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Idaho Idaho 1986 Kessel, John. "The Pure Product " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1986); pg. 557. "I arrived in Kansas City at one o'clock... A Tuesday. I was driving the beige 1983 Chevrolet Citation that I had stolen two days earlier in Pocatello, Idaho. "
Idaho Idaho 1986 Martin, George R. R.; Melinda Snodgrass, et al. Wild Cards III: Jokers Wild. New York: Bantam (1987); pg. 142. "Modular Man was about as unobtrusive as a joker in Idaho. The android had certain male-model handsomness, although his prefab features... "
Idaho Idaho 1991 Wolverton, Dave. "Wheatfields Beyond " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 8. "'Sit down, Tana said. 'I got your jail records from Idaho, and your records from the mental hospital from Arizona. The psyche profile looks consistent. So, tell me, how does God speak to you?' "
Idaho Idaho 1993 Boyer, Elizabeth H. "A Foreigner Comes to Reddyville " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 202. Pg. 202: "My grandfather, B. Y. Green, died three years ago, so I can tell this story now... what I remember most was star-gazing on Christmas Eve. He used to call me outside to look up at the furiously-cold Idaho sky... "; Pg. 203: "...little towns of Arimo and McGammon... It was fall after Halloween and after the potato picking was over. Grandpa Green lived in a little old square brick house on one of the last streets in McCammon, not far from the gravel pit and the cemetery on the north edge of town. " [This story takes place in Idaho. Many other refs., not in DB.]
Idaho Idaho 1993 Nicita, Carolyn. "Solitude " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 34. Pg. 34: "...Idaho, lakes to small; Great Salt Lake, no volcanic activity. "; Pg. 36: "As she studies the maps, Chris learned that Lake Bonneville disappeared about 50 million years ago, before the Cenozoic Ice Ages. Sometimes the lake was small and sometimes it was huge, even extending into Idaho and Nevada and connecting to the Pacific Ocean. "
Idaho Idaho 1994 Ing, Dean. "Anasazi " in Anasazi. New York: Tor (1987; c. 1979); pg. 127. Pg. 127: "Gallup and Farmington had closer air terminals, but Boise to Albuquerque was a direct flight. "; Pg. 147: Boise
Idaho Idaho 1995 Chalker, Jack L. The Cybernetic Walrus (Book One of The Wonderland Gambit). New York: Ballantine (1995); pg. 13. "...our Canadian subsidiary was doing well putting LANs into local and provincial government operations, and we' done several major corporate installations in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, but not a lot further than that. "
Idaho Idaho 1995 Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the Moon. New York: HarperPrism (1995); pg. 210. "She was only eighteen, taking a year off between high school and Bennington. She had a black belt in karate and for the last two years had won the Idaho State Martial Arts Competition. "
Idaho Idaho 1996 Frakes, Jonathan & Dean Wesley Smith. The Abductors: Conspiracy. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 9. Pg. 9: "Salmon River Primitive Area

The campfire cackled, sending golden sparks drifting up a few feet into the air before they went black... ";

Pg. 10: "He pulled his light jacket tight around his chest and stuffed his hands into his jeans pockets. It would be a clear, crisp night in the Idaho mountains. A beautiful night for stargazing.

Around him the dull roar of water rushing over rocks filled the steep-walled mountain valley. The Middle Fork of the Salmon River started twenty miles from this point and ninety miles away ended in the main Salmon River, flowing into the 'River of No Return' Canyon... "; Pg. 30-31: Idaho State Police; Pg. 54: McCall, ID; Pg. 57: Sulfur Creek; Pg. 58: Yellowstone Park; Sun Valley; Pg. 206: Higby Caves; Boise; State Highway 95; Pg. 245: Boise [Much of this story takes place in Idaho. Refs. throughout, not in DB. Idaho also mentioned by name on pg. 11, 29-31, 43, 54, 66, 70, 96, 150, etc.]

Idaho Idaho 1996 Frakes, Jonathan & Dean Wesley Smith. The Abductors: Conspiracy. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 66. "'He said he'd do it as soon as he got back this afternoon from Idaho.'

'Idaho?' Janet asked. 'What's he doing in Idaho?'

Claudia frowned. 'He never tells me about his cases, which I guess is a good thing.' "

Idaho Idaho 1996 Frakes, Jonathan & Dean Wesley Smith. The Abductors: Conspiracy. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 203. "Neda nodded. 'We think the ship you shot at covers an area from Alaska down the cost to northern California above San Francisco. And inland to western Montana, all of Idaho, Washington, the western Canadian provinces, and northern Arizona.'

