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Group Where Year Source Quote/
Isis worship Gaia 2046 Bear, Greg. Eternity. New York: Warner Books (1988); pg. 239. "These gods I don't really believe in, she thought. They're still inside me, though. Athene and Astarte and Isis and Aser and Aserapis and Zeus . . . and now Typhon. "
Isis worship galaxy 2175 Anderson, Poul. Fleet of Stars. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 20. [A planet named 'Isis' is mentioned.] "No wonder life was heartbreakingly rare in the universe... and intelligence might well have arisen only on Earth out of all creation . . . Amaterasu, like Demeter and Isis, was extraordinary. "
Isis worship galaxy 2269 Cox, Greg. Assignment: Eternity (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 130. Pg. 130: "Still, he prayed that his earlier decision had not doomed his two crewmen. If I'd known I would have Seven and Osiris on my side down here, he thought, maybe I wouldn't have brought along Sulu and Chekov for backup. "; Pg. 136: "Osiris led the way, gliding effortlessly between the trees and bushes. Gary Seven followed behind the big cat, only a few paces ahead of Kirk... " [Other refs. to 'Osiris', not in DB.]
Isis worship galaxy 2350 Bear, Greg. Beyond Heaven's River. New York: Dell (1980); pg. 144. "Bayley's Ochoneuf; Lamen; Potter's Field; Santa Tsubaraya... Gautama; Gift-of-Isis; God-Does-Battle; Veronike . . .

On Gift-of-Isis they watched a sunrise from the tallest volcano in the Galaxy. It was a triple sunrise, on cue, which happens once in a millennium. "

Isis worship galaxy 2700 Emerson, Jane. City of Diamond. New York: DAW (1996); pg. 226. "'Panthers,' said Will, as they came upon an enormous many-leveled cage. 'A mix. Asian leopards from Earth and tree cats from Osiris.' "
Isis worship galaxy 3131 Simmons, Dan. The Rise of Endymion. New York: Bantam (1998 mass market edition; first ed. 1997); pg. 628. "The frescoes showed Christian images--doves carrying olive branches, women drawing water... but were next to older grottoes, cremation urns, and graves offering pre-Christian images of Isis and Apollo, Bacchus welcoming the dead to the afterlife with great, overflowing flagons of wine... [more]
Isis worship galaxy 4000 Benford, Gregory. Furious Gulf. New York: Bantam (1994); pg. 229. [Actual year unknown.] "Instantly there flooded into his idling mind a shotgun blast of names, titles, all tinged with faint echoes of silvery memory. Tombs of Ishtar. Grand Palace. Altars of Innocence... Pinnacle Prime. Dassadummakeag. Ever-rest. Pike's Pyramid. Isis. Mount Olive... "
Isis worship Illinois 1960 Simmons, Dan. Summer of Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1991); pg. 178. Pg. 178: "...was the stylized but unmistakable figure of the sacrificial bull of Osiris, the Egyptian god who ruled over the kingdom of the dead. "; Pg. 410: "One word had sent them checking the squiggles and codes over and over again; Dale had recognized it from some book he'd read about Egypt: Osiris. " [Many other refs. to Osiris, not in DB, incl. pg. 413, 453, etc.]
Isis worship India 1974 Cox, Greg. The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh: Volume One (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (2001); pg. 151. Pg. 151-152: "'And her name is Isis.'

'Like the Egyptian goddess?' asked the frighteningly well read four-year-old. "

