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Islam Syria 1987 Leigh, Stephen. "The Tint of Hatred " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 191. "SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1987, THE SYRIAN DESERT:

Najib struck her down with one quick blow, but Misha persisted. 'He's coming,' Misha said. 'Allah's dreams tell me that I must go to Damascus to meet him.'

In the darkness of the mosque Najib glowed like a green beacon from near the mihrab, the jeweled prayer niche. It was at night that Nur al-Allah was the most impressive, a fiery vision of a prophet, gleaming with Allah's own fury. He said nothing to Misha's pronouncement, looking first at Sayyid, resting his great bulk against one of the tilted pillars. " [Islam and these Muslim characters are central to this story. Other refs. throughout this section of the story, pg. 191-214 (and in other sections).]

Islam Syria 1987 Leigh, Stephen. "The Tint of Hatred " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 194. Pg. 194: "Everywhere there were crowds, from the suq to the white minarets of 1200-year-old Umayyad Mosque. "; Pg. 196: "'Kahina's a woman in a very conservative Islamic society, Senator,' John had said. 'I can't stress that enough. Her even being here is a break with tradition, allowed only because she's the prophet-twin of her brother and because they think she has magic, sihr She's married to Sayyid, the general who masterminded Nur al-Allah's military victories. She might be the Kahina, and she's had a liberal education, but she's not a Westerner. Be careful. These people are quick to be insulted and very long on holding a grudge...' "
Islam Syria 1991 Grubb, Jeff. "A Brother to Dragons " in Testament of the Dragon (Weis, Margaret, ed.) New York: HarperCollins (1997); pg. 21. "One ancient mirror, made by the Saracens of Syria over half a millennium ago. Steel and glass and silver-backed mirrors of every description. "
Islam Syria 1991 Ing, Dean. Butcher Bird. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1993) [Book jacket] "An Iraqi garrison in Mosul collapses, dying in convulsion. A Kurd leader does the same way a week later in Al Qimishli, Syria. A Sunni leader in Aleppo, Syria and a Shiite near Damascus follow suit. One by one, the opponents of Syria's Assad are biting the dust. The killer? A nuclear-powered terminator flying high and swift, a tiny stealthy bird that carries death behind its eyes. You can't see it. You can't hear it. But it knows you. " [Multiple refs., not in DB.]
Islam Syria 1991 Ing, Dean. Butcher Bird. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1993); pg. 16. "Then, finding grit that did not feel quite like sand, he performed the kind of analysis that physicians have performed since the time of Mohammed: he tested the grit with his tongue and found it bitter as quinine. Finally he pronounced the colonel dead of a sniper round and took his prayer rug outside for devotions. The physician was a solitary man, and that is why no one found his body until nightfall. The rumor of a hostile djinni surfaced around Kurdish campfires that night.

Though a belief in the devil is common among Moslems, in the major cities very few Moslems still believe in minor demons such as the invisible djinn. When a djinni surfaces, it is almost always among people with primitive beliefs; Kurds, for example, who do not even speak Arabic though they remain Moslems. But old ideas will sometimes return to modern men, when such men find themselves in ancient settings, faced with the unexplainable. " [Many other refs., not in DB.]

Islam Syria 2001 Knight, Damon. The Observers. New York: Tor (1988); pg. 60. "For the last week Stevens and Julie had been watching the holo news every evening after dinner. On the day after Christmas there were disturbances between Christians and Moslems in Damascus... "
Islam T'ien Shan 3131 Simmons, Dan. The Rise of Endymion. New York: Bantam (1998 mass market edition; first ed. 1997); pg. 291. "Southwest of them, so far around the curve of the world that the sunset still burns there, is Muztagh Alta with its tens of thousands of Islamic dwellers guarding the tombs of Ali and other saints of Islam... "
Islam T'ien Shan 3131 Simmons, Dan. The Rise of Endymion. New York: Bantam (1998 mass market edition; first ed. 1997); pg. 371. "'Of course,' responded Aenea in as smooth a voice as the Cardinal's, 'I came into the world in a region of ridges beyond Mt. Moriah and Mt. Zion...'

