Religious Groups in Literature

34,420 citations from literature (mostly science fiction and fantasy) referring to real churches, religious groups, tribes, etc. [This database is for literary research only. It is not intended as a source of information about religion.]


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Deism galaxy 5000 Le Guin, Ursula K. The Telling. New York: Harcourt (2000); pg. 102. "But there was no native theism or deism here. On Aka, god is a word without referent. "
Deism Solar System 3001 Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. New York: Ballantine (1997); pg. 57. "'...So what do people believe nowadays?'

'As little as possible. We're all either Deists or Theists.'

'You've lost me. Definitions, please.'

'They were slightly different in your time, but here are the latest versions. Theists believe there's not more than one God; Deists that there is not less than one God.'

'I'm afraid the distinction's too subtle for me.'

'Not for everyone; you'd be amazed at the bitter controversies it's aroused. Five centuries ago, someone used what's known as surreal mathematics to prove there's an infinite number of grades between Theists and Deists. Of course, like most dabblers with infinity, he went insane. But the way, the best-known Deists were Americans--Washington, Franklin, Jefferson.' "

Deism Solar System 3001 Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. New York: Ballantine (1997); pg. 138. "But you still haven't told me how Ted, that old crypto-Deist, thinks you can help him in his search for God. I believe he's still mad at him for hiding so successfully. Better not say I told you that. "
Deism world 1999 Koman, Victor. Jehovah Contract. New York: Franklin Watts (1984); pg. 204. "If I could have injected the books into a vein, I would have been mainlining religious philosophy. The current stack of books included Kant, Spinoza, Nietzsche, C. S. Lewis, Ayn Rand, and Thomas Paine. I had Paine's Age of Reason in hand. He detested organized religion on the ground that revelation could not be received secondhand. On that basis, he denounced the bible as mere hearsay. That he promoted his own deistic, disorganized religion didn't prevent me from unearthing information that I found generally useful. "
Delaware Pennsylvania 1665 Moffett, Judith. Pennterra. New York: Congdon & Weed, Inc. (1987); pg. 104-105. "After a while Danny said, 'Did William Penn know the Indians were there when he went to Pennsylvania?'

'Sure. Is your history that bad. Columbus was 1492, Penn's charter was 1665.'

'Well--what did he think would happen? After he was dead, I mean--say in a hundred years or so?'

'He didn't think,' said George. 'Nobody every seems to look that far ahead. He started something he couldn't see to the end of. Oh, his conscience was clear enough; the Delawares thought very well of him--of Quakers generally, matter of fact. But,' he said, 'it didn't occur to Penn where Friends had led, others were bound to follow. And get out of hand. It probably didn't occur to many Indians, at least for a while.' "

Delaware Pennsylvania 1722 Keyes, J. Gregory. A Calculus of Angels. New York: Ballantine (1999); pg. 4. "'You a Delaware? Mohawk?' John demanded... Red Shoes could tell that they were craning their necks, looking for his imaginary red army. He had heard rumors that the unreasonable cold had provoked warfare between some of the northern tribes and white towns like Philadelphia--but surely no one would mistake him for a Sis Nations man or a Delaware. He was Choctaw, and looked Choctaw. "
Delaware Pennsylvania 1756 Moffett, Judith. Pennterra. New York: Congdon & Weed, Inc. (1987); pg. 104. "'...William Penn... founded Pennsylvania... Penn bought land from the Delawares even though he had a charter from the king of England; he recognized the Indians' land claims as legitimate...' " [In 2227 the Quakers on Pennterra named the river that runs through their settlement 'Delaware' in remembrance of these events.]
demonology California: Gateway City 1997 Byrne, John. Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses. Rocklin, CA: Prima Publishing (1997); pg. 57. "Helena felt the color rise in her cheeks. She had been most discreet in her relationship with Jason Blood, the world-renowned demonologist who entered her life shortly after she first met Wonder Woman. "
demonology New York: Westchester County 1984 Claremont, Chris. New Mutants, Vol. 1, No. 14: "Do You Believe in-- Magik? ". New York: Marvel Comics Group (Apr 1984); pg. 8. Charles Xavier's thoughts: "From the X-Men's account, I believe Illyana's abductor to be an infamous 13th Century demonologist--but my library contains only veiled references to Belasco and precious few of these. My friend, Stephen Strange, is a master of the mystic arts. Perhaps he... "
demonology Texas 1989 Anthony, Patricia. "The Name of the Demon " in Eating Memories. Woburn, MA: First Books; Baltimore, MD: Old Earth Books (1997; c. 1989); pg. 90. "'You're some big-deal psychic... Like when Aquarius is in the seventh house or something.'