'Wow,' Henry said. 'That's some territory.' "

Idaho Idaho 1996 Knight, Damon. Humpty Dumpty: An Oval. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 200. Pg. 200: "At Great Falls there was a downpour of yellowish fluff that looked like upholstery padding. East of Idaho Falls, rivulets of muddy water covered the highway for miles where a massive subsidence had diverted the waters of the Snake. "; Pg. 222: "'...Idaho Falls, Twin Falls. North again to Boise, Burns, Bend and Eugene... "
Idaho Idaho 1996 McDevitt, Jack. Ancient Shores. New York: HarperCollins (1996); pg. 153. "They'd talked abut it online, the Manhattan group... and Sammy Rothstein in Boise... " [Also pg. 97.]
Idaho Idaho 1997 Bear, Greg. The Forge of God. New York: Tor (1987); pg. 389. "Smoky haze hung high over the valley from fires in the east: Idaho, Arizona, Utah. The morning sun glowered bright orange through the pall, casting all Yosemite in a dreamy shadow-light the color of Apocalypse. "
Idaho Idaho 1997 Smith, Dean Wesley. X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. New York: Berkley (1997); pg. 45. "Slowly the sun broke over the edge of the deep valley, the light oozing down the rock and pine-covered hillside like someone had poured a bucket of thick, orange and yellow paint on the top of the ridge. It filled the cracks in the rocks and drove the morning mist higher into the air, where it swirled and then vanished.

Albert Jonathan had always loved sitting on the front porch of his small log cabin, watching the morning creep down into the deep Idaho valley he called home. For one hundred and sixty-three summers he had loved watching that sunrise. But this morning, for the first time, he dreaded the coming day. "

Idaho Idaho 1997 Smith, Dean Wesley. X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. New York: Berkley (1997); pg. 45. "Albert appeared, to the few who met him, to be the very picture of an Idaho mountain man. He had a long white beard and white hair. His face was rough and red from the sharp wind and bring sun. In the early years, he'd only worn animal skins, but since the turn of the century, and the first real gold mining rush into this area, he'd worn regular clothes, bought at the store a week's walk away in the little town of Yellow Pine. He only went into town once a year. He never talked to anyone and no one had paid him any attention. Fifty years back, he had reported to the authorities that Albert Jonathan had died and left his land to his son, Albert Jonathan Jr. He had no son, but the little ploy had covered the fact that he was living so long. "
Idaho Idaho 1997 Smith, Dean Wesley. X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. New York: Berkley (1997); pg. 106. "'So where is your brother now?' Scott asked.

'He's on our private jet. I just got a report that he's just taken off from Boise, heading north toward Spokane.'

'Idaho?' Jean said. 'What's he doing out west?' " [See also, for example, pg. 119, 129-135. 142-145, 151.]

Idaho Idaho 1997 Smith, Dean Wesley. X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. New York: Berkley (1997); pg. 145. "They had no idea why Robert Service had been flying in circles in Idaho. And they could only guess at the outcome when Cain caught up to him.

The sun was lighting the sky around them as they crossed over the Teton Mountains and into eastern Idaho. They were within two hundred miles of Boise, approaching the Snake River valley when suddenly things changed slightly. "

Idaho Idaho 1997 Smith, Dean Wesley. X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. New York: Berkley (1997); pg. 45-46. "During the mining rush in the 1980s, he'd filed the first official homestead claim for this land and the eighty acres around it. During those early years he had been forced to defend it from all trespassers. There were three bodies buried down the hill a ways on a ridge overlooking the river. Back before the West got civilized, all three thought they could take his cabin and supplies.

The thought had gotten them all killed.

But mostly during the last eighty years the outside world had left him alone and for that he was glad. Since that very first trip into this wilderness area as a trapper in 1840, he had loved the steep mountains, the wild rivers, and unforgiving beauty of the Idaho back country, and he just wanted to live alone with that beauty for as many more years as he was going to live. " [Other refs., not in DB.]

Idaho Idaho 1997 Smith, Dean Wesley. X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. New York: Berkley (1997); pg. 98-99. "The weather in Boise, Idaho was one of those almost-imaginary, perfect summer evenings. A slight breeze cooled the air to room temperature, and the stars filled the sky overhead, breaking through even the city lights. The faint smell of warm sage from the nearby desert mixed with the aroma of freshly mowed lawns. Hundreds of back-door barbecues sizzled around the small city, sending white puffs of smoke swirling upward into the clear night sky.

