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Judaism world 1993 DeChance, John. MagicNet. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 217. "'...The problem of evil, for instance. Evil in the world doesn't make much sense in the Judeo-Christian scheme of things. The Jews are still wondering about the Holocaust. Why didn't skies darken? You know. What kind of God would permit it?...' "
Judaism world 1993 Morrow, James. Only Begotten Daughter. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1990); pg. 170. "'My father was a good man, and he--'

'The Jews? Give me a break, Julie. The Jews? They don't even accept God's son as their redeemer, much less practice Baptism or the Holy Spirit. Let's not even discuss the Jews.'

'All right--I give up. Who got saved?'

...'Heaven's not a crowded place.'

'So I gather. A million?'




'Ten thousand?'


'One thousand?'

'Such an optimist.' Wyvern snapped his fingers, crushing the earwig. 'Four.'


'There are four people in heaven... [including] Murray Katz.'

'Pop? He was a Jew.'

'Yes, but consider his connections. Of all beings in the cosmos, he alone was selected to gestate God's daughter.' "

Judaism world 1993 Stern, Roger. The Death and Life of Superman. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 156. "In London, Rome, and Berlin . . . in Cairo, Jerusalem, and Mecca... in thousands of cities, towns, and villages, people around the globe mourned in public and private. Superman was dead. "
Judaism world 1994 Bradbury, Ray. "Unterderseaboat Doktor " in Quicker Than the Eye. New York: Avon Books (1996; c. 1994); pg. 2. "Beddy-bye was, of course, his couch of pain and humiliation where I lay writhing in agonies of assumed Jewish guilt and Northern Baptist stress as from time to time muttered, 'A fruitcake remark!' or 'Dumb!' or 'If you ever do that again, I'll kill you!' "
Judaism world 1994 Morrow, James. Towing Jehovah. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1994); pg. 41. "A Rastafarian with nineteen more days on shore than Neil. A fellow Jew named Daniel Rosenberg. A Chinese woman, An-mei- Jong... "
Judaism world 1994 Pruett, Joe. "X-Men Movie Prequel: Magneto " in X-Men: Beginnings, Vol. 1. New York: Marvel Comics (2000); pg. 131. "'--Brooklyn, New York where notorious Nazi war criminal, Hans von Shank, was apprehended today. Perhaps the most notorious of the unaccounted for Nazi war criminals, von Shank is wanted in connection with numerous crimes against humanity. Besides waiting to stand trial for crimes committed under the Nazi regime, von Shank is also a prime suspect in several bombings of Jewish business centers throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. Von Shank currently awaits extradition to Israel, where he has occupied a high position on their most wanted list for the better part of four decades.' "
Judaism world 1995 Batchelor, John Calvin. The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica. New York: Dial Press (1983); pg. 124. Pg. 124: "'Accursed Jew!' said Grandfather. "; Pg. 128: "'Speak your blind lies, Jew,' said Grandfather... " [More.]
Judaism world 1995 Batchelor, John Calvin. The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica. New York: Dial Press (1983); pg. 133. "And before any other kind of portraiture, he described himself as a Jew. A man's idea of himself has weight. Israel's idea was that he was first, always, lastly, a Jew. He also said he was both profoundly comforted and profoundly worried by his birthright. He toyed with the word chosen, as in the Jews being God's chosen people. For a quirk that I never penetrated, Israel laughed every time he said that God had chosen the Jews. I can guess that it suggested an irony to him that he preferred to illustrate with those romantic, melodramatic, sometime operatic stories he told about the struggles of the Jews since, as he said, God exiled them from Eden, abandoned Adam and Eve to homelessness and temptations. "
Judaism world 1995 Batchelor, John Calvin. The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica. New York: Dial Press (1983); pg. 133. "Indeed, so many of the best stories I remember from childhood were Israel's parables about fantastic Jewish reversals, epic Jewish displacements, beastly Jewish persecutions, that I suspect that much of my ability to confront the sorrow in my story derives not from my Norse learning, rather from my borrowings and innovations of what Israel told me of Jewish history.

