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science fiction - Stephen King South Carolina 1980 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 195. "'...So I make a deal with myself--for every three serious books I read, I indulge in some junk. Well-written junk, y'understand, but junk all the same. So I read mysteries--John D. MacDonald, Parker, Westlake... and I read the scary stuff--Stephen King, Steve Rasnic Tem . . . those guys.' "
science fiction - Stephen King Texas 1994 Anthony, Patricia. Happy Policeman. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1994); pg. 95. "His gaze fell on his bookshelves, and a collection of sermons by Jonathan Edwards. Doc read godless books full of dark anarchy, books by Dean Koontz and Stephen King. "
science fiction - Stephen King United Kingdom: London 2012 Clarke, Arthur C. The Ghost from the Grand Banks. New York: Bantam (1990); pg. 90. "'Aren't you seeing anything of London? I can get you tickets to the new Andrew Lloyd Webber-Stephen King show...' "
science fiction - Stephen King USA 1989 Simmons, Dan. Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 154. "'and that's Timberline Lodge where they did the exterior shots for The Shining.'

'Mmmm,' said Baedecker.

'Did you ever see the movie?' asked Dave...


'Read the book?'


'Ever read any Stephen King?'


'Jesus,' said Dave, 'for a literate man, Richard, you're incredibly poorly versed in the classics. You do remember Stanley Kubrick, don't you?'

'How could I forget him?' said Baedecker. 'You dragged me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey five times...' " [More.]

science fiction - Stephen King USA 1993 DeChance, John. MagicNet. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 21. "There are two kings who are the bane of my life: Sky and Stephen... Regarding the second cross I bear, it must be admitted that King is a common name; but the famous-writer association is often made because I do look a little like Stephen King: dark hair and beard, glasses. Nope, no relation. Would that I were his only-begotten son. I'd kiss the man on the lips. Wouldn't you feel affectionately reverent toward someone who would eventually bequeath you untold wealth? (I'd also be reading up on untraceable poisons.) "
science fiction - Stephen King USA 1993 Simmons, Dan. The Hollow Man. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. -5. "ACKNOWLEDGMENTS

The author would like to thank the following people for turning an impossible task into a merely difficult one:

...Tabitha and Steve King for the long, cross-country reading marathon . . . and for helpful words that followed... "

science fiction - Stephen King USA 1993 Simmons, Dan. The Hollow Man. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 288. "He focused on the nurse at the monitor station and saw that she was reading a novel--Needful Things by Stephen King. "
science fiction - Stephen King USA 1996 Willis, Connie. Bellwether. New York: Bantam Spectra (1997; 1st ed. 1996); pg. 20-21. "'What else is on the reserve list?'

'The new John Grisham, the new Stephen King, Angels from Above, Brushed by an Angel's Wing, Heavenly Encounters of the Third Kind, Angels Beside You, Angels, Angels Everywhere, Putting Your Guardian Angel to Work for You, and Angels in the Boardroom.'

None of those counted. The Grisham and Stephen King were only best-sellers, and the angel fad had been around for over a year.

'Do you want me to put you on the list for any of those?' Lorraine asked. 'Angels in the Boardroom is great.' "

science fiction - Stephen King USA 1998 DeFalco, Tom & Adam-Troy Castro. X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow Book 2: The Present. New York: Berkley (1998); pg. 73. "'I'm usually very good at guessing where people are from,' Volcana said, behind that misty curtain. 'It's a gift of mine. I have you pegged for Maine. Are you from Maine?... I visited Maine once. My ex-boyfriend Owen took me to visit Stephen King's house. It turns out they're old friends. I got his autograph and everything.'

Cable could see her now: a sun in the shape of a woman, glowing behind the mists.

'Do you read Stephen King?'

Cable couldn't take it anymore. 'Are you out of your mind? Do you have any idea what's going on here?...' "

science fiction - Stephen King Washington, D.C. 1982 Straub, Peter. Koko. New York: E. P. Dutton (1988); pg. 48. "In bed, Michael read a few pages of the Stephen King novel he had packed... Nothing in the novel seemed more than slightly odder or more threatening than events in ordinary life. Improbability and violence overflowed from ordinary life, and Stephen King seemed to know that.

Before Michael could turn off his light, he was dripping with sweat, carrying his copy of The Dead Zone through an army base many times larger than Camp Crandall...