'Venus,' the Yankee said... 'It would be Venus in Scorpio. I'm warning you.'

'I laughed so hard I had to sit down... 'You're warning me?'

'I'm a demonologist, Mr. Griffin. Not an astrologer. Not just a psychic. A demonologist. Do you know what a demonologist is?'

Dale's smile had sort of faded down into a washout of a grin. It was the sort of expression he got when he was tired of the game. 'I know what it means, Mr. Morrison. But I don't believe in demons. Please get into the water.'

'Nobody screws around with a demonologist, Mr. Griffin.' The Yankee sounded perplexed. 'Nobody's that stupid.' "

demonology Texas 1989 Anthony, Patricia. "The Name of the Demon " in Eating Memories. Woburn, MA: First Books; Baltimore, MD: Old Earth Books (1997; c. 1989); pg. 91. "'You think you know so much, but you don't know sh--. There ain't nothing worse than the way Dale kills people.'...

'You think your demons are gonna save you?' Dale asked.

The Yankee laughed tiredly. 'No they won't save me. They love fear and death, even the deaths of the ones who serve.' For a moment he looked resentful, then the frown was gone. 'Everyone has a special demon, Billy. Did you know that?'

His dark eyes gave me the shivers. I wished that Dale would shoot him or start the boat again.

'Their own special demon. I have the name of yours, Billy. All I have to do is call his name, and he'll come. Get me out of the water.' " [More, not in DB.]

demonology USA 1940 Hubbard, L. Ron. Fear. Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (1991; c. 1940); pg. 22. "'No, no. Don't ever accuse me of being obvious, Jim. I meant the article was about demons and devils and tended to mock them as having any power--'

'Tommy,' said Lowry with one of his occasional smiles, 'they should put you to teaching demonology. You almost believe in it.'

'When creeds fail, one must turn somewhere,' said Tommy jokingly--or was it jokingly? 'You say that the gods of luck are false; you wrote that it is silly to seek the aid of gods beyond the aid of the one supreme God; you said that demons and devils were the manufacture of Machiavellian witch doctors and that men could only be herded by the fear of those things they could not see...' " [Many other refs. to demons.]

