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Atheism Greece -445 B.C.E. Vidal, Gore. Creation. New York: Random House (1981); pg. 12. "Although Callias is an hereditary priest, he is most superstitious. I find this odd. Hereditary priests usually tend to atheism. They know too much. "
Atheism Greece -445 B.C.E. Vidal, Gore. Creation. New York: Random House (1981); pg. 145. "Since the Athenian mob is still Aryan in its superstitions, few dare question openly the gods of the state. But, privately, they are either turning to pre-Aryan mystery cults or to such radical prophets as Pythagoras--or to atheism. "
Atheism India -445 B.C.E. Vidal, Gore. Creation. New York: Random House (1981); pg. 167. "The notion of impiety is quite alien to the Indian mind. Not only do Aryan kings enjoy talking to atheists who openly mock the high gods of the Aryan tribes but no Aryan ruler would ever dream of outlawing the pre-Aryan local gods of the country folk. "
Atheism Louisiana: New Orleans 1929 Rice, Anne. The Witching Hour. New York: Ballantine (1993; c. 1990); pg. 523. "It is interesting to note that no one ever discussed the possibility that Stuart was 'possessed.' The doctor was an atheist; the children were taken to the Methodist church. The family knew nothing of Catholics... "
Atheism Mars 2012 Zubrin, Robert. First Landing. New York: Ace Books (2002; c. 2001); pg. 148. "'Damn Yankee atheist bitch,' she muttered. "
Atheism Mars 2100 Anthony, Piers. Hard Sell. Houston, TX: Tafford Publishing (1990); pg. 88. "'Now the ground floor is devoted to chapels. Every major religion is represented, and there is even a blank champer for atheists, ha-ha. We are non-denominational, of course, but we honor every faith and scoff at none...' "
Atheism Mars 2397 Bear, Greg. The Forge of God. New York: Tor (1987); pg. 468. "In four days many of us will celebrate Christmas. On Earth, that was a time of hope, of the promise of resurrection. Even the atheists among us must feel the power of this particular season and holiday, especially now, for like Christ, we carry the weight of billions on our shoulders... "
Atheism New Jersey 1992 Morrow, James. Only Begotten Daughter. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1990); pg. 110. "'You're an agnostic, Mr. Constantine?'

'Used to be... Then one day--you want to hear about it?'

'My favorite subject.'

'One day I picked up my cousin's new baby and realized how at any moment this pathetic innocent creature might die in a car crash or get leukemia, and in that moment of revelation, my Road to Damascus, I went the whole way to atheism.'

Of all things: she laughed... 'Hey, if I weren't divine,' she said, 'I'd probably be an atheist too.' "

Atheism New Mexico: Atocha 2010 Williams, Walter Jon. Days of Atonement. New York: Tor (1991); pg. 197. "'I'm an atheist, so I'm not exactly an authority on matters theological.' He fell silent for a moment, then added irrelevantly, 'I was raised Quaker, though.'

'I was raised Baptist,' Kurita blurted, 'but so what? Listen! We can make a universe! It'll be terrific! Some thesis, huh?' "

Atheism New York 1972 Tushnet, Leonard. "In re Glover " in Again, Dangerous Visions (Harlan Ellison, ed.) Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1972); pg. 510. "Certain members of the New York State Bar Association had asked for a vote of censure of the firm of Shires, Band, and Jarvis for violation of ethical standards of the bar, in that the firm participated in the drawing up of a contract that was grossly immoral and fraudulent. By a very narrow margin the vote was held up pending the report of an ad hoc committee. The committee was seeking from the courts an opinion whether the contract was fraudulent in its statement of purpose, whose implied human immorality, a state inconsistent with fact and contrary to the Blasphemy Act passed during the early days of the sovereign State of New York and never repealed. The Society for the Advancement of Atheism asked leave to submit a brief amicus curiae to show that the Act contravened the First Amendment of the Constitution. "
Atheism New York: New York City 2010 Brunner, John. Stand on Zanzibar. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1968); pg. 146. "'Oh my God,' Donald said.'

