Religious Groups in Literature

34,420 citations from literature (mostly science fiction and fantasy) referring to real churches, religious groups, tribes, etc. [This database is for literary research only. It is not intended as a source of information about religion.]


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Group Where Year Source Quote/
citizens world 4913 Asimov, Isaac. The Naked Sun in The Robot Novels (omnibus). Garden City, NY: Doubleday (c. 1957); pg. 312. "'...Now Sparta in its heydey consisted of a relatively small number of Spartiates, the only full citizens, plus a somewhat larger number of second-class individuals, the Perioeci, and a really large number of outright slaves, the Helots. The Helots outnumbered the Spartiates a matter of twenty to one...' "
cola Africa 2008 McDonald, Ian. Evolution's Shore. New York: Bantam (1997; c. 1995); pg. 42. Pg. 42: Coke; pg. 156: diet Coke; Pg. 203: Coke; Pg. 244: Coca-Cola; Coke; Pg. 288: Diet Coke
cola Africa 2015 Julian, Astrid. "Bringing Sissy Home " in L. Ron Hubbard Presents The Best of Writers of the Future (Algis Budrys, ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Bridge Publications (2000; c. 1992); pg. 242. "The red neon Coca-Cola sign at the cafe across the street from the station explodes in a shower of yellow sparks. "
cola Arizona 1954 Henderson, Zenna. Pilgrimage: The Book of the People. New York: Avon (1961); pg. 168. "The Francher kid sat down on one end of a twelve-by-twelve that lay half in our garden and half behind the store. Carefully and neatly he arranged his booty along the timber. Three Cokes, a box of candy bars, and a huge harmonica that had been in the store for years. He sat and studied the items, touching each one with a fingertip. Then he picked up a Coke and studied the cap on it. "
cola Arizona 1989 Wilson, Robert Charles. Gypsies. New York: Doubleday (1989); pg. 154. "Karen ordered a club sandwich and a Coke. Michael asked for a hamburger... "
cola Arizona 1991 Fillerup, Michael. "Lost and Found " in Bright Angels & Familiars. (Eugene England, ed.) Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books (1992; story c. 1991); pg. 188. "Tom smiled recalling the way the old man's eyes used to peer out from under the flat brim of his black felt hat, the dark little orbs floating behind his Coke bottle lenses like jellyfish in formaldehyde. "
cola Arizona 1996 Powers, Tim. Expiration Date. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 18. "...during this last week at the Roosevelt Station, outside of town, there had been too much overtime for him to do anything more than work, come back here to gulp a couple of Cokes and shoot a couple of games of pool, and sleep.

...He walked to the bar, and Morrie was already behind it tilting a plastic cup under the Coke tap. "

cola Arizona 1996 Powers, Tim. Expiration Date. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 19. "He pushed away the Coke. 'Give me a shot of Wild Turkey and a Coors chaser, would you?'

Morrie raised his eyebrows, but hiked up the bottle of bourbon without remarking on the fact that this would be the first real drink Sullivan had ever ordered in the place. "

cola Australia 1987 Bryant, Edward. "Down in the Dreamtime " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 280-281. "'The Dreamtime?'...

'All things in the shadow world were created here first,' said Warreen. 'Birds, creatures, grass, the ways of doing things...'

Cordelia looked around her. There was little to see. 'These are the originals?' she asked. 'I've only seen the copies before?... I don't see any dune buggies,' she said a bit petulantly, feeling the heat. 'I don't see any airliners or vending machines full of ice-cold Diet Pepsi.'

He answered her seriously. 'Those are only variations. Here is where everything begins.'

...The image she couldn't get out of her head was that of cold cans of soda, the moisture beading on the aluminum outsides. She ached to hear the click and hiss as the tabs peeled back. and the bubbles, the taste . . . "

cola Belize 1991 Foster, Alan Dean. A Call to Arms. New York: Ballantine (1991); pg. 145. "...finding joy in a muddy puddle or an empty liter bottle of 7-Up. "
cola Brazil 2020 Anthony, Patricia. "Anomaly " in Eating Memories. Woburn, MA: First Books; Baltimore, MD: Old Earth Books (1997; c. 1988); pg. 50. "'I don't have a beer. Would you like a Coke?'

'Nao.' "

cola Brunei 2035 Sterling, Bruce. "Green Days in Brunei " in Future on Fire (Orson Scott Card, ed.) New York: Tor (1991; story copyright 1985); pg. 351-352. "'Jamming equipment,' said Brooke with a wink. 'The sultanate set it up years ago. Islamic, Malaysian, Japanese--you'd be surprised how violently people insist on being listened to.'

'Freedom of speech,' Turner said.