Wait a second, he thought, if this is reality, it's no later than 1969. He opened The Dead Zone to the page of publishing information. Deep in his chest, his heart deflated like a punctured balloon. The copyright date was 1965. He had never left Vietnam. Everything since had been only a nineteen-year-old's wishful dream. "

science fiction - Stephen King Washington, D.C. 1985 Bishop, Michael. No Enemy But Time. New York: Timescape (1982); pg. 282. "This Christmas the most prominently displayed paperbacks in the open storefront were a series of photo-novels devoted to the exploits of Count Stanislaw Stodt, a vampire in the employ of the CIA. A boxed set of five of these adventures as being touted as this year's most popular stocking stuffer. Joshua sidled past these displays to the hardcover tables, where management had laid out its inventory of serious fiction: hauntings, space operas, espionage thrillers, movie tie-ins, political biographies, and the complete works of Wilkie Collins, now enjoying a renascence in updated abridgments by Stephen King. "
science fiction - Stephen King Washington, D.C. 1995 Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the Moon. New York: HarperPrism (1995); pg. 203. "Random images flickered across the screen: Bugs Bunny, 'Bonanza,' soaps, 'Reading Rainbow,' vintage PeeWee, Windex, the Stephen King Network, what looked like a live broadcast of an assassination attempt but turned out to be the new Slush video... "
science fiction - Stephen King world 2009 Sawyer, Robert J. Flashforward. New York: Tor (2000; c. 1999); pg. 177. "...guaranteed bestsellers by Stephen King, John Grisham, and Coyote Rolf. "
science fiction - Tolkien Africa 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 75. Pg. 75: "...about wanting me in on-line to cover the Tolkien probe when it rendezvous with Iapetus... They don't need a journalist for the Tolkien thing. "; Pg. 120: "'The Big Dumb Object... From the same anonymous NASA wit who named the Iapetus probe after the author of The Lord of the Rings. This one is from the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.' " [Other refs. to this space probe, e.g., pg. 75, 83-85, etc.]
science fiction - Tolkien California: Los Angeles 1980 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 28. "He jammed his hands in the pockets of his robe but not before Shayla [the Latter-day Saint movie actress] had time to notice extraordinarily long, pale fingers. She thought of Gollum in The Hobbit. "
science fiction - Tolkien California: Los Angeles 1985 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 29: "Meanwhile, Back at the Mansion... ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (July 1985); pg. 19. Lila: "Now, that wall-poster brings back memories! "; Sam: "Of what, Lila? "; "My first year touring, when I opened for Nazgul. There, Sam, was a band--they were the best, till 'Hobbit' Hobbins, poor thing, got his head blown off at West Mesa. "
science fiction - Tolkien California: Los Angeles 1986 Bear, Greg. The Serpent Mage. New York: Ace Books (1987; 1st ed. 1986); pg. 86. "'You know I've always preferred Updike to Tolkien.'

Witches of Eastwick?' John asked with a small grin.

'It wasn't like Tolkien,' Michael said. "

science fiction - Tolkien galaxy 2250 Dick, Philip K. A Maze of Death. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1970); pg. 151. "Microtapes of several of the great classics, including Tolkien, Milton, Virgil, Homer. All the epics, he realized. "
science fiction - Tolkien galaxy 2555 Barton, William. Acts of Conscience. New York: Warner Books (1997); pg. 302. "'Look around. That tree over there, branches and leaves forming suggestive shadows against the sky. That's a wizard, isn't it? Gandalf the Gray come to save you? Or shall we run screaming from some creature of Cthulhu? "
science fiction - Tolkien New York: New York City 1978 King, Stephen. The Stand. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1978); pg. 199. "...New York now seemed almost a fabled city in a Tolkien story. "
science fiction - Tolkien New York: New York City 2002 Bear, Greg. Vitalis. New York: Ballantine (2002); pg. 284. "A Come to Middle Earth poster from the 1960s competed with kids' drawings of dragons, a hook-nosed witch, airplanes. "
science fiction - Tolkien North Carolina 1995 Lisle, Holly & Chris Guin. Mall, Mayhem and Magic. New York: Baen (1995); pg. 145. "...would have called them elves. They looked the way he imagined elves would look--well, not elves like Tolkien had written about, but a lot like the little people who'd played such a big part in Irish legends. "
science fiction - Tolkien Ontario: Toronto 1993 Huff, Tanya. Blood Lines. New York: DAW Books (1993); pg. 5. [Dedication] "For Mother Bowen, who taught me that a book lasts because it touches the heart and soul. She not only gave me ancient Greece but Middle Earth as well and while I might have found Tolkien without her, I would've been the poorer for Homer's loss. "
science fiction - Tolkien Pennterra 2233 Moffett, Judith. Pennterra. New York: Congdon & Weed, Inc. (1987); pg. 63. "'...In English they call themselves the People, just like terrestrial primitives used to. No, hrossa comes from a book by an early-twentieth-century Christian writer named C. S. Lewis, an Oxford pal of Tolkien's.' The listeners nodded; they knew Tolkien's work, though neither had heard of Lewis. "
science fiction - Tolkien Solar System 3001 Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. New York: Ballantine (1997); pg. 79. "...the dreaming spires over which they now circled could only be Oxford. Aurora confirmed hi guess as she pointed down: 'That's the pub--the inn--where Lewis and Tolkien used to meet their friends, the Inklings...' "
science fiction - Tolkien South Africa 1960 Budrys, Algis (ed.). Writers of the Future: Volume XV. Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1999); pg. 94. [About the author note.] "Gregory Janks grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa... his first love has always been creative writing; his mother read The Lord of the Rings while pregnant with him. "
science fiction - Tolkien USA 1990 De Haven, Tom. Walker of Worlds. New York: Doubleday (1990); pg. 291. "'What's a Hobbit, anyway?'