demonology USA 1965 Malzberg, Barry. Beyond Apollo. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers (1989; 1st ed. 1972); pg. 149. "Commercial mysticism was invented in the mid-1960's... Demonology became extant, as did the tarot... "
demonology USA 1980 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 69. "Before this, he [Lex Luthor] had generally regarded people who studied or promoted the various mystic arts--from meditation to astrology to demonology to whatever--to be charlatans, fools or madmen. "
denominations Mars 2094 Sladek, John. Tik-Tok. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd. (1985; 1st printed 1983); pg. 85. "The Martians were not without religion, we learned. There were over 23,000 registered sects in the main population centers, ranging from the exotic (Hermetic Lodge of the Ninth Zoroastrian Affinities) to the familiar (Church of Christ Dry Cleaner--Alterations While U Wait; First Church of the Snodgrass Family of 112 Oakland Avenue West). Every other house seemed to be some kind of tabernacle. The television channels were clogged with ranters, chanters, rollers, healers. A Bible was probably being thumped, somewhere on Mars, every two seconds. "
denominations Newmanhome 2103 Pohl, Frederik. The World at the End of Time. New York: Ballantine (1990); pg. 190. "The largest of the underground 'towns'--the one belonging to the sect they called the Holy Apocalyptic Catholic Church of the Great Transporter--was under what had once been downtown Homepowrt. The Great Transporters weren't the only more or less indepenent tribe (or nation, or religion--anyway, a separate enclave that these paltry few had insisted on subdividing themselves into). Allahabad and the Reformers were along the shore, due west of the old town. The Peeps (actually they called themselves the People's Republic, and what their religion was exactly Viktor could not really tell.)... the Peeps had elected to consider Tuesday their day off because, although they had no comprehensible religion of their own they had an obsessive need to make sure none of the others had any privileges they could not share. "; Pg. 191: "...the Four-Power Council should decide their fate--but there were four other laborers assigned, no from each of the sects... "
denominations Newmanhome 2200 Pohl, Frederik. The World at the End of Time. New York: Ballantine (1990); pg. 196. "At least, he reflected, the children had given him a pretty good idea of the polity and customs of this new Newmanhome. The four sects did work together on common needs. The chambers of the Four-Powers Council were common and kept separate from the living quarters of the sects. so were the food-producing caves, or most of them--Allahabad insisted on growing its chickens and gerbils separately, for dietary reasons, and the People's Republic chose not to share grain and bean fields of the others... But for most of their lives the sects stayed firmly apart. Great Transporters married Great Transporters, Moslems Moslems... And all four communities tried their best not to have too many babies, all in their own ways, because there was barely food enough and heat enough and living space enough... "
denominations USA 2010 Williams, Walter Jon. Days of Atonement. New York: Tor (1991); pg. 135. "Singh gave an elaborate shrug. 'I come from India, which is famous for all the attention it pays to religion. But I've never seen so many religions as here in the States, or such a wide variety of believers. Southern California, then New Mexico--is the whole rest of the country like this?' "
Dervish Sudan 1883 Miller, John J. "Hewn in Pieces for the Lord " in Drakas! (S. M. Sterling, ed.) New York: Baen (2000); pg. 43. "'...He [the Mahdi] and his dervishes have this past week destroyed a Jannisary legion eight thousand strong. Completely. Or so it seems.' " [Other refs. to the dervish legions of the Mahdi, not all in DB.]
Dervish Sudan 1883 Miller, John J. "Hewn in Pieces for the Lord " in Drakas! (S. M. Sterling, ed.) New York: Baen (2000); pg. 62. "Gordon was impressed by what he saw. The Mahdis' men were usually called dervishes by outsiders. Dervish, which actually means 'poor' in Arabic, was a term more properly applied to a class of Moslem friars who'd taken vows of poverty. Commonly called whirling dervishes, there were actually any number of dervish types--dancing, howling, singing--who sought to achieve mystic union with the divine through the constant repetition of simple physical acts until they fell into a trance. These friars were also fierce fighters, loyal until death, although such authentic dervishes made up only a portion of the Mahdi's army... Gordon could distinguish representatives from numerous Sudanese tribes in the [Mahdi] camp. Besides the authentic dervishes, there were... "
Dervish Sudan 2022 Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 289. "The Sudan was run by a radical Muslim lunatic who consulted dervishes while factories washed away and airports cracked and burst. "
Dionysus worship California 1971 Dick, Philip K. Valis. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 166. Pg. 166: Full page of discussion about Dionysos and Pan; Also pg. 173, 216
Dionysus worship California 1995 Powers, Tim. Earthquake Weather. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 136. "'The old retired king, Cadmus, he puts ivy vines in his hair and goes out to honor Dionysus too; but the present king, Pentheus, disapproves of all this crazy behavior and has the stranger arrested and thrown in jail. But since the stranger is really the god Dionysus, it's no problem for him to conjure up an earthquake and blow the jail to bits and get out... 'That's hardly an insult to Dionysus!' " [More. Also pg. 179, 206-207, 216-218, 331, 335-336, etc.]
