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Group Where Year Source Quote/
Japanese New York: New York City 2015 Pohl, Frederik. The Years of the City. New York: Timescape (1984); pg. 69. "...and the audio goes by telephone to the simultaneous translators--we've got eight of them, including Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. "
Japanese New York: New York City 2015 Westerfeld, Scott. Polymorph. New York: Penguin (1997); pg. 14. Pg. 14: "She considered wreaking havoc with the nose, but then she would just look like a rich Japanese girl who had been the victim of cheap westernization surgery. "; Pg. 87: He momentary switched the text language to Romanized Japanese... " [Also pg. 98, 126, 151, 160, 181, etc.]
Japanese New York: New York City 2025 Cool, Tom. Infectress. New York: Baen (1997); pg. 64. Pg. 64: "...on the circular bed in a suite in the Excelsior, a Japanese-style love-nest hotel in New York City. "; Pg. 66: "...tavern near Time's Square. Hundreds of young Japanese businessmen crowded the tavern. "
Japanese Nicoji 2200 Bell, M. Shayne. Nicoji. New York: Baen (1991); pg. 189. "He knew I didn't believe in Macumba. But I thought of Sam and what I was going to be able to do for him till a doctor came, which was not much. Sam did love Japanese mysticism. Maybe he wouldn't mind Brazilian voodoo. "
Japanese North Dakota 1996 McDevitt, Jack. Ancient Shores. New York: HarperCollins (1996); pg. 46. Pg. 46: "'So you're saying what?' said Max. 'That the boat was built in Japan? Or on Mars?' [The odd boat found in the farmer's field in North Dakota.]; Pg. 105: "...representatives from... several major midwestern dailies, and even one from the Japan Times. "; Pg. 245: "Margaret Yakata could never have been a serious presidential candidate. While the country might be willing to accept a woman in the highest office, it was not yet ready for one of Japanese ancestry. " [More. Also pg. 246.]
Japanese Oklahoma 1943 Bishop, Michael. Brittle Innings. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 10. "It beat the stuffing out of pushing a mop in a factory. Or walking into a Jap-infested bunker on the ridge of some steamy coral atoll. "; Pg. 19: Japanese POW camp [More, pg. 15, 24, 26, 177, 318, 429, 497.]
Japanese Ontario: Ottawa 1987 de Lint, Charles Jack the Giant Killer. New York: Ace Books (1987); pg. 48. "'Well, you've never been to Japan before either. How do you know it exists?' "
Japanese Ontario: Toronto 1990 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Divide. New York: Doubleday (1990); pg. 21. "She had never eaten Japanese food and didn't want to admit it. The atmosphere in the restaurant was traditional: koto music and waitresses in tight kimonos. She felt somewhat gauche, lost among the rice paper screens; she let John order for her.

The waitress brought miso soup in a wooden bowl. No spoons--apparently you were supposed to pick up the bowl like a cup. John said, 'You're not used to this.'

She forced a smile. 'Redondo Beach WASP. We never ate anything more challenging than Mexican. I remember a lot of TV dinners.'

'The main course is tempura. Nothing scary. Unless you have a problem with shrimp?'

'No, that's fine. You know, I learned to eat Cantonese and Szechuan in college. Just never got around to Japanese.' " [More, not in DB.]

