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Famous Spiritualists

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  • Arthur Conan Doyle - foundational mystery writer, creator of Sherlock Holmes; author of History of Spiritualism and Wanderings of a Spiritualist
  • Harry Houdini - famed magician
  • Horace Greely - famous writer; editor of The New York Tribune
  • Nathaniel Talmadge - U.S. Senator from New York, 1933-1844; Governor of Wisconsin Territory, 1844-45 (Nathaniel Pitcher Talmadge; Nathaniel P. Talmadge; also spelled Nathanial Talmadge)
  • William Denton - author whose books include Common Sense Thoughts; The Soul of Things; Nature's Secrets-Psychometric Research and Our Planet; It's Past and Future
  • Judge Edmonds - influential American Spiritualist; formed the New York Circle; served in New York Senate and on state Supreme Court
  • Clamille Flammarion - French astronomer
  • Charles Foster - known as the "Skeptics Medium" or the "Salem Seer; considered greatest medium since Swedenborg
  • Daniel Douglas Home - regarded as greatest physical medium in Modern Spiritualism
  • Moses Hull - Adventist preacher who converted; became important Spiritualist leader; built Spiritualist college building in 1901
  • Mark Alton Barwise - Maine attorney and politician; member of the Maine state senate (1925-1926)
  • Edvard Munch - Norwegian painter, famous for The Scream (1893), The Kiss (1897), etc.

Other Famous Spiritualists
From: "Spiritualists Throughout History" section of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches website (; viewed 10 November 2005)

Emma Harding Britten
Dr. Joseph Rhodes Buchanan
Mercy E. Cadwallader
Hereward Carrington
Wilberforce J. Colville
Margery Crandon
William Crookes
Andrew Jackson Davis
J.S. Loveland
Mother Ann Lee
Oliver Lodge
Nettie Coburn Maynard
Franz Anton Messmer
William Stainton Moses
Fredrick William Meyers
James Peebles
Lenore Piper
Amy Post
Cora L.V. Richmond
Charles Von Reichenback
Alfred Russel Wallace


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