The door of Robert Service's private jet let in the wonderful smells and the clean, fresh, mountain air. The jet sat off to one side of the Gowen Field Airport runway. Private jets were common at Gowen Field, due to the large corporations headquartered in Boise...

But then when he awoke the plane was over Reno... First they would fly north from Boise, heading toward Spokane... "; Pg. 100: "...jet lifted off into the perfect Idaho summer night and turned south. "

Idaho Idaho 1998 York, J. Steven. Generation X: Crossroads. New York: Berkley (1998); pg. 73. "'What I want to know before the nice mutant lady wipes your brains out like dirty ashtrays, is how did a bunch of Idaho bumpkins like you find out about mutants, much less learn to hate them?' He turned abruptly and put himself nose-to-nose with the leader. 'Huh, spud-boy?'

The leader's lips trembled, but the words were a while coming. 'R-radio. Walt Norman on th'radio.' " [The Walt Norman show is from Chicago, but broadcast nationwide.]

Idaho Idaho 1998 York, J. Steven. Generation X: Crossroads. New York: Berkley (1998); pg. 58-59. "'There's a freeway junction up ahead,' offered Chill. 'This has got to be I-90.'

...Recall... looked at the endless irrigated fields around them. Mobile sprinkler gantries sprawled across the landscape like giant metal centipedes, some of them spitting plumes of water with the force of fire hoses. 'You think these are potatoes? I suppose, as Devo spud-boys,' we should be thrilled.'

'Famous potatoes.' Chill repeated the slogan, which they had discovered on Idaho license plates even before crossing the line from Washington. 'Sad when that's the biggest thing you've got to brag about.' " [Other refs., not all in DB. See also pg. 113, .]

Idaho Idaho 1999 Bear, Greg. Darwin's Radio. New York: Del Rey (1999); pg. 333. "Governor Harris was giving yet another press conference. He went on the air every day to report on the Emergency Act, how Washington state was cooperating with Washington, D.C., what measures he was resisting... Once more he went through a bleak litany of statistics.

'In the Northwest, from Oregon to Idaho, the law enforcement officials tell me there have been at least thirty acts of human sacrifice...'

Idaho Idaho 1999 Simmons, Dan. The Crook Factory. New York: Avon Books (1999); pg. 431. "I came into the country through Toronto and perversely chose to drive to Idaho. Driving myself was a nice change--although I personally do not believe that unwell eighty-five-year-olds with one working eye should be allowed to drive at all--but the American interstate highway is truly a new experience...

Yesterday I arrived in Ketchum [in Idaho, where Hemingway died]. The town must have grown much since Hemingway bought a home there in the winter of 1959, but it still has the feel of a mining town. I found the site of the Christiana Restaurant, where Hemingway had insisted that FBI men were following him and demanded that his party leave before finishing their meals. Near there, I found a room at a motel... " [More, pg. 431-432.]

Idaho Idaho 2002 Dalton-Woodbury, Kathleen. "Signs and Wonders " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 160. "'We can go up to Idaho and get lava--Max Morrison has acres of it--and spread it out on the salt flats. We'll make what--a fish? Something big enough to be seen from space.'

'Why a fish, Grandpa?'...

'Early Christian symbol--fishers of men.' "