Yet there is more to say of him and there was more mystery to him, than whatever he finally meant to communicate with the idea of Jewishness. He was smart, cagey, kindhearted, political, secretive, motherly, childlike, all things to all he loved, and he loved everyone whom he could tease and who appreciated, even acknowledged, his jokes. "

Judaism world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 39. "What would you do if you discovered that there really was a gay gene? Or that black people have less verbal intelligence than white? Or that Asians are better at numbers than Caucasians? Or that Jews are congenitally mean? Or that women are dumber than men? Or that men dumber than women? " [Many refs., most not in DB. The book is about what would have happened if Hitler's birth had been prevented.]
Judaism world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 52. "'The Shoah?'

'Ah, you think perhaps to flatter me by using the Hebrew. Yes, most especially the Shoah.' His eyes return to me. 'Tell me, Michael, are you a Jew?'

'Er, no. No I'm not, as It happens.'

'As it happens. Are you sure?'

'Well, yes. I mean, not that it matters to me one way or the other, but I'm not a . . . I'm not Jewish.'

'Forster, you know, in the thirties he wrote an essay on what he called 'Jew Consciousness.' How do we know, he said, that we are now Jews? Can we any of us name our eight great-grandparents and be sure they were all Aryan? And yet if only one of them was Jewish, then our lives are as absolutely contingent upon that Jew as they are upon the male line that has given us our surname and our identity... I doubt if even the Prince of Wales could name his eight great-grandparents, no?'

'Well I certainly can't name mine... Come to think, I can't name my four grandparents exactly either. But as far as I know I'm not Jewish.' "

Judaism world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 53. "I don't collect Iron Crosses or swastikas or Lugers or SS uniforms or claim that only twenty thousand people died in the Holocaust, any of that crap.' "
Judaism world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 55. "'Actually,' I blurt out, 'my girlfriend's Jewish.' " [See also pg. 75, 94, 118, 130-132. many others.]
Judaism world 1996 Fry, Stephen. Making History. New York: Random House (1996); pg. 133. "'You are right. The same disgusted thought strikes when one reads the writings of the men who ran the camps. 'Pathetic attempt at a rebellion in the shower rooms this morning. A dozen or so naked Muslims--' they called Jewish women Muslims, did you know that? '--a dozen or so naked Muslims tried to escape. Kretschmer shot each one in the leg and made them hop up and down for ten minutes before liquidating them...' "
Judaism world 1996 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 154. "Othe rcountries of the AIC [Muslim nations] might permit the UN to mediate the newly vexed Jewish Question, but not Libya. To her junta it seemed clear that Christians and Jews had turned the UN into one enormous Swiss-based conspiracy... Libya did not target Cyprus or Israel itself, convinced that the Jewish Ghost Armada would somehow deflect her medium-range missiles harmlessly. "
Judaism world 1996 Morrow, James. "The Covenant " in Bible Stories for Adults. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1996); pg. 120. "I see Moses, the greatest of Hebrew prophets, descending from Sinai after his audience with the original YHWH. His meaty arms hold two stone tablets. " [Other refs. not in DB. A few page of the story are about Moses.]
Judaism world 1996 Morrow, James. "The Covenant " in Bible Stories for Adults. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1996); pg. 127. " 'No gods except me'--right? " says the Son of Rust as we stride down South Street.

"Right, " I reply.

"You don't see the rub? "

"No. "

My companion grins. "Such a prescription implies there is but one true faith. Let it stand, Domine, and you will be setting Christian agains Jew, Buddhist against Hindu, Muslim against pagan. . . "

"An overstatement, " I insist.