'I don't believe in God,' said the captain. 'I wouldn't care to believe in anyone who could make such a stinking lousy species as the one you belong to. Get the hole out of here before I charge you with incitement to riot.' "

Atheism Ohio 1999 Willis, Connie. "Epiphany " in Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. New York: Bantam (1999); pg. 265. "They'd met on the ecumenical committee, when the Unitarian chairman had decided that, to be truly ecumenical, they needed a resident atheist and Darwinian biologist. And, Mel suspected, an African-American. "
Atheism Ohio 1999 Willis, Connie. "Epiphany " in Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. New York: Bantam (1999); pg. 266. "'...Look around you. Who do you see prospering? Abortion doctors and homosexuals and godless atheists. But when Christ comes, they will be punished...' "
Atheism Ontario 2002 Sawyer, Robert J. Hominids. New York: Tor (2002); pg. 298. "Still, maybe she was thinking now more like an atheist than a true believer. A believer should hold that Milgaaard, Morin, and Marshall were eventually going to receive their just, heavenly reward, making up for whatever they'd endured here on Earth. After all, God's own son had been executed unfairly, even by the standards of Rome; Pontius Pilate didn't think Christ guilty of the crime with which he'd been charged.

But Ponter's world was beginning to sound worse even than Pilate's court; the brutality of forced sterilizations with an absolute belief that you'd always correctly found the guilty party. Mary suppressed a shudder. "

Atheism Ontario: Toronto 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 147. "So, again, why was I surprised that Hollus believe in God? That an alien from a culture a century or two more advanced than my own hadn't shucked off the last vestiges of the supernatural? Even if he hadn't had a grand unified theory to justify his beliefs, why should it be so outlandish that he wasn't an atheist?

I'd never questioned whether I was right or wrong when confronted by obviously deluded creationists. I'd never doubted my convictions when assailed by fundamentalists. But here I was, meeting with creatures from other stars, and the fact that they had been able to come to me while I had no way of going to see them made blindingly obvious which of us was intellectually superior.

And these aliens believed what I hadn't since childhood.

They believed an intelligent designer had made the universe. "

Atheism Ontario: Toronto 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 157. "'All fossils are fake,' said Falsey. 'Created by God to test the faith of the weak.'

'You and I know that. And it's bad enough the atheists are able to teach our kids about fossils in schools, but now they are showing them to aliens, making those aliens think we believe the lie of evolution. The aliens are being led to believe that we humans don't believe in God...' "

Atheism Ontario: Toronto 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 28. "I shook my head in wonder. 'I can't think of any reason why evolutionary history should be similar on multiple worlds.'

'One reason is obvious,' said Hollus. He moved sideways a few steps... 'It could be that way because God wished it to be so.'

For some reason, I was surprised to hear the alien talking like that. Most of the scientists I know are either atheists or keep their religion to themselves--and Hollus had indeed said he was a scientist.

'That's one explanation,' I said quietly.

'It is the most sensible. Do humans not subscribe to a principle that says the simplest explanation is the most preferable.'

I nodded. 'We call it Occam's razor.'

'The explanation that it was God's will posits one cause for all the mass extinctions; that makes it preferable.' " [Many other refs. throughout novel, not in DB. The novel is about aliens who come to Earth with scientific proof for the existence of God.]

Atheism Ontario: Toronto 2000 Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 64. "'I see,' continued the alien, 'the source of your misunderstanding. In the past, the scientists of my world were mostly atheists or agnostics. We have long known of the apparently finely tuned forces that govern our universe; I form the impression that you were already somewhat familiar with them yourself. And that same argument--that there are perhaps an infinite number of universes, manifesting continuums of alternative values for the fundamental constants--was what allowed previous generations of Forhilnor scientists to dismiss the notion of a creator. As you say, if all the possible values exist somewhere, there is nothing noteworthy about the existence of one universe governed by a particular set of values that happens to make life possible.

'But it turns out that there are no long-term parallel universes existing simultaneously with this one; there cannot be. The physicists of my world have attained... a grand unified theory...' "

Atheism Oregon 1993 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Harvest. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 243. "'I don't happen to believe in God, Matthew, but if I did, I think I'd prefer the one that works in mysterious ways His miracles to perform. Pray for rain, in other words, but keep the tanning butter handy. It's more human.' "
Atheism Pakistan 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 206. "'To say that Chapekar [leader of India, and a Hindu] and I both serve God is blasphemy to one or the other of us, or both,' said Wahabi [leader of Pakistan, a Muslim].

'God loves this land and has given the Indian people greatness,' said Achilles--so passionately that if Petra had not known better, she might have believed he had some kind of faith. 'Do you really think it is the will of God that both Pakistan and India remain in obscurity and weakness, because the people of India have not yet awakened to the will of Allah?'