...'Are you perchance,' he continued smoothly, 'of the Hebrew or Muslim faiths which our hosts have told us prevail in those regions?' "

Islam T'ien Shan 3131 Simmons, Dan. The Rise of Endymion. New York: Bantam (1998 mass market edition; first ed. 1997); pg. 401. "'The Bible lies. The Koran lies. The Talmud and Torah lie. The New Testament lies. The Sutta-pitaka, the nikayas, the Itivuttaka, and the Dhammapada lies. The Tiptaka lies. All Scripture lies . . . just as I lie as I speak to you now.

'All these books lie not from intention or failure of expression but by their very nature of being reduced to words; all the images, precepts, laws, canons, quotations, parables, commandments, koans, zazen, and sermons in these beautiful books ultimately fail by adding only more words between the human being who is seeking and the perception of the Void Which Binds.' "

Islam Tajikistan 1996 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 40. "India's third conclusion sprang from reports by tariqat members [Muslim societies] in Tazhikstan [Tajikistan], warning of RUS [Russian Union of Soviets] troops moving into a region that adjoined both China and India. The report was false; had been generated in Peking and released among Tazhiks for a purpose which would, in time, become all too scrutable. "
Islam Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 94. "'...I must acquaint you in more detail with our religious situation here... We are a colony of schisms, of splinter sects. Many of us were aware of the special effects of Planet Tarot before we emigrated from Earth, and each of us saw in these effects the potential realization of God--our particular specialized concepts of God, if you will. This appeal seems to have been strongest to the weakest sects, or in any rate, the smallest numerically. Thus we have few Roman Catholics, Mohammedans, Buddhists, or Confucians, but many Rosicrucians, Spiritualists, Moonies, Gnostics, Flaming Sworders--' "
Islam Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 96. "'Yet if most sects here believe in the Christian God--who is also the Jewish and Mohammedan God, whether termed YHVH or Allah--why should there by any need to qualify Him further?' "
Islam Tennessee 2054 Dick, Philip K. & Ray Nelson. The Ganymede Takeover. New York: Ace Books (1967); pg. 22. "As the taxi door shut Joan shouted, 'Percy X and I went to college together. Comparative Religion One and Two at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. We intended to be preachers, Mister Swenesgard. Isn't that crazy?'...

Strange, she thought, that Percy and I are going to meet again under such unchanged conditions. I've been studying Buddhism and he the religion of Mohammed, but somehow, during all the excitement, we have both gotten a long way from where we had intended to go. " [Many other refs. to Islam, not in DB, but most are in reference to Black Muslims, as an American-born movement not necessarily strongly connected to mainstream orthodox Islam. See other refs. under 'Black Muslims.']

