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Famous Members of
the Assemblies of God

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Religious Leaders:
- Jim Bakker - once popular PTL televangelist (defrocked by AG after sex/financial scandal)
- Jimmy Swaggart - televangelist; instrumental in exposing Jim Bakker scandal; soon thereafter scandalized himself after being repeatedly caught with prostitutes
- Tammy Faye Bakker - former wife of Jim Bakker and PTL co-leader; featured in film The Eyes of Tammy Faye
- Benny Hinn - televangelist; TV faith healer
- Jack Coe - AG minister and faith healer
- David du Plessis - AG minister; one of the founders of the Charismatic movement; served as the Pentacostal representative at the Second Vatican Council
- David Yonggi Cho - Senior Pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church, the world's largest known congregation, with a membership in 2003 of 780,000 people
- Brian Houston - AG pastor; General Superintendent of the Australian Assemblies of God since 1997; author of For This Cause; You Need More Money; How to Build Great Relationships and other inspirational/self-help books
- Richard Dortch - assistant to Bakker at PTL; successor as PTL head for five weeks until he was forced to resign
- Gene Scott - flamboyant and controversial televangelist
- Danny Nalliah - Australian AG paster; political candidate; leader of Rise Up Australia; president of the AG-affiliated Catch the Fire Ministries; found guilty of inciting hatred under Victoria's then-new religious vilification laws, a conviction seen by many as a blow to free speech and freedom of religion, even though many disagreed with his fiery and hateful rhetoric
- A. A. Allen - AG preacher active in the 1950s and 60s; known for his "raise the dead" campaign
- Steve Hill - Head evangelist at "Brownsville Outpouring" Assembly Of God Church in Pensacola, FL
- Karl Strader - AG pastor, Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, Florida; led the Revival of 1992-1995
- Morris Cerullo - AG evangelist; founder of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
- Byron Klaus - president of Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
- Nicky Cruz - former gang member; now Assemblies of God minister; his autobiography: Run Baby Run
- Dean Jackson - AG minister in Provo, Utah; profiled in Christianity Today for fighting religious intolerance within the AG
- Edith W. Blumhofer - author of Assemblies of God: A Popular History and Aimee Semple McPherson: Everybody's Sister

- John Ashcroft - U.S. attorney general (2001-2004); former senator from Missouri; first AG member to be elected as a U.S. congressman
- James Watt - U.S. Secretary of the Interior under Pres. Reagan
- Rick Hill - U.S. Representative from Montana
- Todd Tiahrt - U.S. Representative from Kansas 4th District
- Linda Smith - U.S. Representative from Washington
- Marylin Shannon - Ore. Republican Party county chairwoman and national committeewoman, 1982-97; Ore. Senate, 1995-present
- Andrew Evans - Australia politician and AG pastor; founder of the Family First Party; elected to the South Australian Legislative Council on 9 February 2002.

- Elvis Presley - musical entertainer, actor, "King of Rock & Roll"
- Jerry Lee Lewis - American rock and roll pioneer piano player and singer

- Doug Wead - historian famous for secretly taping conversations with Pres. George W. Bush and then releasing tapes, former AG minister
- William Menzies - author of Anointed to Serve: The Story of the Assemblies of God

Bounty Hunters:
- Duane Chapman - bounty hunter; star of the reality TV show "Dog the Bounty Hunter"

[Note: Although some observers may consider the history of the Assemblies of God to be tainted by such famously scandalized televangelists as Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Gene Scott, and others, we would urge people to not judge the denomination only by these famous few. Although the denomination has more than its share of unsavory preachers and leaders, the general membership of the Assemblies of God is, for the most part, a bastion of strong values and sincere religious commitment. Statistically speaking, Assemblies of God members exhibit a higher than averge commitment to Christian living and striving to live ethically. See, for example, here and here.]

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