'I do not care what atheists and madmen say about the will of Allah.' "

Atheism Pennsylvania 1993 Simmons, Dan. The Hollow Man. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 11. "Witnessing. Wouldn't Pastor Miller think it wonderful if I brought this college professor to the Lord. If I quote Scripture, I'm liable to lose him . . . oh, wouldn't Darlene have a fit if I came to Wednesday-night services with this agnostic . . . atheist . . . whatever he is, ready to come to Christ! "
Atheism Riverworld 1890 Farmer, Philip Jose. To Your Scattered Bodies Go. New York: Berkeley Medallion Books (1971); pg. 25. "'I was an atheist,' he said, seeming to speak to himself more than to them. 'Now I don't know! This place is as big a shock to an atheist, you know, as to those devout believers who had pictured an afterlife quite different from this. Well, so I was wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.' "
Atheism Soviet Union 2015 Sterling, Bruce. "We See Things Differently " (published 1989) in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (Ursula K. Le Guin & Brian Atterbery, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Co. (1993); pg. 779. "The struggle continues in the Muslim lands of what was once the Soviet Union. There the Believers ride in Holy Jihad, freeing their ancient lands form the talons of Marxist atheism. "
Atheism Soviet Union 2020 Watson, Ian. The Flies of Memory. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers (1990); pg. 185. "Mukulin's world view was so cockeyed. So was the world view of hundreds of millions of supposedly normal people! Rationality hadn't made much headway. That logic was losing on all fronts was Valeri's fear [Valeri is a Marxist Communist]. Despite the official atheism the state was now in retreat before a crew of querulous Christians and maddening Moslems, noisier than ever with each new concession. What was worse, science itself was courting superstition and ceasing to be true science... "
Atheism Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 95. "'...I will not claim to agree with the Covenant, but I am bound by it. The majority feel that your continuing objectivity is crucial. I will only say that the guiding principles of Church Second Comm [the Second Church Communist] are essentially humanist, and that we maintain only symbolic connection to the atheistic Communists of Earth. We are theist Communists.' "
Atheism Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 96. "'Yet if most sects here believe in the Christian God--who is also the Jewish and Mohammedan God, whether termed YHVH or Allah--why should there by any need to qualify Him further?'

'This is the question I have been trying answer... Your interpretation of God surely differs somewhat from mine, and both of ours differs from that of the Church of Atheism. Who is to say which sects most truly reflects God's will?...' "

Atheism Tau Ceti 2300 Le Guin, Ursula K. The Dispossessed. New York: Avon Books (1975; first pub. 1974); pg. 12. "'The Second Officer,' he said, 'seems to be afraid of me.'

'Oh, with him it's religious bigotry...'

'So he sees me--how?'

'As a dangerous atheist.'

'An atheist! Why?'

'Why, because you're an Odonian from Anarres--there's not religion on Anarres.'

'No religion? Are we stones, on Anarres?'

'I mean established religion--churches, creeds--' Kimoe flustered easily...

' could not seriously believe that we have no religious capacity? That we could do physics while we were cut off from the profoundest relationship has with the cosmos?' "

Atheism Texas: Dallas 1963 Freedman, Nancy. Joshua Son of None. New York: Delacorte Press (1973); pg. 4. "The polarities did not combine smoothly in his character. He was a slightly incongruous, not to say improbable, person. A devout atheist, proud of being a Jew. "
Atheism Texas: Dallas 1994 Morrow, James. Towing Jehovah. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1994); pg. 111. "In conspiratorial tones, Barclay outlined his committee's plan. Under the cover of night, a small subset of the [Englightenment] League, a kind of atheist commando unit, would crawl across the luxurious lawn of the First Baptist Church of Dallas--'the Pentagon of Christianity,' as Barclay put it--and jimmy open a basement window. They would sneak into the church. Infiltrate the nave. Secure the pews. And then, unholstering their Swingline staples, they would take up each Bible in turn and, before replacing it, neatly affix a thirty-page precis of On the Origin of Species between the table of contents and Genesis.

Equal time for Darwin.