Judaism world 1996 Morrow, James. "The Tower " in Bible Stories for Adults. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1996); pg. 83. "Half the planet is now a graduate seminar, the other half a battleground. Afrikaners versus Blacks, Arabs versus Jews, Frenchmen versus Britishers... "
Judaism world 1996 Willis, Connie. Bellwether. New York: Bantam Spectra (1997; 1st ed. 1996); pg. 74. "Bigotry is one of the oldest and ugliest of trends, so persistent it only counts as a fad because the target keeps changing: Huguenots, Koreans, homosexuals, Muslims, Tutsis, Jews, Quakers, wolves, Serbs, Salem housewives. Nearly every group so long as its small and different, has had a turn, and the pattern never changes--disapproval, isolation, demonization, persecution. "
Judaism world 1997 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 295. "Canada found that Egypt, Arabia, Iraq, and other AIR [Association of Islamic Republics] countries would willingly help finance the exodus of Israel [to orbital space stations]. In 1995, major powers would have intervened. By 2010, some major powers might again intervene. But this odd consortium of Canadians, Islamics, and Israelis saw the next few years as a launch window in time. "
Judaism world 1997 Morrow, James. Only Begotten Daughter. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1990); pg. 173. "...howls of despair--Catholic despair, Protestant despair, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist--shot from the semitrailers. "
Judaism world 1998 Bear, Greg. Strength of Stones. New York: Warner Books (1991 revised ed.; copyright 1981, 1988) "The final decade of Earth's twentieth century was cataclysmic. Moslem states fought horrible wars in 1995, 1996, and 1998... Christian splinter cults around the world engaged in every imaginable form of social disobedience to hasten the long-overdue Millennium, but there was no Second Coming. Their indiscretions rubbed off on all Christians.

As for the Jews--the world had never needed any reason to hate Jews. "

Judaism world 1998 Disch, Thomas M. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000; c. 1998); pg. 168. "Donnelly's novel [Caesar's Column]... resemblance to Jack London's The Iron Heel (1907). But it differs from its successor in some telling ways--most strikingly by that paradoxical anti-Semitism that supposes Jews to be in control of both Wall Street and international bolshevism. We learn that when Donnelly's archvillain, Prince Cabano, 'comes to sign his name to a legal document, [he[ signs it as Jacob Isaacs.' And further, that 'the aristocracy of the world is now almost altogether of Hebrew origin.' But the second in command of the revolutionary Brotherhood of Destruction, and the 'brains of the organization,' is a Russian Jew, 'driven out of his synagogue in Russia . . . for some crimes he had committed . . . a man of great ability, power and cunning.' When the revolution has brought about its own Reign of Terror and the destruction of New York... this Jewish Robespierre flees to Judea, where 'he proposes to make himself king of Jerusalem...' "
Judaism world 1998 Wilson, Robert Charles. Mysterium. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 101. "They hated especially the town's mutant Christianity, a Christianity almost Judaic in its insistence on one Creator, one risen Christ, one Book. "
Judaism world 1998 Wilson, Robert Charles. Mysterium. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 112. "It was open to 'White Men, Jews, Apostates, Negros, Mulattos, and Others--All Welcome.' "
Judaism world 1998 Wilson, Robert Charles. Mysterium. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 206. "He had been especially fascinated by the wild cosmogonies of the early Christian Gnostics, creation myths cobbled together from fragments of Judaism, Hellenic paganism, eastern mystery religions. "
Judaism world 1999 Banks, Iain. The Business. New York: Simon & Schuster (1999); pg. 39. "Rumours I've heard indicate that our Swiss Bank may be implicated, albeit marginally, in the recent Nazi gold scandal, which, aside from the morality of it all, is both careless and embarrassing, given the occasional co-operative venture we've taken on with the Rothschilds and the generally good relations we've enjoyed with Jewish enterprises over the centuries. "
Judaism world 1999 Banks, Iain. The Business. New York: Simon & Schuster (1999); pg. 98. " even more extreme, hideous and sinister branch of the International Zionist Conspiracy (in other words, the Jews)... a similarly extremist Islamic syndicate sworn to out-perform, out-deal and out-haggle the Jews (probably the last plausible so far)... the front for a cartel of Jewish Negro financiers intent on enslaving the White Race (I confess I'm still waiting for my first introduction to a Jewish Negro financier, but maybe I just move in the wrong circles . . . except I don't "
Judaism world 1999 Banks, Iain. The Business. New York: Simon & Schuster (1999); pg. 136. "'Not much dog-fighting there. We've gone straight to Yom Kippur.' "
Judaism world 1999 Banks, Iain. The Business. New York: Simon & Schuster (1999); pg. 267. "'...We respect the beliefs of our Hindu brothers and sisters. Buddhists tend not to see themselves as being in competition with others. The Hindu faith is like Judaism, providing an ancient set of rules by which we may live one's life and order one's thoughts...' "
Judaism world 1999 Banks, Iain. The Business. New York: Simon & Schuster (1999); pg. 267. "'You are a Christian, Ms. Telman?'