Isis worship Israel 33 C.E. Anderson, Poul. There Will Be Time. Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1972); pg. 54. "The scholars might have gotten the date wrong, or Jesus might be nothing more than an Osirian-Essene-Mithraic myth. "
Isis worship Nevada: Las Vegas 1992 Powers, Tim. Last Call. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1992); pg. 25. "...his status as the modern avatar of Dionysus and Tammuz and Attis and Osiris and the Fisher King and every other god and king who died in the winter and was reborn in the spring... "
Isis worship Nevada: Las Vegas 1992 Powers, Tim. Last Call. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1992); pg. 181. "All the fertility gods and kings mated with women who were in some way their sisters--Tammuz and Belili, Osiris and Isis, even King Arthur and Morgan le Fay... "
Isis worship Nevada: Las Vegas 1992 Powers, Tim. Last Call. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1992); pg. 204. "'What's this, supernatural?' Hans squalled. 'You think she's Isis, the Egyptian goddess?...' " [Also pg. 231, 239, 248, 257, etc.]
Isis worship New York: New York City 1969 Cox, Greg. Assignment: Eternity (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 8. Pg. 8: "The cat let out an inquisitive mew. A collar of silvery fabric glittered around its neck. Its eyes were brilliant yellow ovals pierced by thin clits of black.

'Yes, Isis, we made it,' he murmured to the cat... The blond woman was no longer surprised by the office's transformation... ";

Pg. 9: "Seven, also known as Supervisor 194, allowed a bit of a smile to curl his lips, apparently amused by the byplay between Roberta and Isis. "; Pg. 10: "Isis hissed and gave Roberta a dirty look. She scratched her claws on the arm of the couch. " [Other refs. to 'Isis', apparently somebody in the form of a cat?]

Isis worship Ontario: Toronto 1993 Huff, Tanya. Blood Lines. New York: DAW Books (1993); pg. 18. "The coffin was anthropomorphic but only vaguely. There were not features either carved into or painted on the wood, nor any symbol of Anubis or Osiris as might be expected. " [More, pg. 39, 190.]
Isis worship Roman Empire -200 B.C.E. Long, Karawynn. "And Make Death Proud to Take Us " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 47. [Year estimated. Time of Cleopatra.] Pg. 47: "The raucous, enthusiastic shouting of the Roman crowd had begun to make the young Cleopatra's head ache, and sweat trickled down her scalp underneath the heavy formal headdress of Isis. "; Pg. 59: "He had complained bitterly in one of his poems that his Cynthia had banished him from her bed for ten days in observance of a vigil honoring Isis. She knew that the goddess had a strong following among Roman women, but for the first time it occurred to her that it might encompass even the highest classes. "
Isis worship Roman Empire 25 C.E. Lupoff, Richard A. "Jubilee " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 165. "'...And then just hours later Isis reaches ground. The first craft to visit another planet . . .' " [Mars. Many other refs. to this ship, but not to Isis worship.]
Isis worship Roman Empire 296 C.E. Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Diana L. Paxson Priestess of Avalon. New York: Viking (2001); pg. 235. "...surrounded by cats... There must have been two dozen, of all shapes and colors, waiting impatiently in front of a rather ramshackle building that had been added to the back of the Temple of Isis... 'Eastward we gaze upon Bast, the Queen-Cat,' she chanted softly, 'In the east we pray for the soul of Isis, Light-bearer, Moon-mother, gentle protectress. To the shrine of Per-Bast we direct our prayers. . . . But I am the only one in Londinium who does so,' she added, shaking her head. 'In Egypt all people know that the cat is sacred to the Goddess, but merchants bring cats to Brinnia and leave them, and no one seems to care. Only the priests of Isis let me stay here because they know that Bast and Isis are sisters. I do what I can.'

'My goddess favors dogs,' I told her, 'but I suppose that Bast is her sister as well. Will you accept an offering?' " [More here, pg. 256.]

