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Famous Calvary Chapel members

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The Calvary Chapel franchise was started in the late 1960s by Chuck Smith. Today the denomination has over 600 churches worldwide.

Below is a list of famous Calvary Chapel members, i.e., notable members of the Calvary Chapel fellowship.
  • Chuck Smith: founder of the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches

  • Candace Chambers-Belida: author of Secret Codes of Conduct for Marriage and Dare To Stand

  • Michael Newdow's daughter: young girl whose noncustodial father, atheist Michael Newdow, sued to remove Pledge of Allegiance from schools, a case that made national headlines; the girl is a devout Calvary Chapel member

  • Michael Klausman: CBS Studio Center president

  • John Wimber - Former Calvary Chapel member who became the second leader of the Vineyard Movement and the Vineyard Churches religious body; a leader of the Charismatic movement

  • Jeremy Reynalds: advocate for the homeless; author of: Homeless in America and The Walking Wounded; conservative commentator for AmericasVoices.org

  • Popeye Malchiodi: biker, founder of Popeye'z Rocky Mountain Undertakers

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