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Famous Roma / Famous Gypsies

Some Roma/Gypsy
Comic Book Characters

- Magneto
- Doctor Doom
- Robin/Nightwing
- Quicksilver
- Scarlet Witch
- Meggan
- DayTripper/Magik II

It is interesting to note that Cindy Reynolds, the super-heroine known as "Gypsy", was not actually a Gypsy (Roma). A member of the Justice League of America when it was based in Detroit during the 1980s, "Gypsy" was actually a non-Gypsy native of Detroit. Her superhero codename was based on her Cyndi Lauper-like costume, and her chameleon-like super power, which allowed her to blend in with environment and become effectively invisible.

It is also interesting to note that for some strange reason, the two most influential super-villains in the Mavel Universe - Doctor Doom and Magneto - are both Roma/Gypsies.

Or at least they have been... Doctor Doom has always been portrayed as a character with Gypsy/Roma heritage. In fact, he is the leader of the tiny Eastern European nation of Latveria, which is renowned for its internal tranquility and for placing a premium on the rights of its Gypsy/Roma citizens, who are are apparently in the majority, numerically. The status of Magneto as a Gypsy is more tenuous, however. Magneto's wife Magda and children (Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch) are clearly Gypsies. Magneto himself has been identified in many individual stories as a Gypsy. But Magneto is now portrayed consistently as a Jewish character who probably has no direct Gypsy/Roma ancestry or early upbringing. Previous stories identifying Magneto himself as Gypsy are today explained as ruses or false identifications provided by Magneto himself or others.
Unlike many of the "famous adherent" pages on this website, Gypsies (Roma) are primarily an ethnic group, not a religious group. Romany people (Gypsies) belong to many different religious groups, with Catholics being predominant and significant numbers of Protestants, Jews and Muslims. There has been significant confusion about possible Hindu roots of Gypsy (Roma) culture. Where there may well be Gypsy rituals and practices that originated in (or are simply similar to) Hindu practices, such elements appear to be only a fragment of Gypsy culture overall. Gypsy/Roma culture is in no way a subset of Hinduism.

We have not yet collected names of famous real-life Roma (Gypsies) on this website, but suggest the following websites for further research on this topic:

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