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Famous Sandemanians
i.e., Famous Glasites

The Sandemanians (also known as Glasites) were a distinct denomination founded in about 1730 by John Glas, a Scottish Presbyterian. Sandemanians were generally known as devout, conscientious Christians. This Protestant religious body spread from Scotland into England and America, but is now extinct.

John Glas disagreed with the Westminster Confession on a few points. The Westminster Confession (written in 1647) was the doctrinal standard for the Church of Scotland and Presbyterianism. Glas's son-in-law Robert Sandeman made further modifications to the new religious group's practices and belief system. Sandemanian churches were founded in many parts of Scotland, as well as in English cities such as Liverpool and London. They werre highly exclusive practice. Eventually many Sandemanians joined the general body of Scottish Congregationalists, another group that offered an alternative to the Church of Scotland. The last Sandemanian churches in America disappeared in 1890.

Today Sandemanianism may be best known as the religious affiliation of Michael Faraday, widely regarded as one of the most brilliant and influential scientists in history. Faraday, who was ranked #23 in Michael Hart's book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History for his discovery of magneto-electricity, was a devout Sandemanian. (Faraday is ranked 11 in The Scientific 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Scientists, Past and Present.)

It also worth noting that William Godwin, a devout convert to Sandemanianism, is considered immensely influential in the field of law. Godwin is ranked #48 in the book The Legal 100: A Ranking of the Individuals Who Have Most Influenced the Law.
  • John Glas - Scottish Presbyterian clergyman who was the founder of Sandemanianism (also known as "Glasites")
  • Robert Sandeman - further modified and elaborated his father-in-law John Glas's religious fledgling religious movement
  • Michael Faraday - influential scientist; discovered electrical induction, magneto-electricity
  • William Godwin - (1756-1836) one of most important figures in history of law; English political writer, important precursor of utilitarianism; founder of philosophical anarchism


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