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Christianity - Christmas California: San Francisco 1991 Brooks, Terry. Hook. New York: Fawcett Columbine (1991); pg. 18. Pg. 17: "Across the top o the scoreboard from which they hung was a banner on which had been lettered in red: SANTA SERIES THIRD ANNUAL DATENUT LEAGUE WINTER TOURNAMENT. "; Pg. 18: "All of the umpires were wearing Santa Claus suits. They looked ridiculous. "; Pg. 33: "Christmas decorations hung brightly from doors and windows and eaves. "; Pg. 36: "...the lights of a Christmas tree burned cheerfully. " [Other refs., not in DB, e.g. pg. 67, 70, 120.]
Christianity - Christmas California: San Francisco 2015 Russo, Richard Paul. Subterranean Gallery. New York: Tor (1989); pg. 76. Pg. 76: "Carla Rivera flying across Union Square at night in late December, circling the giant Christmas tree... "; Pg. 253: "...near the spot where the annual Christmas tree was erected. "
Christianity - Christmas California: San Francisco 2021 Dick, Philip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. New York: Ballantine (1996; c. 1968); pg. 117. "'Polokov I've talked to,' Phil Resch said. 'That big Santa Claus from the Soviet police?' "
Christianity - Christmas California: San Francisco 2095 Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. New York: Doubleday (1988); pg. 30. "The palace looked huge, elaborate, and quite intimidating. Mia felt as if she'd unwrapped a Christmas gift and found an entire steam locomotive crammed inside it. "
Christianity - Christmas California: Santa Barbara 2000 Bear, Greg. Eon. New York: Bluejay (1985); pg. 9. Pg. 9: "Christmas Eve 2004,
Santa Barbara, California

Patricia Luisa Vasquez opened the car door to release her seat harness. She was anxious to get into the house and start the festivities. The psychological testing at Vandenberg the past few days had been exhausting. ";

Pg. 11: "'He's carrying in two more boxes.' She removed her coat and savored the smells of tamales steaming in corn husks, baking ham and sweet potato pie. 'Smells like home,' she said...

In the living room, the aluminum tree was still bare--decorating the tree on Christmas Eve was a family tradition--and a gas log burned brightly in the fireplace. " [More about Christmas.]

Christianity - Christmas Canada 1993 Katz, Welwyn Wilton. Come Like Shadows. Regina, Saskatchewan: Coteau Books (2001; 1993); pg. 30. -
Christianity - Christmas Canada 1996 McConnell, Ashley. "Gift of the Silver Fox " in The Ultimate X-Men (Stan Lee, ed.) New York: Berkley (1996); pg. 51. "This time of year, mostly she'd be living off mice, and they're hard to find under six feet of snow. A meal like this one . . . well, animals didn't have Christmas up here, but it was close enough. "
Christianity - Christmas Christmas Island 2015 Leiber, Fritz. The Wanderer. New York: Walker & Co. (1964); pg. 26. "The image on the righthand screen was relayed from an unmanned communication-and-observation satellite hanging 23,000 miles above Christmas Island, 20 degrees south of Hawaii... 'I'd say that's adequate crater definition now Christmas has got rid of its herringbone...' "
Christianity - Christmas Christmas Island 2040 Bova, Ben. Moonrise. New York: Avon Books (1996); pg. 356. "...and another on Kiritimati--the atoll that Westerners still called Christmas Island. 'Spend your holidays on Christmas Island,' was going to be their advertising slogan.

...Not this Christmas, he knew. There's be no tourists visiting this atoll for many months to come. " [Other refs. to Christmas Island, not in DB.]

Christianity - Christmas Colorado 1974 Disch, Thomas M. Camp Concentration. New York: Random House (1999; c. 1968); pg. 92. "There were bubblers in assorted colors, like giant Christmas tree ornaments... "
Christianity - Christmas Colorado 1991 Simmons, Dan. Children of the Night. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1992); pg. 142. Pg. 142, 179
Christianity - Christmas Colorado 1993 Simmons, Dan. "Entropy's Bed at Midnight " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 20. -
Christianity - Christmas Colorado 2010 Brunner, John. The Sheep Look Up. New York: Harper & Row (1972); pg. 56. "'Ah, someone else realized it was a Christmas present we have received!'

At the side of the road a parody of a Christmas tree had been erected: branches that must have taken hours to collect because the nearby terrain had been sterilized with herbicides, tied to a pole and lit with three candles. On a strip of white cloth, probably a bandage, someone had written VIVE LA PAIX JOYEUX NOEL.