Isis worship Roman Empire 300 C.E. Anderson, Poul & Karen Anderson. The King of Ys: Roma Mater. New York: Baen (1986); pg. 75. Pg. 75: "The aged woman lifted her arms and countenance on high. 'Ishtar-Isis-Belisama, have mercy on us,' she called in a voice still strong. "; Pg. 105: "There they were strewn, given to Belisama (Ishtar, Isis, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Venus, Nerthus . . .), the Star of the Sea. "
Isis worship Roman Empire 359 C.E. Anderson, Poul. The Boat of a Million Years. New York: Tor (1989); pg. 33. "A hunchbacked beggar whined for alms in the name of Christ and then, when likewise ignored, tried Jupiter, Mithras, Isis, the Great Mother, and Celtic Epona... "
Isis worship Solar System 2061 Clarke, Arthur C. 2061: Odyssey Three. New York: Ballantine (1987); pg. 56. "The taming of Ganymede was more than a full-time job... surveying the route of the proposed Gilgamesh-Osiris monorail. "
Isis worship Tarot 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 176. "'Venus governs the affections and social relations... When it thus fails to resist the importunities of the wicked, it comes under the negative influence of Arcanum Two, Veiled Isis--' "
Isis worship Vietnam: Saigon 1994 Milan, Victor. "My Sweet Lord " in Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Baen (1994); pg. 100. "'Sandalwood?' he said, sniffling. 'Isis, I thought Old Hippie taste was bad. But this--?' "
Isis worship Washington, D.C. 1995 Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the Moon. New York: HarperPrism (1995); pg. 128. "Probably the smartest thing they ever did was to infiltrate the Church; although the earlier religion got a toehold in there as well, with all those holdovers from Isis and Dionysos grafted onto Christianity. " [Also pg. 129.]; Pg. 160: Osiris; Pg. 274: "As Ishtar, Au-Set, Isis, Artemis or Cybele, as the thuggees' Kali or Wilde's Salome... "; Pg. 373: "An Egyptian instrument used in the worship of Isis. Fourth Dynasty, I believe . . . " [Some other, e.g., pg. 378.]
Isis worship world 1956 de Camp, L. Sprague. "Aristotle and the Gun " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1956); pg. 26. "I belonged to the History of Science Society and wrote papers on the history of science for its periodical Isis. "
Isis worship world 1974 Cox, Greg. The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh: Volume One (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (2001) [One of the novel's main characters is named 'Isis,' but is not the goddess Isis.] Book jacket: "1974 A.D. An international consortium of the world's top scientists have conspired to create the Chrysalis Project, a top-secret experiment in human genetic engineering. The project's goal is nothing less than the creation of a new, artificially improved breed of men and women: smarter, faster, stronger than ordinary human beings, a super-race to take command of the entire planet.

Gary Seven, an undercover operative for an advanced alien species, is alarmed by the project's objectives; he knows too well the apocalyptic consequences of genetic manipulation. With his trusted agents, Roberta Lincoln and the mysterious Isis, he will risk life and limb to uncover Chrysalis' insidious designs and neutralize the awesome threat that the Project poses to the future. "

Isis worship world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 54. "...he was concerned only with determining whether they illustrated the eternal warfare of Set and Osiris or the joining of atoms... "
Isis worship world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 88. Pg. 88: "'...I'm Mavis and Stella and I'm the mother of all of them I am Demeter and Frigga and Cybelleas well as Eris and I am Napthys and Black Sister of Isis...' "; Pg. 99: "With her own eyes she had seen the Great Mother, Isis, rise up and smite the evil spirits of the dead Catholic Inquisitors... " [Many other refs. not in DB, incl. pg. 143.]
Isis worship world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 194. "The Illuminati associate this with Iris, and also with other goddesses from Isis to Ishtar and from Kwannon to Kali--with the Female Principle, yin, in general. "
Isis worship world 1997 Morrow, James. Only Begotten Daughter. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1990); pg. 185. "'What else do Christics [Christians] teach?'

...'Original sin? Are you serious?'

'Your death atoned for Adam's guilt.'