... Sylvia Endicott: skepticism's oldest living warrior... 'You know my views on scientific creationism... You know where I stand on Dallas Baptists. But come on, people. This so-called 'counterattack' is really just a prank. We're the children of... Voltaire... We aren't the... Marx Brothers.' "

Atheism United Kingdom 1964 Hoyle, Fred. The Black Cloud. New York: Harper & Row (1957); pg. 147. "Those who have experienced the coming of sunrise after a cold night in the desert will have a faint idea of the joy brought by the dawn of 24th October, 1964. A word about religion may be in order. During the approach of the Cloud all manner of religious beliefs had flourished mightily. During the spring, the Jehovah's Witnesses had robbed all other speakers in Hyde Park of their audiences. Incumbents of the Church of England had been astonished to find themselves preaching to overflowing congregations. All this was swept aside on 24th October. Everyone, men and women of all creeds--Christian, Atheist, Mohammedan, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew--all became pervaded to their innermost beings with the emotional complex of the old Sun-worshippers. True, Sun-worship never became an established religion, for it had no central organisation, but the undertones of the ancient religion were set vibrating and were never again dumped out. "
Atheism United Kingdom: England 1985 Dickinson, Peter. The Green Gene. New York: Random House (1973); pg. 27. "'...I expect you don't drink at all, being a whatever you are.'

'I have no religion, but I do not drink.'

'Dad's a humanist. Very wet.' "

Atheism United Kingdom: London 1990 Byatt, A.S. Possession. New York: Random House (1991; c. 1990); pg. 12. So Randolph Henry Ash, ca 1840, when he was writing Ragnarok, a poem in twelve books, which some saw as a Christianising of the Norse myth and some trounced as atheistic and diabolically despairing. "
Atheism United Kingdom: London 1990 Byatt, A.S. Possession. New York: Random House (1991; c. 1990); pg. 398. "We all went to hear Mass at the church at midnight. My father and I always go. My grandfather would not enter the church; his principles were republican and atheist. I am not sure that my father's religious beliefs would please the Cure... "
Atheism United Kingdom: London 1995 Priest, Christopher. Darkening Island. New York: Harper & Row (1972); pg. 9. "I smoke cigarettes to a moderate amount. Sometimes I drink alcohol. I do not believe in God; I do not go to church; I do not have any objection to other people doing so. When I married my wife, I was in love with her... My name is Alan Whitman.

...I do not smoke at all most of the time, though when cigarettes are available I smoke them continually. I am able to get drunk about once a month. I do not believe in God; I do not go to church. When I last saw my wife, I was cursing her... My name is Alan Whitman. "

Atheism USA 1976 Le Guin, Ursula K. The Left Hand of Darkness. New York: Ace Books (1976; first pub. 1969), pg. 4 of author's introduction. [Author's introduction] "I talk about the gods, I am an atheist. But I am an artist too, and therefore a liar. Distrust everything I say. I am telling the truth. "
Atheism USA 1982 Bishop, Michael. The Secret Ascension; or, Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas. New York: Tor (1987); pg. 297. "'Hey Gordon,' Dolly said, 'I'm not even tepid [nominal Christian]. I'm your basic agnostic-on-good-days, atheist-on-bad.' "
Atheism USA 1986 Anderson, Jack. Control. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp. (1988); pg. 138. "'You're Jewish, aren't you?' she asked.

'It depends on who you ask... My mother had me circumcised, and my father had me baptized... I refused to be bar mitzvahed or confirmed, thereby offending both families. My parents are still alive... Frankly said, I have too much education to swallow either of their religions. I'm guess I'm an atheist.'

She shrugged. 'I understand. Thad and I don't make a point of it, but I suppose we're really atheists, too.'

'Even though,' said Bert, continuing his line of thought,' my father is a devout Presbyterian--'

Anne giggled softly. 'I never heard of anyone being a devout Presbyterian.'

'Even so, the mother of my child refused to marry me because she and her family consider me a Jew... So there's a hidden chapter from my personal life.'

'You? . . . A child?'

...'So you have two sons. One thinks he wants to study for the priesthood . . . this son of two atheists. And the other is? . . .'

'Homosexual,' "

Atheism USA 1986 Anderson, Jack. Control. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp. (1988); pg. 220. "In a related development, Senator Eugene Borman, R-Miss., announced he was introducing a bill to block Catlett's acquisition of States. 'It is not in the public interest,' he said, 'for a chain of fourteen television stations to fall into the hands of a man whom many believe to be an atheist and a pornographer.