'Are you Christian, Miss Ramage?'

Lucy was too tired to discuss theological doubts. She gave a nod.

'I also, of course.' "

Christianity - Christmas Connecticut 1988 Byrne, John L. Fearbook. New York: Warner (1988); pg. 30. Pg. 30: "The sensation reminded her of times as child, when a bundle under the Christmas tree had not yielded what she hoped or guessed it would. "; Pg. 65-66: "Sometimes he used the telescope his father bought him last Christmas. "
Christianity - Christmas Cuba 1942 Simmons, Dan. The Crook Factory. New York: Avon Books (1999); pg. 72. Pg. 72-73.
Christianity - Christmas Darwath 1996 Hambly, Barbara. Mother of Winter. New York: Ballantine (1996); pg. 277. "...his white beard and crimson velvet robe giving him the air of an agitated Father Christmas "
Christianity - Christmas Deep Space 9 2371 Graf, L. A. Caretaker (Star Trek: Voyager). New York: Pocket Books (1995); pg. 64. "Paris looked up at him and shrugged. It was the most honest thing he could think to do, and even so it didn't mean much. 'I'll tell you the truth, Harry,' he sighed, pushing his soup aside. 'All I had to do was keep my mouth shut, and I was home free. But I couldn't. The ghosts of those three dead officers came to me in the middle of the night and taught me the true meaning of Christmas . . .' Suddenly embarrassed by his own confession, he waved the worst of it away. 'So I confessed,' he finished, somewhat lamely. 'Worst mistake I ever made. But not the last...' "
Christianity - Christmas Deep Space 9 2372 Carey, Diane. The Way of the Warrior (Star Trek: DS9). New York: Pocket Books (1995); pg. 30. "Martok slumped back in his chair like a perverted Santa Claus waiting to hold children on his lap and bite their heads off. "
Christianity - Christmas Denmark: Copenhagen 1925 Ebershoff, David. The Danish Girl. New York: Viking (2000); pg. 27. " thick a silver comb could sit in it as prettily as tinsel on a Christmas tree. " [Other Christmas refs., pg. 33, 36, 38-39, 70.]
Christianity - Christmas Ecuador 1986 Vonnegut, Kurt. Galapagos. New York: Delacorte Press (1985); pg. 13. Pg. 13: Christmas wreath; Pg. 195: "The San Mateo, all lit up like a Christmas tree... "
Christianity - Christmas Europe 800 C.E. Harrison, Harry. The Hammer and the Cross. New York: Tor (1993); pg. 294. "At their heart lay the partition of the Empire, the great Empire founded by Charlemagne, king of the Franks, crowned emperor in this very cathedral on Christmas Day 800... "
Christianity - Christmas Europe 1366 C.E. Dickson, Gordon R. The Dragon and The Gnarly King. New York: Tor (1997); pg. 39. "...after the tournament at the Earl of Somerset's Christmas party, last winter... " [Also pg. 45, 80, 117, 243, 247, 274.]
Christianity - Christmas Europe 1910 Le Guin, Ursula K. "Brothers and Sisters " in Orsinian Tales. New York: Harper & Row (1976); pg. 97. "Martin rode out on a livery-stable horse for Christmas day. "
Christianity - Christmas Europe 1918 Newman, Kim. The Bloody Red Baron. New York: Carroll & Graf (1995); pg. 325. "They were so good-natured they'd probably sent Christmas cards to the Kaiser during the truce of '14. "
Christianity - Christmas Europe 1920 Le Guin, Ursula K. "Conversations at Night " in Orsinian Tales. New York: Harper & Row (1976); pg. 51. "But the only one who escaped that winter was old Volf. A few nights before Christmas he went out with the ten kroner Sara gave him... "
Christianity - Christmas Europe 1989 Barnes, John. Kaleidoscope Century. New York: Tor (1995); pg. 72. "The money kept piling up during the Christmas Crisis when Red Army units started to defect to the various Free Communist governments and marines went ashore in the Baltics. "
Christianity - Christmas Florida 1986 Anthony, Piers. Shade of the Tree. New York: Tor (1986); pg. 120. "He had been dreaming of Mommy, going out shopping for a Christmas present for him, saying 'Merry Christ-mas, Chris-topher,' and 'Good-bye, honey,' and himself pretending not to hear because he felt a bit guilty. It was in his mind that he had not been doing well at school and didn't really deserve a good Christmas, yet he wanted that gift... "
Christianity - Christmas Florida 1986 Anthony, Piers. Shade of the Tree. New York: Tor (1986); pg. 29. "Mina had gone shopping, taking the commuter train into town, to catch a sale on Christmas toys. "
Christianity - Christmas Florida 1994 Clarke, Arthur C. & Gentry Lee. Cradle. New York: Warner Books (1988); pg. 100. Pg. 100: "Monique usually spent the period from Christmas to Easter in Palm Beach... "; Pg. 287: Silent Night
Christianity - Christmas Florida 2010 Anthony, Patricia. Cold Allies. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1993); pg. 174. "...his sunny Florida backyard. Lemons hung on the tree like Christmas ornaments. "
Christianity - Christmas Florida 2060 Collins, Ron. "Out of the Blue " in Writers of the Future: Volume XV (Algis Budrys, ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications (1999); pg. 213. "She stayed in Florida most of the time... only making it home for Christmas and a few special occasions. "
Christianity - Christmas Florin 1400 C.E. Goldman, William. The Princess Bride. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1973); pg. 77. "'...So you can either marry me and be the richest and most powerful woman in a thousand miles and give turkeys away at Christmas and provide me a son, or you can die in terrible pain in the very near future. Make up your own mind.' "
Christianity - Christmas France 1916 Anthony, Patricia. Flanders. New York: Ace Books (1998); pg. 138. "'Last winter we cut the Boche a Christmas tree and took it over, didn't we. They came up out of their trenches. We sang carols together--'Silent Night' and 'God Rest Ye Merry'--and we gave each other presents. Then someone 'as to go tattle, and orders come down: our artillery's to lay into the poor blighters worse. We bloody pounded them, we did. Right at Christmas. And for us, it was speech after blinking speech on the joys of killing till they figured we'd got back our stomach for battle.' "
Christianity - Christmas France 1916 Anthony, Patricia. Flanders. New York: Ace Books (1998); pg. 343. [Soldier stationed in France writing home to Texas.] "Dear Bobby,
Got your letter... Tell Ma I'm sorry to hear she's down in her back; and y'all have a Merry Christmas too. " [Also, pg. 214, 299-300, 318.]
Christianity - Christmas France 1916 Simmons, Dan. "The Great Lover " in Lovedeath. New York: Warner Books (1993); pg. 270. "...that the invisible appearance of these blooms in season was magical, rather like the coming of Father Christmas only much more prompt and reliable. "
Christianity - Christmas France 1977 Merle, Robert. Malevil. New York: Simon and Schuster (1973; original French ed. pub. 1972); pg. 50. "Birgitta was unable to come to us at Christmas, and I was much more disappointed than I would have expected. But Christmas in general was never a very good time for me. Peyssou, Colin, and Meyssonnier always celebrated it at home with their families. I was always left alone with my horses. "
Christianity - Christmas France: Paris 1738 Suskind, Patrick. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. New York: Alfred A. Knopf (1986; c. 1985); pg. 161. "His followers waited in vain that Christmas Eve for the return of the marquis de La Taillade-Espinasse. "
Christianity - Christmas Gaea 2025 Varley, John. Titan. New York: Berkley (4th ed. 1981; 1st pub. 1979); pg. 130. "From the flashing effect when the filaments moved, Gaby named them Xmas trees, pronouncing it 'exmas.' The other major vegetation was... "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 1982 Adams, Douglas. Life, the Universe and Everything. New York: Harmony Books (1982); pg. 178. "The planet was Dalforsas, the ship was this one. It appeared as a brilliant new star moving silently across the heavens.