'Oh come on,' Jesus snickered. 'That's paganism, Julie. You're talking Attis, Dionysus, Osirus--the sacrificial god whose suffering redeems his followers. Every town had one in those days...' "

Isis worship world 1998 Disch, Thomas M. The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World. New York: Simon & Schuster (2000; c. 1998); pg. 54. "'Madame' Blavatsky... was the self-mythologizing author of Isis Unveiled (1877), a 'nonfiction' melange of the occult romances of Bulwer-Lytton... " [Also pg. 55.]
Isis worship world 2001 Aldiss, Brian. "Marvells of Utopia " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001); pg. 191. "'You could add to that long list all the world's false gods and goddesses, the Greek gods, who gave their names to the constellations, the Baals and Isises and Roman soldier gods...' "
Isis worship world 2050 Aldiss, Brian. "A Whiter Mars " in Supertoys Last All Summer Long. New York: St. Martin's Griffin (2001; c. 1995); pg. 218. "You've forgotten about the gods and goddesses, the Greek gods who gave their names to the constellations, the Baals and Isises and Roman soldier gods, the vengeful Almighty of the Old Testament, Allah -- all imaginary super-beings which supposedly controlled mankind's behavior before humanity could control itself. "
Isis worship world 2931 Stableford, Brian. "Mortimer Gray's History of Death " in Immortals (Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds.) New York: Ace Books (1998; c. 1995); pg. 189. "...Anubis and Osiris... "
ISKCON Canada 2020 Heinlein, Robert A. Friday. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston (1982); pg. 104. "'The Scientologists, of course, have had to fight for their rights many times; they fought with discipline, defended themselves, and disengaged rapidly--got out, taking their wounded with them. The Hairy Krishners fought like squawking chickens and left their wounded behind. But the Angels of the Lord fought as if they were crazy--and I think they are. They moved straight in, swinging clubs and fists, and didn't stop until they were down and uanble to get up. It took about as many Mounties to subdue them as there were Agnels . . . when the usual ratio is one Mounty, one riot.

'It appears that the Angels knew that the Hubbardites were arriving at that time and had come there to jump them; the Hare Krishna crowd showed up by accident--they were at the port simply because it is a good place to shake down cubes for money. But, having found the Hairies and being unable to pin down the Scientologists, the Angels settled for beating up the Krishna freaks.' "

ISKCON Canada 2020 Heinlein, Robert A. Friday. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston (1982); pg. 103-104. "'...Last March, early April, I had driven to the port to pick up Ian. The Concourse was loaded with Hare Krishna freaks, saffron robes and shaved heads and jumping up and down and demanding money. A load of Scientologists was coming out the gates, heading for some do of theirs, a North American convention I think it was. Just as the two groups merged, here came the Angels of the Lord [an Evangelical/Christian Fundamentalist group] , homemade signs and tambourines and clubs.

'Marj, it was the gaudiest brawl I have ever seen. No trouble telling the three sides apart. The Hare Krishnas looked like clowns, unmistakable. The Angels and the Hubbardites did not wear robes but there was no trouble telling them apart. The Elronners were clean and neat and short-haired; the Angels looked like unmade beds. They carried the 'stink of piety,' too; I got downwind of them once, then moved quickly.' "

ISKCON Colorado 1989 Simmons, Dan. Phases of Gravity. New York: Bantam (1989); pg. 102. [In Boulder] "In the two blocks Baedecker and Maggie had already walked, they had passed five street musicians, a chanting Hare Krishna group, a four-person juggling act... "
ISKCON Connecticut 1983 King, Stephen. Hearts in Atlantis. New York: Scribner (1999); pg. 411. "...keeps the clock-radio tuned to is wall-to-wall Christmas carols, and this morning he waked up to one of the two or three on his Most Hated List, something full of breathy voices and phony wonder. The Hare Krishna Chorale or the Andy Williams Singers or some such. "
ISKCON galaxy 2030 Hogan, James P. Entoverse. New York: Ballantine (1991); pg. 145. "Hunt watched the screen, grim-faced. 'They might be crazy, Chris. But we're not dealing with any Hare Krishnas,' he muttered. 'Whatever's going on here, those guys are serious.' " [Contrasting the violent methods of Ayultha and his followers with Hare Krishna non-violence and pacifism.]
ISKCON galaxy 2500 Drake, David. The Tank Lords. New York: Baen (1997); pg. 372. "The Church of the Lord's Universe