Japanese Oregon 1993 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Harvest. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 121. Pg. 121: "...the Japanese print over the bead, birds on ink-line trees... "; Pg. 176: "...a car Matt Wheeler left for him in the hospital lot: a little blue Japanese device. "; Pg. 177: "He put his hand on a huge rig. There was a Japanese brand name on the face of it... " [Other refs. not in DB.]
Japanese Oregon 2002 Le Guin, Ursula K. The Lathe of Heaven. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1971); pg. 108. Pg. 108: " these last few years you could buy Japanese toy paper parasols, and Indian incense... "; Pg. 111: "Some Japanese fire balloons set a piece of forest burning on the coast. "
Japanese Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 1989 Baxter, Stephen M. "Blue Shift " in Writers of the Future: Volume V (Algis Budrys, ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1989); pg. 163. "There was a huge display of Japanese TVs over by the... "
Japanese Pennterra 2233 Moffett, Judith. Pennterra. New York: Congdon & Weed, Inc. (1987); pg. 59. " rodents, no losses in the field from woodchucks or deer, no corn borers, slugs, tomato hornworms, Japanese beetles, no blights or wilts... "
Japanese Pern 3000 McCaffrey, Anne. Dragonsdawn. New York: Ballantine (1988); pg. 5. "Most of the 2900 colonists on the Yokohama had passed the entire journey [to Pern] in deep sleep. " [It is uncertain whether all the inhabitants of this colony ship are Japanese.]
Japanese Pern 3000 McCaffrey, Anne. Dragonsdawn. New York: Ballantine (1988); pg. 17. "The Yoko's twelve pilots, under Kenjo Fusaiyuki, had gone through rigorous simulator drills... " [Many references to the Japanese colonists and individual Japanese characters throughout novel. Other refs. not in DB.]
Japanese Phaze 2980 Anthony, Piers. Split Infinity. New York: Ballantine (1980); pg. 281. "He was versed in all forms of that game: the western-Earth two and three-dimensional variants, the Chinese Choohong-ki, Japanese Shogi, Indian Chaturanga and the hypermodern developments. "
Japanese Portugal 2010 Anthony, Patricia. Cold Allies. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1993); pg. 16. "He dipped his head the exact instant the Oriental stuck out his hand. He nearly got an eyeful of thumb.

'I am Toshio Ishimoto,' the Japanese said in a clipped, Morse-code grunt. " [More about this character, not in DB. See, for example, pg. 39-40.]

Japanese Russia 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 45. "'In the meantime, she [Petra] found a complex black-and-white drawing of a dragon on a netsite somewhere in Japan and saved it as a small file. When she finally had the message fully encoded in her mind, it only took a few minutes of fiddling with the drawing and she was done. She added it as part of a signature on every letter she sent. She spent so little tome on it that the did not think it would look to her captors like anything more than a harmless whim. If they asked, she could say she added the picture in memory of Ender's Dragon Army in Battle School.

Of course, it wasn't just a picture of a dragon anymore. Now there was a little poem under it

Share this dragon.
If you do,
lucky end for
them and you.

Japanese Singapore 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 177. "'Empires have always sought to dominate this land [Singapore]. We fought Japanese oppressors through three merciless years of occupation...' "
Japanese Solar System 2050 Benford, Gregory. Jupiter Project. New York: Avon (1998; c. 1980); pg. 40. "1900 hours meant a small party at Ishi's apartment. Ishi's parents maintain as much of the traditional Japanese life as they can, living 390 million miles from Nippon. They sit cross-legged on the floor, on tatami mats, and have delicately shaded woodblock prints on their walls. In the air hangs a faint background smell of rice and the salt tang of fish... Zak, Jenny, and I sat in Buddha position and took part in the ancient tea ceremony... " [Other refs. Ishi is one of novel's main characters.]
Japanese Solar System 2150 Bova, Ben. "Risk Assessment " in Twice Seven. New York: Avon Books (1998; c. 1996); pg. 206. "A Sino-Japanese consortium was building a strip of solar-power converters across Mercury's equator, together with relay satellites in orbit about the planet to send the power earthward. Delia put in a call to Tokyo, to Rising Sun Power, Inc... " [More, not in DB.]
Japanese Solar System 3001 Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. New York: Ballantine (1997); pg. 21. "Despite her name, her chief racial component appeared to be Japanese, and there were times when with just a little imagination Poole could picture her as a rather mature Geisha Girl. "
Japanese Stone 2005 Bear, Greg. Eon. New York: Bluejay (1985); pg. 69. Pg. 69: "The Stone security team consisted of some 300 Americans (about half), 150 British and 100 Germans; the remaining 50 were from Canada, Australia and Japan. France was not a member of NATO-Eurospace and had declined an invitation to send its nationals to the Stone... "; Pg. 70: "Besides the United States and Eurospace civilian personnel, representatives from Russia, India, China, Brazil, Japan and Mexico had been invited to serve on the science team. Some Australians and one Laotian were to arrive soon. " [Other refs. not in DB.]
Japanese Switzerland 2009 Sawyer, Robert J. Flashforward. New York: Tor (2000; c. 1999); pg. 34. "The office was off to the right, and Michiko led the way to it. The door slid open, revealing a long wooden counter separating the secretaries from the public. Michiko made it over to the counter, and, between shuddering breaths, she began, 'Hello, I'm--'