Asked if he himself believes that F. Thad Catlett is an atheist and pornographer, Senator Borman replied, 'Well, I do wonder just what sort of man he is. His son, we are given to understand, is what they call a 'gay.' ' "

Atheism USA 1996 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 88. "Catholics, Jews, Unitarians and atheists wanted equal [media] time. "
Atheism USA 1999 Kessel, John. Good News from Outer Space. New York: Tor (1990; c. 1989); pg. 49. "Other [newspaper] stories littered his desk:... 'Unarius Temple Firebombed.' 'Jehovah's Witnesses Torn by Schism.' 'High-Tech pioneer Founds American Atheist Party.' "
Atheism USA 1999 Kessel, John. Good News from Outer Space. New York: Tor (1990; c. 1989); pg. 56. "'The Lord holds out one hand in invitation. In his other he holds raised the flaming sword! Anyone who needs a reminder--look at San Francisco! The sodomite has learned, the harlot is learning, and the atheist will learn!' "
Atheism USA 1999 Kessel, John. Good News from Outer Space. New York: Tor (1990; c. 1989); pg. 60. "Levine licked his lips. 'The revived are demons from Hell?'

The town atheist, the secular Jew, looking to mock him. Gilray wondered if Levine would be among the 144,000 Jews to convert before Armageddon. " [More conversation between Gilray and Levine.]

Atheism USA 1999 Kessel, John. Good News from Outer Space. New York: Tor (1990; c. 1989); pg. 64. "'I can't persuade a godless bigot.'

'Get this, Jeff. The man sees atheists under every rock.'

'It's the easiest place to find them.' "

Atheism USA 1999 Koman, Victor. Jehovah Contract. New York: Franklin Watts (1984); pg. 154. "'...Even in the United States there is evidence of an internal battle for control of this continent by at least two factions--a productive, isolationist sect of woman-worshipping pagans and atheists versus...' "
Atheism USA 1999 Sagan, Carl. Contact. New York: Simon & Schuster (1985); pg. 174. "' must be able to imagine a world without God... To me, that would be a hateful and inhuman world. I wouldn't want to live in it. But if you can imagine that world, why straddle? Why occupy some middle ground? If you believe all that already, isn't it much simpler to say there's no God? You're not being true to Occam's Razor. I think you're waffling. How can a thoroughgoing conscientious scientist be an agnostic if you can even imagine a world without God? Wouldn't you just have to be an atheist?'

'...If the laws of nature explain all the available facts without supernatural intervention, or even do only as well as the God hypothesis, then for the time being I'd call myself an atheist. Then, if a single piece of evidence was discovered that doesn't fit, I'd back off from atheism...' "

Atheism USA 1999 Sagan, Carl. Contact. New York: Simon & Schuster (1985); pg. 175. "'I've always thought an agnostic was an atheist without the courage of his convictions.'

'You could just as well say that an agnostic is a deeply religious person with at least a rudimentary knowledge of human fallibility. When I say I'm an agnostic, I only mean that the evidence isn't in. There isn't compelling evidence that God exists--at least your kind of god--and there isn't compelling evidence that he doesn't...' "

Atheism USA 1999 Willis, Connie. "Newsletter " in Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. New York: Bantam (1999); pg. 220. "Either the Freedom Against Faith people protest the Nativity scene or the fundamentalists protest the elves... "
Atheism USA 2000 Leavitt, David. "The Term Paper Artist " in Circa 2000: Gay Fiction at the Millennium (Robert Drake & Terry Wolverton, eds). Los Angeles, CA: Alyson Pub. (2000; c. 1997); pg. 205. "'Well,' I said, then maybe the fact that the sun's shining and the grass is green means God doesn't really care that much. Or maybe God doesn't exist.'

Ben's face convulsed in horror.'

'Just a possibility,' I added.

Ben leaned back in disillusion. 'So you're an atheist,' he said. 'I suppose I should have expected it. I suppose I should have guessed most homosexuals would be atheists.'

'Oh, some homosexuals are very religious. It wouldn't surprise me to find out one or two were Mormons.'