'Jewish, then? I have noticed that many people whose names end in '-man' are Jewish.'

I shook my head. "

Judaism world 1999 Koman, Victor. Jehovah Contract. New York: Franklin Watts (1984); pg. 203. "Rabbis, imams, and assorted shamans hinted that only the Christian God would die on the Christian New Year. "
Judaism world 1999 Sagan, Carl. Contact. New York: Simon & Schuster (1985); pg. 167. "'....From the exhibits out there, it's clear that some Christians (and Jews, and Muslims) think that the universe is only six thousand years old...' "
Judaism world 1999 Sagan, Carl. Contact. New York: Simon & Schuster (1985); pg. 175. "'...Since more than half the people on the Earth aren't Jews or Christians or Muslims...' "
Judaism world 2000 Barad, Judith & Ed Robertson The Ethics of Star Trek. New York: HarperCollins (2000) [Non-fiction. Page numbers from book's index.] Other Jewish or Old Testament categories in index: Abraham; "Babel " (episode name); Ecclesiastes; Exodus; Book of Genesis; Moses; Old Testament; Solomon; Ten Commandments; "The Way to Eden " (episode name)
Judaism world 2000 Gentle, Mary. A Secret History. New York: Avon Books (1999); pg. 148. "My research indicates that the del Guiz LIFE has conflated these travelers' tales with mediaeval Jewish stories of the golem, the man of clay. This was a magical being with, of course, no basis in fact. " [Some other refs. in novel to golems, e.g. pg. 306, 311.]
Judaism world 2000 Gentle, Mary. The Wild Machines. New York: HarperCollins (2000); pg. 8. "I think that the Rabbi had a mordant sense of humour. I suspect that, whereas 'Fraxinus' tells us that the mobile golems resembled the Rabbi, the Stone Golem itself is a portrait of that noble Visigoth... " [Other refs. to golems, not in DB.]
Judaism world 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 147. "Of course, it's possible to enjoy the traditions of religion--the ceremonies, the ties with the past--without believing in God. After all, as one of my Jewish friends has been known to observe, the only Jews who survived World War II were either now atheists or hadn't been paying attention.'

But, in fact, there are millions of Jews who believe--really believe--in God (or G-d); indeed, secular Zionist Judaism was on the wane while formal observance was rising. "

Judaism world 2001 Aldiss, Brian. "Marvells of Utopia " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001); pg. 191. "'You could add to that long list all the world's false gods and goddesses, the Greek gods, who gave their names to the constellations, the Baals and Isises and Roman soldier gods, the multi-armed Kali, Ganesh with the elephant's head, Allah, Jehovah with his beards and rags, dusty hags such as Astarte...' "
Judaism world 2002 Bear, Greg. Vitalis. New York: Ballantine (2002); pg. 116. Pg. 116: "'It was the Jews,' he continued. 'Krupp was a secret Jew, did you know that? Rockefeller. A Jew. They wanted the whole world to go to war. Read my last book if you disagree. Thoroughly annotated. We have lived a century of shams and deceptions.' ";

Pg. 164: "I spotted three hardcover books by Rudy Banning... The second, We Knew Nothing, compared German civilian complicity in the Holocaust with Russian civilian complicity in the expulsion of Jews to Siberia in the 1950s. Published in 1992... " [Many other Nazi, Holocaust, and Jewish refs., not in DB.]