'Oh, Madame Komura,' said a woman emerging from an office. 'I've been trying to call you... Please, come in'

Michiko and Lloyd made their way behind the counter and into the office. A PC sat on the desk, with a datapad docked to it.

'Where's Tamiko?' said Michiko. " [Michiko is Japanese, and is one of the novel's main characters. Other refs., not in DB. See also pg. 44-45, 58-59, 76, 209, etc.]

Japanese Tau Ceti 6000 Gotlieb, Phyllis. "Tauf Aleph " (published 1981) in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (Ursula K. Le Guin & Brian Atterbery, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Co. (1993); pg. 428. "For the sake of reading marginally relevant writings by fewer than ten Sino-Japanese Judaic poets it was not worth learning their vast languages... "
Japanese Tennessee 2054 Dick, Philip K. & Ray Nelson. The Ganymede Takeover. New York: Ace Books (1967); pg. 14. "The Japanese blood was rather dilute, unfortunately. It gave her chitin-like black hair and eyes to match and a small, delicate body . . . but very little else. Perhaps she could pass for an Indian. There were Indians among the Neeg-parts, she had heard. But no, she thought sadly; there's no use kidding myself: I'm white. And white, to these descendents of the cult of Black Muslims, is white. I'll just have to play it by ear, she decided. " [Other refs., not in DB. One of the main characters is racially Japanese. Other refs. by name include pg. 43.]
Japanese Texas: Dallas 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 337. "She watched the Christmas tree flickering between two Japanese wall hangings. "
Japanese Texas: Galveston 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 5. Pg. 5: "It was Laura's mother, calling from her guest room in the Lodge, downstairs. 'Gomen nasai, y'all! How about helping Granny surround some breakfast?' "; Pg. 6: "The Canadians, here [in Galveston] for the last day, were playing with the baby. Laura's mother was eating the Nipponese breakfast, little cakes of pressed rice and tiny popeyed fish that smelled like kerosene. David, on the other hand, had fixed the usual: cunningly disguised food-oid stuff. "; Pg. 7: "Laura's mother, Margaret Alice Day Garfield Nakamura Simpson, was a Tokyo wore a Tokyo original in blue crepe de chine, with a trailing waist sash. Her woven-straw hat, the size of a bicycle wheel, was tied across her back. She called herself Margaret Day, since she had recently divorced Simpson, a man Laura scarcely knew. "; Pg. 9: "They had no English, and their Japanese was amazingly bad, laden with Portuguese loan words... " [More, pg. 8-9, 14-15, 39, 70, 114-116, 129, etc.]
Japanese Thailand 2021 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Chronoliths. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 31. Pg. 31: Japan; Pg. 42: Sapporo [Also pg. 76, 79-80.]; Pg. 139: Tokyo
Japanese Thailand: Bangkok 1992 Simmons, Dan. "Dying in Bangkok " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 34. Pg. 34: "billboards hawking Japanese electronics "; Pg. 35: Tokyo [Also, pg. 38-39.]
Japanese Tibet 1999 Pattison, Eliot. The Skull Mantra. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur (1999); pg. 219. "Near Shigatse Japanese tourists had been beaten with leg bones when they got too close. "
Japanese Tran 1996 Pournelle, Jerry & Roland Green. Tran. New York: Baen (1996); pg. 437. "It was a Japanese-style tub, one of the little comforts he'd insisted on introducing to Castle Zyphron. "
Japanese United Kingdom 1969 Aldiss, Brian. "Nothing in Life is Ever Enough " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001; c. 1999); pg. 82. Japanese knotweed
Japanese United Kingdom 1988 Adams, Douglas. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. New York: Simon and Schuster (1988); pg. 63. "...and hinged on the vital fact that the record turntable was Japanese. "
Japanese United Kingdom 1988 Adams, Douglas. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. New York: Simon and Schuster (1988); pg. 109. Pg. 109: [Dirk is buying a refrigerator.] "'This is the best, Dirk. Japanese. Microprocessor-controlled.' "; Pg. 142: " a Japanese haiku... " [More, pg. 215.]
Japanese United Kingdom: England 1905 Gibson, William & Bruce Sterling. The Difference Engine. New York: Bantam (1991); pg. 166. "'Doctor Edward Mallory san o goshokai shimasu,' Oliphant said. The men rose with peculiar grace; rocking back a bit, sliding one foot beneath them, and coming up quite suddenly to a supple-legged stance, as if they were ballet dancers.