Islam Tennessee: Branson 1998 Wood, Crystal. Cut Him Out in Little Stars. Denton, TX: Tattersall Publishing (revised and reprinted 1998; c. 1994); pg. 103. "Branson had become an entertainment Mecca in only a few short years. "
Islam Tibet 1999 Pattison, Eliot. The Skull Mantra. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur (1999); pg. 49. "...knots of Tibetan prisoners. Shan studied the others, a dozen Chinese and Moslem Uyghurs not usually seen on the road crews. "
Islam Transylvania 1897 Stoker, Bram. Dracula. New York: Bantam (1981; c. 1897); pg. 30. "'...Who more gladly than we throughout the Four Nations received the 'bloody sword,' or at its warlike call flocked quicker to the standard of the King?... when the flags of the Wallach and the Magyar went down beneath the Crescent? Who was it but one of my own race who as Voivode crossed the Danube and beat the Turk on his own ground? This was a Dracula indeed!...' " [Refers to the Christian-Muslim conflicts in Europe. The 'Crescent' is Islam.]
Islam Turkey 1912 Wilson, Robert Charles. Darwinia. New York: Tor (1998); pg. 18. "Some of the trees culred at the top like folded ferns, or opened into cup-shapes or bulbous, fungal domes, like the crowns of Turkish churches. The space between those growths was as close and dark as a badger hole and thick with mist. " [Later these are called 'mosque trees' throughout the book, so apparently the 'Turkish churches' mentioned here are Muslim mosques. For instance, pg. 48: "The road became a rutted dirt path; mosque trees shaded the lane with their green coronets...]
Islam Turkey 1988 Batchelor, John Calvin. The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica. New York: Dial Press (1983); pg. 71. "There is a map fragment, however, from a sultan's library in Istanbul, that dates from Byzantium and the Great City. It was signed 'Men of Red River.' How it came to Istanbul cannot be known with certainty, though it is possible that Islamic traders from as far as the Philippine Islands and as far south as Madagascar could have carried it to the Great city to trade with the wealthy court scholars. "
Islam Turkey 1989 Wilson, Robert Charles. Gypsies. New York: Doubleday (1989); pg. 36. [An alternate world.] "'Geopolitics. Well, let's see. The Yalta Conference came out a little differently. The Beirut Accords banned the proliferation of nuclear weapons in 1958, and the ban is enforced, and with a vengeance. Poland is a member of the EEC. Turkey is a Moslem nation, but Iran isn't.' "
Islam Turkey 2127 Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Hegemon. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 208. "'...Iran is waiting for you to show them the purity of Islam. The Caliphate of Istanbul is waiting for you to unshackle it from the chains of the secular government of Turkey...' "
Islam Turkey 2200 Anderson, Poul. Starfarers. New York: Tor (1998); pg. 35. [Year is estimated.] "The mad old man lay dying. To him came Selim ibn Ali Zeyd... The windows looked out over the crowded roofs of Istanbul... He spoke in Arabic, for Zeyd had no Turkish. Either one could have used Engish or French. The courtesy was regal.

...Tahir's thought must have been similar, for he said as he let his arm drop, 'That lies with God...'

'You will watch from Paradise, sir,' Zeyd said.

'Maybe. God is compassionate...' "