And Money might've laughed, except she was afraid that this bona fide witch in this bona fide place might suddenly make good on her threat. . . . "

science fiction - Tolkien world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 14-16. "As early as April 21, while Simon an Mary Lou listened to Clark Kent and His Supermen and George Dorn... Frodo Baggins and His Ring, the Mouse That Roars...Strangers in a Strange Land... the Incredible Hulk... the Time Machine... "
science fiction - Tolkien world 1979 Card, Orson Scott. A Planet Called Treason. New York: St. Martin's Press (1979); pg. -7. [Author's dedication.] "To
MaryJo, who turned me onto Bradbury,
Laura Dene, who loaned me the Foundation Trilogy...
and the four thousand people who urged me to read Tolkien "
science fiction - Tolkien world 1982 Asimov, Isaac. "Introduction " in Dragon Tales. New York: Ballantine (1982); pg. 13. "Nevertheless, they are still to be found in the imagination, and the dread dragon Smaug in Tolkien's The Hobbit is no less fearsome for being imaginary. "
science fiction - Tolkien world 1998 Disch, Thomas M. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000; c. 1998); pg. 210. "...was that of sword-and-sorcery, which budded off the main body of SF in the mid-'60s, spurred by the success of Ace Books' unauthorized edition of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien imitations were easier to mass-produce and to market than SF, since what readers of sword-and-sorcery wanted was another ride on the same merry-go-round rather than novelty. Sameness is what marketers want us to want. "
science fiction - Tolkien world 2002 Jarman, Heather. This Gray Spirit (Star Trek: DS9; "Mission: Gamma " #2 of 4). New York: Pocket Books (2002); pg. v. [Dedication page]

"'What do you fear, lady?' he asked.

'A cage,' she said. 'To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire..'

--J.R.R. Tolkien,
The Return of the King

For my husband, Parry, and my father, Jeff--
because they handed me the key


In memory of my brother Tad:
'Not all those who wander are lost.'

science fiction - Tolkien world 2010 Clarke, Arthur C. 2010: Odyssey Two. New York: Ballantine (1982); pg. 93. "Do you remember how I introduced you to The Lord of the Rings, when we were kids back at that Oxford conference? Well, Io is Mordor: Look up Part Three. There's a passage about 'rivers of molten rock that wound their way . . . until they cooled and lay like twisted dragon-shapes vomited from the tormented earth.' That's a perfect description: how did Tolkien know, a quarter century before anyone ever saw a picture of Io? "
science fiction - Tolkien world 2030 McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. New York: Avon Books (1997; c 1995); pg. 328. "'I'm Frodo, Frodo McHale. I can't talk long. Security is amazingly poor here, but eventually they'll catch my morphing program and I'll no longer be the Invisible Man.' " [Other refs. to this character named Frodo, after the character in Tolkien's novels.]
science fiction - Tolkien world 2182 Cowper, Richard. "Out There Where the Big Ships Go " in The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: 24th Series (Edward L. Ferman, ed.) New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1982); pg. 119. "He sat down... then flipped open the back of the cabinet and ran his eye down the familiar index. Nelson, Camelot, Kennedy, Pasteur, Alan Quartermain, Huck Finn, Tarzan, Frodo, Titus Groan... "
science fiction - Twilight Zone California 1989 Koontz, Dean R. Lightning. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1988); pg. 263. "'...Is Beverly Hills the Twilight Zone, or what?...' "
science fiction - Twilight Zone California 1995 Bonta, Vanna. Flight. San Diego, CA: Meridian House (1995); pg. 83. "'Well, nothing is impossible,' Rex quipped and followed with a brief hum of the Twilight Zone theme. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone Deep Space 9 2374 Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield. Inferno (Star Trek: DS9 / Millennium Book 3 of 3). New York: Pocket Books (2000); pg. 188. "Vic blew out a deep breath, as if giving up. 'You any relation to Rod Sterling?'