Judaism world 2002 Bear, Greg. Vitalis. New York: Ballantine (2002); pg. 210. Pg. 200: "He wore silk pajama bottoms... a flowing Maharishi beard... jet-black hair topped by a little embroidered yarmulke. ";

Pg. 210: "'Marx, Trotsky, Sinoviev, Kamanev . . . The Communists were empowered by world Jewry, by Jews who hated themselves and their race!... The Jews orchestrated their own demise, bit by bit--and blamed it on Hitler, but it was also Stalin who killed so many, who killed all but one of the Jews around him, sent them to Siberia, and who put him in power? Jews. Who spied for him? Communist Jews. The Rosenbergs, Ted hall . . . Jews! Damn the Jews!' " [More here. Many other refs. to Jews, not in DB.]

Judaism world 2002 Ing, Dean. Single Combat. New York: Tor (1983); pg. 38. "Gibson was a twice-a-year Methodist who believed the holo warnings about the threat New Israel would become, when the Israeli Ellfive orbital colonies were complete... above all, he began to mistrust a government that made it gradually more difficult for jews and Catholics to share meetings or media exposure. "
Judaism world 2003 Knight, Damon. Why Do Birds. New York: Tor (1992); pg. 117. Pg. 117: "'He's dead now, I guess; I found this in a catalog under 'secret messages.' See, he was a Hebrew scholar, and he found out that if you took every forty-ninth letter of the Torah--that's what the Jews call the Bible--the first five letters spell 'Torah.' '

'Every forty-ninth letter? Why?'

'Beats me. Anyway, I thought I'd try in on the magazine...' ";

Pg. 120: "'Okay, what about the sheenies? Are they Hebrew Americans?'

'No, they're Jews, but don't call them sheenies or kikes.' " [More.]

Judaism world 2006 Ing, Dean. Wild Country. New York: Tor (1985); pg. 72-73. "For one thing, the rival's address was on Sharon Square in the satellite colony of New Israel/Beth. Had it been New Israel/Aleph, they might have entertained a hope that some Earth-based drug baron was taking it easy in the low-gravity spa on that carefully groomed tourist haven... But Beth was New Israel's second satellite colony, the one devoted to research. No one could visit with a special visa, except for Israelis with expertise in weapons, physics, agronomy, or some other skill vital to the survival of a spacefaring people.

...New Israel? Every year those hardnosed sabras seemed to care less about the world they had left; a world they felt had exiled them to space colonies... No bunch without his own seat on the World Council could afford to be pulled in by New Israel's Ha Mossad agents. Anybody without a standing force of military spacecraft was plane... crazy, to take on those guys. " [Book contains other New Israel references, not in DB.]

Judaism world 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 303. "...and maybe a conference for Ramadan, Yom Kippur an Christmas...' "
Judaism world 2010 Asimov, Isaac & Robert Silverberg. The Positronic Man. New York: Doubleday (1992); pg. 133. "...early mobile speaking units had been gigantic--nearly twelve feet high, frightful lumbering monsters that had summoned up all of humanity's fears of artificial beings--of Frankenstein's monster and the Golem and all the rest of that assortment of nightmares. "
Judaism world 2010 Bishop, Michael. "The Bob Dylan Tambourine Software & Satori Support Services Consortium, Ltd. " (published 1985) in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (Ursula K. Le Guin & Brian Atterbery, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Co. (1993); pg. 616. [Year estimated.] "That Dylan would give up his career in music to become a computer-software impressario, few of us could have guessed. Not that this world-famous figure--in his various self-conscious guises as tubercular poet... charismatic Christian balladeer, and repentant Jew--had failed to experience changes aplenty in his astonishing forty-plus years. "
Judaism world 2010 Brunner, John. Stand on Zanzibar. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1968); pg. 266. "Factually: he was a Micryogenic (R) device of the family collectively referred to as the Thecapex group... and of that family's fourth generation, his predecessors having been the pilot model named Jeroboam, the commercially available Rehoboam of which over a thousand were in operation, and the bread-board layout Nebuchadnezzer which turned out to have so many bugs in it they discontinued the project and cannibalised the parts. "
Judaism world 2010 Brunner, John. Stand on Zanzibar. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1968); pg. 421. "The feeling in the air was the kind that might have reigned over a Hebrew encampment the day Jehovah declined, for His own inscrutable reasons, to perform a miracle and wipe out the high priest of Dagon. "
Judaism world 2010 Brunner, John. Stand on Zanzibar. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1968); pg. 459. "CAIRO ATTACKS BEN PROJ AS 'JEWISH PLOT'
Judaism world 2010 Bury, Stephen. Interface. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 495. "'There are only five entities in the world with sufficient wisdom to pursue consistent strategies over periods over several centuries... These entities are not national or governmental in nature--even the best governments are dangerously unstable and short-lived. Such an entity is self-preserving and self-perpetuating. A world war, or the rise and fall of an empire or an alliance such as the USSR or NATO, is no more serious, to it, than a gust of wind buffeting the sails of a clipper ship.'