Islam Ukraine 2010 Anthony, Patricia. Cold Allies. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1993); pg. 3. "There in the southern town of Brebonki the ANA [Arab National Army] lay hidden: Iranians, Iraqis, along with the more familiar killers--Uzbeks, Azerbaijanis, and Muslim Cossacks. Those wayward children of the Red Army, his former comrades, were going to murder them all. " [The advance of Arab forces is central to this novel. This is essentially an Islamic/Muslim force, although 'Arab' is usually used.]
Islam United Kingdom 2020 Aldiss, Brian. "Headless " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001; c. 1994); pg. 70. "Both the Red Cross and the Green Crescent paraded round the stadium. They had already benefited enormously from the publicity. The Green Crescent ambulances were followed by lorries on which lay young Turkmen victims of the earthquake... " [The 'Green Crescent' organization is a Muslim analog of the Red Cross.]
Islam United Kingdom 2150 Ryman, Geoff. "Everywhere " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 520. [Year estimated] "Every Sunday as long as it isn't raining, you can see the church choir take off in formation. Little old ladies in leotards and blue jeans and these big embroidered Mexican hats. They rev up and take off and start to sing the Muslim call to prayer. They echo all over the show. Then they cut their engines and spiral up on the updraft That's when they start up on Nearer My God to Thee. "
Islam United Kingdom: England 1790 Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: Bantam (1991; c. 1818); pg. 107. "He made, at that moment, a solemn vow to deliver him and then looked around for the means. After many fruitless attempts to gain admittance to the prison, he found a strongly grated window in an unguarded part of the building, which lighted the dungeon of the unfortunate Muhammadan, who, loaded with chains, waited in despair the execution of the barbarous sentence. " [Some other refs, not in DB.]
Islam United Kingdom: England 1790 Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: Bantam (1991; c. 1818); pg. 108-109. "'Safie related that her mother was a Christian Arab, seized and made a slave by the Turks; recommended by her beauty, she had won the heart of the father of Safie, who married her. The young girl spoke in high and enthusiastic terms for her mother, who, born in freedom, spurned the bondage to which she was now reduced. She instructed her daughter in the tenets of her religion and taught her to aspire to higher powers of intellect and an independence of spirit forbidden to the female followers of Muhammad...' " [Other refs., not in DB.]
Islam United Kingdom: England 1898 Wells, H. G. The War of the Worlds. New York: Penguin Putnam (1986; c. 1898); pg. 43. [Curiously, this passage appears to use the word 'mosque' to refer to a Christian church building.] "I saw the tops of the trees about the Oriental College burst into smoke red flame, and the tower of the little church beside it slide down into ruin. The pinnacle of the mosque had vanished, and the roof line of the college... "
Islam United Kingdom: England 2005 Aldiss, Brian. Somewhere East of Life. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers (1994); pg. 47. "Her view of England was that it had now become much like Ireland, a country with so much unemployment and such a lack of manufacturing base that many people were forced to go abroad for a living. Blacks and Asiatics, in consequence, claimed a greater role in running the country; it was they, by and large, who were fighting a Muslim insurrection in the Midlands. Dr. DKepepwe portrayed the Midlands as an alien land; she was, she explained, a Southerner. "
Islam United Kingdom: England 2054 Willis, Connie. Doomsday Book. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. 169. [At an interchurch Christmas service.] "People continued to stream in. The priest from Holy Re-Formed and the Muslim imam went across to Oriel for more chairs, and the vicar fiddled with the thermostat on the furnace. "
Islam United Kingdom: London 1890 Doyle, Arthur Conan. "The Sign of Four " in A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four. New York: Berkley/Penguin Putnam (1994; c. 1890); pg. 201. "...The Hindoo proper has long and thin feet. The sandal-wearing Mohammedan has the great toe well separated from the others because the thong is commonly passed between... "
Islam United Kingdom: London 1990 Byatt, A.S. Possession. New York: Random House (1991; c. 1990); pg. 19. "They had put up various posters: a British Museum poster from the Koran, intricate and geometric, a Tate advertisement for a Turner exhibition. "
Islam United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 194. "Mr Hisham Badhuri... First degree from Ein Shamsh University in Cairo... Learned other things from them as well. A Muslim fundamentalist dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Poster in his bedsit shows the band of Islam smashing the star of David against the Dome of the Rock. "
Islam United Kingdom: London 1995 Ryman, Geoff. 253. New York: St. Martin's Press (1998); pg. 280. "What Britain is now achieving is the commercial slavery of America, but with no movies, not religion except possibly Islam, and the worst, most sullen manners in the world. "
Islam United Kingdom: London 2009 Sawyer, Robert J. Flashforward. New York: Tor (2000; c. 1999); pg. 92. [News report] "A group of ten thousand Muslims in London, England, whose private prayers were interrupted by the Flashforward, came together today in Piccadilly Circus to face Mecca and pray en masse. "
Islam United Kingdom: London 2093 Kube-McDowell, Michael. The Quiet Pools. New York: Ace (1990); pg. 369. "On the day that Memphis sailed, 56,000 massed in London at a Muslim prayer rally aimed at pulling the starship down from the sky. "
Islam United Kingdom: Scotland: Muir Isle 1985 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 27: "Into the Abyss ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (May 1985); pg. 9. Legion's Arab persona: "Beware, Effendi, beware! Your lives--and the boy's--are in deadly danger. Merciful Allah, they hear but do not understand! " [One of the three additional personalities within Legion's mind is an Arab Muslim, the remaining consciousness of an actual boy who was killed in conflict in Beirut. References to the character as an 'Arab', pg. 11, 14-15, 17-18, 21-23.]
Islam USA 1974 Disch, Thomas M. Camp Concentration. New York: Random House (1999; c. 1968); pg. 136. a store named Mohammed's Quality Ice Cream
Islam USA 1984 Heinlein, Robert A. Job: A Comedy of Justice. New York: Ballantine (1984); pg. 223. "'...Never mind. My wife and I practice Muslim hospitality, something I learned in the late war. Will you accept our hospitality for a night or two?...' "
Islam USA 1987 Bryant, Edward. "The Second Coming of Buddy Holly " in Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 203. "Buddy Holley still seemed very anchored in the physical universe. She didn't have the same sense of ethereal dissociation that she'd gotten from spiritually transformed rock stars such as Cat Stevens [who converted to Islam] or Richie Furay. "
Islam USA 1991 Ing, Dean. Butcher Bird. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1993); pg. 208. "'Speedy, Selim is beside himself with worry. I might simply open a bottle of wine, but he is a Moslem and cannot drink alcohol. Did you know that al-kohol is an Arabic word? They first distilled it, but must not drink it,' she injected, with a smiling headshake at this irony. 'Some Moslems may not smoke hashish, either, Speedy.' " [More.]
Islam USA 1994 Milan, Victor. "My Sweet Lord " in Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Baen (1994); pg. 94. "'...Mark, he's the spitting image of a god [Ganehsa]. if there wasn't something funny going on, the Hindu kingdoms would all have put their little squabbles aside so he could rule and lead them in squashing their Muslim neighbors.' "
Islam USA 1995 Sagan, Carl. Contact. New York: Simon & Schuster (1985); pg. 92. "'He's just being prudent, Ellie, I can see you don't think that's the whole story. Okay. Suppose there's some message--you know, with real content--and in it there's something offensive to Muslims, say, or to Methodists. Shouldn't we release it carefully, so the United States doesn't get a black eye?'