'How free is it when only rich nations can afford to talk? The Net's expensive, Turner. To you it's a way of life, but for us it's just a giant megaphone for Coca-Cola. We built this to block the shouting of the outside world...' "

cola California 1953 Dick, Philip K. Mary and the Giant. New York: Arbor House (1987); pg. 1. P. 1: "On the side of the barn an old Coca-Cola sign was vaguely visible. "; Pg. 3: Coke
cola California 1963 Dick, Philip K. Radio Free Albemuth. New York: Arbor House (1985); pg. 28. Pg. 28: "'Maybe your destiny lies directly at the center of Disneyland. You could sleep under the Matterhorn ride and live on Coke and hot dogs, like they sell there. They're bathrooms. You'd have all you need.' "; Pg. 50: "...peering through their Coke-bottle-bottom glasses "; Pg. 71: Pepsi
cola California 1967 Koontz, Dean R. Lightning. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1988); pg. 88. Coke
cola California 1970 Freedman, Nancy. Joshua Son of None. New York: Delacorte Press (1973); pg. 116. "...billboards. Orange Julius. Vita-C Cola.... "
cola California 1971 Dick, Philip K. Valis. New York: Bantam (1981); pg. 67. Coca-Cola
cola California 1972 Dick, Philip K. "The Android and the Human " in The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 132. Coca Cola [Also, pg. 161.]
cola California 1972 Dick, Philip K. "The Evolution of a Vital Love " in The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 173. Coca Cola
cola California 1972 Dick, Philip K. The Dark-Haired Girl. Willimantic, CT: Mark V. Ziesing (1988; c. 1972); pg. 48. Coca Cola
cola California 1975 Dick, Philip K. The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. New York: Timescape Books (1982); pg. 11. Pg. 11: "There is a lesson there. So perhaps I have enlightenment; I know not to doubt. I know, also, to take more than two bottles of Coca-Cola with me when I drive out into the wastelands, ten thousand miles from home... "; Pg. 227: Coke; Pg. 231: Coke
cola California 1981 Dick, Philip K. Dr. Bloodmoney. New York: Bluejay Books (1985; c. 1965); pg. 10. "To his new patient, Doctor Stockstill said, 'Cup of coffee? Or tea or Coke?' "
cola California 1985 Bear, Greg. Blood Music. New York: Arbor House (1985); pg. 32. "He stopped at Guinevere's Pizza Parlor and forced himself to order a medium garbage pizza and a salad and Coke. "
cola California 1988 Koontz, Dean R. Lightning. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1988); pg. 150. Pg. 150: Coke; Pg. 247: Cokes
cola California 1994 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1977); pg. 44. "Every week small-denomination bills were dispensed to him by a machine masquerading as a Dr. Pepper source at a Mexican Bar and restaurant in Placentia. "
cola California 1994 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1977); pg. 57. "And as he looked around he saw that the windows of the small, untidy apartment were broken. Shards of glass lay on the floor, along with overturned ashtrays and Coke bottles. "
cola California 1994 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1977); pg. 74. "'Do you think... that when we die and appear before god on Judgment Day, that our sins will be listed in chronological order or in order of severity... or alphabetically? Because I don't want to have God boom out at me when I die at the age of eighty-six, 'So you're the little boy who stole the three Coke bottles off the Coca-Cola truck when it was parked in the 7-11 lot back in 1962, and you've got a lot of fast talking to do.' ' "
cola California 1994 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1977); pg. 87. "'...What you have before you, this BG test, measures the accuracy of your percept system to act as a unified whole. Can you see the form here? It should jump right out at you.'

'I see a Coke bottle,' Fred said.

'A soda pop bottle is correct,' the seated deputy said... "

cola California 1994 Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1977); pg. 115. "'How many--like when you ripped off that Coca-Cola truck you were tailgating that day--how many bottles of Coke did you rip off? How many crates?'

'A month's worth,' Donna said. 'For me and my friends.' " [More, pg. 116, 188-189, 202-203, 206.]