'These gentlemen are in the service of his Imperial Majesty the Mikado of Japan,' Oliphant said. 'This is Mr. Matsuki Koan, Mr. Mori Arinori, Mr. Fusukawa Yukichi, Mr. Kanaye Nagasawa, Mr. Hisanobu Sameshima.' The men bowed from the hips, each in turn.

...'Japanese, are then? You speak the lingo, do you?' " [More on pg. 166-170.]

Japanese United Kingdom: England 1905 Gibson, William & Bruce Sterling. The Difference Engine. New York: Bantam (1991); pg. 363. "'I haven't ever seen a Chinaman dress like that,' she said.

'Mr. Mori is Japanese.' " [Other refs. not in DB.]

Japanese United Kingdom: England 1976 Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration. New York: Viking Press (1976); pg. 159. "Soon they were passing the elegant and extraordinary structure that housed the Japanese Embassy, like Nagasaki Cathedral the product of the mature genius of Yamamoto, and recognized with it as the culmination of Oriental achievement in modern ecclesiastical architecture. "
Japanese United Kingdom: England 1985 Dickinson, Peter. The Green Gene. New York: Random House (1973); pg. 28. Pg. 28, 159.
Japanese United Kingdom: England 2100 Burgess, Anthony. A Clockwork Orange. New York: W. W. Norton & Co. (1963; c. 1962); pg. 117. "...or else teeheeheeing Jap torturers or brutal Nazi kickers and shooters. "
Japanese United Kingdom: London 1500 C.E. Moorcock, Michael. Gloriana. New York: Warner Books (1986; c 1978); pg. 98. Pg. 98: "...the Queen [Gloriana] received the rest of her guests:... Lord Tatanka Iyotakay, ambassador from the great Sioux Nation...; the Lady Yashi Akuya, ambassadress from the Isles of Nipponia... ";

Pg. 124: "...walking the grey garden with the Lady Yashi Akuya, who, kimono-clad, was forced to take several little steps for every stride of his but, since she was secretly in love with the thin Tatar, she bore all discomfort... with an eager smile. Tatary and Nipponia had long been traditional enemies... "; Pg. 125: "Extended lashed fluttered. 'Honour is not dead,' she said. 'in Nipponia, either.'

He put habitual prejudice behind him. 'The Nippon Isles are a synonym for selflessness,' he told her generously. 'Our two nations stand alone as upholders of the old values in a world where pacifism has become a creed in itself. I am all for peace, of course--but a proper peace, won by victorious arms...' " [More, pg. 124-125, 133, 137, 224, 366.]

