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Famous Members of the
Uniting Church in Australia (UCA)

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The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) was formed on June 22, 1977 when the Methodist Church of Australasia, Presbyterian Church of Australia and Congregational Union of Australia came together under the Basis of Union document. The UCA is the third-largest denomination in Australia (after Catholics and Anglicans). In 2000 the UCA had over 300,000 members in 2,247 congregations.
  • Barry Chant - Australian author of Protestant Christian books; minister of the Christian Revival Crusade (now CRC Churches International); founder, president of Tabor College, Australia
  • Dean Drayton - former geophysicist; Australian Protestant leader; appointed president of the Uniting Church in Australia in July 2003
  • Peter Garrett - Australian rock musician and politician; a Labor Party member of the House of Representatives for New South Wales
  • Brian Howe - former Uniting Church minister; Australian politician; appointed Minister for Health in 1990; Deputy Prime Minister under Keating from 1991 to 1995
  • Davis McCaughey - minister; a key architect in formation of the Uniting Church in Australia; Governor of Victoria (1986-1992)
  • Gordon Moyes - Uniting Church in Australia minister, evangelist; host of the Australian weekly television program Turn 'Round Australia and radio program Sunday Night Live with Gordon Moyes (former Churches of Christ in Australia minister)
  • John Rudder - anthropologist; researcher of Australian Aboriginal languages; religious artist (active UCA member; his wife is a lay UCA pastor)
  • Keith Seaman - Uniting Curch in Australia minister who became governor of South Australia (1977-1982); controversy arose over a "grave impropriety" he committed as a minister before becoming governor
  • Alan Walker - Australian theologian, evangelist; involved in the formation of the World Council of Churches; first world director of evangelism for the World Methodist Council (1978-1988)
  • John Williams - water scientist; studied hydrology and the use of water in the landscape and farming
  • Ronald Wilson - prominent Australian lawyer, judge and social activist; served on High Court of Australia (1979-1989); best known as the author with Mick Dodson of the 1997 Bringing Them Home report about the Stolen Generation

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