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Famous Members of Extremely Obscure Religious Groups
Influential, Celebrity Members of Little Known Single-Congregation Denominations

NOTE: We welcome input and always invite suggestions. However, with regards to this page, before you think you know of a famous individual who should be listed here but isn't, check to see whether we have already created a webpage dedicated to the religious group to which they belonged. We have over fifty "famous adherent" pages, many of them dedicated to groups which are indeed obscure and little-known (such as Sandemanians, the United Brethren, est, Tenrikyo, Reichians, etc.). This particular page is limited to listing adherents of obscure religous groups for which there is not already a dedicated page.
  • Burt Lancaster - actor, movie star (Church of the Son of Man)
  • John Thune - U.S. Senator (McLean Bible Church)
  • Mike Pence - U.S. Representative (Community Church)
  • Tom Haughey - radio broadcaster, minister, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Texas 15th District (Independent Bible Church)
  • James Harsdorf - dairy farmer, Wisconsin politician; Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin 3rd District (First Covenant Church)
  • Al Lindskoog - engineer, hospital administrator; Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin 6th District (Christadelphian)
  • Tommy Stephenson - Georgia politician (Congregational Holiness)
  • Jon Christensen - Republican U.S. Representative from Nebraska's 2nd District (Christian Missionary Alliance)
  • Thomas Burkhart - Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative from Ohio's 16th District in 1996 (Wesleyan)


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