Idaho Idaho 2002 Le Guin, Ursula K. The Lathe of Heaven. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1971); pg. 111. "Oregon had no stockpiles of anything, but hay, no missile launch pads, no NASA bases. She was obviously defenseless. The Anti-Alien Ballistic Missiles defending her went up from the enormous underground installations in Walla Walla, Washington, and Round Valley, California. From Idaho, most of which belonged to the U.S. Air Force, huge supersonic XXTT-9900s went screaming west, shattering every eardrum from Boise to Sun Valley, to patrol for any Alien ship that might somehow slip through the infallible network of the AABMs. "
Idaho Idaho 2004 Dick, Philip K. The Zap Gun. New York: Bluejay Books (1985; c. 1965); pg. 27. Pg. 27: "An authority; that's what he was, due to all the hours--six or seven a night, because like everyone else his work had been recently cut from twenty to nineteen hours per week--that he spent scanning edutapes at the Boise, Idaho, main branch of the public library. "; Pg. 28: "This certainly beat sending letters to the Boise Star-Times 'pape and to Senator Edgewell. Who didn't even respond with a form-letter any more... "; Pg. 30: "For instance that thin librarian at the main branch of the Boise publibe who had denied him access to the eight closed cases of microtapes of all the twentieth century pornographic novels. This means your job, he said to himself... " [Much more about characters that live in Idaho. All refs. to Idaho by name are in DB.]
Idaho Idaho 2005 Bell, M. Shayne. "Mrs. Lincoln's China " in Circa 2000: Gay Fiction at the Millennium (Robert Drake & Terry Wolverton, eds). Los Angeles, CA: Alyson Pub. (2000; c. 1995); pg. 18. "I reached in and pulled out a plate with a blue border and gold stems of wheat painted in that border. The American eagle was pictured in the white middle of the plate. I didn't know which president and his wife had had such a plate. I reached in and pulled out a dessert plate that had a pretty white flower in the middle. The back of the plate said Syringa, and below that Idaho. I figured the Syringa must have been Idaho's state flower, but I didn't know which president's wife had ordered this plate either. I pulled out the two crystal wine goblets that were the last things I'd taken. They were simple in design but lovely. "
Idaho Idaho 2005 Bell, M. Shayne. "The Shining Dream Road Out " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 71. "I merged back behind a couple of Idaho Meat-Packers' trucks... "
Idaho Idaho 2010 Dick, Philip K. "What'll We Do with Ragland Park? " in The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories by Philip K. Dick. New York: Kensington (2002; c. 1963); pg. 345. "'I had bad luck with that, Mr. Kaminsky. Turned out there really is a Tom McPhail. Lives in Pocatello, Idaho. I sang about ol' Tom McPhail on my January fourteenth TV show and right away he got sore -- he was listenin' -- and got a lawyer to write me.'

'Wasn't it just a coincidence of names?' Hada said.

'Well,' Rags said, twisting about self-consciously, 'it seems there really had been a fire in his home there in Pocatello, and McPhail, he got panicky and ran with a bucket to the creek, and it was ten miles off...' "

Idaho Idaho 2010 Hickman, Tracy. The Immortals. New York: ROC/Penguin Books (1997; c. 1996); pg. 229. "Erik escaped the cordon and confinement... He managed to stay free for almost a year before someone arrested him in Rexburg, Idaho. "
Idaho Idaho 2011 Baxter, Stephen. Manifold: Time. New York: Ballantine (2000); pg. 262. "This is a good place, she thought, a human place. And the federal government--no, Maura, admit your responsibility, I--I want to take away a child, spirit him off from this beautiful place to some godforsaken center in Idaho or Nevada or maybe even overseas. "
Idaho Idaho 2011 Brin, David. The Postman. New York: Bantam (1985); pg. 6. Pg. 6: "Welcome to Oregon, he thought bitterly. And I thought Idaho was bad. "; Pg. 46: "He sighed and looked awa. 'There aren't any letters for you folks because . . . because I'm coming west out of Idaho, and nobody back there knows you, here in Pine View...'

'Maybe someone down there will write to us, if we send them a letter first!' Abby's eyes were bright. 'Then, when you pass this way again, on your way back to Idaho, you could give us the letters they send...' " [Other refs. to Idaho in book, not in DB.]

Idaho Idaho 2015 Pendleton, Michaelene. "Dealer " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 292. "Heading north on I-15 towards Idaho... "
Idaho Idaho 2015 Pohl, Frederik. The Years of the City. New York: Timescape (1984); pg. 258. "'...that's about his fifth offense, and he'll be working it off in Idaho. Maybe the Aleutians! Maybe ten years!' "
Idaho Idaho 2015 Sullivan, Tricia. Someone to Watch Over Me. New York: Bantam (1997); pg. 202. "The woman on the phone said that Jerry's was in Idaho.

'Sorry,' he said, and hung up. "

Idaho Idaho 2020 Dick, Philip K. & Roger Zelazny. Deus Irae. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1976); pg. 101. "And a settlement, where three of the roads combined. Not a large settlement, but unusual by present standards; many of the buildings appeared to be fairly large: stores or factories, perhaps. Commercial buildings, including what seemed to be a small airfield.

'There,' the bird informed him.

'New Brunswick, Idaho,' the bird said.