Japanese United Kingdom: London 1990 Byatt, A.S. Possession. New York: Random House (1991; c. 1990); pg. 37. "...loose black trousers like a Japanese martial artist. "
Japanese United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 38. "Miss Yoshi Kamimura... studying English at Bruenwalt International college. Yoshi is now pregnant, addicted to heroin, and moving into her new boyfriend's flat near Elephant and Castle... Yoshi lives in a dream. For her nothing in Britain is real--it is outside Japan. There are Italian fascists in the dorm... She told all this to the College counselor who stared at Yoshi for a moment with wide blue eyes and then passed her a pink business card with Japanese lettering. It offered a Japanese counseling service. 'This happens a lot,' said the counselor.

The touch of Japan was like a hot hand on a frosted window. Everything melted for a moment and Yoshi could suddenly see clearly. Now she wants frost everywhere, on the dark windows of London Underground. "

Japanese United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 41. "Mr Paul Hennessey... Author of Tightening the Screws: Purchasing Secrets of Japanese Business. " [More, pg. 118, 129, 143, 145.]
Japanese United Kingdom: London 2010 Harrison, John M. "Suicide Coast " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 263. "...a brand-new motorcycle... It was a Kawasaki Ninja. " [More about it.]
Japanese United Kingdom: Scotland 1995 Kurtz, Katherine & Deborah Turner Harris. Dagger Magic. New York: Ace Books (1995); pg. 213. "Over the shoulder of his well-worn waxed jacket was a state-of-the-art Japanese camera. "
Japanese USA 1943 Callenbach, Ernest. Ecotopia. New York: Tor (1977; c. 1975); pg. 57. "...I was told, of what happened to the Japanese-Americans who were interned in World War II. Members of distinguished old San Francisco families were forced to bargain on most unfavorable terms with representatives of the new regime. "
Japanese USA 1943 King, Stephen. The Stand. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1978); pg. 516. "An old quote surfaced in his troubled mind, some general's defense of interning Japanese-Americans during World War II. It ahd been pointed out to this general that no acts of sabotage had occurred on the West Coat, when the naturalized Japanese were most heavily concentrated. The general's reply had been: 'The very fact that no sabotage has take place is an ominous development.' "
Japanese USA 1947 Waldrop, Howard. "Thirty Minutes Over Broadway! " in Wild Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1986); pg. 24. "'...Yeah, yeah, a tyrannosaur. Maybe a buncha holdout Jap soldiers. You know. Yeah, maybe even samurai?...' "
Japanese USA 1949 Jackson, Shirley. "A Fine Old Firm " in The Lottery and Other Stories. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (1998; first published 1949); pg. 195. "'Well,' Helen said, 'I know that Bob got you a Japanese sword for Christmas. That must have looked lovely under the tree. Charlie helped him buy it from the boy that had it--did you hear about that, and how they almost had a fight with the boy?' "
Japanese USA 1959 Willis, Connie. Bellwether. New York: Bantam Spectra (1997; 1st ed. 1996); pg. 3. "Hula hoop (March 1958-June 1959)... sold for $1.98 to adults and kids alike. Nuns, Red Skelton, geishas, Jane Russell, and the Queen of Jordan... "
Japanese USA 1963 Grimwood, Ken. Replay. New York: Arbor House (1986); pg. 9. Pg. 9: " of those little Japanese boxed he'd grown so used to seeing everywhere. "; Pg. 57: "Japanese auto invasion would be a long time coming... "
Japanese USA 1966 Geary, Patricia. Strange Toys. New York: Bantam (1989; c. 1987); pg. 12. Pg. 12: "...and tiny carved dolls, Japanese and African and some that looked unfamiliar... "; Pg. 26: Japanese tourists at Disneyland [Also pg. 90.]
Japanese USA 1966 Lafferty, R. A. "Narrow Valley " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1966); pg. 281. "'Hey, you old Indian, you lied!' Cecilia Rampart shrilled from the doorway of the shack. 'You do have a war bonnet. Can I have it?'

