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Baha'i Houses of Worship

In Baha'i terminology a "House of Worship" is not the same as the rented or constructed facilities that local spiritual assemblies use for worship services. Houses of Worship are architectural masterpieces which are open to people of all faiths and which are not used for Baha'i-only religious rites.

Baha'i Houses of Worship are not directly comparable in sociological significance to other peak architectural markers such as Catholic cathedrals, Hindu temples or Latter-day Saint temples. They are not necessarily located in areas where there is a high concentration of adherents. Rather, they are highly symbolic physical manifestations of the Baha'i desire to be a global religion.

As there are only seven Baha'i Houses of Worship, a complete list is easily obtainable and is listed below. The currently built Houses of Worship fulfill an initial goal to build one on each continent. Baha'i literature states that the organization has sites selected for 120 more, but that in their current phase of development they are working on developing their local spiritual assemblies (congregations) rather than building Houses of Worship.

Update, May 2001: We have recently received information that there are plans to construct a House of Worship in Chile in the near future.

ContinentLocation of House of Worship
North AmericaChicago (Wilmette), Illinois, U.S.A.
EuropeFrankfurt, Germany
AustraliaSydney, Australia
AsiaNew Delhi, India
Pacific islandsApia, Western Samoa
South AmericaPanama City, Panama
EurasiaAshkabad, Central Asia (Russia)*
AfricaKampala, Uganda

House of Worship in America House of Worship in Chicago, Illinois, United States

House of Worship in Germany House of Worship in Frankfurt, Germany

House of Worship in Australia House of Worship in Australia

House of Worship in India House of Worship in New Delhi, India

House of Worship in Samoa House of Worship in Apia, Western Samoa

House of Worship in Panama House of Worship in Panama City, Panama

House of Worship in Russia House of Worship in Ashkabad, Central Asia (Russia)*

*House of Worship in Ashkabad was demolished in 1962 after being damaged by an earthquake.

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