To Odo, the name Rodserl had a Romulan sound to it, but he guessed he was safe simply shaking his head..

'Coulda fooled me,' Vic said... 'So where does all this fancy gobbledygook leave us?...' "

science fiction - Twilight Zone Florida 1994 Clarke, Arthur C. & Gentry Lee. Cradle. New York: Warner Books (1988); pg. 280. "Winters' head was spinning. The ten-legged spider was the straw that broke the camel's back. He felt that he had now entered the Twilight Zone. I have never seen or heard of anything even remotely like this before in my life, Winters thought... Maybe I am the one losing touch with reality. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone galaxy 2269 Cox, Greg. Assignment: Eternity (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 182. Pg. 182-183: "Squatting on a blue shag carpet, watching black-and-white images on TV, Rod Sterling intoning dourly against a background of flickering stars... "
science fiction - Twilight Zone Illinois 1960 Simmons, Dan. Summer of Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1991); pg. 123. "Kevin began humming the theme music from that new TV show called The Twilight Zone. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone Metropolis 1993 Stern, Roger. The Death and Life of Superman. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 96. "'I've got some refugee from the Twilight Zone on my back!' she could swear she heart it bellow, even over the roar of the jets.

'Momma Bird? We didn't copy that--!'

'I don't believe it myself!' Miller pulled back on the stick... But, hallucination or not... "

science fiction - Twilight Zone New York: New York City 2000 Smith, Dean Wesley. Spider-Man: Emerald Mystery. New York: Berkeley Boulevard Books (2000); pg. 60. "The gunfighters kept firing their imaginary guns.

The crowd laughed louder. The sight broke the tension of the terror they had felt just a few moments earlier. There was no joy in their laughter, but they were happy to be alive.

If this wasn't what Rod Sterling had imagined the Twilight Zone to be, I didn't know what was. "

science fiction - Twilight Zone New York: Westchester County 1962 Kelly, James Patrick. "10^16 to 1 " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 42. "In 1962... Back then, Westchester County wasn't so suburban. Our house was deep in the woods in tiny Willoughby, New York... So I didn't have any real friends. Instead, I had science fiction. Mom used to complain that I was obsessed. I watched Superman reruns every day after school. On Friday nights, Dad let me stay up for Twilight Zone, but that fall CBS had temporarily canceled it. It came back in January after everything happened, but was never quite the same. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone North Dakota 1996 McDevitt, Jack. Ancient Shores. New York: HarperCollins (1996); pg. 60. "'Listen,' said Charlie, 'people love that kind of stuff. And this whole business does have a kind of Twilight Zone flavor. Right?' "
science fiction - Twilight Zone Ontario 2002 Sawyer, Robert J. Hominids. New York: Tor (2002); pg. 126. "Shawwanossoway could whistle, too. He did the theme to The Twilight Zone. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone Ontario: Toronto 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 16. "Lots of movies are made in Toronto, and, for some reason, an enormous number of science-fiction TV series, including over the years such fare as Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict... and the revived Twilight Zone. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth 1998 Wood, Crystal. Fool's Joust. Denton, Texas: Tattersall Publishing (1998); pg. 160. "Light beamed through the narrow cracks all around it, giving it an eerie outline like a doorway into another dimension--just like in the opening titles of the old Twilight Zone television show, where just such an image had invited viewers in for a half hour of chills and suspense. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone United Kingdom 1994 Holdstock, Robert. The Hollowing. New York: Roc (1994); pg. 50. "'You look and sound as if you've just beamed down from the Starship Enterprise.'

'Isn't that a neat show? I miss it. I miss a lot of TV. Did you ever see The Twilight Zone?'