'What's because we crossed the state line,' the bird added. 'We were in Oregon but now we're in Idaho. You did?' " [More about New Brunswick, not in DB.]

Idaho Idaho 2020 Dick, Philip K. & Roger Zelazny. Deus Irae. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1976); pg. 160. "Rain . . . A gray world, a chill world: Idaho. Basque country. Sheep. Jai alai. "
Idaho Idaho 2025 Anderson, Poul. "No Truce with Kings " in The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two. (Isaac Asimov, ed.) Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971; story copyright 1963); pg. 368. [Year estimated] Pg. 368: "'He wanted to fight West Canada, sure. Young and . . . and a lot of Pacifians did get killed in the Idaho Panhandle during the skirmishes. Women and kids among 'em.' "; Pg. 378: "The government now controlled the entire coast, with naval units to keep an eye on the Canadians in Vancouver and guard the important Hawaii trade routes; the northern half of Washington almost to the Idaho line; the Columbia Valley... "
Idaho Idaho 2025 Dick, Philip K. The Penultimate Truth. New York: Dell (1964); pg. 82. "A G.I. of that war who had been twenty in 1945 would, when he sat before his TV set in his living room in Boise, Idaho and saw Episode One of twenty-five parts) of Documentary A, would have been only fifty-seven years old. "
Idaho Idaho 2025 Wolverton, Dave. "Wheatfields Beyond " in Washed by a Wave of Wind (M. Shayne Bell, ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1993); pg. 23. [After a catastrophic asteroid hits the Earth...] "'I haven't seen that many people in one camp,' Tana said, 'since the Mormon prophet got up in Temple Square and said that Utah was about as parched as the hottest corner of Hades, so they might as well head back to Missouri where the believed the Garden of Eden once was.'

'You were there?'

'Oh yeah, I saw them leave. Must have been two million people with bicycles and wagons, some artillery scrounged from Army and Air Force bases, all of them heading up highway 215 toward Denver. I've always wondered how they fared. When they left it was like they took the law with them. Grubbers came up out of California, looting and killing. That's when I lost my husband.' "

Idaho Idaho 2065 Robinson, Kim Stanley. Pacific Edge. New York: Tor (1990); pg. 38. "The solution was on a truly gigantic scale, which pleased the Army Corps of Engineers no end. Up in the Northwest, the Columbia River poured enormous amounts of water into the Pacific every year. Washington, Oregon and Idaho squawked mightily, remembering how Owens Valley had withered when Los Angeles gained the rights to its water; but Columbia carried more than a hundred times the water those states were ever expected to need, and their fellow states to the south were truly in need. The Corps of Engineers loved the idea: dams, reservoirs, pipelines, canals--a multi-billion-dollar system, rescuing the sand-choked civilizations of the south. "
Idaho Idaho 2095 Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 24. "Daniel was in a very strange space in northern Idaho, a space beyond real possibility of contact. "
Idaho Idaho 2096 Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 356. "He had put down roots here in Idaho. He had integrated himself into the depths of the Idaho landscape. He had become a genius loci, a spirit of place. Every tree, every bush, every flower, every caterpillar, genetically wired for sound. He didn't merely watch over this place--in some profound sense he had become this place. He had become a little piece of Idaho. In the winters, he hibernated. "
Idaho Idaho 2135 Dick, Philip K. Our Friends From Frolix 8. New York: Ace Books (1970); pg. 145. "'I heard the newscaster,' Charley said. 'Same as you. 'A dense, enormous mass of Old Men, numbering perhaps in the millions, has converged on Times Square, and--' Let's see; how did he put it? 'And for their own protection they're being removed by balloon 'copters to safer places.' Such as Idaho. Did you know you can't get a Chinese dinner in Boise, Idaho?' She rose, paced the room. 'Sorry,' she said to Ed Woodman, the owner of the apartment in which she and Nick were staying. 'What do you say?' "
Idaho Idaho 2160 Dick, Philip K. The Game-Players of Titan. Boston, MA: G. K. Hall (1979; c. 1963); pg. 6. "What other group was his group--Pretty Blue Fox--in closest contact with? Probably Straw Man Special, which met in Las Vegas and represented Bindmen from Nevada, Utah and Idaho. Shutting his eyes, he tried to remember what the women of Straw Man Special looked like. "
Idaho Idaho 2160 Dick, Philip K. The Game-Players of Titan. Boston, MA: G. K. Hall (1979; c. 1963); pg. 97. Pg. 97: "'Where are we, for chrissakes?'