'What are these entities?'...

'In no particular order, one is the Catholic Church. One is Japan--which is nothing more than a group of zaibatsus, or major industrial combines. The third is a loose network of shtetls. After the expulsion from Spain in 1492, they forcibly realized the importance of long-range planning, and in the intervening years have accumulated formidable assets...' "

Judaism world 2010 Stephenson, Neal. The Big U. New York: Random House (1984); pg. 118. "'TUG is fully consistent with Judeo-Christo-Mohammedan-Bahaism.' "
Judaism world 2010 Williams, Walter Jon. Days of Atonement. New York: Tor (1991); pg. 14. "He looked down at his desk calendar. Yom Kippur, it said over today's date. (Begin at sunset.) Loren had put a little red tick mark against each of the seven days following. Jews had one Day of Atonement.. "
Judaism world 2010 Willis, Connie. "Samaritan " in Fire Watch. New York: Bluejay (1984; story copyright 1979); pg. 229-230. "'The odd thing about it was that Natalie'd apparently taught him some kind of shorthand sign for good Samaritan, but he wouldn't use it. He kept spelling the word out, letter by letter.'

' 'How is that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria?' '


'John 4. That's what the Samaritan woman said to Jesus at the well.' "

Judaism world 2015 Leiber, Fritz. The Wanderer. New York: Walker & Co. (1964); pg. 53. Pg. 53: "'I'll be in Baba Yaga Three to relay back to Gompert...' " [These vehicles, 'Baba Yagas' are mentioned frequently. Most other refs. not in DB. Baba Yaga is a figure in Jewish folk tales from Russia.]; Pg. 62: They called the little moon-type rocket ships 'Baba Yagas' because--Dufresne had first thought of it--they suggested the witch's hut on legs that figures in a couple of popular bits of classical Russian music and that, in the underlying folklore, runs about by night on those legs. It was rumored that the Soviet moonmen called their ships 'Jeeps.' "
Judaism world 2018 Bova, Ben. Voyager II: The Alien Within. New York: Tor (1986); pg. 54. "'Want to quiz me?'

'Should I?'

'Is it because psychiatry began among Middle European Jews that you tend to answer a question with a question?' Stoner asked. "

Judaism world 2019 Russell, Mary Doria. The Sparrow. New York: Ballantine (1996); pg. 125. "There were Jews who believed that God is in the world, active, purposeful. After the Holocaust, it was difficult to sustain such an idea... Still, Israel rose from the ashes of the six million. " [Other refs. not in DB. Also pg. 201, 347, and elsewhere.]
Judaism world 2020 Heinlein, Robert A. Friday. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston (1982); pg. 57. "Oh, sure, sure! And 'some of my best friends are Jews.' But I'm not Cherokee, so far as I know. "
Judaism world 2020 Maggin, Elliot S. Kingdom Come. New York: Time Warner (1998); pg. 91. "God stopped talking to people, by my reckoning, between twenty-two and twenty-five hundred years ago, during the heyday of the Hebrew prophets. Humankind, though they could not have known it at the time, would embark on a new phase... Jeremiah was one of the last prophets of whom we know who actually had conversations--arguments sometimes--with God. The first one came when Jeremiah was just twenty-one years old. Jeremiah tried to convince God that he was too young and callow for the burden of prophecy. And God said that He had known Jeremiah since before he was a glimmer in his parents' eye, that God had grown and fashioned Jeremiah to this mission the way an artist fits a shape to its landscape. I do not know of an instance when Jeremiah won an argument with God, but I suspect that the experience of verbal combat with His creations was one that the Deity did not relish. " [More. Also pg. 176, 192.]
Judaism world 2025 Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 100. "'Babel's a city in Babylon, right?'