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the faith that men took to the stars--and vice versa--was that it appeared to differ so little from the liturgical protestantism of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Indeed, services of the Church of the Lord' Universe--almost always, except by Unitarians, corrupted to 'Universal Church'--so resembled those of a high-flying Anglican parish of 1920 that a visitor from the past would have been hard put to believe that he was watching a sect as extreme in its own way as the Society for Krishna Consciousness was in its. "

ISKCON Georgia: Atlanta 2035 Bishop, Michael. Catacomb Years. New York: Berkley (1979); pg. 177. "There were simultaneous crackdowns on hand-operated duplicating machines, distributors of underground comix, wielders of portable video equipment, and uncharted 'fringe-riding' religious groups. Only the Hare-Krishna sect and Orthodox Muslims, with histories of influence in the city going back to pre-Evacuation times, secured legal exemptions from this last stricture of the Council/Conclave's sweeping decree. The year of these 'Retrenchment Edicts' had been 2035... "
ISKCON Georgia: Atlanta 2047 Bishop, Michael. Catacomb Years. New York: Berkley (1979); pg. 208. "The catacomb years between 2047 and 2072... First councilor Lesser's sole abiding constant, unpredictableness aside, was her commitment to Ortho-Urbanism, the City's official faith. With two conspicuous exemptions (the Federated Urban Society for Krishna Consciousness and the Orthodox Muslims), nearly all other religious and pseudo-religious sects were outlawed and their devotees impartially but relentlessly persecuted. "
ISKCON Ireland 1995 Kurtz, Katherine & Deborah Turner Harris. Dagger Magic. New York: Ace Books (1995); pg. 4. "...a slight, shaven-headed figure in flowing orange robes suddenly appeared from behind them...

What the hell? Scanlan thought.

Their attire reminded him of the Hare Krishna votaries he had seen now and again in Dublin and London, handing out flowers and pamphlets on street corners or dancing and singing in the streets--except that these two were much older than the usual Hare Krishna, and far less scruffy-looking. "

ISKCON Ireland 1995 Kurtz, Katherine & Deborah Turner Harris. Dagger Magic. New York: Ace Books (1995); pg. 8. Pg. 8: "More mysterious still... was the matter of the two Hare Krishna types he had seen emerging from the cave... "; Pg. 9: "Even as Scanlan gasped, the blur resolved itself into one of the Hare Krishnas--or maybe he was some sort of Oriental monk, come to think of it...

He had never heard of Hare Krishnas being other than peaceable and nonviolent, but there was something not right about these two. " [Other refs., not in DB, to the two orange-robed men, who aren't actually Hare Krishnas.]

ISKCON New York: New York City 2015 Westerfeld, Scott. Polymorph. New York: Penguin (1997); pg. 122. "There was a procession of the park's inhabitants toward the southwest corner, where the rattle of Hare Krishna drums signaled a free breakfast. "
ISKCON United Kingdom 1995 Kurtz, Katherine & Deborah Turner Harris. Dagger Magic. New York: Ace Books (1995); pg. 170. "The shimmer he had observed on the beach at Mull of Kintyre had resolved on film into a ghostly figure. Though the details were a bit blurred, the robed form hovering over the dead man appeared to be that of a Hare Krishna, or perhaps a Buddhist monk, with shaven head and dressed in flowing orange robes. The figure's hands were clasped as if in prayer... "
ISKCON USA 1982 Knight, Damon. The Man in the Tree. New York: Berkley Books (1984); pg. 234. "'...In my opinion, the bill won't pass, and if it should, it will be struck down by the courts--this... commission is a transparent device to evade the Constitution. In any event, they're obviously out to get the Moonies and Hare Krishnas, Church of Scientology, people like that; I don't see how it affects us.' "
ISKCON USA 1995 Ing, Dean. The Big Lifters. New York: Tor (1988); pg. 182. "'And you told me only because of your priest, and me not even Catholic?'