Dionysus worship California: San Francisco 1977 Leiber, Fritz. Our Lady of Darkness. New York: Berkley Publishing Corp. (1977); pg. 102. "And of course he found them! Promethean (and Dionysian) Jack London. "
Dionysus worship galaxy 2200 Silverberg, Robert. Starborne. New York: Bantam (1997; co. 1996); pg. 199. Pg. 199-200
Dionysus worship Greece: Crete 1997 Preuss, Paul. Secret Passages. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 154. "...and postcards by the thousands--most of them scenic, many of them prurient, ancient Dionysian orgies painted on vases alongside modern Nordic nudes photographed live. "
Dionysus worship Nevada: Las Vegas 1992 Powers, Tim. Last Call. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1992); pg. 25. Pg. 25: "...his status as the modern avatar of Dionysus and Tammuz and Attis and Osiris and the Fisher King and every other god and king who died in the winter and was reborn in the spring... "; Pg. 30: "A little figure of Bacchus, the god of wine.. " [Also pg. 107, 302.]
Dionysus worship Roman Empire 284 C.E. Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Diana L. Paxson Priestess of Avalon. New York: Viking (2001); pg. 195. "As I directed the girls who were cleaning the mosaic of Dionysos with the dolphins on the floor of the dining room... "
Dionysus worship Roman Empire 500 C.E. Garfinkle, Richard. Celestial Matters. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 12. Pg. 12: "As the sun set, I raised my plate and drank to my crew in the mingled silver light of moon and stars and ship. That dark purple draft of Dionysos flowed down my throat and elated me with thoughts of my soon-to-be-completed achievement. "; Pg. 26: "She nodded curtly, then shifted her attention to the ship's armament, scrutinizing the evac cannons set in drum-shaped swivel mounts every five feet along the port and starboard rails. They looked like twin rows of phalloi at a Dionysiac festival. "; Pg. 51: "Their faces were rapt like maenads about to tear apart a goat for the glory of Dionysos. "
Dionysus worship United Kingdom: London 1989 Campbell, Ramsey. Ancient Images. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons (1989); pg. 6. "'Thank you Dionysos, for this oasis in the jungle,' he said, elevating his glass. "
Dionysus worship Washington, D.C. 1995 Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the Moon. New York: HarperPrism (1995); pg. 128. "Probably the smartest thing they ever did was to infiltrate the Church; although the earlier religion got a toehold in there as well, with all those holdovers from Isis and Dionysos grafted onto Christianity. "
Dionysus worship world -1000 B.C.E. Waltari, Mika. The Etruscan. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1956); pg. 16. [Year estimated.] "I raised my eyes and on the frieze of the temple saw Artemis racing with her dog and Dionysus feasting. "; [Many other refs., not in DB.]
Dionysus worship world -105 B.C.E. Leiber, Fritz. "Adept's Gambit " in Swords in the Mist in The Three of Swords. Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (1973; c. 1947); pg. 430. "This time the Greek's quickness undid him. He nodded, and two days later he was carried out of the wine shop by friends, who found him cradled in a broken wine barrel, as if new-born in no common manner. For days he remained drunk, time enough for a small sect to spring up who believed him a reincarnation of Dionysus and as such worshiped him. The sect was dissolved when he became half sober and delivered his first oracular address, which had as its subject the evils of drunkenness. " [Also pg. 474.]
Dionysus worship world 33 C.E. Wilson, Robert Charles. The Harvest. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 69. "He had grown up with what he recognized now as a sanitized Christianity... in which a gentle Jesus had redeemed humanity from the adoration of similarly pastel pagan idols--Athena and Dionysus worshiped in a glade. "
Dionysus worship world 1996 Feeley, Gregory. "The Crab Lice " in Alternate Tyrants (Mike Resnick, ed.) New York: Tor (1997); pg. 306. "He is engaged in an explanation of how to bring the Spartans to the peace table--it involves inviting them to the Great Dionysian Festival, where the merits of peace will be presented dramatically... " [Many other refs., not in DB.]
Dionysus worship world 1997 Morrow, James. Only Begotten Daughter. New York: William Morrow & Co. (1990); pg. 185. "'That's paganism, Julie. You're talking Attis, Dionysus, Osirus--the sacrificial god whose suffering redeems his followers. Every town had one in those days...' "
Dionysus worship world 1000004000 Anderson, Poul. Genesis. New York: Tor (2000); pg. 180. "--Long afterward, he stood with Laurinda on the Wall of Kimon, above the Asclepium and Theater of Dionysus. "
Discordianism Europe 2030 McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. New York: Avon Books (1997; c 1995); pg. 137. "There are shrines to the unborn Messiah and to the UFO corn cult; a shingle advertises E-metering; scribbled tags proclaim that Elvis Lives! or Bob Knows! (spray-painted on the wall of a shack, the top-hatted, heavy-howled silhouette of Papa Zumi promotes a chill of recognition in Morag)... " [The 'Bob' referred to here is apparently the same symbol associated with Discordianism.]
Discordianism world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 14. "SINK is played by Discordians and people of much ilk.

