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Latter-day Saint Temples in Brazil

The temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are separate and distinct from their meetinghouses. There many thousands of Latter-day Saint churches and meetinghouses in the world, but relatively few temples.

Below is a list of all states in Brazil and whether or not there is a temple there.

Temples listed in italics are under construction.
Sao Paulo 31,588,9251) Sao Paulo
2) Campinas
Minas Gerais 15,743,152-
Rio de Janeiro 12,807,706-
Bahia 11,867,991-
Rio Grande do Sul 9,138,670Porto Alegre
Parana 8,448,713Curitiba
Pernambuco 7,127,855Recife
Ceara 6,366,647-
Para 4,950,060-
Maranhao 4,930,253-
Santa Catarina 4,541,994-
Goias 4,018,903-
Paraiba 3,201,114-
Espirito Santo 2,600,618-
Piaui 2,582,137-
Alagoas 2,514,100-
Rio Grande do Norte 2,415,567-
Amazonas 2,103,243-
Mato Grosso 2,027,231-
Mato Grosso do Sul 1,780,373-
Federal District 1,601,094-
Sergipe 1,491,876-
Rondonia 1,132,692-
Tocantins 919,863-
Acre 417,718-
Amapa 289,397-
Roraima 217,583-

Sources: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and various sources.

Brazil has 27 states. Currently there are Latter-day Saint temples operating or under construction in four of them.

Although Brazil ranks third among nations in the number of Latter-day Saints (behind the U.S. and Mexico), operating and currently announced Latter-day Saint temples are much less widespread. Brazil currently has four operating temples and announced. When all of the currently announced temples are completed (most are already under construction), Brazil will be rank 5th among nations in number of temples, behind the U.S. (over 50), Mexico (12), Canada (6) and Australia (5).

While most states in Brazil do not have temples, they do have stakes.


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