'...I don't care if you're Mr. Harry Krishna, the principle's the same...' "

ISKCON USA 1997 Byrne, John. Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses. Rocklin, CA: Prima Publishing (1997); pg. 184. "She had traveled enough with her mother to assume that most large airports were essentially the same, and therefore there should be Hare Krishnas, Moonies, Jews for Jesus--all the little groups of subcults and sects milling about the doors, offering their pins, their flowers, their pamphlets. Helena had taught Cassie to ignore them, to pass them without notice, but what she noticed that day was that they were gone.

In their place were more of the Soldiers of Salvation, hundreds of them... their own pamphlets... with the same message...: Put an end to Wonder Woman... Destroy her before she destroys you!

Frightening. But even more disturbing... were the people who stopped to talk to the Soldiers... They were not bustling past, as they would brush by the bald heads and saffron robes of the followers of Krishna. "

ISKCON Vietnam 1965 Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. The Healer's War. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 125. "'...You mark my words, girl, and watch your step. They get you poor little lukewarm Methodists and all over here and pump you full of Asian germs and start showing you auras, next thing you know you'll be runnin' around shoutin' Harry Krishna and playin' with matches and gasoline' "
ISKCON Vietnam: Saigon 1994 Milan, Victor. "My Sweet Lord " in Wild Cards: Book II of a New Cycle: Marked Cards (George R. R. Martin, ed.) New York: Baen (1994); pg. 99. "The room was the picture of Hindu Heaven, straight out of a hopelessly garish mid-Seventies Hare Krishna broadsheet. It was all gaud and gold and ivory, well-bangled celestial maidens playing upon the flute, the kartal cymbals and mridanga drums; bright-pinioned birds and flowers everywhere of hues so bright it hurt to look at them. In the midst of all sat Ganesha, fat and smug, with one of those beaded Indian elephant head-harnesses strung over his Indian elephant head. "
ISKCON Washington, D.C. 1995 Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the Moon. New York: HarperPrism (1995); pg. 7. "Beneath its walls wandered a weird profusion of nuns and rabbis and sikhs and friars, and others of even more dubious spiritual provenance: Hare Krishnas, earnest Moonies, witches and druids nouveaux. "
ISKCON world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 24-25. "'...Let's have no more mehum metaphysics here.'



Actually, it was George's tenth stein of beer that day, and he was very, very drunk.


ISKCON world 1985 Bear, Greg. "Dead Run " in Tangents. New York: Warner Books (1989; story c. 1985); pg. 130. "'What are you hauling?' he asked.

'Souls,' I said. 'Whole sh--load of them.'

'What kind?' he was young, not more than twenty-five. He wanted to sound nonchalant but I could hear the nerves.

'Usual kind,' I said. 'Human. Got some Hare Krishnas this time. Don't look too close anymore.' "

