parked in a lot next to the old Yin-Yang fusion of project buildings.
Taoism California: San Diego 2055 Dick, Philip K. Now Wait for Last Year. New York: Manor Books (1976); pg. 29. Pg. 29: "'That Taoist spellbinding nut and crank and fool? You manufacturing a joke, Sweetscent? Is that it? You suppose Virgil would tolerate a marginal fake, that--' "; Pg. 36: "a drug derived from the fly agaric mushroom. Himmel knew him slightly because Plout, like himself, gleeked Taoism. " [Other refs., incl. pg. 43.]
Taoism California: San Francisco 1977 Leiber, Fritz. Our Lady of Darkness. New York: Berkley Publishing Corp. (1977); pg. 73. "But White was certainly Cal's adjective; all right, no Lady of Darkness, but a Lady of Light and in eternal opposition to the other, yang to its yin, Ormadz to its Ahriman--yes, by Robert Ingersoll! "
Taoism California: San Francisco 2036 Besher, Alexander. Mir: A Novel of Virtual Reality. New York: Simon & Schuster (1998); pg. 131. "'Do you recognize the pattern?'

'Do you? That's the question. "

'It . . . it looks like a Chinese hexagram from the I Ching, from the Book of Changes! Do you know what that is?'

'The I Ching? The Chinese oracle. I've heard of it, but I can tell you more about the Kabbalah.'

The fluorescent yin and yang lines were writhing over their bodies like snakes shedding their skins. "

Taoism China -550 B.C.E. DiChavio, Nicholas A. "Dao De Qing by Lao Tzu " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 265. [Introduction:] "Nick [this story's author] is always stretching himself. Who else would have had the literary audacity to write an alternate tyrant story about Lao Tzu as an eighty-one-verse Oriental poem by the subject of the story? " [As the intro states, the entire story is about an alternate version of Lao Tzu's philosophy.]
Taoism China -550 B.C.E. DiChavio, Nicholas A. "Dao De Qing by Lao Tzu " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 265-266. [Alternate version of Tao Te Ching.]


The Eternal Dao is not nameless.
It is the fear of Death.
It is the Mother of all things.
It moves heaven, earth, and Hell.
He who wields the Eternal Dao is the master of all mysteries.


Beauty is ugliness.
Ugliness recognizes itself as evil and prospers.


The Sage's way of governing begins by exalting the self.
Empty the people of their ambitions and desires, and they will exalt the Sage.


The Eternal Dao is fathomless.
It terrifies the beholder.
it expands the darkness and swallows the light,
it is the common ancestor of Man.
Hidden in the Black Heart, the Dao exists forever. " [17 more pages of similar material.]

Taoism China -550 B.C.E. Roman, Steven A. X-Men/Doctor Doom: The Chaos Engine. New York: BP Books (2000); pg. 163. "As the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu had once said in the sixth century B.C., 'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.' "
Taoism China -445 B.C.E. Vidal, Gore. Creation. New York: Random House (1981); pg. 355. "The pavilion was made of yellow brick with a steep tile roof... The old servant who prepared our meal treated Mater Li as an equal and ignored us...

As we knelt on rustic mats, Master Li discussed the meaning--or a meaning--of Tao. 'Literally,' he said, 'Tao means a road or a way. Like a highway. Or a low way.'...

'Where,' I asked, 'does the way--your way, that is--begin?'

'My way would begin with me. But I don't have a way. I am part of the Way.'

'Which is what?'

...'Which is what is. The primal unity of all creation. The first step that a man can take along the Way is to be in harmony with the laws of the universe, with what we call the always-so.'

'How is this done?'

'Think of the Way as water. Water always takes the low ground, and permeates all things.' " [Many other refs., not in DB.]

Taoism China -445 B.C.E. Vidal, Gore. Creation. New York: Random House (1981); pg. 360. "I did describe for him [Taoist Mater Li] Gosala, Mahavira, the Buddha, Pythagoras. He found only the Buddha interesting. He admired the four noble truths, and thought the Buddha's triumph over the sense consistent with wu-wei. "
Taoism China 19 C.E. Anderson, Poul. The Boat of a Million Years. New York: Tor (1989); pg. 22-23. "'...He preaches the Tao, and his virtue appears to have brought him great longevity.'...

Ts'ai Li narrowed his eyes. 'We know about charlatans,' he said. 'We also know about ordinary wu, folk magicians, honest enough but illiterate and superstitious. Indeed, their beliefs and practices have seeped into the once pure teachings of Lao-Tzu. This is unfortunate.' " [Book has man other references to Taoism, not in DB.]

Taoism China 1999 Pattison, Eliot. The Skull Mantra. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur (1999); pg. 312. "'He could teach us the way of the Tao,' Tsomo interjected. 'We could better understand the books of Lao Tze.'

