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Famous Mennonites
Celebrity, Influential, Well Known, Notable Mennonites

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  • Menno Simmons - Menno Simons was a former Catholic priest in the Netherlands whose teachings grew into the Mennonite denomination
  • Martin Boehm - co-founder of the United Brethren Church (formerly a Mennonite preacher)
  • JC Chasez - singer with popular boy band N'SYNC
  • Milton Hershey - founder of Hershey Chocolates
  • Brendan Fehr - actor; Final Destination; TV series Roswell, etc. (devout)
  • Lois Smith - actress; Grapes of Wrath, Minority Report, etc. (Mennonite roots)
  • J.L. Kraft - founder of Kraft cheese company
  • Major Dick Winters from Band of Brothers (raised Mennonite)
  • Matt Groening - creator of the long-running animated series "The Simpsons" (Groening's father - the model for the "Homer" character - was raised as a Mennonite)
  • Rembrandt - famous painter (Dutch Reformed member, but had "close fellowship" with Mennonites)
  • Dan Kreider - professional football player for Pittsburgh Steelers (raised Mennonite)
  • Dan Snyder - professional hockey player for Atlanta Thrashers (NHL)
  • Erie Sauder - founder of Sauder Woodworking, one of largest furniture makers in U.S.
  • Maria Gloria Penayo de Duarte Frutos - First Lady of Paraguay
  • Floyd Landis - bicyclist; was on Lance Armstrong's winning team in Tour de France (raised Mennonite)
  • Graham Kerr - started "The Galloping Gourmet"
  • Greg Brennamen - current CEO of Burger King, former CEO of Continental (raised Mennonite)
  • Jeff Hostetler - professional football player; quarterback (NFL)
  • Larry Sheets - professional baseball player; played for Orioles, Tigers, Mariners
  • Miriam Toews - author
  • Orie J. Eigsti - developed seedless watermelon
  • Owen Gingerich - senior astronomer emeritus at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  • Robin Regehr - professional hockey player for Calgary Flames
  • William Rittenhouse - owned first printing press in America (in Germantown, PA); first director of US Mint, appointed by George Washington
  • Brian Doerksen - worship leader. Graduated from Mennonite Educational Institute.

Additional Notable Mennonites listed at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mennonites
Albert Driedger
Anthony Winkler Prins
Christopher Dock
Cornelius Wiebe
Di Brandt
Greg Brenneman
Hannie Schaft
Harold Neufeld
Helmut Pankratz
Ingrid Rimland
Jacob Froese
Jacob Penner
Jake Epp
Jeronimus Cornelisz
John Howard Yoder
Joseph Funk
Justin Yoder
Karl Schroeder
Leonard Barkman
Rudy Wiebe
Sandra Birdsell
Ted Honderich
Vic Schroeder
Vic Toews

A major source for this page was the "Famous Mennonite" page created by jamesnw, posted on the Goshen College website at: http://famousmennos.googlepages.com/index.html (previously at: http://www.goshen.edu/~jamesnw/menno/)

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