'My son Clarence Bare-Back sent that to me from Japan for a joke a long time ago. Sure, you can have it.' "

Japanese USA 1972 Sherred, T. L. "Bounty " in Again, Dangerous Visions (Harlan Ellison, ed.) Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1972); pg. 256. "At present the House Un-American Activities Committee is investigating the sky-rocketing import of Japanese chemical sets for adults. "
Japanese USA 1979 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 172. Pg. 172: Japanese lanterns; Pg. 370: Japanese lanterns (also pg. 716); Pg. 795: "He was wearing a blue baseball cap with the legend YOKAHAMA TAIYO WHALES in white stitching... " [Also pg. 851.]
Japanese USA 1982 Norden, Eric. "The Curse of Mhondoro Nkabele " in The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: 24th Series (Edward L. Ferman, ed.) New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1982); pg. 168. "P.S. Could you ask one of your Japanese gardeners what, if anything, can be done about rose blight? "
Japanese USA 1985 Knight, Damon. "The God Machine " in One Side Laughing. New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; 1985); pg. 35. "A week ago, he found himself speaking in Japanese, a language he does not know... "
Japanese USA 1986 Anderson, Jack. Control. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp. (1988); pg. 125. Pg. 125: "...the three new investors were already present... Thanks to the advance alert, Thad was not altogether surprised that they were Japanese--three small men in dark blue suits, smiling, bowing, conversing with elaborate politeness... "; Pg. 126: "The three Japanese bowed...

'So Mr. Catlett . . .' the same Japanese began, then stopped abruptly. He looked past Thad. 'Ah!' he said with a broad smile. 'Young ladies!'... But the German's attention was on the Japanese men as they paired off with the young women. "; Pg. 127: "The delighted Japanese chattered in accented English, and their new girl friends frowned and laughed, understanding no more than half of it. The Japanese were not in the least hesitant about stroking their girls' legs and hips... " [More, pg. 125-130, 134.]

Japanese USA 1986 Anderson, Jack. Control. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp. (1988); pg. 215. "'Japanese knives that can cut bricks or tomatoes equally well and stay sharp for a century...' " [Other refs., not all in DB. See also pg. 221, 247, 252, 304, 328-329, 371-373, more.]
Japanese USA 1987 Shepard, Lucius. Green Eyes. New York: Ace Books (1984); pg. 66. "...led by Dr. Brauer and an elderly Japanese man whose diminished voice came over the wall speaker. " [More.]
Japanese USA 1990 De Haven, Tom. Walker of Worlds. New York: Doubleday (1990); pg. 25. "In the lobby, thirty-nine flights down, she passed four solemn-looking Japanese businessmen. "
Japanese USA 1990 Dick, Philip K. The Man in the High Castle. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons (1962); pg. 14. "He had been born on the East Coast, in New York, and in 1941 he had been drafted into the Army of the United States of America, righter after the collapse of Russia. After the Japs had taken Hawaii he had been sent to the West Coast. When the war ended, there he was, on the Japanese side of the settlement line. " [The Japanese and Germans won. Japanese people and the alternate history Japanese occupation of the western U.S. is mentioned frequently in this book. Other refs. not in DB.]
Japanese USA 1993 Anthony, Patricia. Brother Termite. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1993); pg. 85. "'Gerber has a Japanese-style management. The employees think of the company as their home. We do not, as a corporate rule, lay off. I have a hundred thousand employees, sixty-eight plants. If I close them, I put family farmers all over the world out of business.' "
Japanese USA 1993 DeChance, John. MagicNet. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 29. "THE HARDWARE CAN BE JAPANESE, AMERICAN, KOREAN, GENERIC PACIFIC RIM--IT DOESN'T MATTER. "
Japanese USA 1993 Simmons, Dan. The Hollow Man. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 100. " at that certain warehouse near the Houston airport: Semtex plastic explosive, fragmentation grenades, Japanese electronic timing devices... "

Japanese, continued


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