'Yes, Rinpoche. It would be wonderful to have such a teacher.' Gendun turned to Shan. 'Are you able to teach these things?'

Shan did not hear until he was asked the second time. The monk had called the boy Rinpoche, the term for a venerated lama, a reincarnated teacher. 'An abbot once said to me, 'I can recite the books. I can show you the ceremonies. but whether you learn them is up to you.' '

Tsomo gave a small laugh of victory, then rose and poured Shan more tea. 'They say in parts of China it is impossible to separate the Tao from Buddha's way.'

'When I lived in Beijing I visited a secret temple every day. On one side of the alter sat a figure of Lao Tze. On the other sat Buddha.' "

Taoism Deep Space 9 2369 David, Peter. The Siege (Star Trek: DS9). New York: Pocket Books (1993); pg. 4. "Keiko... She was light-skinned where he was swarthy, delicate where he was coarse. Yin, as she put it, to his yang. "
Taoism Discworld 1992 Pratchett, Terry. Small Gods. New York: HarperCollins (1994; c. 1992); pg. 4. "The 493 Abbot folded his wrinkled hands and addressed Lu-Tze, one of his most senior monks. " [More Many refs. to 'Lu-Tze,' probably a fictional Discworld surrogate for Lao-Tzu, through much of novel.]
Taoism galaxy 2049 Blish, James. A Case of Conscience. New York: Ballantine (1979; c. 1958); pg. 72. "'...Neither would a Taoist. Neither would a Zoroastrian...' "
Taoism galaxy 2272 Duane, Diane. Spock's World (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1988); pg. 148. "FROM: Llarian
DATE: 7611.72
SUBJECT: Re: Our Friends in the Federation

A skillful leader does not use force.
A skillful fighter does not feel anger.
A skillful master does not engage the opponent.
A skillful employer remains low.

Even four thousand years ago they knew it:
don't believe everything you read.

How about that, Jim thought, and gazed at the screen with interest.

Llarian. Now who would that be? And what's the reference? It sounds familiar somehow. " [Original source of Taoist verse: The Tao of Power by R. L. Wing. Copyright 1986 by Immedia. Published by Doubleday & Co.]

Taoism galaxy 2272 Duane, Diane. Spock's World (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1988); pg. 224. "FROM: Llarian
DATE: 7466.35
SUBJECT: Re: Oh, really?

Those who know others are intelligent.
Those who know themselves have insight.
Those who master others have force.
Those who master themselves have inner strength.

Through nonaction nothing is left undone.


Bones was nodding. 'How about that,' he said. 'We have a Taoist on board.

'I was wondering why it sounded familiar. The Tao Teh Ching?''That's right.' Bones looked at the message. 'What do you think of the advice.'

'It sounds good.' Jim smiled slightly. 'It always sounds good. I remember thinking how sensible a book it was, the first time I read it at Academy. But it's always harder to practice advice in the field.' " [Original source of Taoist verse: The Tao of Power by R. L. Wing. Copyright 1986 by Immedia. Published by Doubleday & Co.]

Taoism galaxy 2272 Duane, Diane. Spock's World (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1988); pg. 300. "FROM: Llarian
TO: Jas. T. Kirk
DATE: 7468.55
SUBJECT: Further Advice

Those bold in daring, will die:
Those bold in not daring will survive.
Of those two, either may benefit or harm.

Nature decides which is evil,
But who can know why?
Even the enlightened find this difficult.

The Tao in Nature
Does not contend.
yet skillfully triumphs.
Does not speak,
yet skillfully responds
Does not summon,
and yet attracts.
Does not hasten
yet skillfully designs.

Nature's network is vast, so vast,
Its mesh is coarse, yet nothing slips through. . . .
" [Original source of Taoist verse: The Tao of Power by R. L. Wing. Copyright 1986 by Immedia. Published by Doubleday & Co.]
Taoism galaxy 2368 Neason, Rebecca. Guises of the Mind (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1993); pg. 59. "'Do you have any suggestions as to where I should start, Captain?' [to learn about the meaning of life, etc.]

Again Picard drew a deep breath. He shifted in his seat... as if his command chair had suddenly become uncomfortable. He considered Data's question very carefully; there were so many writings that he values: the Discourses of Plato and the great Dialogues of Epictetus; the philosophy of the Tao Te Ching; the Summa Theological by Thomas Aquinas... "

Taoism galaxy 2370 ab Hugh, Dafydd. Balance of Power (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1995); pg. 79. "Munk himself sat behind a pagodalike desk that looked like the person who designed it had gone mad from eating too much replicated Earth-Chinese cuisine; it was mahogany laced with bamboo, completely covered with jade bas-reliefs... A yin yang symbol assembled from obsidian ivory dominated the front of the desk. On the opposite side of the cabin lurked a jade statue of the chubby, laughing Ferengi-god Roqadox... "

Taoism, continued


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