Primitive Tribesmen who were sitting huddled on the cold Hillsides looked up from their steaming night drinks and pointed with trembling fingers, and swore that they had seen a sign, a sign from their Gods that meant... "

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 1992 Adams, Douglas. Mostly Harmless. New York: Ballantine (2000; c. 1992); pg. 90. "He had long ago realized that a lot of things that he had a thought of as natural, like buying people presents at Christmas... were just the habits of his own world and didn't necessarily work the same way anywhere else... "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 1992 Anthony, Piers and Philip Jose Farmer. The Caterpillar's Question. New York: Ace Books (1992); pg. 116. "Atop it was a flower which looked like a Christmas-tree star. Corkscrew branches bearing round purple leaves grew from the trunk halfway up it. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2029 Quick, William T. Planet of the Apes. New York: HarperCollins (2001); pg. 86. "...but loaded down with garishly oversized jewelry. In her case, the expensive baubles gave her something of the look of a Christmas tree. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2052 Bradbury, Ray. "The Gift " in The Day it Rained Forever. London: Rupert Hart-Davis (1970; first ed. 1959); pg. 190-192. [This is a Christmas story.] "Tomorrow would be Christmas and even while the three of them rode to the rocket port, the mother and father were worried. It was the boy's first flight into space... The rocket moved and left fire behind and left Earth behind on which the date was December 24th, 2052, heading out into a place where there was no time at all, no month, no year, no hour... 'It's Christmas now! Christmas! Where's my present?' "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2100 Bear, Greg. Anvil of Stars. New York: Warner Books (1992); pg. 230. "Groups pushed in close around Rosa, hands linked. Together they sang hymns, the wordless Hum, Christmas carols, ballads, whatever they remembered, while others searched the libraries for more songs. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2100 Pohl, Frederik. The World at the End of Time. New York: Ballantine (1990); pg. 38. "'Dummy,' Billy said scornfully. 'How can a year be shorter than a year?'