'Ken, don't [B.S.] me. That man is an Assistant Secretary of Defense. If they're worried about Muslims and Methodists, they would have sent me an Assistant Secretary of State, or...' "

Islam USA 1996 Bear, Greg. The Forge of God. New York: Tor (1987); pg. 144. "'...At your request, Arthur, I've passed the equations on to Mohammed Abante at Pepperdine University. He's arranging for a team of his colleagues to examine the equations...' "
Islam USA 1998 Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid's Tale. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin (1986); pg. 174. "It was after the catastrophe, when they shot the president and machine-gunned the Congress and the army declared a state of emergency. They blamed it on the Islamic fanatics, at the time. "
Islam USA 1999 Banks, Iain. The Business. New York: Simon & Schuster (1999); pg. 126. "'Dwight, ah, there's a move out at the moment called The Siege--'

'Yeah yeah yeah,' Dwight said, smiling tolerantly and patting the air as if pacifying an invisible dog. 'I know. Completely different sort of movie altogether. This movie's going to be big budget and ultra-spectacular, but it's going to be, like, thoughtful?'

'The people who made The Siege probably thought it was thoughtful, too. They probably didn't mean to upset the entire Arab-American community and have movies picketed across America.'

'Well, across New York City, anyway,' Dwight said... "

Islam USA 2001 Schindler, Solomon. Young West. New York: Arno Press & The New York Times (1971; c. 1894); pg. 119. "I was the only one who took the whole matter in a more serious sway. Whenever I found an opportunity, I had some new question to ask Mr. Brandon, which he always answered in a most pleasant manner. He advised me to read several books, especially the religious text books of former times, among them, the Vedas, the Bible, and the Koran. I tried to read them but they were so uninteresting to me that I gave up the attempt.

What surprised me most in them was that they all advised to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, not to take what belonged to others, etc. "

Islam USA 2009 England, Terry. Rewind. New York: Avon Books (1997); pg. 228-229. [News report.] "'I understand there is a mixture of religious affiliations in the group'

'Eight Protestants of various stripes, three Catholics, two Jews, one who calls himself a New Age minister, three Mormons.'

'No Muslims, as prior reports had indicated?'

'No Muslims, no Anglicans, no Unitarians.' "

Islam USA 2010 Brunner, John. Stand on Zanzibar. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1968); pg. 51. "Being a Muslim, Norman refused to touch alcohol, but marijuana was traditionally socialised in the Muslim countries of Africa and he permitted himself to unwind the day's accumulated tension with a few reefers. "; Pg. 52: "Norman agreed to accept him as a roomie; on moving in, he had contributed certain items like this chair, and a few ornaments Norman approved of, and the liquor console--not being a drinker, Norman had previously owned nothing but the kind of small wine-frame bottle-holder imposed by convention on a householder entertaining non-Muslim friends. " [Many other references to this character in book, but not in DB.]
Islam USA 2010 Stephenson, Neal. The Big U. New York: Random House (1984); pg. 4. " the Big U... such was Fenrick's System, its skyscraping rack of obscure black slabs with no lights, knobs or switches, the 600-watt Black Hole Hyperspace Energy Nexus Field Amp that sat alone like the Kaaba, the shielded coaxial cables thrown out across the room to the six speaker stacks... "
Islam USA 2024 Clarke, Arthur C. & Mike McQuay. Richter 10. New York: Bantam (1996); pg. 180. "'In the local elections, Yo-Yu candidates took a soft wait-and-see line on the issue of an Islamic state as soon as we came out strongly against it. They favored negotiations over confrontations. Their success in state races is directly attributable to that factor.'