'Pocatello, Idaho.' ";

Pg. 98: "' flew to San Francisco, to the library, and picked me up. And we drove to Pocatello because you had the idea that an eighteen-year-old girl would be served in a bar in Idaho, and she isn't in San Francisco as we found out.'

'Was I right?'

'No. So you went in alone, to Dave's Place, and I've been sitting out here in the car waiting for you...' ";

Pg. 105: "'...there was an article in Scientific American by a psychiatrist in Idaho; I think it was this Philpson you mentioned...' " [More. Pocatello, Idaho is a major setting in the novel, a place where Pete Garden and other characters visit a bar and also psychiatrist Dr. Philipson's offices. Other refs. to Pocatello or Idaho include pg. 102, 106, 130-131, 133, 146, 190-191.]

Idaho Idaho 2200 Bell, M. Shayne. Nicoji. New York: Baen (1991); pg. 33. "But we were Idaho farm boys--what did we know about avocados? "
Idaho Idaho 2200 Bell, M. Shayne. Nicoji. New York: Baen (1991); pg. 150. "People starved in California, the Dakotas, Africa. In Idaho we'd always had at least potatoes to eat. "
Idaho Idaho 2200 Bell, M. Shayne. Nicoji. New York: Baen (1991); pg. 221. "Neither Sam nor Loryn had ever gone skiing, and I thought how could htese two live in Idaho and never go skiing? So I saved my money and gave them a one-day ski trip for Christmas...

We'd sat for hours in the little observation deck of American Nicoji's station orbiting Earth. The snow in the Arctic had shone so brilliantly white we'd been amazed. But we'd thought--coming from Idaho--that we'd never miss snow.

'We were crazy,' Sam said.

To think we wouldn't miss snow or to leave Earth? I didn't know what he mean. Both, maybe. I didn't ask. "

Idaho Idaho 2200 Bell, M. Shayne. Nicoji. New York: Baen (1991); pg. 239. "I wanted to laugh because she was explaining to me, a guy from Idaho, how to grow potatoes, but I didn't laugh. "
Idaho Idaho 2369 Smith, Dean Wesley & Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Soldiers of Fear (Star Trek: TNG/Invasion! #2). New York: Pocket Books (1996); pg. 1. Pg. 1: "Lieutenant Robert C. Young, Bobby to everyone who knew him, sat with his feet on the lip of the console before him. He had the stout build of an athlete and blond hair that sometimes got a little longer than Starfleet regulation allowed... Life on Brundage Station was dull, routine, and his punishment for telling Admiral Kirschbaum that nothing in Starfleet compared with snow skiing down Exhibition in Sun Valley, Idaho. On Earth. "; Pg. 2: "Brundage Station, armpit of the galaxy. Some wag--another skier, obviously--fifty years before had given the station the Brundage nickname after a famous ski hill in McCall, Idaho, because, rumor had it, Brundage stood on the slippery slope to nowhere. " [Other refs. to this Idahoan character, pg. 1-12, 22-27, 70-73, more. Also, Starship Idaho, pg. 32, 103-104, 128, 151, 158, 178, 228-229, etc.]
Idaho Idaho 2372 ab Hugh, Dafydd. The Final Fury (Star Trek: Voyager/Invasion! #4). New York: Pocket Books (1996); pg. 294. "Dean [Dean Wesley Smith] grew up in Boise, Idaho, then a fairly small city on the scale of things. It had an air force base and it was near several nuclear bases. "
Idaho Idaho 4916 Asimov, Isaac. "Mirror Image " in The Complete Robot. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1982; c. 1972); pg. 182. [Year est.] "'But then what will we gain in questioning R. Preston?'

'Nothing, if the mirror-image were perfect--but it is not. After all, one of the robots is telling the truth to begin with, and one is lying to begin with, and that is the point of asymmetry. Let me see R. Preston. And if the transcription of R. Idda's examination is done, let me have it.

The projector came into use again. R. Preston stared out of it; identical with R. Idda in every respect, except for some trivial chest design.

Baley said, 'Greetings, R. Preston.' He kept the record of R. Idda's examination before him as he spoke.

'Greetings, sir,' said R. Preston. His voice was identical with that of R. Idda.' " [There robots have apparently been named after Idaho, and a city in Idaho: Preston. Other refs. to them, not in DB.]