'It is, though. There are twice as many years there.'...

'Twice as many birthdays!' Billy caroled.

'Twice as many Christmases! his brother shouted. 'Show us some more planets!' "

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2100 Pohl, Frederik. The World at the End of Time. New York: Ballantine (1990); pg. 60. [Traveling through space.] "Viktor pondered over the question at school. It wasn't just birthdays. Even worse was the question of holidays. Where in the Newmanhome calendar did you put Christmas, Ramadan, or Rosh Hashanah? "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2100 Willis, Connie. "All My Darling Daughters " in Future on Fire (Orson Scott Card, ed.) New York: Tor (1991; story copyright 1979); pg. 245. "'My sister's coming for Christmas.'

Jiggin', she was full of surprises. 'I thought you were going home for Christmas.' " [Other refs. to the Christmas break at the college, not in DB. See also pg. 246-247, 250-251.]

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2110 May, Julian. The Many Colored Land in The Many-Colored Land & The Golden Torc (omnibus). Garden City, NY: Nelson Doubleday (copyright 1981); pg. 176. "Roniah lay silent and glittering, an earthbound constellation, reminding him of a Christmas display he had seen long ago on one of the more extravagant Hispanic-heritage worlds. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2150 Pohl, Frederik. "Hatching the Phoenix " in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Vol. 17 (Gardner Dozois, ed.) New York: St. Martin's Press (2000); pg. 235. "There were. Big ones, and very bright. What was encouraging, considering what we were looking for, was that some of them seemed to be fairly geometrical in shape, triangles and rectangles. But what were they?

'Christmas decorations?' Bill guessed. 'You know, I mean not really Christmas, but with the houses all lit up for some holiday or other?' "

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2200 Anderson, Poul. Starfarers. New York: Tor (1998); pg. 79. [Year is estimated, and based on subjective time for this crew on a time-dilated ship, which has been gone 750 years by Earth perception, but only a few weeks by theirs (pg. 77).] "'...We've heard you mention pieces of history we never learned, and snatches of the music you play for yourself, and on Christmas Eve,' celebrating a date that existed only in the ship's calendar, 'over cognac, when you fell to talking about--' She stopped. Abashed, she had to ask: 'what was his name? The composer?'

'Beethoven.' "