'I disagree.'

'You gave them fear,' Mui said, 'but that simply tied them to the greater fear of the global Islamic movement, which people feel is too large to challenge.'

'I did what had to be done to win the election. All I need to do to remedy the situation is to sacrifice someone on the altar of Islam, put the blame on him, then become more compromising. By the time the next elections come around, this will no longer be an issue.'

'Who shall you sacrifice?'

'President Gideon has let the Vice President make most of the anti-NOI speeches [anti-Nation of Islam]. Perhaps it's time for Mr. Gabler to step down.' Lis smiled. 'After all, we can't have a racist as Vice President, now can we?' "

Islam USA 2025 Cool, Tom. Infectress. New York: Baen (1997); pg. 293. "...President Chock said. 'But no nukes. I know you understand the sensitivities involved. We've been accused of an anti-Islamic prejudice for several generations now. It would be politically unacceptable to use nuclear weapons. Likewise, collateral damage would have to be minimal. Own force losses . . . as always, minimal.' "
Islam USA 2025 Leiber, Fritz. "Coming Attraction " in Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction (Frederik Pohl, ed.) Chicago, IL: Playboy Press (1980; 1st pub Galaxy, Nov. 1950); pg. 14. [Year is estimated. Story takes place after World War III.] "Comparing the American style with Moslem tradition is not valid; Moslem women are compelled to wear veils, the purpose of which is to make a husband's property private, while American women have only the compulsion of fashion and use masks to create mystery. "
Islam USA 2029 Clarke, Arthur C. The Hammer of God. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 85. [Origins of Chrislam.] "Sergeant Goldenberg was much too busy servicing the electronics of ground-to-air missiles to become heavily involved in religious affairs until Desert Storm had blown itself out, but the seeds had been planted. As soon as she returned to the United States she used her veteran's educational entitlement to enroll in one of the few Islamic-oriented colleges--a move that involved not only a fight with the Pentagon bureaucracy but a break with her own family. After only two semesters she gave a further demonstration of independence by getting herself expelled.

The facts behind this undoubtedly decisive event have never been fully established. The Prophet's hagiographers claim that she was victimized by her instructors, who were unable to answer her penetrating critiques of the Koran. Neutral historians gave a more down-to-earth explanation: she had an affair with a fellow student, and left as soon as her pregnancy was obvious. "

Islam USA 2031 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Chronoliths. New York: Tor (2001); pg. 139. "'Did they ever talk about a haj?'

'Pardon me?'

'A haj. Janice used the word.'

'She shouldn't have. We discourage that word, too. A haj is a pilgrimage to Mecca. But that's not how the kids use it. They man a trip to see a Kuin stone, or a place where one is supposed to arrive.' " [Also pg. 184: Mecca.]

Islam USA 2032 Butler, Octavia. Parable of the Talents. New York: Seven Stories Press (1998); pg. 23. "Jarret supporters... A witch, in their view, tends to be a Moslem, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist... "
Islam USA 2032 Butler, Octavia. Parable of the Talents. New York: Seven Stories Press (1998); pg. 84. "'...Can our country be just a little bit Christain and a little bit Buddhist, maybe?... How about a little bit Christian and a little bit Moslem?...' "
Islam USA 2040 Bova, Ben. Moonrise. New York: Avon Books (1996); pg. 184. "'Harkening and obedience,' said Rashid.

