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Latter-day Saint Temples in Europe

The temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are separate and distinct from their meetinghouses. There many thousands of Latter-day Saint churches and meetinghouses in the world, but relatively few temples.

Below is a list of independent nations of Europe, and counts of how many Latter-day Saint temples, if any, are in each.

Country Population
(1996 est.)
Temples Locations
Russia 148,178,487  
Germany 83,536,1152Frankfurt; Freiburg
United Kingdom 58,489,9752London; Preston
France 58,317,450  
Italy 57,460,274  
Ukraine 50,864,0091Kiev
Spain 39,181,1141Madrid
Poland 38,642,565  
Romania 21,657,162  
Netherlands 15,568,0341The Hague
Serbia and Montenegro 10,614,558  
Greece 10,538,594  
Belarus 10,415,973  
Czech Republic 10,321,120  
Belgium 10,170,241  
Hungary 10,002,541  
Portugal 9,865,114  
Sweden 8,900,9541Stockholm
Bulgaria 8,612,757  
Austria 8,023,244  
Switzerland 7,207,0601Bern
Slovakia 5,374,362  
Denmark 5,249,6321Copenhagen
Finland 5,105,2301Helsinki
Croatia 5,004,112  
Moldova 4,463,847  
Norway 4,383,807  
Lithuania 3,646,041  
Ireland 3,566,833  
Albania 3,249,136  
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,656,240  
Latvia 2,468,982  
Macedonia 2,104,035  
Slovenia 1,951,443  
Estonia 1,459,428  
Luxembourg 415,870  
Malta 375,576  
Iceland 270,292  
Andorra 72,766  
Monaco 31,719  
Liechtenstein 31,122  
San Marino 24,521  
Holy See (Vatican City) 840  

Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and various sources.

There are 43 independent nations in Europe. Of the 16 European nations with populations in excess of 10 million people, 5 have temples operating, under construction or announced. An additional 4 nations with populations under 10 million have temples. Two nations (Germany and the Unitted Kingdom) have two temples. 21% of all European nations (if one counts even small nations such as the Vatican and San Marino) have Latter-day Saint temples.


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