'A lot more than two of those. But to get back to what you were saying, I wouldn't call myself an atheist. Instead I'd say I'm a skeptical lapsed Jew, distrustful of dogma.' "

Atheism USA 2011 Sawyer, Robert J. The Terminal Experiment. New York: HarperCollins (1995); pg. 143-144. "NET NEWS DIGEST... In a press release issued this morning, the American Atheist Society decried the religious interest engendered by the discovery of the Hobson phenomenon [physical, scientific proof of the existence of the human soul]. 'Science has long known that the brain is an electrochemical machine,' said society director Daniel Smithson. 'This discovery simply reaffirms that. To extrapolate form it to the existence of heaven or hell, or of a divine creator, is irrational wishful thinking.' " [This atheist organization apparently has no comment as to why the 'soulwave' is detectable in humans, but not in animals.]
Atheism USA 2029 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Chronoliths. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 127. "She called the senator 'poorly educated' and the notion of impending apocalypse 'an absurd mythology that abets the very process we're struggling to contain.' Lazar, a former Republican turned Federal Party hatchetman, called Sue 'an ivory-tower atheist' who needed to be 'weaned from the public teat.') "
Atheism USA 2030 Disch, Thomas M. On Wings of Song. New York: St. Martin's Press (1978); pg. 55. "It was clear right from page one that Van Dyke [the author] was no undegoder [Evangelical], though just what he was Daniel couldn't quite tell. An atheist it almost seemed, from some of the things he said. Like this, from the 'Prefatory Postscript,' before he even got warmed up: 'Often it has been objected, by this book's admirers and its detractors alike, that I speak of Almighty God as though He were no more than some exceptionally clever Idea I'd got hold of, like a new theorem in geometry, or a scenario for an original ballet. In large part I must allow that this is so, but it doesn't bother me, and I'm sure it doesn't bother God. However He concerns Himself with human fate, He is surely indifferent to human controversy.' "
Atheism USA 2032 Butler, Octavia. Parable of the Talents. New York: Seven Stories Press (1998); pg. 23. "Jarret supporters... A witch, in their view, tends to be a Moslem, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or in some parts of the country, a Mormon, a Jehovah's Witness, or even a Catholic. A witch may also be an atheist, a 'cultist,' or a well-to-do eccentric. "
Atheism USA 2076 Morehouse, Lyda. Archangel Protocol. New York: Penguin Putnam (2001); pg. 3. "Dissenters, mostly secular humanists and atheists or people like me, who were forced out of a recognized religion, made up the bulk of my clientele. However, as dissenters, they didn't have a citizenship card--no card, no LINK; no LINK, no access to commerce; no commerce, no credits. Not even my shady landlord would take home-brew or other barter in lieu of real rent. It was credits or the street. "
Atheism Vietnam 1966 King, Stephen. Hearts in Atlantis. New York: Scribner (1999); pg. 331. [The character refers to the slaughter of Catholics and other religious people in Vietnam in the name of atheism.] "Dearie said, 'When the Viet Cong come into a South Viet 'ville, the first thing they look for are people wearing crucifixes, St. Christopher medals, Mary medals, anything of that nature. Catholics are killed. People who believe in God are killed. Do you think we should stand back while the commies kill people who believe in God?'

'Why not?' Stoke said from the stairwell. 'We stood back and let the Nazis kill the Jews for six years. Jews believe in God, or so I'm told.' "

Atheism Virginia 2050 Wilhelm, Kate. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang. New York: Harper & Row (1976); pg. 32. [Year of this story is uncertain.] "She shook her head. 'Thirty more dead people. Do you remember Sunday school, David? They took me every week. Did you go?'

He nodded.

'And Wednesday-night Bible school? I keep thinking of it now. And I wonder if this isn't God's doing, after all. I can't help it. I keep wondering. And I had become an atheist.' She laughed and suddenly spun around. 'Let's go to bed, now. Here in the hospital. Let's pick a fancy room, a suite . . .'

He reached for her, but suddenly a violent gust of wind drove a hard blast of rain against the window. It came like that, without a preliminary, just a sudden deluge. Celia shuddered. 'God's will,' she said dully. 'We have to get back to the cave, don't we?' "

Atheism Washington 1905 Gloss, Molly. Wild Life. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000); pg. 47. Pg. 33: "'Ma doesn't pray. She's a Freethinker.' "; Pg. 47: "I told her an amusing story about Arlie Shoup, who is a Freethinker and never has stepped foot in church, though his wife, Grace, is Catholic: when the priest arrived rain-soaked for his once-a-month Mass, and Grace lent him her husband's clothes, the priest told his congregation there was hope for Arlie yet, since his clothes had made it inside the church. "
Atheism world -500 B.C.E. Duane, Diane. The Door Into Sunset. New York: Tor (1993); pg. 157. [1] [From The Goddess and the Atheist, imagined book referred to as a frontispiece.] "The Goddess folded Her arms and looked at the atheist with bemusement tinged with annoyance. 'This is getting us nowhere,' She said. 'I do godly things right here in front of you, one after another, and you say they're mere sorcerer's work, hedge-magic. What work is going to be big enough to convince you?' "
Atheism world -500 B.C.E. Duane, Diane. The Door Into Sunset. New York: Tor (1993); pg. 157. [2] "The atheist looked dour. 'You could appear in your full glory,' he said.