PURPOSE: To sink object or an object or a thing... [more instructions here.]

--ALA HERA, E.L., N.S., Rayville Apple Panthers, quoted in Principia Discordia, by Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C. "

Discordianism world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 21. "Hail Eris and Hi, Joe,
Here is a brilliant, original interpretation of international finance called 'Vampirism, the Heliocentric Theory and the Gold Standard.' It's by Jorge Lobengula, a really far-out young Discordian thinker. JAMs don't go in much for writing, but Discordians, fortunately, do... "
Discordianism world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 29. "'...Gunga Din celebrates the imposition of law and order in an area terrorized by the criminal followers of a goddess who breeds evil and chaos. The thuggee are a caricature of the Discordians, and the English represent the Illuminati's view of themselves. The Illuminati love that movie.' "
Discordianism world 1975 Shea, Robert & Robert Anton Wilson. Illuminatus, Vol. III: Leviathan. New York: Dell (1975); pg. 30. "'...Then there's the Discordian Movement--another splinter faction, but they're almost as bad as the Illuminati. They're sort of like across between followers of Ayn Rand and Scientologists. They've got this guy named Hagbard Celine, their head honcho. You didn't read bout it because the governments of the world were too scared... to do anything about it, but five years ago this Celine character infiltrated the nuclear-submarine service in the U.S. Navy for the Illuminati--and stole a sub...' "
Disney Alabama 1981 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 504. "'Jimmy Wayne, for two days you've been showing me around this fundamentalist Disneyland and every... thing I've seen is designed to separate some provincial moron's money from his genuine imitation cowhide wallet...' "
Disney Argo 2179 Sawyer, Robert J. Golden Fleece. New York: Time Warner (1990); pg. 132. "In fact, most of her courses were--wait for it--Mickey Mouse (how's that for a trivial reference?). "
Disney Australia 2025 Egan, Greg. "Cocoon " in Isaac Asimov's Detectives (Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams, eds.) New York: Ace Books (1998; c. 1994); pg. 73. [At the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras] "I'd missed the start of the parade... It was all so Disney I could have gagged--and yes, there was even Bernadette, the world's first lesbian cartoon mouse. "
Disney Brunei: Brunei Town 2035 Sterling, Bruce. "Green Days in Brunei " in Future on Fire (Orson Scott Card, ed.) New York: Tor (1991; story copyright 1985); pg. 325. "Brunei Town the sultanate's capital, had a hundred thousand citizens: Malays, Chinese, Ibans, Dayaks, and a sprinkling of Europeans. But it was a city under a hush. No cars. No airport. No television. From a distance it reminded Turner of an old Western fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty, the jury-rigged high-rises with their cascading greenery like a hundred castles shrouded by thorns. The Bruneians seemed like sleepwalkers, marooned from the world, wrapped in the enchantment of their ideology. " [Also pg. 350.]
Disney California 1963 Dick, Philip K. Radio Free Albemuth. New York: Arbor House (1985); pg. 26. Pg. 26: Disneyland; Pg. 28: "'Maybe your destiny lies directly at the center of Disneyland. You could sleep under the Matterhorn ride and live on Coke and hot dogs, like they sell there. They're bathrooms. You'd have all you need.' " [Also, pg. 29.]
Disney California 1965 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 91. "Year ago, when he was fifteen years old, Clark Kent had read The Martian Chronicles... flew off that afternoon to meet Ray Bradbury, the man who had written the book. What Superboy found was a man who had never flown in an airplane... a man relatively unconcerned with politics who was, at least that day, obsessed with the idea of convincing Walt Disney to run for mayor of Los Angeles. Bradbury had a lifetime pass to Disneyland, which was where he and Superboy spent he rest of the day. Superboy had never been there before, and no one there believed he was really Superboy anyway. Children were more interested in getting an autograph of Mickey Mouse, and adults were confused by his presence since they thought that only Walt Disney characters paraded through these streets in costume.

Bradbury's wife drove them to the amusement park in Anaheim. Bradbury utterly refused to allow the boy to fly him there... "

Disney California 1966 Geary, Patricia. Strange Toys. New York: Bantam (1989; c. 1987); pg. 20. "'We're going to Disneyland,' she announced.

June and I exchanged books of disbelief. We only went once a year, at the beginning of summer.

'When?' June asked.