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2200 Swanwick, Michael. "A Midwinter's Tale " (published 1988) in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (Ursula K. Le Guin & Brian Atterbery, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Co. (1993); pg. 733. [Year is estimated.] "Maybe I shouldn't tell you about that childhood Christmas Eve in the Stone House, so long ago. "; Pg. 734: "That Christmas Eve is an island of stability in my seachanging memories... Sometimes the men came in from the hunt, a larl or two pacing ahead content and sleepy-eyed, to lean bloody spears against the walls, and it might be that we lived on Old Earth itself then... " [Many references to Christmas in story.]
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2270 Carey, Diane. Chainmail (Star Trek: Challenger / Gateways: Book 2 of 7). New York: Pocket Books (2001); pg. 76. "The blade fan Christmas-belled as she let go of Bonifay and snatched up the phaser from her belt. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2285 McIntyre, Vonda N. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. New York: Pocket Books (1982); pg. 152. "'Sir, the overload warnings are lit up like a Christmas tree; the main energizer bypasses willna take much strain...' "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2293 Vornholt, John. Mind Meld (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1997); pg. 83. "...more lights blinked on across the sprawling city of Ancient Grace, giving the dark hill the appearance of a giant Christmas tree. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2295 Graf, L. A. War Dragons (Star Trek; "The Captain's Table " Book 1 of 6). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 254. "He looked up into dancing eyes with a dense, white beard and for a moment--just a fraction of a second--imagined he was face to face with Santa Claus. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2300 Bujold, Lois McMaster. Falling Free. Riverdale, NY: Baen (1991; first pub. 1988); pg. 132. "But this time Leo found her at once, in her office, with plastic flimsies stuck to every available surface and her desk console lit like a Christmas tree. Did they have Christmas at the Cay Habitat? Leo wondered. Somehow, he thought not. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2300 Dick, Philip K. "Chains of Air, Web of Aether " in I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon. Garden City, NY: Doubleday (1985; c. 1980); pg. 149. Christmas Day
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2366 David, Peter. Q-in-Law (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1991); pg. 58. "The Ten-Forward lounge was crowded to bursting and, with the glitter of the different skinned races side by side, did not look too dissimilar to a Christmas tree. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2366 Gilden, Mel. Boogeymen (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1991); pg. 160. "'activity in the Martinez node of the thalamus makes a medical tricorder light up like a Christmas tree.' "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2370 David, Peter. Q-Squared (Star Trek). New York: Pocket Books (1994); pg. 318. "Trelane merely stood there and pointed, his arm outstretched, one finger waggling slightly. For some reason, Crusher was reminded of A Christmas Carol, with Trelane cast as the ominous, frightening Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come. "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2370 Vornholt, John. Quarantine (Star Trek: TNG / Double Helix: Book 4 of 6). New York: Pocket Books (1999); pg. 50. "'...Whether he's William Riker or Santa Claus, it doesn't matter...' "
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2371 David, Peter. Triangle: Imzadi II (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 342. "'A paper book, Captain? Don't see those very often.'

'I've always been a fan of such antique objects. You know that, Number One.'

'Yes. Yes, of course I do, sir. Do you mind--?' He picked it up and made no effort to hide his surprise. 'A Christmas Carol?'

'What can I say? I have a fatal weakness for Dickens.'

'So do I, actually. Funny. I was just discussing that with someone not long ago... Why A Christmas Carol, of all things?'

'It deals with themes I find attractive. Redemption. The thought that no soul is so completely beyond hope that he cannot turn things around for himself. In some ways, it doesn't matter what you did in the past. Only what you do in the future.'

'Of course the past matters, Captain. Why else would there be punishment? Otherwise every day would be a clean slate.' "

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2371 David, Peter. Triangle: Imzadi II (Star Trek: TNG). New York: Pocket Books (1998); pg. 357. "'...while the shapechanger [Odo] hid on a nightstand, disguised--at Picard's request--as a copy of an old Earth novel entitled A Christmas Carol. Picard, you see, felt that this Riker was a troubled individual. He said he was hoping that he could--you should find this amusing--redeem the fellow.'
Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2371 Dillard, J. M. Star Trek: Generations. New York: Pocket Books (1994); pg. 191. "A heavy door creaked open, releasing with it a waft of scented air. Picard filled his lungs with it, savoring, identifying: Pine. Nutmeg. Apples. Cinnamon. And a smell he had not experienced since his childhood: A roasting goose. . . .

He was guided forward a few more steps; then, abruptly, the hands released him. He paused, wavering.

'What's going on? Where am I?' There was no indignation in his question, only curiosity.

A tug at the back of his head. The blindfold dropped. Picard blinked at the kaleidoscopic blur of color an light as his surroundings came into focus.

It was a large, high-ceilinged family room, twenty-fourth-century French from the looks of i, and in its center was a huge Christmas tree asparkle with light. Picard gaped in pleasure. Clustered beneath the tree--which towered at least a meter above him--lay presents of every conceivable size and shape, wrapped in gleaming gold and red and green foil. "

Christianity - Christmas galaxy 2371 Dillard, J. M. Star Trek: Generations. New York: Pocket Books (1994); pg. 192. Pg. 192: "Branches of fresh holly garlanded the wooden staircase banisters and the stone mantel above the hearth, where a decorated Yule log blazed.

And in the midst of his holiday splendor, five children stood, smiling and expectant, their bright gazes all focused on him. ";

Pg. 193: "Olivia--known, for a good reason, Picard knew, to her brothers as 'Bossy'--spoke up. 'Say Merry Christmas, Papa!'

'Merry . . .' He faltered as his gaze swept around the room. '. . . Christmas . . .' ";

Pg. 195: "Merry Christmas, Papa.
I love you, Father.
Merry Christmas . . .

Joy enveloped him, saturated him, so completely that it seemed tangible, something he could reach out and grasp hold of. "

[More about Christmas, not in DB, from this scene in which Picard finds himself in a sort of dream realm within the Nexus.]

Christianity - Christmas, continued


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