'It would kill you,' the Goddess said.

'Hah,' said the atheist. 'All that means is you can't do it.'

'Won't,' the Goddess said. 'I've heard that line before, and I know What put it into your head. It's the Shadow's counsel. Do you think I started being self-existent yesterday? Glory has its uses, and that's not one of them. No, you're just going to have to accept Me as I am . . . as you do your fellow human beings.'

'As you are,' the atheist said, looking Her up and down, 'I don't believe you. Nor believe in you.'

'Or in them either,' the Goddess said, smiling a crooked smile. 'And I think I know how they feel.'

--The Goddess and the Atheist, 5 "

Atheism world 1550 C.E. Farmer, Philip Jose. "Riders of the Purple Wage " in The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two. (Isaac Asimov, ed.) Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971; story copyright 1967); pg. 639. "'I was talking to Dante Alighieri just the other day, and he was telling me what an inferno of stupidity, cruelty, perversity, atheism, and outright peril the sixteenth century was...' "
Atheism world 1850 Simmons, Dan. Endymion. New York: Bantam (1996); pg. 285. "I remembered Grandam telling me about an early Old Earth scientist, one Charles Darwin, who had come up with one of the early theories of evolution or somesuch, and how--although raised a devout Christian even before the reward of the cruciform... "
Atheism world 1890 Farmer, Philip Jose. To Your Scattered Bodies Go. New York: Berkeley Medallion Books (1971); pg. 73. "'You are a blasphemer, Mr. [Richard] Burton... Reginald was very indignant when he read your Kasidah. He said he'd have no such foul atheistic literature in his house, and he threw all your books into the furnace.' "
Atheism world 1970 Lafferty, R.A. "About a Secret Crocodile " in Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction (Frederik Pohl, ed.) Chicago, IL: Playboy Press (1980; 1st pub Galaxy, Aug. 1970); pg. 314-315. "There is a secret society of seven men that controls the finances of the world. This is known to everyone but the details are not known...

There is a secret society of three men and four women that controls all the fashions of the world. The details of this are known to all who are in the fashion...

There is a secret society of nineteen men that is behind all the fascist organizations in the world. The secret name of this society is Glomerule.

There is a secret society of thirteen persons known as the Elders of Edom that controls all the secret sources of the world. That the sources have become muddy is of concern to them.

...There is a secret society of eleven persons that is behind all Bolshevik and atheist societies of the world. The devil himself is a member of this society, and he works tirelessly to become a principle member. The secret name of this society is Ocean. "

Atheism world 1973 Watson, Ian. The Embedding. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1973); pg. 100. "'I resent it, Chris. I feel like an atheist confronted by the Second Coming in the grand style--angels blowing silver trumpets in the sky.' "
Atheism world 1975 Anderson, Poul. The Boat of a Million Years. New York: Tor (1989); pg. 295. "Hanno clicked his tongue. 'You know, when you say things like that, I have trouble believing you're a believing Catholic.'

'Separate spheres,' Giannotti answered. 'Ask any competent theologian. And I wish you would, for your own sake, you poor lonely atheist.' Quickly: 'The point is, the material world and the spirit world are not identical.' "

Atheism world 1980 Baxter, Stephen. Voyage. New York: HarperCollins (1996); pg. 263-264. "The next voice was Phil Stone's.

'Abide with me; fast falls the eventide
'The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide.
'When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
'Help of the helpless, o abide with me . . .'

Stone's voice, made harsh by the radio link, was slipped, brisk, almost efficient. Next came the heavily accented tones of Solovyov, high and nervous.

'Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day;...
'Change and decay in all around I see;
'O thou who changest not, abide with me . . .'

What in hell is Muldoon doing? When the Apollo 8 astronauts had done a Bible reading from lunar orbit, NASA had actually been sued by an atheist, for violating constitutional prohibitions against the establishment of religion. The Soviets had banned religion altogether!--and now here's a cosmonaut reading out some old hymn form an American space station. My God. What a mess.

And yet--and yet . . . " [3 more verses.]

Atheism, continued


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