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The Largest Lutheran Communities

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Top 10 Nations with the
Highest Proportion of Lutherans

Country Percent
Iceland 94%
Norway 90
Denmark 90
Sweden 90
Finland 86
Greenland 80
Namibia 50
Germany 30
Estonia 26


Top 10 Largest National Lutheran Populations

Country Number of
Germany 14,290,400
USA 8,319,591
Sweden 7,630,000
Finland 4,577,106
Denmark 4,539,773
Norway 3,800,000
Indonesia 2,367,539
Tanzania 2,200,000
Ethiopia 1,625,994
Madagascar 1,500,000

Source: January 25, 1996 News Release from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America: "More Than 60 Million Lutherans Worldwide" [96-01-003-FI], information released by the Lutheran World Federation.

Top 20 U.S. States with
Highest Proportions of Lutherans in the Population
(self-identification), 1990

State Percent
North Dakota 36.50%
Minnesota 33.90
South Dakota 30.30
Wisconsin 26.20
Nebraska 16.30
Iowa 15.40
Montana 12.20
Pennsylvania 8.60
Michigan 8.30
Washington 7.80
Illinois 7.60
Colorado 7.30
Oregon 6.70
Maryland 6.00
Missouri 5.90
Arizona 5.70
Nevada 5.50
Kansas 5.40
Indiana 5.10
Wyoming 5.00

Figures represent results of the National Survey of Religious Identification, phone survey a nationwide sample of 113,000 respondents, conducted by the City University of New York. Figures represent all people who cited "Lutheran" or a specific Lutheran denomination as their preferred religion, including people unaffiliated with any Lutheran congregation or denomination.

Source: Kosmin, Barry A. and Seymour P. Lachman. One Nation Under God: Religion in Contemporary American Society; Harmony Books: New York (1993), pg. 88-93.

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