cola California 1995 Powers, Tim. Earthquake Weather. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 211. -
cola California 2050 Dick, Philip K. "The Golden Man " in The Golden Man. New York: Berkley (1980; c. 1954); pg. 4. Pg. 4-5: coke
cola California 2050 Dick, Philip K. The Simulacra. New York: Random House (2002; c. 1964); pg. 40. Coke; Coca-Cola
cola California: Berkeley 1996 Sawyer, Robert J. Frameshift. New York: Tor (1998; c. 1997); pg. 175. Pg. 175, 177: Sprite; Pg. 232: Dr Pepper; Pg. 286: Pepsi
cola California: Fresno 1994 Ing, Dean. Spooker. New York: Tom Doherty Associates (1995); pg. 95. Coke
cola California: Los Angeles 1945 Dick, Philip K. Puttering About in a Small Land. Chicago, IL: Academy Chicago Publishers (1985); pg. 61. Coca-Cola
cola California: Los Angeles 1980 Simmons, Dan. Carrion Comfort. New York: Warner Books (1990; c. 1989); pg. 58. "Sheriff Bobby Joe Gentry rocked back in his chair and took another sip from his can of RC Cola. His feet were propped up on his cluttered desk and the leather of his gunbelt creaked... "
cola California: Los Angeles 1989 Wilson, Robert Charles. Gypsies. New York: Doubleday (1989); pg. 41. "'But let's walk,' Karen said... They took Cokes out along the beach. "
cola California: Los Angeles 1993 DeChance, John. MagicNet. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 116. "There was a distinct emphasis on American consumer culture--soda bottles, cigarette tins, commercial art... "
cola California: Los Angeles 1993 DeChance, John. MagicNet. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 149. "We passed numerous convenience stores, wherein coolers full of Pepsi and Mountain Dew and Nehi Grape and Canada Dry ginger ale and Coke and Gatorade and Dole fruit juice, all glistening with frost in their convenient aluminum cans or recyclable glass containers, sang songs that Odysseus never heard. " [Also pg. 152.]
cola California: Los Angeles 1993 Shiner, Lewis. Glimpses. New York: William Morrow and Co. (1993); pg. 116. Pg. 116: "'If you're from the future,' Brian said, during a Pepsi ad, 'who's going to win the Super Bowl?' "; Pg. 123: Coca-Cola; Pg. 155: "Boat traffic had killed everything, left the entire bottom white except for the occasional red of a Coke can or... "; Pg. 233: 7-Up (also pg. 242); Pg. 241: Pepsi bottle caps; Pg. 283, 312: Coke
cola California: Los Angeles 1996 Powers, Tim. Expiration Date. New York: Tor (1996); pg. 19. "...this hidden side was green-painted clapboard with decoratively framed doors and windows, and wooden steps leading up to a long, roofed balcony. Someone had stored a dozen big Coca-Cola vending machines back here, but Kootie didn't think anyone would be coming back for them soon. He doubted that anyone had looked in on this little yard since about 1970. " [Other refs., pg. 21, 37-38, 87, 103, 157, 185, 237-238, 248, 287, 324, 335.]
cola California: Los Angeles 1997 Sawyer, Robert J. Illegal Alien. New York: Ace Books (1997); pg. 176. "He sat in the dark, sipping diet Pepsi from a can. "
cola California: Los Angeles 2000 Cooper, Bernard. "Hunters and Gatherers " in Circa 2000: Gay Fiction at the Millennium (Robert Drake & Terry Wolverton, eds). Los Angeles, CA: Alyson Pub. (2000; c. 1995); pg. 30. "...Rick wondered if it would be impolite to ask for a Coke or whether he should wait until something was offered. "
cola California: Orange County 2027 Robinson, Kim Stanley. The Gold Coast. New York: Tor (1995; c. 1988); pg. 102. "They put the meager supply of groceries into the filthy refrigerator: tortillas, soy hamburger, beans, Coke. " [Also pg. 137.]
cola California: San Diego 2055 Dick, Philip K. Now Wait for Last Year. New York: Manor Books (1976); pg. 39. "'Enjoy yourself! Live it up 1935 style! Was that during prohibition? No, I guess that was earlier. Have a Pepsi-Cola.'

'I was about to try a raspberry Kool-Aid,' Eric said... "

cola California: San Francisco 1955 Dick, Philip K. The Broken Bubble. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 41. "...high school kids in white cotton shorts and shirts, filled up the booths, eating hamburgers and drinking Cokes. The racket was terrific... "
cola California: San Francisco 1955 Dick, Philip K. The Broken Bubble. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 46. "As the three of them trudged along, Joe Mantila said, 'let's go get a Coke.'

'No,' Ferde said, 'this is important.' "

cola California: San Francisco 1955 Dick, Philip K. The Broken Bubble. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow (1988); pg. 216. "'What do you want?' he said, getting out change.

'Just a Coke.'

With her Coke she leaned against the side of the stand...

'You can--look out for her.' Finishing her coke, she put the empty cup down on the ledge of the window; she picked up her package and started off. "

cola California: San Francisco 1989 Wilson, Robert Charles. Gypsies. New York: Doubleday (1989); pg. 168. "The talk went on like this Michael finished his sandwich and went down the hall for a Coke...

The two women turned their heads as if they had forgotten he was there. Michael took another sip of the Coke and said... "

cola California: San Francisco 1991 Blaylock, James P. The Paper Grail. New York: Ace Books (1991); pg. 68. Pg. 68: "He peered into the refrigerator again, pushing things around, trying to find something that appealed to him. 'Coke?' he asked.