'Tonight.' " [More, pg. 20-22: Tomorrowland rocket... The Disneyland Hotel was like Oz. The monorail came right to your door... Sleeping Beauty's Castle... Snow White, Mr. Toad, and my personal favorite: Alice in Wonderland... more. Extensive scenes at Disneyland. Also, pg. 24-39, 174, 182, 222.]; Pg. 58: Goofy and Pluto

Disney California 1971 Dick, Philip K. Valis. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 204. Disneyland
Disney California 1971 Matheson, Richard. Bid Time Return. New York: Viking Press (1975); pg. 15. "Glazed by twilight, the patio looks unreal; huge, with curving walks and green manicured lawns. The sky looks like a painted studio backdrop. Maybe this is Disneyland South. "
Disney California 1972 Dick, Philip K. "The Evolution of a Vital Love " in The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 184. "...from an old Big-Little Book called 'Mickey Mouse the Airmail Pilot,' published in 1933. "
Disney California 1972 Dick, Philip K. The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 80. "I've been very happy here in Fullerton, which is in Orange County near Disneyland. "
Disney California 1972 Dick, Philip K. The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 107. "This is a strange area down here by Disneyland: plastic everything except for the people. "
Disney California 1972 Dick, Philip K. The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 184. "Fullerton... This is a dull, plastic town, near Disneyland, and Tessa is dying to get out... But my work keeps me here; the University of California at Fullerton has the Philip K. Dick archives, and I must be within short distance of them. "
Disney California 1977 Koontz, Dean R. Lightning. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1988); pg. 115. Pg. 115: a visit to Disneyland: Pirates of the Caribbean; Mickey Mouse; Mad Hatter's teacups; Dixieland band in New Orleans Square; "they rode the Mark Twain paddlewheel steamboat around Huck Finn Island for the third time, standing at the railing on the top level... "; Pg. 116: Carnation Pavilion
Disney California 1980 Maggin, Elliot S. Superman: Miracle Monday. New York: Warner Books (1981); pg. 92. [Story of when Superboy, at age 15, went with Bradbury to Disneyland, continued.] "Walt Disney, whom Superboy and Ray Bradbury found in his secret apartment overlooking the main entrance of Disneyland, again refused to run for mayor, but had his chauffeur drive the novelist home. Superboy flew back to the Smallville Public Library and read everything that Bradbury had ever had published.

[Present day, 1980:] 'Hey Supes,' Bradbury called from the vestibule of the Magic Castle, 'is that the real you? What do Walt Disney and John C. Fremont have in common?'

'Neither of them ever ran for mayor of Los Angeles,' Superman responded.

'It is you,' and Bradbury told the gatekeeper to let the costumed man in as his guest. "

Disney California 1985 Dick, Philip K. "Introduction: How to Build a Universe that Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later " in I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1985); pg. 1. Pg. 1: Disneyland; Mickey Mouse hats; Captain Hook's pirate ship; giant teacups [Other refs. to Disneyland in this essay, not in DB. The author notes that he lives only a few miles from Disneyland. He recounts a story about when a Paris TV crew wanted to film him and interview him and Norman Spinrad at Disneyland.]
Disney California 1985 Bear, Greg. Blood Music. New York: Arbor House (1985); pg. 22. "He had spent so much time in labs in the past few years that his skin was the unpopular shade of Snow White. "
Disney California 1987 Bryant, Edward. "Down in the Dreamtime " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 264. "...set down at LAX... wondering if she'd ever get to see the La Brea Tar Pits, Watts Towers, Disneyland, Giant Insect National Monument, the Universal tour. "
Disney California 1988 Koontz, Dean R. Lightning. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1988); pg. 180. Pg. 180: Donald Duck; Disney cartoon; 101 Dalmations; Drusilla DeVille; Pg. 226: Mickey Mouse; Disneyland; Carnation Pavilion
Disney California 1989 Willis, Connie. "At the Rialto " in Impossible Things. New York: Bantam (1994; story copyright 1989); pg. 442. "She must have been a midget or had her feet bound as a child... The only footprints I came close to fitting were Donald Duck's. [at Grauman's Chinese Theatre] "
Disney California 1990 Wilson, Robert Charles. The Divide. New York: Doubleday (1990); pg. 46. "...he picked her up every weekend in his car and drove her places: the beach, park picnics, Disneyland, his apartment. Day trips, rituals of silence... "
Disney California 1994 Delacorte, Peter. Time On My Hands. New York: Scribner (1997); pg. 224. "...who had been next door to Disney World... "
Disney California 1994 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1977); pg. 43. "'Or 'Donna suffered a massive vasoconstriction from a mickey-mouse LSD analogue the other day...' "

Disney, continued


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