ISKCON world 2075 Anderson, Glenn L. The Millennium File. Bountiful, Utah: Horizon Publishers (1986); pg. 57. "He had related everything so matter-of-factly. As if this were simply another one of those times you hear about where inspiration guides somebody to locate one of those mysterious ancient urns. In fact, Roth's tone had reminded her a little of those religious weirdos with the funny haircuts that wandered around the commercial digiport terminals. "
Islam Afghanistan 1996 Ing, Dean. Systemic Shock. New York: Tor (original 1981; 1st Tor edition 1992); pg. 48. "Once India's closest ally, the RUS [Soviets] had rained cruise missiles with poor discrimination onto Kanpur; and the RUS presence among Afghans again was a thorn in Islamic flesh. Two waves of Indian choppers formed near Peshawar and essayed a blitzkrieg on Afghan soil. "
Islam Africa 900 C.E. Clarke, Arthur C. The Fountains of Paradise. New York: Ballantine (1980; 1st ed. 1978); pg. 46. "Before they rose again in the gardens of Kalidasa, Imperial Rome would have passed away, the armies of Islam would have marched across Africa, Copernicus would have dethroned the earth from the center of the universe... "
Islam Africa 1989 Wilson, Robert Charles. Gypsies. New York: Doubleday (1989); pg. 73. "But that was history. History was replete with oppression. More important than that, lately, Christendom itself seemed threatened. Islam had swept like a brushfire through northern Africa, fomenting revolution against the Dutch, the French, the British; the Russians were battling rebellions Moslems on their southern borders. "
Islam Africa 2015 Julian, Astrid. "Bringing Sissy Home " in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of Writers of the Future (Algis Budrys, ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (2000; c. 1992); pg. 235. "The bus drives by the tidy Muslim cemetery. With its plain stone graves, all pointing to Mecca, it is very different from the City of the Dead in Alexandria. The mausoleums and catacombs of the City of the Dead have become a housing project for the increasing numbers of homeless poor in Egypt. "
Islam Africa 2018 Bova, Ben. Voyager II: The Alien Within. New York: Tor (1986); pg. 197. "An Linh seemed to be nodding off to sleep, chin dropping, eyes closing, while the old villager droned on. Stoner listened, fascinated, as the historian jumped ahead to the time when fierce nomadic warriors swept across the land, converting every village to a new religion that worshiped only one god called Allah. The villagers accepted Allah and added him to their other gods, although to the warriors they pretended to worship only the warriors' god. Generations later a new kind of man came upon their village... " [bringing Christianity]
Islam Africa 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 310. "'...the images of a desolate wasteland. But the Sahel was once the home of Africa's strongest, most prosperous states. The Songhai empire, the empires of Mali and Ghana, the holy city of Timbuktu with its scholars and libraries. To the Moslem world the Sahel was a byword for dazzling wealth, with gold, ivory, crops of all kinds. Huge caravans crossed the Sahara, fleets of treasure canoes traveled the Niger River . . .' "
Islam Africa - West 2015 Julian, Astrid. "Bringing Sissy Home " in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of Writers of the Future (Algis Budrys, ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (2000; c. 1992); pg. 227. "Charlotte will have a difficult time with the dawn prayers. She is a sleepy Anglican who keeps a few fetishes in her rooms at Club Med, but like all dutiful African wives, she will make her husband's religion her own. Compared to Sissy, she is lucky. The practice of female circumcision, the cutting away of the clitoris, has almost died out in West Africa. Both Muslims and Fetisheurs have abandoned it. "
Islam Africa, West 2038 Jones, Gwyneth. White Queen. New York: Tor (1991); pg. 9. Pg. 9: "The lumpy clay fragments of the pagan palace glistened behind their crumbling UNESCO barricades. Across the road the Islamic Palace, which still housed some of the country's administration, presented a high, blank wall to the world. "; Pg. 12: "Without gold or oil, this area had been a significant continental trading mart since before the pyramids were raised. The modern country was a palimpsest of sub-Saharan history. Since the end of 'pagan times,' early thirteenth century by Christian reckoning, it had been Islamic, then Portuguese, then 'pagan' again... "; Pg. 138: "'That's not me speaking, tonto. That's the wrath of Islam...' " [More, pg. 140.]
Islam Alabama 1981 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 506. "'...There's nothing wrong with the idea of putting a good Christian in the White House for a change.'

'I thought Jimmy Carter was supposed to have been a good Christian,' said Harod.

'Jimmy Carter was a born-again wimp,' said Sutter. 'A real Christian would have known just what to do with the Ayatollah when that pagan put his hands on American citizens. The Bible says . . . 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.' We should've left those Moslem Shee-ite bastards toothless.' "

Islam Alabama 1993 Ellison, Harlan. Mefisto in Onyx. Shingletown, CA: Mark. V. Ziesing Books (1993); pg. 59. "That institution for the betterment of the human race, the Organized Church, has a name for it. From the fine folks at Catholicism, Lutheranism, Baptism, Judaism, Islamism, Druidism... "

Islam, continued


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