'It was a legendary city,' the Librarian says. 'Babel is a Biblical term for Babylon. The word is Semitic; Bab means gate and El means God, so Babel means 'Gate of God.' But is probably also somewhat onomatopoeic, imitating someone who speaks in an incomprehensible tongue. The Bible is full of puns.'

'They built a tower to Heaven and God knocked it down.'

'This is an anthology of common misconceptions. God did not do anything to the Tower itself. 'And the Lord said, 'Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do...' Genesis 11:6-9, Revised Standard Version.' [Etc. More discussion of the story of the Tower of Babel.]

Judaism world 2025 Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 215. "'So the strict, book-based religion of the deuteronomists inoculated the Hebrews against the Asherah virus.'

'In combination with strict monogamy and other kosher practices, yes,' the Librarian says. 'The previous religions, from Sumer up to Deuteronomy, are known as prerational. Judaism was the first of the rational religions. As such, in Lagos's view, it was much less susceptible to viral infection because it was based on fixed, written records. This was the reason for the veneration of the Torah and the exacting care used when making new copies of it--informational hygiene.' "

Judaism world 2025 Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 374. "'In any case, this is the birth of a rational religion. All of the subsequent monotheistic religions--known by Muslims, appropriately, as religions of the Book--incorporated those ideas to some extent. For example, the Koran states over and over again that it is a transcript, an exact copy, of a book in Heaven. Naturally, anyone who believes that will not dare to alter the text in any way! Ideas such as these were so effective in preventing the spread of Asherah that, eventually, ever square inch of territory where the viral cult had once thrived--from India to Spain--was under the sway of Islam, Christianity, or Judaism.

'But because of its latency--coiled about the brainstem of those it infects, passed from one generation to the next--it always finds a way to resurface. In the case of Judaism, it came in the form of the Pharisees, who imposed a rigid legalistic theocracy on the Hebrews...' "

Judaism world 2030 Jablokov, Alexander. Nimbus. New York: Avon Books (1993); pg. 160. "'...We can calculate the reaction. Shibboleth. It's been done before. Simple. You know the story?'

'No,' I admitted.

She shook her head. 'All these educated men. We heard all these stories in church. You really should read the Bible more, Theo. You might learn something. In the time of Judges, two Israelite tribes, the Ephraimites and the Gileadites, were having a war. The Gileadites held the fords of the Jordan, and refugee Ephraimites tried to cross, denying they were Ephraimites. The Gileadites told them to say the word 'Shibboleth'. Ephraimites spoke a different dialect of Hebrew and could only say 'Sibboleth', and so they were taken and slain.'

'Does Shibboleth mean anything?' I asked.

She shook her head. 'Nothing important. What was important was the pronunciation...' "

Judaism world 2031 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Chronoliths. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 211. "Time has an arrow, Sue Chopra once told me. It flies in one direction... Morality has an arrow, too. For example: Run a film of the Second World War backward and you invert its moral logic. The Allies sign a peace agreement with Japan and promptly bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nazis extract bullets form the heads of emaciated Jews and nurse them back to health. "
Judaism world 2032 Barnes, John. Kaleidoscope Century. New York: Tor (1995); pg. 184. "'...Unless they can enlist the cybertaos to go in with them. And the cybertaos would just love that, because any idea that gets too close to cybertao ends up being cybertao, which is why the Jews and Muslims and Hindus have all gotten so paranoid about cybertao--because they've all lost millions of believers overnight. The poor... Buddhists and Taoists just disappeared entirely, you know?' "

Judaism, continued


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