Idaho Idaho: Boise 1999 Kessel, John. Good News from Outer Space. New York: Tor (1990; c. 1989); pg. 50. "For the first half of February the alien stayed in the Washington state area. George had stories from Tacoma, Yakima, Walla Walla. Then, in mid-February, another lightning traversal. Incidents in Boise on February 13th, Salt Lake City February 14th... When he plotted these on his map, George felt the air in the room quiver with meaning. Olympia, Boise, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe and Austin, state capitals all, lay on a northwest-southeast line of almost mathematical precision. "
Idaho Idaho: Boise 2004 Dick, Philip K. The Zap Gun. New York: Bluejay Books (1985; c. 1965); pg. 83. "But he could imagine the Sheep Dip Isolator in Boise, Idaho. The effect of the million citizens of the city. They would awaken to the stench, and it would be inter-mol everywhere, on and in buildings, in sub-supra-and surface-vehicles, autofacs--and the stench would drive one million people out of the city. Boise, Idaho, would become a ghost city, inhabited only by autonomic mechanisms still grinding away uncursed by the possession of noses--and by the smell. "
Idaho North America 2025 Anderson, Poul. "No Truce with Kings " in The Hugo Winners: Volumes One and Two. (Isaac Asimov, ed.) Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1971; story copyright 1963); pg. 397. "'Let's review the strategic picture. By now the enemy holds more than half of California, all of Oregon and Idaho, and a good deal of Washington. We, this army, we're using the last land access to San Francisco that we've got...' "
Inca Asia 2077 Anthony, Piers. God of Tarot. New York: Berkley (1982; c. 1977); pg. 48. "Elsewhere in the world, he knew the process was similar; there were even Incas in Asia. "
Inca Brazil 1973 Watson, Ian. The Embedding. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1973); pg. 176. "It reminded Sole of pictures of the Inca Hitching Place of the Sun--the Solar Altar at Machu Picchu--oddly out of place in this jungle far from the Andes. Maybe these Indians were some degenerate descendants of the Incas--futilely calling on the Sun from a platform of fire? And only succeeding in calling down a helicopter... "
Inca Brazil: Nova Roma 1983 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 10: "Betrayal ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Dec 1983); pg. 9. Danielle's thoughts: "Since I'm Indian--and dressed in these clothes--no one should look twice at me in a city that's half-Inca. With any luck, I'll be able to find out Nova Roma's really like-- "
Inca Brazil: Nova Roma 1983 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 9: "Arena ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Nov 1983); pg. 5. Danielle: "You [Amara] were disguised as an Indian when we first met, you're deathly afraid of being discovered--hardly the behavior of a senator's daughter. "; Amara: "We are not all Roman. Much of the city... is descended from the Incas... who fled here centuries ago, when their own land was conquered. Nova Roma is a republic, but the Incas were an absolute monarchy. A faction has arisen seeking to transform Rome into the same kind of imperial state. I'm part of the opposition to that party. If my father's enemies learn of my activities... it could ruin him politically, and the Republican cause with him. "
Inca Brazil: Nova Roma 1983 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 9: "Arena ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Nov 1983); pg. 14. "The official start of the day's events is signaled by the arrival of the editor--the sponsor and ceremonial master of the games--Senator Marcus Domitius Gallio and his wife, the Inca Lady Selene. "
Inca Brazil: Nova Roma 1986 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 43: "Getting Even ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Sep. 1986); pg. 4. Doug/Cypher: "Nova Roma's that lost Roman city up by the headwaters of the Amazon where you met Amara, right? Classical Roman society--and Incan as well--still existing today! Wow! Hey Bobby, you can't leave till you tell me all about it! "
Inca China 2050 Stephenson, Neal. The Diamond Age. New York: Bantam (1995); pg. 25-26. "...Sendero. Most Senderistas [a Communist tribe] were either Incan or Korean, but they'd take anyone... "
Inca Ecuador 1986 Vonnegut, Kurt. Galapagos. New York: Delacorte Press (1985); pg. 115. "CARSON: 'Von Kleist' doesn't sound like a very South American name somehow.

CAPTAIN: It's Inca--one of the commonest Inca names, in fact, like 'Smith' or "Jones' in English. You read the accounts of the Spanish explorers who destroyed the Inca Empire because it was so un-Christian--

CARSON: Yes--?...

CAPTAIN: Then you know that one out of every three Indians they burned for heresy was named von Kleist. "

Inca, continued


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