'Thanks...' "; Pg. 69: "He squinted at the unopened Coca-Cola cans. "; Pg. 70: "'Look here,' Uncle Roy said, suddenly animated. 'It's nearly four o'clock. Forget the Cokes. Let's make a little run down to Sammy's...' " [Also pg. 319.]

cola Cambodia 1997 Drake, David. The Tank Lords. New York: Baen (1997); pg. 388. [Author's afterword.] "...the Coke girls, hooch maids and boom-boom girls... " [Also pg. 389.]
cola Canada 1993 Katz, Welwyn Wilton. Come Like Shadows. Regina, Saskatchewan: Coteau Books (2001; 1993); pg. 33. "'Call me Bill. want a coffee while you wait for Jeneva? A coke, maybe?' "
cola Colorado 1971 Simmons, Dan. "Entropy's Bed at Midnight " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 2. "...when I met her that summer after I'd returned from Vietnam and hit the Pepsi truck. " [Also pg. 15-16. The character's collision with a Pepsi truck is a major plot point.]
cola Colorado: Boulder 1996 Willis, Connie. Bellwether. New York: Bantam Spectra (1997; 1st ed. 1996); pg. 141. "I started through the recycling bin, into which somebody (very probably Flip) had dropped a half-full can of Coke... I bent over the bin and grabbed a second [stack of papers], hoping the Coke hadn't trickled all the way to the bottom. It had... 'We'll find it,' I said, prying a Coke-gummed page free from the wad. Halfway through the papers I gave a yelp.

'Did you find it?' he said hopefully.

'No. Sorry.' I showed him the sticky pages. 'It's the marcel wave notes I was looking for...' "

cola Deep Space 9 2374 Carey, Diane. Call to Arms . . . (Star Trek: DS9 / The Dominion War: Book 2 of 4). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 233. "'Or perhaps the son of our illustrious first officer would prefer an Earth beverage. A glass of 'root beer.' A lump of 'ice cream'!' "
cola Ecuador 1986 Vonnegut, Kurt. Galapagos. New York: Delacorte Press (1985); pg. 10. "...James Wait sat in the bar, nursing a rum and Coca-Cola. He was not a drinker, actually, since he lived by his wits, and could not afford to have the delicate switches of the big computer in his skull short-circuited by alcohol. His drink was a theatrical prop--like the price tag on his ridiculous shirt. "
cola Egypt 1986 Gerstner-Miller, Gail. "Down by the Nile " in Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (George R.R. Martin, ed.) New York: Bantam (1988); pg. 162. [At the Temple of the Living Gods.] "He led them past groups of tourists posing next to statues of the gods, booths that sold everything from Kodak film, key rings, and Coca-Cola to replicas of antique jewelry and little statuettes of the gods themselves. "
cola El Salvador 1981 Shepard, Lucius. "Salvador " in Modern Classics of Science Fiction. (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (1991; story c. 1984); pg. 524. "...was wearing fatigue pants and a faded COKE ADDS LIFE T-shirt. This T-shirt irritated DT to no end.

'What the hell you know 'bout Coke?' he asked the kid as they headed for the chopper that was to carry them deeper into Morazan Province. 'You think it's funny or somethin'?' He whacked the kid in the back with his rifle butt... "

cola Europe 2020 Grossbach, Robert. "Of Scorned Women and Causal Loops " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 563. "They entered the cantina. Candy and Coke machines on one wall. Ten tables and chairs. Microwave oven. Coffee stand. "
cola Florida 1993 Simmons, Dan. The Hollow Man. New York: Bantam (1993); pg. 29. Pg. 29, 31: RC Cola; Pg. 99: Coke
cola Florida 2010 Baxter, Stephen. Manifold: Time. New York: Ballantine (2000); pg. 35. "Dan Ystebo was fat, breathy, intense, thirtyish, with Coke-bottle glasses and a mop of unlikely red hair... "
cola France 2010 Anthony, Patricia. Cold Allies. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1993); pg. 80. "Even after the CRAV was safe abed, Gordon sat in the black silence of the goggles, letting his nerves settle like fizz off a Coke. "
cola France 2030 McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. New York: Avon Books (1997; c 1995); pg. 145. "Little mice run from the light, scurrying across yellow scraps of newspaper and wads of soggy leaves. A Coke can shines like a jewel. "
cola galaxy 2200 Zelazny, Roger. This Immortal. New York: Ace Books (1966); pg. 27. "He was busy pouring Myshtigo a real Coke from the pitcher in the exec dip-tray... the real thing. 'Earth's second contribution to galactic culture,' one of their contemporary historians had called it. The first contribution, of course, being a very fine new social problem of the sort that weary Vegan philosophers had been waiting around for generations to have happen. "
cola galaxy 2250 Dick, Philip K. A Maze of Death. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1970); pg. 154. "'...Oh dear; I don't have any soda. Can you enjoy it with just bottled tapwater? And no ice?' "

cola, continued


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