Ibriham Muhammad al-Rashid had been born in Baltimore, third some of second-generation Palestinian-Americans. For all his forty-two years he had balanced a firm belief in Islam with a firm belief that science and technology were gifts of Allah to help men in their struggle for existence. From his earliest childhood it was apparent that he was extremely intelligent and even more extremely motivated to rise high in the world. Johns Hopkins and MIT honed his intelligence. And his diplomatic skills. At school he was quickly dubbed 'Omar the Tentmaker.' Instead of becoming angry at the derogatory nickname, Rashid turned it into a badge of honor. " [Many other refs. to this character, not in DB, but not many refs. to Islam by name. All such refs. are in DB.]

Islam USA 2040 Bova, Ben. Moonrise. New York: Avon Books (1996); pg. 228. "Eldridge hunched forward a little in his chair. 'As you know, Congressman, I represent a coalition of religious organizations--'

'The Christian Brethren, I know.'

'Not merely the Brethren,' said Eldridge. 'Not anymore. We have several Orthodox Jewish groups with us now. And the Muslims as well.'

Underwood suppressed a gasp of surprise. Instead, he let himself chuckle. 'Well, if you can keep those people together you're a better politician than I am.'

'The Lord moves in mysterious ways, Congressman.' "

Islam USA 2040 Bova, Ben. Moonrise. New York: Avon Books (1996); pg. 312. "Now he [the Muslim plasma physicist from Baltimore] was a paunchy overweight academic with thinning hair and a light brown beard and eyes that blinked behind oversized, tinted glasses. Now he was a plasma physicist at Johns Hopkins University who just happened to have invented the world's first practical nuclear fusion generator.

'And it has been producing power like this for all that time?' Rashid whispered.

The plasma physicist nodded. 'As long as we keep it supplied with helium-three.'

Rashid stroked his beard and turned back to stare through the safety glass at the small metal sphere. It was almost hidden inside a maze of magnet coils and cooling pipes and heavy tangles of multicolored electrical wires... imitating the process that made the stars shine.

By the Prophet, Rashid thought, Allah is offering us a gift beyond price.

But not beyond cost...

'It really works,'...

'Our brothers in OPEC will not be happy with you.' " [More w/ these characters.]

Islam USA 2051 Kress, Nancy. Beggars in Spain. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 121. Pg. 121: "Why should Sanctuary welcome a woman who worked against it at every turn? Even the Quran, in its quaint pre-globalnet simplicity, was explicit about traitors: 'Whosoever commits aggression against you, you commit/ him like as he has committed against you.' "; Pg. 122: Were it not for the solace and quite of morning and afternoon prayer, she didn't think she could face some of her days. 'But you have no religious faith,' Richard had said, smiling, 'you're not even a believer' Jennifer hadn't tried to explain to him that religious belief was not the point.

...What would her paternal great-grandfather, Najla Fatima Noor el-Dahar, have said about a faith such as hers? ";

Pg. 123: "To call survival itself what it actually was: a holy war. Jihad "

Islam USA 2059 Piercy, Marge. He, She and It. New York: Alfred A. Knopf (1991); pg. 4. "Marranos in contemporary usage were Jews who worked for multis and went to church or mosque, paid lip service and practiced Judaism secretly at home. "
Islam USA 2076 Morehouse, Lyda. Archangel Protocol. New York: Penguin Putnam (2001); pg. 301. "Others have expressed similar sentiment. Hirohito Smith, presidential candidate for the Islam party, agreed. 'Even though the party of Islam did not have enough of a majority to compete for this office, I encourage the faithful to challenge this prophet Letourneau. Remember what is written between the eyes of the great archangel Jibril, he who dictated the Koran, 'There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.' ' "
Islam Utah: Beaver County 2010 Hickman, Tracy. The Immortals. New York: ROC/Penguin Books (1997; c. 1996); pg. 329. "'...Confucius, Buddha, Mohammad--all dead and gone from us, yet their words influence our thoughts and our actions...' "
Islam Utah: Utah County 1998 Clarke, Arthur C. The Fountains of Paradise. New York: Ballantine (1980; 1st ed. 1978); pg. 70. [Character with a Muslim name, although speaking at a school where over 95% of the faculty is LDS.] "El Hadj Mohammed ben Selim
Professor of Comparative Religion
Inaugural Address, Brigham Young University, 1998 "
Islam Venezuela 1996 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 223. "Venezuela might be OPEC, but she was not Islamic. "

Islam, continued


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