'My son did. I watched it with him sometimes...' "

science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 1966 Geary, Patricia. Strange Toys. New York: Bantam (1989; c. 1987); pg. 45. "...clear illumination. But not like I'd died and gone to heaven or The Twilight Zone or anything... "
science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 1967 Gardner, Craig Shaw. Dragon Sleeping. New York: Ace Books (1994); pg. 10. "Ice cream treats that hadn't been made for twenty years? Nick had seen this story before on The Twilight Zone. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 1986 Brooks, Terry. Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!. New York: Ballantine (1986); pg. 23. Pg. 23: "Ben almost wished that it had done so. He was beginning to feel as if he had stepped into the Twilight Zone. "; Pg. 25: "He hummed the theme from The Twilight Zone under his breath as he reached the staircase and began to climb. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 1991 McCammon, Robert R. Boy's Life. New York: Pocket Books (1992; c. 1991); pg. 273. "...was demonstrating on the blackboard the division of fractions. Arithmetic was for me a walk into the Twilight Zone; this dividing fractions stuff was a mystifying fall into the Outer Limits. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 1995 Chalker, Jack L. The Cybernetic Walrus (Book One of The Wonderland Gambit). New York: Ballantine (1995); pg. 35. "My whole world had come to an end today, I thought, and now it was being replaced by something between a bad spy novel and the Twilight Zone. " [More Twilight Zone refs., pg. 46.]
science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 1995 Randle, Kristen D. The Only Alien on the Planet. New York: Scholastic Inc. (1995); pg. 22. "Maybe I thought, sooner or later, I was going to pick up on something that everybody else had missed. But Hally and Caulder were right. Watching Smitty Tibbs was like taking a little trip into the twilight zone. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone USA 2053 Rucker, Rudy. Freeware. New York: Avon (1998; c. 1997); pg. 200. "It was clear to Darla that this Silly Putter had fully crashed for true. Welcome to The Twilight Zone. "
science fiction - Twilight Zone world 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 193. Pg. 193-194: "'We're blue-skying. What-if-ing. Probing the outer limits. Entering the Twilight Zone. Opening the X-files.'

'So, what have you found out in the Twilight Zone?' Gaby asked.

'That maybe the stars are not our destination,' Depak Ray said... ";

Pg. 235: "Camp three. Well into the weird now. I should do that doo-de-doo-doo, doo-de-doo-doo from The Twilight Zone except everything up here does it naturally. "

science fiction - Verne California: Hollywood 1955 Bradbury, Ray. A Graveyard for Lunatics. New York: Alfred A. Knopf (1990); pg. 14. "'...You're that... bastard son of Edgar Rice Burroughs and The Warlord of Mars--the illegitimate offspring of H. G. Wells, out of Jules Verne...' "
science fiction - Verne Colorado 2049 Knight, Damon. A For Anything. New York: Tor (1990; 1959); pg. 36. "...on whose cold, slippery floor he and Adam had crouched so often, playing Crusoe, or Captain Nemo, or whatever . . . "
science fiction - Verne Europe 1918 Newman, Kim. The Bloody Red Baron. New York: Carroll & Graf (1995); pg. 37. "He visited gymnasia to share his vision with smart ranks of newly uniformed young men who would make it a reality. It seemed he would submerge forever the reputations of such infantile plagiarists as M. Verne and Mr. Wells. "
science fiction - Verne galaxy 2275 Robinson, Peg. "The Hero of My Own Life " in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds II (Dean Wesley Smith, ed.) New York: Pocket Books (1999); pg. 88. "'Very well, Doctor Marcus. A two-person team to go down in the Nautilus...' " [The craft's name, which is also referred to other places in story, comes from the Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.]
science fiction - Verne galaxy 3300 Brin, David. Heaven's Reach. New York: Bantam (1998); pg. 341. "I must paw through the box of books I brought from Jijo and select tonight's reading. Last time, we had some Melville and Cousteau, but it seems that human authors are a difficult reach for many of these civilized hoons. I expect it will take a while for me to teach them the merits of Jules Verne and Mark Twain. "
science fiction - Verne Greece: Crete 1997 Preuss, Paul. Secret Passages. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 99. "Voyage au Centre de la Terre, by Jules Verne. Kinder- und Hausmarchen, by the Grimms... "
science fiction - Verne Luna 2024 Clarke, Arthur C. & Mike McQuay. Richter 10. New York: Bantam (1996); pg. 323. "The Jules Verne Crater rose majestically on the left. "
science fiction - Verne Luna 2200 Ford, John M. Growing Up Weightless. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 46. Pg. 46: "Plaza Jules Verne, the white zone, was just below the train tube... "; Pg. 145: "When he came out at the Verne station, he looked for a while at the pylons of Names... "

science fiction - Verne, continued


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