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Famous Objectivists
Influential, Notable, Celebrity Adherents of Objectivism
(followers of Ayn Rand)

Some Objectivist
Comic Book Characters

- The Question
- Layla Miller
  • Ayn Rand - philosopher, writer, founder of Objectivism
  • Steve Ditko - comic book artist, writer; co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange; creator of The Question, Blue Beetle, etc. (devout Objectivist)
  • Andrew Bernstein - famous Objectivist lecturer
  • David Kelley - philosopher, writer, evangelist for Objectivism (NOT the same person as TV producer David E. Kelley)
  • Leonard Peikoff - Objectivist philosopher and proselytizer
  • Nathaniel Branden - prominent Canadian psychotherapist, author of self-help books, promoter of Objectivism
  • Clarence Thomas - US Supreme Court Justice since 1991
  • Ken Calvert - U.S. Congressman, representing California's 44th District
  • John Fund - columnist for The Wall Street Journal
  • Alan Greenspan - Federal Reserve Chairman
  • Neil Peart - drummer for the rock band Rush
  • John Stossel - Libertarian television reporter

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